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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kara and Paula: War of the Worlds

Kara and Paula have been doing some battle in the press. Here, I have found an article that outlines the war of words. Click the link to check out the article.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mysteries of American Idol Season 8

Once again, Michael Slezak from Entertainment Weekly has provided us with a look at this week in American Idol. Week 2 provided some good, some bad, and some really ugly performances. Click the link to read the story.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week Two Results: I DEFINITELY gots some satisfaction


I missed a bit of the opening, but we are now going into a group number . . . I HEART the group numbers. Rich, Cheesey, Goodness! They are singing, "Closer" by Ne Yo. I love this song. Oh hello Adam Lambert . . . Oh goodness, Welder Matt looks oh so uncomfortable - he shouldn't dance. This was MUCH better than last week's group number.

Here come the highlights and the results . . .

Allison is up first and she should go through. America has voted . . . and she is going to stand to the side. Jessie is brought down front, and she is standing next to Allison. Here comes Matt B. and he is standing next to the girls. One of these three is going through to the top 12. Randy hopes its Allison. After the nationwide vote, Allison is THROUGH TO THE TOP 12! And she gives yet another stunning rendition of Heart's "Alone"

Here come Megan and Chris. . . and they are sliding down. Here come Matt and Jeanine. . . judges didn't love them. . . and they are moving next to the other two. One of them is in the Top 12. Ryan's going to narrow it down. Jeanine is NOT in the Top 12. . . duh. One of the remaining three is through. Matt is NOT through to the Top 12. We're down to Megan and Chris. America voted . . .and . . . Chris Allen is THROUGH TO THE TOP 12! I LOVED him. I'm glad he's through. I know I disagree with the Rubbertoe on this one, but I really thought he did a good job last night. I think he's got some talent.

A little Idol mantage.

Here comes Brooke White. She's gonna preform an original song called "Please Hold Up My Heart". All of y'all who read the blog last year know that I HEART the Brooke White. Song is pretty good and has adult contemporary charts written all over it. You Go My Brooke!

The time draweth near for the sixth member of the Top 12 to be announced. Excuse me, I mean for Adam Lambert to be announced as the sixth member of the Top 12.

Here comes Mischavonna, Kai, Nick/Norman, Adam, and Jasmine . . . We talk to Mishavonna, Kai, and Jasmine . . . and they are NOT in the Top 12. That leaves us with Adam and Nick/Norman . . . and we'll find out after the break.

And during the break we learn about the Jonas Brothers movie . . . er, um . . .

And the results are that Nick is NOT through to the Top 12, but Adam is THROUGH to the Top 12! Hooray! Yay! And gave another spine tingling performance.

Well, we have gotten through yet another week of American Idol. So far, we have Alexis, Danny, Michael, Adam, Allison, and Chris in the Top 12. What do y'all think? Let us know!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The new Chosen One of Season Eight?

Predizzictions: The Middle 12, Week 2

Here are the L & K rankings for tonight's wildly uneven competition:

(Galaxy Sized Space)

(Solar System Sized Space)

Nick/Norman (you can't tell me he didn't blow a few 'real' singers
off the stage)
Matt - Piano Dueler
(Asteroid-Sized Space)

Matt - Welder
(Universe-Sized Space)


Our picks for the Top 3: Adam, Allison, and Mishavonna

Who America will put through: Adam, Allison, Welder Boy

Who we wish could go through (based on previous performances, if a couple of them
hadn't blown it tonight): Adam, Matt the Piano Dueler, Nick/Norman
(just for the sheer insanity)

Random thoughts:

When are these contestants going to learn to pick better songs?
And what was with the psychedelic light show behind Adam? I was having an acid flashback.
The powers-that-be definitely want Nick/Norman to go bye-bye, they literally
showed his ass more than his face on the recap :)

Predictions: Hollywood Week 2

Here are my rankings for the night
Matt B – welder



My picks for the Top 3 are: Adam, Allsion, and Kris

Who I think America will put through: Adam, Allison, and Welder Matt
Wild Card Round from this week: Kris, Megan, and Jessie

What do y'all think?

Group 2 - Are we gonna love them?

Ryan are your FOUR judges....ya think a little emphasis on four due to the Paul/Kara controversy that has emerged over the last couple of days.

AI proves that they are smart...after last weeks debacle of way too many family in the red room, this week they do away with it. Excellent move.

The competition is going to be tough tonight

First up -Jasmine Murray. I really like this young girl. Love Song - She looks incredible...songs starts off kinda weird for me....I'm not familiar with the sounds very tough to sing and it just wasn't great...jazzy let me down.

Matt Girard - Dueling pianos guy. Viva la Vida - A bit over the top theatrics to start. He's having breathing issues...he's actually making me gasp for breath. He has some good qualities in his voice...but this performance was again...not great.
The judges end by giving him a little extra idol push. Probably is not going to work for Matt like it did with Sarver last week.

Jeanine Vailes - "This love" Interesting hearing a female sing this song. Started good...but the chorus was simply HORRENDOUS. She was off- key the entire song. Kara said it best - Over the top. Worst performance of the night (so far).

Nick/Norman - This has GOT to be the end of the road for this clown...for the sake of the integrity of AI...and for they sake of us all. He does Dreamgirls - You're gonna love me. For once...I actually kinda get him. In a different competition I can see him. But he's all wrong for American Idol. Try as I might...I'm just not going to love him.

Alison Ireheta - 16 years old...she looks a lot older...a lot older. "Alone"
Finally a contestant that absolutely picked the correct song for her. Best female performance of the season. This girls got "heart".

Chris Allen - I don't think I've ever even seen this guy. "Man in the mirror". Weak start and pitchy. Got better near the end...but kind of a strange performance.
Simon, Randy and Paula liked it. Kara was the only one who got it right here.

Megan Corkrey - Put your record on" - I love her voice (has the Amy Weinhouse thing going on). Perfect song choice but this performance was not one of her best. Pretty girl...but really weird strange dancing detracted from the performance as well.

Matt Breitske -"The Welder". "If you could only see" - First part of the song was pretty good, but when it got to the rockdrive part it went downhill fast. We should see Matt going home tonight. Simon doesn't give him the "Sarver push"...

