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Trent Harmon Wins The Last American Idol

Friday, July 30, 2010

Whoa! Hey Lil Tasters, I don't know if you guys ever drop by the ol' blog in the off-season but this was big news I had to share: Kara GOT The BOOT from Idol, LOL!
Here's the story from the Toronto Sun, but it's all over TMZ, Washington Post, etc. that following Ellen's departure from Idol, the show decided to return to a three judge format WITHOUT DioGuardi, possibly with a Randy/JLo/Steven Tyler lineup. Wow. What do you guys think? Should be interesting any way it plays out. I, for one, won't miss Kara and all her bullshit about "ortistry" she spewed in her God-awful ramblings at Idol.

K out!