<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey Li'l Tasters!

Just checking in to see if anyone is out there. Dr. L & I watched the first show of the season last night (can't believe it's Idol time already) and liked what we saw. It's like the powers-that-be took a page from the Voice and we have a more mentor-ish approach this year.

They may trot out more of the wack-jobs Idol has come to be know for later in the auditions, but it seemed more like the focus was on the better hopefuls.

And how about Harry Connick Jr? We LOVED having him on the panel, and it seemed like Keith and JLo did, too. less dramz, more entertainment.

Hope the old gang is still out there (Rubbertoe? J?) and we will be hearing from you as the season progresses.

K out!