Jessie Langseth - I don't recognize her either...until they showed the "sing for your life" I remember her. She's got a much better look (which is probably why I didn't recognize her)... She wasn't very good in that sing-off. Tonight she's doing "Betty Davis Eyes". She's a Little bit better tonight, but still not worthy of the final 12.

Kai - Definitely one of the "coolest" guys on the show. Seems like someone that you would just want to hang out with. "What becomes of a broken heart" - Kai does well.
Not an outstanding performance, but he doesn't let me down. Best guy of the night so far.

Mishevonna Henson - "Drops of Jupiter" Bio talks about being on the show last year and getting cut in Hollywood. Must not have gotten any air time...cause I don't
remeber her. So her performance tonight - Pretty good. Not up to the level of Allison..but she had her moments.

....and finally Adam Lambert - I have been into him from the beginning...hope he doesn't let me down tonight. "Satisfaction" - Man...I was worried...but wow...Adam was hot. Vocals were great...incredible range and he took a song that everyone knows and in AI fashion "Made it his own".

So when the night began I said that the competition tonight should be tough. Wow...what a let down. With the exception of a couple of people, this was just not a good night. Group 1 overall was much much much better.

Who should go through: Allison, Adam and Kai

Who will go through: Allison, Adam and Megan

Major disappointment tonight - Jasmine and Matt.

Best tonight - tossup between Allison and Adam

Hollywood Round Two

THIS is American Idol
Simon has switched sides due to the er . . . um, lighting.
The judges gives something that seems akin to advice.
Here comes the group and hellooooooooooooooooo Adam Lambert.
We are once again going with the Billboard Number 1’s.

1. Jasmine – She’s singing Love Song by Sara Berellis (I’m sure I misspelled this). . . I think this is gonna be a really hard song for her to sing because it is so simple, and if I remember correctly she has a very strong voice. Here we go . . . oh my . . . it’s a wee low and she’s trying to inject soul into a song that really is more flighty in nature. That was a big mess, and I hate it because she’s got a good voice. The judges agree with me. They definitely like her, but I don’t think she’s going through. I don’t think she’s getting through this week, and I don’t think she’ll be back for the wildcard round.

2. Matt Giraud – Hmmm, he’s a dueling piano player . . . cool - He’s singing Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Bold choice . . . He seems nervous with a Belinda Carlisle vibrato. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to me that he’s putting much soul into it . . . kinda sounds like a weaker version of Chris Martin. Kara is not blown away. Paula thinks it was risky and thinks it was better than he rehearsed it. Simon thought it was kind of horrible, jerky, and uncomfortable. Randy thinks he has mad talents, but didn’t like this song. I think he’s done this week, but will be back for the wildcard round.

3. Jeanine Vailes – Simon thought she was a naughty little thing. She’s singing “This Love” by Maroon Five. And here we go again with the WRONG FRACKING SONG! All three of these contestants have had very good voices, but have chosen the wrong songs. I will say that she’s having better good moments in this performance than the other two. Paula thinks she has nice legs. Simon thinks she chose the wrong song. Randy thinks the legs are hot, but the song is wrong. Kara thinks that it was over done, and everything about it was wrong. I think that she won’t get through tonight, but has a slight chance at the WildCard round.

4. Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle – I genuinely hope he blows it away because I think this boy has a good voice, but he has fracked around thus far. C’mon boy . . . UGH! It’s Norman! He’s doing “And I Am Telling You” . . . ugh! Why is he coming around like this. This is simply awful and if America votes him through they are fracking up. UGH! UGH! UGH! However, I have a horrible feeling that he could go through. Simon hopes that he is speaking on behalf of America when he says that he hopes he doesn’t go through. The judges get what they deserve because they put him through. Randy thought he was funny. Kara thinks he’s not a terrible singer, but thought he was entertaining. Paula thinks he is a true performer, but doesn’t know if this is the stage for him.

5. Allison Iraheta – She’s kind of fun . . . I don’t remember her. She’s singing “Alone” by Heart. Good song . . . but she betta bring it. FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! She picked the right song and blew it out of the park! Amazing! FINALLY! Week 2 has started!!!!! Randy thought she blew it out the box. Kara doesn’t think she knows how good she is. Paula thinks she can sing the telephone book. Simon thinks she is the best tonight by a MILE! Depends on the rest of the night, but as of right now, she goes through tonight.

6. Chris Allen – very Melinda Doolittle like in his modesty . . . I really like him. He’s singing “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Oh Lord. . . but not . . . WOW! I don’t know if it is the lack of any other good singers . . .but that was very, very good. I am VERY HAPPY with that. Kara thinks it was the wrong song (I disagree). Paula disagrees completely, and thinks he nailed it. Simon agrees with Paula and thinks that he showed some confidence and personality and was quite proud of him. Randy thinks that he did it without the guitar. I think he should go through, but if he doesn’t he is a definite for the wildcard.

7. Megan Corkery – Simon liked her in the original audition. She’s singing Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey. I like this song. Megan has a very different voice, but I really like her. I thought she was very, very good. Paula thinks she picked the right song, and the camera is in love with her. Paula hearts her. Simon thought it started well, and then over sang, but hopes that America votes for her. Randy is a fan of hers, and is interested to see her in other rounds. Kara thinks she is a package artist. She’s got a good shot at going through.

8. Matt B. – He’s the welder. I HEART him. I hope he does well. He’s singing “If you could only see” by Tonic. I LOVE this song. I really liked him. I thought he was very, very good. I thought he was on pitch, and performed it well. Simon hated the song, and is frustrated. Randy thinks that it was boring. Kara echoes everyone and likes him but thinks that it was a poor song choice. Paula thinks he has a really good voice but the song didn’t celebrate who we all fell in love with. I really don’t agree with the judges. I think he was quite good. I think he won’t get through but could very well be back for the Wild Card Round.

9. Jessie – She’s singing Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes . . . She’s slightly nasal, but I like her voice. I think she was very sexy . . . I liked her. Randy thinks that she was just ok. Kara thinks this is her best look, and was slinky and sexy. She liked her. Paula finds her captivating and cool. Simon disagrees with Paula and thinks she’s forgettable. I kind of agree with Simon. I think there’s no way she goes through tonight. She’s got an outside shot at the Wild Card Round.

