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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rubbertoe's top 12 girls

As per usual....the top 12 girls are much more difficult to pick...those that stand out really stand out, but there are a number that just blend the middle.

Lauren Alaina - Shoo in for the top 12. She's my pick to win it all at this point. However, she might end up the Didi of this year (who I picked to win it all at this point last year..and then fizzled once she got into the top 12).

Julie Zorrilla - She's in for sure. She has been the recipient of a great deal of AI pimpage. They aren't about to let her not be in the top 12. She's got a decent voice and is pleasant to look at (which never hurts). I don't think she can win it all, but she's in the top 12.

Naima Adepo - She's unique and stands out. I think she gets in on that alone.

Tatynisa Wilson - She should definitely not be in the top 12. She was horrible in Hollywood week and in the Vegas show. I still cannot understand how she got into the top 24.

Pia Toscano - She's in. Beautiful girl and a good voice.

Rachel Zavita - She's the wildcard of the bunch. Some people love her, others hate her. Is she this years Cinnabon aka Siobhan or whatever he name was from last year?
She's kind of a freak show. I don't like her and don't think she should be in the top 24, let alone the top 12....but America often disagrees.

Thia Megia - Cute girl...young....voice not that strong. She might get in based on AI pimpage, wanting to attract the younger crowd. They are REALLY making a push for that this year (I think they are afraid of losing the support of that demographic...they have really pimped the 15 year old boundary line this year). Ashton Jones - She's out. I don't understand how she got this spot over people like Lakeisha...but I'm certain that absent a stellar performance this week, she's not in the top 12.

Karen Rodriguez - Don't remember much about her, other than I thought that she wasn't that great.

Lauren Turner - Don't remember anything about her other than she's not Lauren Alaina. Not a good sign

Haley Rinehart - The only thing I remember out her is that I didn't like her that much...hmmmmmm

Kendra Chantelle - Pretty girl....weak voice. are Rubbertoe's top 12 girl predictions

1. Lauren Alaina
2. Julie Zorilla
3. Pia Toscano
4. Naima Adepo
5. Thia Megia (based on age pimpage)
6. Kendra Chantelle (based on looks....AI always has to have the one pretty girl in the top 12 that can't sing all that was that country girl from a couple years ago that I think made it all the way to #7? I can't remember her name..something Cook I think.

Rubbertoe's rundown of the top 24 (first, the guys) lets take a look at the top 12 guys and girls and predict the top 12

Brett Lowenstern - This guy has gone as far as he will. He was lucky to make the top 24...his luck will run out.

Casey Adams - I don't love this guy. I see him as another Taylor Hicks. People seem to like him (like they liked Taylor Hicks)...he's an ok musician (like Taylor Hicks)...and I suspect that he will go further in the competition than he should (like Taylor Hicks)...although I don't think he'll win it.

Clint Gamboa - another top 12 guy. He's weird and I don't love the overall package, but he's got the pipes to make it into the top 12.

Jacob Lusk - A shoo-in for the top 12. This guy has incredible range and a beautiful voice.

James Durbin - #4 to go into the top 12. He's no Adam Lambert, personality-wise, voice-wise, stage presence-wise. But he's got one of the better range and better voices in the group and a great story to go with it.

Jordan Dorsey - Cute guy...but lacks the voice. He makes it into the top 12 only if he gets there on looks....or does something incredible in the next performance.

Jovany Barretto - Goner. Second weakest of the top 24. He thinks he's so much hotter and better than he is....and lets face it....he isn't.

Paul MacDonald - I can't imagine that he is going to make the top 12, but he's one of those wildcards that you just can't judge. To me, he sounds like Kermit the frog and his performance style verges on the spastic. People either love him or hate him. I don't think he'll make it

Robbie Rosen - He's another cusper. He has a weird mouth..but a good voice. I'm going to say he is in, but it depends on his performance.

Stefano Langone - He may not have the best overall voice, but he has the package. He's got the boyband good looks and a nice stage presence. I think he is in the top 12

Tim Halperin - Suffers from the lack of AI pimping. Honestly, I recognize the guy, but can't remember much about him. He'll need a knockout punch to get into the top 12.

Scotty McCreery- Lock the doors and turn the lights OUT. This guy shouldn't be in the top 24. I can't believe they picked him and left other's out. The guy is a freak show novelty act. I swear to GOD, if he sings "Turn the lights down low" this week...I'm going to leap through the TV and personally kick him off the stage.

So....Rubbertoe's guy picks for the top 12
1. Jacob Lusk
2. Stefano Langone
3. James Durbin
4. Casey Adams
5. Clint Gamboa
6. Robbie Rosen
or Paul MacDonald

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joe's Place Top 24 Guys Song SPOILERS!!!