10. Kai Kalama – He’s singing “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” . . . I have an early feeling that there is no way he goes through with this song. It is boring. His voice is nice, soulful, and in tune . . . but still boring. Kara likes him but thinks he was pitchy and the song was old fashioned. Paula thinks he performed well, and thinks he has the chops to do well in this business. Simon thinks it was old fashioned and corny. Randy agrees with Simon, and thought it was soooo safe. He is NOT going through tonight, and I think he only has a verrrrrrrrry outside shot at the Wild Card Round.

11. Mishavonna Henson – Drops of Jupiter by Train . . . risky song for her . . .let’s see how it goes . . . .so far very good, but very boring. She picked it up a bit. I like her. I think she did a GREAT job, but I don’t think she out does the other two great girls. Paula thinks it was the wrong song. Simon thinks it’s a great song, but . . . she’s acting like a 50 year old. Randy thinks she feels older. Kara thinks . . . well the same as the others. She’s gone. No Wild Card.

12. Adam Lambert – I think he is sooooooooooo fracking HOT! Therefore, I want him to do reallllllly well. He could be “The Hotness” this year. He’s singing “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones. Holy Lord! He could have bombed on that one, but he was AWESOME! WOW! Paula has no words, and thinks he is leaving some in the rearview mirror. Simon thought some was really bad and some was great. Randy LOVED it! Kara thought his range was CRAZY good! He is through. No doubt.

So we’re through another week of Idol. Who goes through? This is going to be a tough one. I think Adam is the only definite. I’ll be back with predictions.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Gokey Backlash?

Interesting article that discusses the growing backlash against Danny Gokey and the obvious AI push he is getting.

Don't get me wrong...I think Danny is good.

However, there is no denying the obvious AI machinery branding of him as the "chosen one"...even moreso than Lil David last year.

The way that Kara, Paula and Randy Fawned over him last week was pathetic. Only Simon kept it in perspective.

What do you all think?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idol Eight: The Week in Review

Hey Y'all!

Entertainment Weekly has posted it's weekly review of Idol events. As always, it is highly entertaining. Click the link to check it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

America got it wrong...but Rubbertoe got it right

First results show of the season and with it comes the first group number.....God...I love those cheesy numbers...they just make me smile.
After the reprise, its group chat. Again...Idol at its best. I love getting to know a little about the personality of the contestants at this point in the competition.
First one through to the top 12 - Alexis , Top female vote getter (no surprise here)
Ricky Braddy gets eliminated (no surprise but a big injustice)
Michael and Anoop are up together. Anoop should go through, but I called it for Michael...was I right? Absolutely...America got it wrong, Rubbertoe got it right.
I'm 2 for 2. (Watching him perform....yes...definitely America got this one wrong).
The next two "contestants" - Carly Smithson and Michael Johns doing a duet...listening to them brings back very fond memories of last season and makes me doubt that this season will live up to last year...we'll see.
Now to fill the final chair...its so obviously Danny, its not even funny. The attempt at drama isn't even convincing Tatiana...Gokey goes through and makes it a perfect 3 for 3 for rubbertoe.
Look for Tatiana to return as a wildcard...the producers will want her back.
Anoop has a chance as well....and possibly Ricky (if the judges get it right)...


Week One: The Results

Tense music plays . . . it must be an Idol results show.

Take nothing for granted . . .

THIS is American Idol!

Responses from the judges . . .

And a review of this week’s 12 and their journey

Oh hell yeah . . . we gets a little Idol group number . . . Oh the cheesetastic wonderment of it all . . .
They are singing one of my favorite songs, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. . . . pretty good . . . pretty good. Where was Stevie’s voice last night?

And we’re back!

Ryan leads us into highlights of the “very raw show” . . .

Who gave you hope America?

Let’s talk to the contestants . . . Question . . . Does Tatianna go in and out of that accent? Just a question.

Dim the lights, yo. Here we go.

Casey Carlson is up first . . . America voted and she is NOT in the Top 12.

Steven Fowler is up next . . . America voted and he is NOT in the Top 12.

Alexis is up next . . . here is our first real contender for the Top 12 . . . America voted and she IS IN THE TOP 12!

Here comes Ricky and Jackie . . . This is the first time they’ve brought two up at the same time . . . Also, they are clearly not going to tell us what order people are voting in . . . Ricky is NOT in the Top 12 . . . Jackie is NOT in the Top 12.

Here comes Anoop and Michael . . . I think this is the battle for that third spot. Michael IS IN THE TOP 12 and Anoop Dogg is “going home” . . . but not really.

Side Note: I think Michael sang better tonight than last.
Side Note 2: Michael beat out Anoop by 20,000 votes out of 24 million cast.

They still have 5 left to go . . . those who are not Danny must be really nervous and pissed off.

A little advert for the American Idol experience . . .

And yay to Michael Johns and Carly Smithson! Hooray! Carly had to find a weave in Orlando . . . I wonder if Ryan gave her some advice. They are singing “The Letter” . . . that was sooooo good at last year’s finale. Oh yes, The Hotness and Ms. Smithson are BACK!

We’re back . . . AnnMarie stands up and stays where she is . . . Brent stands up and stays where he is . . . you’re getting the point here . . . Stevie joins the other two . . . After the vote, NONE of these three made the Top 12.

Bring down Danny and Tatianna . . . Glasses and the drama queen . . . Here we go . . . Drama is crying and Danny’s glasses are somewhat distracting . . . America voted . . . and Danny is THROUGH TO THE TOP 12! Tatianna is headed back to the crib.

And there you have it America . . . Alexis, Michael, and Danny are through to the Top 12.

I think that Tatianna, Ricky, and Anoop could very easily be in the Wild Card Round.

Next week were on Wednesday and Thursday! What did y’all think?!

Last Minute Night One Predictions

Last minute predictions.

After thinking about everything, here is what I think . . .

Who should go through: Danny, Alexis, and Keith
Who will go through: Danny, Alexis and Michael

I think Anoop and Tatianna are outside shots for that third position.

Let's see what happens.

The Braddy Bunch Website

Click the link to the website:

Mom gave a plug to the website last night....curious how many hits it got.

I'll be surprized if he makes it through tonight...but even more surprized if he doesn't make it through as a wildcard.

BTW - I watched his performance again...last night I said "no so great in the falsettos" on repeat, I actually thought he sounded pretty good in the falsesettos.

Also re-watched Gokey.
After re-watching, I stand by my original post. Braddy was better than Gokey by a small margin.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Voting Begins!

Ryan's sporting a casual look...
Contestants have a minute and 20 seconds to make their dreams happen...
Jackie Thon is up first - "A little less conversation" - a little less cheesey performance and get rid of the 80's outfit...vocals were actually pretty good (Randy gave the exact opposite critique - Simon agrees with me, says vocals good but the performance silly).
Ricky Braddy - Cute Guy -(Don't remember seeing him before) "A Song for you" - This guy has an incredible voice. Not so great in the falsetto. Overall - Excellent.
Kara said it perfectly - his interpretation of the song really showed that he has the talent to go far in this competition. Simon says "No star quality" - I actually understand what he is saying. "Believe in yourself a bit". Love his parents "Braddy Bunch" T-shirts... (mom says
Alexis Grace - "Never loved a man"...judges in audition told her to sing like she was "making love to her boyfriend"....After hearing tonight's performance I would have to say she's never loved a man. Very "cruise ship" as simon would say. Randy, Kara and Paula actually loved it. Simon - said the best so far..the darkhorse in the competition, compares her to Kelly Clarkson (I couldn't disagree more).
Brent Keith - Wait.....THAT's not Brent glitch. Sings "Hickville". Cute Dimples...but very Karaoke. Didn't do himself any favors with the song choice here.
Stevie Wright - "You belong with me" - Weak lower register - Extremely pitchy - This has to be the worst performance at this stage of the competition that I have seen. I hate to say it...but it was utterly pathetic.
Anoop Desai - "Angel of mine" - The guy's got a good voice. Not the best song choice for me...didn't allow him to show his strengths like we have seen in prior was just aiiight for me.
Casey Carlson - Hate the hair style..."Every little thing she does is magic" - Starts off very pitchy.(Am I seeing shades of Sarah Palin?...maybe that's why I can't stand her tonight). Call the police - There is no magic here. I actually think she was worse than Stevie Wright. (I'm thinking that she is going to break down during the comments...she doesn't...but watching her is still painful).
Michael Sarver - Oil Rig guy -"I don't want to be" - Weird. I wasn't even sure he was singing the right song until about 1/2 way through and even then I'm not sure. Could someone be worse that Stevie and Casey?...Michael just showed that can.
Anne Marie Boscovich - "Natural Woman" - Looks Beautiful, but performance is flat and forgettable.
Stephen Fowler - I like him..but tonight it just wasn't good. Again...wrong song choice...the only way you are EVER going to do a Michael Jackson song justice is if you do a completely different version of it. Stephen got a second chance after forgetting the words in third chances ...the end of the road for Stephen.
Tatiana Del Toro - "Saving all my love" - This girl Bugs me big time and I hate that she actually sounds really quite good.
Danny Gokey - "Hero" -Pretty Good Vocals - The runs were excellent. I felt he was holding back a little bit. I didn't love it as much as the judges. Simon brought it back to reality. I didn't think he was as good as Braddy....close, but not as good.
So the summary - The Guys were way better than the women tonight. Was there a good woman? I guess the closest to good was Alexis and she was beaten by 3 guys.
The Best of the night: 1. Ricky Braddy 2. Danny Gokey 3. Anoop "Dogg"
Who Should Go through: Ricky, Danny and Alexis
Who Will Go Through: Danny, Alexis and probably Michael Sarver...proving that America sometimes gets it right....sometimes it doesn't.

Idol vs. Billboard: The first night of voting!

First week of 12 . . . We get to vote, kids . . .


Chatter with the judges . . . yo.

Paula’s eyebrows are looking a little . . . um, angular.

Hits from the Billboard Top 100 . . . since the charts began.

1. Jackie Tohn is up first – What is she wearing in the interview? She is singing A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley . . . She’s got a VERY DIFFERENT voice than what the Idol audience is used to . . . she’s quirky. But I kind of like her . . . ain’t no way she’s making the Top 12 this week. I do think she’s got a shot at the Wild Card round. Here come the judges . . . Randy wasn’t sold on the vocals but liked the entertaining . . . Kara liked her stage presence . . . Paula ditto . . . Simon thought she played the clown.

2. Ricky Braddy - He is very quiet . . . he better have a great big vocal performance. He’s singing A Song For You by Leon Russell . . . I LOVE this song! WOW . . . That was just freakin amazing. I think he was stunning. Randy thinks the season has started. Kara loved him. Paula is proud. Simon thinks he has no star quality. He has an outside shot at that third spot this week. However, I think we could see him in the Wild Card. We’ll have to see how things go . . .

3. Alexis Grace - I don’t remember Kara telling her to go home and “make love to her fiancĂ©” . . . She’s singing Never Loved A Man by Aretha Franklin. This is a good performance, but I don’t think it is going to stand out . . and it is coming off a wee bit cabaret. But she’s got a strong voice. Randy thinks she worked it out and she “done found da dirt”. Kara thinks she released something inside. Paula is rambling a bit, but I think she liked her. Simon thinks that she is the best by a mile . . . I don’t know that I agree. . . um, he just compared her to Kelly Clarkson . . . um . . .

4. Brent Keith – a little live oops . . . “Roll the tape!” . . . He’s singing Hip Town . . . I don’t know this song. I wonder if they are not allowing them instruments in the Top 36 . . . seems like he would be playing the guitar. Uh oh . . . good voice, kind of boring. . . and he’s going a weeeeee bit flat in some parts of the song. Randy liked him. Kara and Paula think he didn’t take much of a risk. Simon blasphemes Bucky Covington and thinks he will have no impact.

5. Stevie Wright – She is singing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift . . . way too low . . .way too low . . . she is already going home . . . not good. Y’all remember the hook from the gong show . . . I like her, but yikes. Randy thought it was not for him. Kara thought it was the wrong song. Paula agrees with the other two. And Simon is bout to rip her a new one . . . he thinks it was terrible. *** More importantly, we just got a sighting of the NPH – the Neal Patrick Harris, yo!***

6. Anoop Dogg - He has chosen . . . Angel of Mine by Monica . . . interesting choice . . . we’ll see. He sounds pretty good. He has a better voice than this song is showing . . . he has played it safe and it may cost him. I hate that because I think he definitely has one of the top 12 voices on the show. Randy thinks it was not the right song choice – kind of sharp. This is where I’m not a fan of this year’s voting. Kara agrees with Randy. Paula thinks that America has connected with him already. Simon thinks it was a little grown up for him and a bit serious. He may not get through with the voters but he is a LOCK for the wild card.