Hey Lil Tasters,

if you want a preview of what the boys will be singing next week, click on the link above to go to Joe's Place blog, where he's spoiling next week's song lineup. Some interesting choices!
Looks like James Durbin is going to tear the roof off the sucka,

and Jacob Lusk is going for the jugular by whipping some Luther
on the competition. (if you guys didn't know, those Krispy Kreme burgers are now called "Luthers" LOL!

Should be a good show.

-- K

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karen Rodriguez - I like her smooth voice. I really like her. More than I remember liking her. She makes it into the top 24.

Robbie Rosen - I'm certain that he is through. I would be shocked if he isn't. I didn't love his final audition song though. Too Whiney!!! He;s in!!!

Tatinisa - Don't love her....I don't she should have even made it this far. I cannot understand for the life of me why they put her through. Completely undeserved.

Out - Brittany, Jimmy Allen....

Tim Halperin - I really like this guy. Especially that duet he did. Final audition was not great though. He's in...I think.....yup!

Julie Zorilla - I guarantee she's in. AI has been pimping her from day 1. She's good though...she deserves top 24. (How do you sit down in those short dresses?)

Scotty - he has a good voice on the one song that he sings...he doesn't have the voice to be in the top 24. I'm sure he's in though too...AI has been pimping him from the beginning as well. He's in

John Wayne Schulz is out....I thought he was better than Scotty

Jovanny - He is out...I'm certain. But his final audition is good. He sounds better than he has ever before in the show. Now I'm not so sure he is out...He's too into himself though. He lives to see another day.

Lauren Turner - I'm not sure that she has enough depth to her voice. She's borderline top 24. The maid made it.

Tywon Strong and Erin Kelly are both out.

Rachel - from season 6. I hate her is not flattering on her. She reminds me of that woman from last year that wore all the funky clothes. She's ok...probably enough for the top 24 but I don't see top 12 for her. She's in.

Kendra Chantelle - Not good enough. Pretty girl but voice is not there. She's in...these judges are too predictable.

Jordan Dorsey - Cute guy..and he's good, but he was weak in Vegas and there are better singers out there. He'll make it through. Final audition, I didn't love.
but he's in.

They keep showing the chair falling if it was thrown in rage....sometimes AI is tooooo predictable. Its obvious that it just fell when someone leaped up....

Lauren Alaina- She's in...for sure...I think this is the one that AI WANTS to win it all this year....and she's good. She's in. I still can't believe she is 16.

Stefano - I loved him at the Audition and in Vegas. Final audition - he's in for sure. The guy has a great voice. He's in the top 24.

Jackie Wilson - Don't love her...she's out. Girl has an didn't deserve it...think that you did, but you didn't

Jacob is ABSOLUTELY In...not just the 24 for the top 12.

Pia Toscano - She's in. I would say top 12 as well.

James Durbin- He's another one who is a shoo-in here. He is really really good.
He's another top 12'er.

Casey Abrahms - This guy bugs me. He's got a good voice, but he's another Taylor Hicks. They'll send him through...and there goes the chair.

Last Girl - Thia v. Jessica. I would say Thia. Jessica knows she is going home.

Last Guy - Jacee v. Brett v. Colton. 2 will go through. This isn't fair...I don't like leaving 1 of 3. I would send through Colton and Brett...but it could be Colton and Jacee.

Brett goes through. I thought that there were two slots. Colton should have made it through.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Idol Green Mile in the LBC!!!

If you watched Idol Wednesday, the editing (with shots of the LA Convention Center) might make you think the "hangar" segments were filmed somewhere in Hollywood. It was actually at the Long Beach airport! Dr. L & I found out too late to drive over there, but we were actually watching last Thursday's ep when we found out Idol was filming just a few minutes away. You can even see the old Douglas factory sign when Chris Medina climbs into the Van of Shame:

that is a familiar sight to anyone flying into the LBC.
We'll keep you posted if we hear of any more Idol sightings.
-- K

What happens in Vegas...may not make it back to Hollywood

BTW.. DR L/ love love the Vegas logo!!!!

OK...time to blog about the show:

Las Vegas week...a new addition to the show.
Stefano and James Durbin - They both sound good.....James Durbin is to the better of the two.
Karen Rodriguez and Pia both went to the NY school for the performing arts. I like Pia a lot. Karen is good too, but Pia is the better of the two.
Jacob, Haley and Naima. Jacob is told not to oversing all the time. Jacob is awesome, but does oversing..the other two I didn't love that much. Randy tells Jacob not to hold back...seems like conflicting advice.