7. Casey Carlson – Cute little hat she has on in the interview . . . She’s singing Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police . . . this is a song with a rough Idol history. And the roughness continues . . . do these people not watch the show?! Randy thinks that it was weirdly karaoke. Kara thinks that everything about it was wrong. Paula thinks that she is a package . . . but that the song didn’t work for her. Simon thinks the packaging was gone. Casey had fun. I hope she did because she is soooooo gone.

8. Michael Sarver – the oil rig dude . . . I heart him . . . He’s singing I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw . . . it’s an overdone Idol song . . . We’ll see . . . It’s a solid performance . . . not perfect but solid. It was a good song choice for him. I’m not sure if it will get him through. Randy thought it started out pitchy, he wasn’t sure. Kara didn’t think it was his performance. Paula thought he did a really good job, but that his performance was a bit awkward. Simon thinks it’s tricky and likes Michael. He thinks that the vocal was okay. I think the judges will put him into the wild card show.

9. Ann Marie Boskovich – Singing Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin – Yikes this better take an upturn soon cuz she’s gonna get some comparisons to Kelly Clarkson and it aint gonna be pretty. Her high notes are pretty good, and considering the seriously bad showing by the girls, she is pretty high on the list. Randy didn’t get it. Kara didn’t think she killed it. Paula thinks that she did better than her auditions. Simon thinks she might be the best hotel singer in California. She’s gone.

10. Stephen Fowler – I remember him forgetting the words in Hollywood and not being able to believe that he went through instead of Jamar . . . let’s see how he handles Rock With You by Michael Jackson . . . perfect song for his voice . . . he needs to pick it up . . . he’s behind the music. This is nowhere near as good as it should be. I had very high hopes for this performance. Randy thought it was weird. Kara wasn’t happy with it. Paula was disappointed. Simon wishes he had forgotten the lyrics. He’s gone . . . I just don’t know that they will give him a third chance.

11. Tatianna Del Toro – Here comes the drama queen. This girl drives me nuts, but if she calms down I think she can go through tonight. She is singing Saving All My Love For You by Whitney . . .dangerous, but she could do it justice. Strangely, I think she pulled it off. It wasn’t a complete performance, but the fact that she is at the end and hit some high notes . . . I think she may get through. Randy thought she hit some good notes. Kara isn’t sure where she fits. Paula thinks she is the most talked about contestant . . . she thought it was good but a bit inconsistent. Simon thinks she is a drama queen and desperate to be famous.

12. Danny – I heart him . . . let’s see how he does amongst a group of boys who have been very, very good this week. He is singing Hero by Mariah Carey. I think this could potentially be brilliant . . . Wow . . . just wow. He is SUCH MY BITCH. I love him. Oh look, and there’s Jamar! Randy, Paula, and Kara thought he blew it out. Simon thought he was good. I HEART DANNY! He saved the show and will definitely be going through.

Well, we come to the end of the first voting night. I think we have a definite male winner in Danny. I think our female winner is going to be a mixed bag between, ugh, Tatianna, Alexis and Jackie . . . and I think Anoop is in there for the possible third place spot. I’m going to post again with rankings and predictions, but my early thoughts are Danny, Tatianna, and Anoop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How have we done on our predictions thus far?

Here's just a little of what I said:

Jasmine Bird - another prety girl - finally a good voice, a bit overdone with the inflections, but some potential here. (GOT THIS ONE RIGHT)

Ann Marie redeux - Good. Don't know she has enough depth. (WRONG - She's in the too 36)
Joanna Pesini(?)...pretty girl...good....not great....Paula says "worthy".....I'm not so sure. I don't see the star potential there. (WRONG - Made it to the top 36- but is now out)
Brent Keith ....decent...some potential....but not so sure he can make it...Simon said "busterous"....I kinda agree. I don't see him going too far despite the cute dimples. (WRONG - Top 36)
Dueling piano guy...Matt Giraud - I would say no....too potential here....Kara and Paula like him....even Simon says he has a good voice. Even Randy says yes.....what do they see in him....4 for 4....Simon says he's like Eliot Yamin....I (WRONG - Top 36)

Alexis Grace.... good enough for hollywood...not sure if she's good enough beyond that... (WRONG - Top 36)
The first girl (giggly) aka Tatiani shouldn't have made it through either, look for her to have an early exit. (WRONG - Top 36 - but I still think personally I'm right here)

Adam Lambert...Simon said it best "theatrical"...I like him but then again Hello.....I think he will be in the top 24 or 36 or whatever it is these days. (RIGHT!!!)
Kai's up next.. ..heart touching story backed up by IZ...nice voice but weak on the runs. Did Simon say Sh*tsinger or Shipsinger? But the question is...who is going to take care of his mother while he is in Hollywood or on the show? (Correct - sort of)

Megan Corkrey - Strange some ways good...but other ways just weird...Judges say interesting..Simon says favorite auditions because she is different. Unanimous yes... (WRONG - sort of)

Taylor (Vaifauna) from Hurricane, Utah...Gateway to the Beautiful Southern Utah landscape...pretty voice, but not particularly strong (Wrong - top 36)

So far....I'm not doing so well......hmmmmmmm.

The first season 8 controversy - Pacitti out

American Idol just named its Top 36 Wednesday, but you won't get to vote for one of them.

Joanna Pacitti, who has been hotly debated on Idol fansites because of her former record deal with A&M Records, has been booted from the competition, according to a Fox press release. "It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition," the statement read. No further explanation was offered.

In addition to chatter about Pacitti's previous recording career, the singer has also been rumored to have a close relationship with some of the executives of 19 Entertainment, the company that produces Idol.

In Pacitti's place will be Felicia Barton, who was seen being eliminated Wednesday. She wasn't heavily featured on the show, but her rendition of "Put Your Records On" during the Louisville, KY, audition round did create some buzz among fans.