Rachel- not good enough.
Lauren - Good voice. The guido guy is weak though
Tim Halperin - very good
Julie Zorilla - I like her too.

Lakeisha - love this Diva, Jerome - he's got good style. Tatynisa - good,but the other two are better.

Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle - I'm not loving Kendra. I don't like Paul at all. The judges loved it...they had nice chemistry, but I disagree with the judges here.

Junebug sounds good even though he kinda bugs me.

Ashley Sullivan - Getting married in Vegas. At least she will leave Vegas with a husband..I don't see her going further. Sophia - is waaaay weak. Ashley was better but neither was great.

Melinda ademi and Thia Megia. I like Megia...Melinda not so much

Denise I like a lot, Scotty needs to go, Lauren was good too.

Casey Abrams, Chris Medina....Chris needs to go home...Casey is a pretty good singer, but I don't love the package.

Aaron, Robbie and Jordan. Aaron is the best...Robbie is good too. Jordan was WEAK....

On to the top 40..

Lauren....are all through. Scotty and Jordan should not be there. The rest I agree with.

Caleb and Carson cut...I'm surprized about Caleb.
Also cut, Denise, Melinda and Ashley. Denise should not have been cut. I agree that Melinda and Ashley deserved the cut.

I wish that they would have revealed all forty...they only told us about 6 of the 40.

Top 24...first up...

Naima - I like her, but I would have to say no to the top 24. She looks beautiful though so does JLo...She's through.
Holly - I'm surprized that she even made it this far. She's not top 24 material...Randy and Steven agree, she's not through.
Lakeisha out, Alex ryan out,
Jun Gamboa - he should be in the top 24 - and he is.

Haley Rhinehart - I would say no. Judges say yes.

Deandre - Cute kid. I like him..I would say yes. He's unique. Judges disagree and send him home.

Paul - A big no from me. He sounds like a muppet....and the Judges put him through.

Ashton - A big yes from me. A big yes from the judges

Chris Medina - He should not go through...but I suspect that the judges are going to put him through on AI theatrics. His final audition ices the cake that he shouldn't go through. He didn't make it through. AI made the right decision this time.

Tomorrow night....the remaining finalists!

'American Idol' Finalist Hospitalized

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

'American Idol' Finalist Hospitalized

Did you guys see this story? Upright Bass Guy might get booted because of illness, which would suck.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreams Crushed? Check! It's Hollywood Week Again!

If you click on the link above there's an interesting article from MSNBC/TODAY about the Hollywood eliminations, this week and last. The numbers caught my eye: 327 hopefuls made it H'wood this year, FAR eclipsing the previous record of 234 in Season Two, and dwarfing last year's 181.

So, while Tyler, JLo and Dawg seem to be a little sweeter than Cowell & Co. in years past, there's actually a slaughter going on right in front of us. And it ain't over -- ultimately after Hollywood (and Vegas? Rumors...) there will actually be only Twenty slots instead of Twenty-Four, so this will be a lean little group of cattle by the time the voting begins.
Can't wait to see who survives, and who cracks under the PRESSURE!!!
-- K

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hollywood Week - Season 10

This is always one of my favorite parts of the show:

Lines of 10 - singing individually acapella...sudden death

First up - Brett Lowenstern - the red head. He should probably get past this round.
He makes it through

Rachel Zevita is through...I don't love her
Thia Megia - I don't love her either
Casey Abrams - He's pretty good..but not top 12

Victoria Huggins - She's got a good voice..but her personality is a little overbearing...I'm starting to REALLY dislike her. Its over for her...she looks completely shocked. She brought 11 bags? I'm glad she went home. Overconfidence is not flattering,

James Durbin - He through. He's got a really good voice...
Paris Tassin - Good enough to go on...and maybe top 12...couldn't quite hit the high note like Celine
Stormy - shes bad...she shouldn't go through
Lauren Alaina - Was better in her audition than she is tonight...but she'll make it through.
Judges got it right....Stormy goes home.

Chris Medina- The guy with the quadripeligic girlfriend - He's bad tonight
but he makes it through....I'm not sure how.

Holly Cavanguh...the girl they shouldn't have put through
Jacee - The Chicken little of the group
Robbie Rosen
Jacee, he has a got voice. Robbie- good enough to go through, but I don't see top 12 here. Hollie - is better here than she was in her audition. She should go on too.
All three make it.

Steve Beghun - I don't love him...and he doesn't go through
Belly Dancer goes home too...

Next up - Rob and Chelsey the ex-couple: Rob shouldn't make it through. Chelsee should. But no top 12 for either. They both go through.