What do you think of this twist?

The top 36 - where are they from

Its interesting looking at the map of the homes of the top 36. Surprisingly not many from the South this year (Could it be because of the location of the auditions).
The south has been the base of so many of the contestants, but very few here.

What doesn't bode particularly well for the drama of this year is the vast number of contestants in Southern California....(I've never seen this map before, so maybe it was like this in years past)...however, who cannot forget the lackluster homecoming for Katherine McPhee. I love watching the small"er" town homecomings.....they are much more fun watching the communities get behind their hometown favorites.

Is AI looking for another Taylor Hicks?

It appears…and I’m afraid that AI might be looking for another Taylor Hicks and his name is Norman…or Normound.

Seriously how this guy made it to Hollywood is beyond me and now he’s in the top 36? Its obvious that he is being kept on only for dramatic effect. However, if the show is supposed to find the best “Singers” there is NO justification for Jamar getting cut and Norman making it through. I think ultimately AI gets it right, however…there is something strange going on this year.

Last nights show – the pros and cons. Singoffs? Good….added to the drama and it was brutally enjoyable watching people sing for their “lives”. Judge’s mansion?

Cut….Cheesy and cheapened the show (Not to mention the poor taste of the decorator of the place).

Anoop is the first one through. Deserves to be in the top 36. I would like to see him in the top 12 but I have my doubts.

Von Smith – comes from a “singing family”. Comments about listening to his family make decisions for him brings back bad memories of Mr Archuletta from last season.

He’s through. Top 36 – probably not top 12.

Then the first sing-0ff…Cody v. Alex. Judges get this one wrong. Cody gets cut. Its schaudenfreude watching Alex want to celebrate but can’t because of Cody’s pain…voyeuristic pornography.

Next up – Adam Lambert – shoo in for top 5 (unless major disaster along the way).

Another singoff between Kristen and Jenn (Simon characterizes it as the pretty one against the other – actually Kristen is prettier than Jenn)…both should be cut based on the singoff. Judges get it right though in the choice. For once Simon is wrong – Kristen makes it through.

Alexis and Lil rounds make it through.

Danny and Jamar. I originally liked Jamar better, but he has not done that well as Danny has risen. Danny has a good voice. Probably good enough to make the top 12…helped by his AI sad story. I have to admit, it was sad to see Jamar have to face Danny after not getting through. My only thought though was…AI completely played up this “bond” and Danny does NOTHING to console Jamar…he just stands there. Maybe it was shock or discomfort, but I couldn’t believe that Danny didn’t immediately embrace Jamar if this “Bond” was so strong.

However, if this injustice is not enough, we are soon SHOCKED by the notion that Norman gets through. I’m having visions of Taylor Hicks all over again…that is…are there actually people who are going to vote for this guy….but then I think, he’s a shoo-in for “Vote for the worst” and hey….Vote for the worst got Taylor Hicks the crown so there you go. (Although I’m thinking to myself – is this show becoming a joke?----nah……they’ll get it right eventually).

AI redeems itself as Kai, Jorge and Stephen Fowler make it through. But then…..the ultimate breaking point….Tatiana. I’m hoping….no PRAYING that she gets cut. I can’t stand another week of her. I’m still praying (but I know down-deep she is going through…..c’mon…..its all about ratings….RATINGS….and people enjoy being annoyed by her.) She makes it through…and guess what…you are going to hear it here from me first….Tatiana in the top 12….(gulp).

Anyway…we have our top 36. I have to say it looks like a good group. The show is hitting on all cylinders…best season ever?

Predictions (although I don’t know much about some of them so far) Top 12?

Adam – Absolutely no question

Alex,- N Alexis -Y, Allison-?, Anne-?, Anoop- I’m going to say no…but I’m hoping, Arianna-?, Brent-N, Casey-?, Danny-Y, Felicia-?, Jackie-?, Jasmine- YES, Jeanine-?, Jesse-?, Jorge- N, Ju’not-, Kai- I’m going to say N…but I really like him…I’m hoping., Kendall-?, Kris-?, Kristen – NO! Lil Rounds- YES, Matt B-? (
Shouldn’t but mid-America may put him through, Matt G-Y, Megan-Y, Michael- (Shouldn’t –[see Matt B.], Mishovonna-?, Nathaniel (Facepierce boy/drama queen – NO…although after seeing his story last night I was glad to see him make it this far…you can tell this kid was unfairly picked on all throughout school…congrats to him), Nick/Norman-I’m going to say NO….please NO…..but with all the weird stuff going on with the show/judges this year and the Taylor Hicks voting crowd…he just might make it…I doubt it though, Ricky-?, Scott- Y (Ok…I’m going to say it and talk about the pink elephant in the room…yes…he has a decent voice, but he’s going to get a lot of sympathy votes that are going to propel him in this competition….and maybe to the title….should he be in the top 12? Probably…but not much more than that), Stephen – probably a no, but I’m hoping, Stevie-?, Tatiana- Yes…unfortunately she will be in the top 12…there is no justice here, Taylor-Y, Von Smith -Y.

OK….that’s it for now. Sorry for the extra long post…they wont all be like this. I’m anxious to hear all of your thoughts!!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's take it down to the Top 36!

THIS is American Idol
Each contestant goes from the holding room and down the path . . . did they impress the judges. Have they made it to the Top 36.
Anuk – Unanimously . . . .YES! He’s through to the Top 36 . . . not sure about Top 12
Von Smith – He’s THROUGH! I think he has a beautiful voice . . . if he can tone it down . . .
Break . . .
Cody Sheldon – They want him to sing one more time . . . he could me the new pretty boy . . . Simon wants a few minutes . . . Here comes Alex . . . Wonder twin powers activate, form of 2 singing gay boys!
I think Alex’s voice is better, but is it good enough to overcome the fact that Cody looks more like an Idol . . . Moment of truth = Cody goes home, and Alex gets through. They are very upset . . . awkward.
Adam Lambert – I heart him . . . sooooooo much cuteness . . . . Don’t play with me judges, he needs to go through . . . HOORAY! The Judges Got It Right!
And we’re back . . .
Taylor – 17 year s old – she forgot the words in the group session, but the last performance was awesome . . . She needs to go through . .. AND SHE DOES
Jasmine Murray – Through!
Arianna – Through!
Casey – Through!
Megan – Through!
Mishavonna – Through! I love her!
Stevie Wright – Through!
We must be heading for some bad stuff after the break . . . too much good!
No break . . . sorry!
Joanna – she forgot the words to EVERYTHING – she should not go through – I cannot believe they let her through. I’m stunned. You just know that there’s gonna be somebody else they eliminate (see Josiah from Season 7) who I’m gonna be pissed about.
T.K. – Is not through
Reggi Beasley – Not through . . . I hate that . . .
Kendall – She’s shakey, but through! I’m glad, I kind of like this one.
Jen – the married couple girl – he went home – judges aren’t certain, and want her to sing again – Kristin is outside getting ready to sing against her . . . I kind of think they will both go through . . . Kristin has made it through, and Jen did not. I am completely disagreeing with that decision. UGH!
Alexis Grace – She is NEVER gonna win this competition. . . but she’s through to the Top 36.
Scott McIntyre – I heart him hardcore . . . He’s Through! As he should be. I actually think that vocally he is not as good as others, but he’s AMAZING with the instrument.
Lil Rounds - I kind of heart her . . . I hope she gets through . . . Hooray! She’s through! I’m so glad . . . I really see her as a little Latoya London circa season 3. I think she could go very far.
Felicia – Not a unanimous decision – Did not make it
Ashley – Didn’t make it
Devon Baldwin – Didn’t make it through
Frankie Jordan – “the stay at home mom” – she’s makin the walk . . . I have a feeling that she’s going to make it through . . . uh oh, another girl is going . . . Jessie Lancaster – It’s time to FACE OFF. Frankie has a voice that’s different . . . I kind of like it . . . but so does Jessie . . . The judges hated both songs . . . only one can go through . . . and its Jessie. Simon has to be an ass and say that Frankie didn’t have a chance to win. Ugh on Simon.
A Break!
Shera – Does not go through
Derik – Does not go through
Allison – the namesake of one of our bloggers! J She’s nervous . . . She’s going through to the next round . . . as she should. It was risky doing Kelly Clarkson, but she did a very nice rendition. She could go through to the Top 12.
Here comes the story of Danny and Jamar . . . I love them. I hope they both get through… Here comes Danny . . He HAS to go through. Hells Yeah! Holla! They got it right! I couldn’t separate them . . . here comes Jamar. OMFG! I cannot believe they didn’t send him through. OMFG! He should have gone through. UGH!
Ricky – Through!
Matt – Thru
Juneau – Thru!
Jorge – Thru!
Stephen Fowler - If he gets through and Jamar goes home . . . UGH! He went through, and Jamar did not! That is complete BullShit! Sorry for the expletive.
Here comes that Norman BS – I know Rubbertoe disagrees . . . but I think he’s got a good voice, but a horrible persona. They let him through! Wow . . . again I will say, they let him through, and Jamar went home . . . hmmmm
Here comes I didn’t get her name . . . Ugh . . . cool . . . Jackie – unanimous voice puts her THROUGH! I think she’s a dark horse for the Top 12.
And, ugh, here comes Tatianna and all of her drama . . . I hate that her voice is good, ugh. And she’s annoying again. Not unanimous . . . But, I’ll bet she is . . . YES. She’s going through. I hate her, but she has a good voice.
Here comes another match up. . . Gay boy Nathaniel and Maybe Straight Boy Jackie . . . Oh Lord, we have an IDOL moment with Nathaniel . . . Best line of the night . . . Simon, “What ARE you wearing?”. Forgetting what he’s wearing, I just wanna smile when he sings. Just so nice . . . I think both of their voices are great, but Nathaniel’s is better. Let’s see what happens . . . Nathaniel is through. And, despite the outfit, he should be. Good voice.
Here comes the final 2 . . . the welder and the oil rigger . . .
Well, not yet.
Jennine – She’s THROUGH!
Kai – He’s THROUGH!
Anne Marie – She’s THROUGH!
Chris – I HEART him. He’s THROUGH!
Now, here’s the final 2! The oil rigger and the welder. I HATE that they are the final 2 . . .they should both go through… Matt, the welder, is first. I heart him. He has to sing . . . and, he was so soulful and good. Here comes the oil rigger, Michael, . . . his voice makes me smile . . . He is brilliant, and just makes me smile. What’s going to happen. If they get it right, Michael the oil rigger will go through. THEY BOTH GO THROUGH! HOORAY! That’s awesome! I’m sooooo excited for them!We have our Top 36! And for the most part, minus Jamar, I think they got it right.

And FINALLY! ITS TIME TO VOTE!!!! What did y'all think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Clue How Simon Handles Tatiana's Presence

Hollywood Week 2 . . . Night 1 . . .

Hola everybody,

I was going to make this a very smooth posting, but, upon review of the tape, I think I'm just going to post my initial impressions . . . let me know what you think . . .