Nick and Jacquelyn - The loving happy couple. Nick shouldn't go through...he's a one song voice. Jacquelyn is better, but neither should go through.
The judges got it right, Nick goes home. He needs to shut lost guy...give it up. I'm actually now GLAD that he didn't make it. Bad attitude Nick...sore loser.

Scotty Mcreery - Sings the same exact song. Can he sing anything else? He was better at the audition.
Jackie Wilson - Also sings the same song
Jerome Bell - Same song.
Makes me think that none of them can really sing.
They all go through to live to see another day..but they are going to have to sing something different.

Tiffany - "star" girl. Very arrogant and cocky. Hate the glitter in the hair. She's not good tonight.
Up favorite - Travis Orlando - He's not good tonight. I think the nerves got to him.
Tiffany goes through...serious? serious? Travis goes home....I'm sad. early favorite is out...but that's American Idol!!!!

Rumored format changes


Confirmed Changes: These Are Definitely Going Down
1. Adjust your DVRs. The show will no longer air on Tuesday nights. The weekly performance show will move to Wednesday nights. The AI results show will air on Thursday nights.
2. They're the ones making all the headlines, but Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler aren't the only new cast-members in the mix. The show has hired Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine, an in-house mentor who will help to mold the contestants throughout Season 10.
3. Top music producers will also drop by to work with the Idol contestants during Season 10. Timbaland has already been recruited.
4. American Idol will no longer be just about singing. Along with proving their vocals, contestants will be challenged to make music videos, promote themselves, and participate in other contests never before seen on Idol. (If they start selling their CDs on Hollywood Boulevard, we'll might as well change the channel to The Apprentice.)
5. Theme weeks will be decided by decade. "We are no longer going to get the country singer to sing rock, or the rock singer to sing country," executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said at a press conference. Now there's a change we’re excited about.
6. The minimum age is now 15, and the singers will live together in a house.
7. And last but not least, no more top 24! "I didn't think [the top 24] were very good, I was bored with them by the time they got there," Nigel told The show didn't confirm how many final contestants would be chosen — or how and when they would be selected, but there's been some speculation.

Unconfirmed Spoilers and Rumors
1. reports, based on anonymous tips, that 242 competitors will advance to the Hollywood round, which has been expanded to six episodes. The episodes will focus on 40 to 50 singers so that viewers can get to know the contestants from an early stage.
2. Here's the big one: After the Hollywood round, the home audience will reportedly select the top 12 by voting online.
3. The judges and Jimmy Iovine won't be completely left out of the selection process, though. They will supposedly select three wild cards, bringing the number of finalists to 15 before the live shows begin.

We'll keep you posted on all of the American Idol changes as they are announced. What do you think of the direction the show is going in so far? Sound off in the comments below!

I also just saw the "rumored" list of the Top 40...and I hate to say it...but my favorite isn't there 8-(

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rubbertoe's favorite from Auditions from all the auditions....I am going to say that my favorite so far is:


Who are your favorites?

Idol does Frisco

Last night of auditions (thank you)....and its Frisco.

Up first - Inessa Lee (from the Ukraine)...she shouldn't go through. Cute personality..and she's from Tujunga (near me)...Its a no. Great attitude though..

Brittany Mazur - Decent..but not sure
Matthew Nuss - Ok..but not good enough to go far

Stefano Langone - got in an accident and almost died. Cute guy...but can he sing?
excellent voice. He does some weird proununciations and a little nasaly, but he's got the musicality to go ar. He could be a top 12'er.

Clint "junebug" Gamboa- Kareoke guy...better than a Kareoke singer...but not top 12 material.

Loved the Transfromer guy...he actually had a decent voice.

Julie Zorrilla - Beautiful girl from Columbia ...good enough to go on, but won't make it further than that. "Best birthday present ever".

Dave Combs - He shouldn't go through....and he doesn't.

Emily Ann Reed - House burned down. We've heard this voice from several years past performers. Its unique but it doesn't travel far. I doubt she will travel much beyond Hollywood.

James Durbin - Lost his dad to a drug overdose. Diagnosed with Terrets and Ausbergers. Great voice. Kinda reminds me a little of Adam Lambert. I think this guy has a good chance to make the top 12....if he can keep it together.

Finally the auditions are over....bring on Hollywood week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

LA Auditions 2Nite

Idol is getting close to home now! We want to post more about the Idol hopefuls who we've seen (and those who have slipped by - but we know they're Top 40 material!) but we've been too busy to do much more than watch.
For now we'll just have to say we are pumped Idol is getting close to the City of Angels!

We're going to try and get a seat inside this year - Rubbertoe, are you in? Let's meet up one of these weeks!