We’re down to 72
By themselves with the band, backup singers and instruments
Last chance to make an impression
Contestants will be divided at the end – some will stay and some will go
This is American Idol
Hollywood Week Day 4
We’re back in the Kodak Theater
They are split into groups – the judges are making their final decision.
4 groups of 18
Rewinding to the auditions
No comments
Adam Lambert – Paula/Kara DioGuardi split – He’s doing Cher . . . oh my . . . “Believe” – Strangely, I’m kind of feeling it . . . a little whiney, but very original
Matt – Georgia on my mind – piano – AWESOME! SIMPLY AMAZING!
Back to the main holding room – Danny and Jamar are in different groups
Jamar – Delilah – I don’t love this interpretation, but he has a great voice
Danny – I Hope You Dance – He is on point to be one of the final 4 . . . I love this guy
Judges continue deliberations
Anuk – My Perogative . . . Good, but ok
Jorge – I just can’t stop – um . . .
Scott McIntyre – blind – finally at the piano – “I’m Going Home” risky . . . I’m a little less convinced . . . strangely, but he was very good.
Kendall – Before He Cheats – Way just ok
Stevie Wright – just ok
Lil Rounds – Alicia keys – she’s through
Kristin McNamara – Because of you – impressed more than I thought Iwould be . . . I think she’s through . . . .
Mischavonna – kind of boring, but a good voice . . . I think she’s gone
Back to deliberation
One group through
Another group through
Tatiana – I’m Your Baby Tonight – Girl’s got a voice, but she’s annoying as hell
Alexis – Before he cheats – not sure
Kenny – I’m Yours – I like him
Jasmine – Tattoo – nice voice
Nathaniel – gay boy – Disturbia – acoustic – I kind of liked it
Joanna – forgot the words – but a good voice
Casey – forgot the words
Steven Fowler – He’s forgotten the words . . . yikes . . . twice
Tatianna changes rooms
Norman/Nick – “Georgia” – Sadly this boy has a good voice, but his persona is laughable
Judges have decided
Ann Marie - very sweet . . . but maybe too nice . . . I think she’s done
Juneau - Delilah – I’m a fan . . . He changed the song and I like his smokey voice . . . .
Tatianna joins group 4
Kaylan – kind of forgot the words – but has a nice voice
Laneisha Young – “Love Song” – wrong song for her voice . . . kind of boring . . . but good voice
Kai – weak vocal –
Michael Sarver – the welder – I love him . . . He’s through
Final decisions are made . . . Simon’s gone
Room 2 – THEY ARE THROUGH! HOORAY! – Alexis Grace, Joanna, Jasmine, Nathaniel, Steven, and Michael!
Room 3 – including Castro’s brother - THEY DIDN’T MAKE IT! L
One group is through and another is gone . . . .
Room 1 – I see Danny and Jamar . . . this group should go through . . . AND THEY DO!
Room 4 - THEY GO THROUGH! After some major Tatianna drama
Tomorrow, we must go from 54 to 36 in the major elevator ride . . . with a twist . . .some of the contestants will sing for their survival . . .

Stay tuned for tomorrow night

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood Week - Take Two

The most Shocking Idol Ever ----
Group night -forming cliches brings back all those horrible memories of trying to fit in...or being the last one picked in PE class.
The competition turns vicious and the bloodbath begins....after the break!
Tatiana - can I say...cutthroat bitch...her desperation was not cool and very unattractive. She needs to go.
Team "Compromise" is all drama. and Facepierce boy is just one big drama queen (and a really bad dresser too...he obviously didn't get the gene).
Rose and Bikini girl are at each other's throats.
They fought through the night, but will a new day be a fresh start?
Bikini girl allegedly gives up (as if)...doesn't want to get out of bed.
(She's a real skank....yes....I said it).
...and remember "Forget the words...and you're out"...

Up first - White Chocolate...india
(rapped)...., matt (nice), Kris (good voice) (Justin Williams - a little weak...the weakest of the four). Very Strong start...they all go through.

Austin - bad and cheesy...J.B. pretty good....Shelby sucked ....Julissa....bad
(boys go through...girls go home)...
Alex (weak), Ryan (good), Ann Marie, (Action Squad) Focus on cheesy coregoraphy
Emily (should make it through)......Alex/Ann Marie...step back....They pick the back row which sucked....the front two go home and they were better than the other two....I've said it before...but something is up with the judges this year.

Simons insults..."Succession of whores"....or did he say "horrors"
Danny - finally sounds pretty good...Jamar (very good)....Danny/Jamar really overpower the girls...I didn't even catch their names...Simon calls Danny up and sends him through....thinks he's being clever that they are going to send the other three chance, we've seen that scenaio before.

Jeremy sarver - no....Adam Labert...excellent....Matt Breitke (a little longer..but not much). Andy Lambert is looking very very strong. They all make it through.

The Divas - Katrina, Rose, Lauren, Jasmine (Great voice - she should go through)
Rose was horrible. Lauren forward...Katrina forward...Rose forward...They go home. Jasmine stays...(finally) the judges got it right.

David Osmond...goes home...Austin...gone...
Muna Hiluf - off key, Tatiana ---not very good...and she keeps up her antics...cut her PLEASE!!!!!!they send them through....even though they SUCKED....Tatiana has to go...Can you say FAAAAAReak!.

Nathaniel - good energy and sounded good...Nancy Wilson - C minus....Kristin (actually...not too bad)... Nancy gets cut. Nathaniel and Kristen make it through.

The show is beginning to take shape.
I'm going to say it now - Adam (Andy) Lambert in the top 5.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood

Ok....Scott had the laptop and I wasn't able to start I don't have the names here.

The girl who sang Whitney...she was good...but no Whitney. Why do they choose those songs. The guy who Simon said was distracting my the faces he pulled....was distracting by the faces he pulled.
The next group all goes through...including face pierce boy.

Von Smith, Jorge Nunez, Stephen Fowler -
Stephen Fowler has a good quality to his voice. I like him a lot.
Jorge - another good voice. Not as strong as Stephen
Von Smith - What was that? It was horrible. Simon said - indulgent nonsense.
(I'm wondering...did I like him before?)
The three guys make it through...
Judges say bad song choice is doing people in (Isn't that Idol rule #1)?
Nick Mitchell -aka Norman....made it through as a joke - continues as a joke..problem is...he just isn't that funny. (Did Paula and Randy really say he has skills/talent) did he make it through again? Seriously....what is up
Scott McCentre and Stacey Jordan make it through.
Funny thing...they show them loading into vans at the Renaissance Hotel to the Kodak Theater which is actually only about 200 yards from the theater
Jackie Thon - Smokey voice - better than the rocker chick that was in the top 12 last year. She makes it through.
Danny and Jamar - Jamar (California Dreaming - sounded a little flat). Danny - Kissed by a rose -(not even in the same league as seal)....I don't see Danny making it too much further.
Katrina - Bikini Girl - missed her audition. Sings better than I expected. Randy/Simon liked her...Paula and new judge...not so much...but she makes it through.
Jesus Valenzuela - doesn't make it through...I'm not surprised.
Jeremy Sarver - They like not so much.
David Osmond - he can sing. Ericka Wesley---not really. Emily (sings a song that she didn't rehearse)...sounds like she didn't rehearse. Emily survives...Ericka doesn't.
Alexis grace, Adam Labert...and some others go through...

Tonights show...whirlwind pace...I had a hard time keeping up. At least we get more than I Hollywood night this year.!!!!