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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oklahoma's OK

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain... Last auditions before Hollywood? Seems like auditions were shorter this year? Maybe I'm wrong but I'm not complaining...I'm always glad when the auditions are over and we can get on with the competition. Carl Skinner - Looks like the stereotypical Midwest boy...he's actually better than I expected, but I'd be shocked if they put him through...but they have put through worse....surprisingly they put him through. Nate Tao - Deaf parents....ASL teacher. Cute guy...I like his personality and his spirit...and he can sing too. I like him, but am not sure how far he can go. Next up Oscar and Halley - They are confused by the puppet...what? She could definitely sing and was as good or better than some of the fools they put through...and her solo performance showed it as well. Randy was going to say no? Really Randy...Really? Zonette Johnson - If she wasn't a complete freak...she actually probably could sing, but she was so gimmicky and all over the place and ridiculous that you couldn't really take her serious. I'd be afraid of her in Hollywood...but she goes through. It will be interesting to see if she is more serious in Hollywood. Anastasia Freeman - I knew from the first second she was going to be bad. I kinda like the bad ones that are serious...but the ones like this that are just staged are just irritating. Cayden - 16 years old? Really....he looks 11, because he has cystic fibrosis. Life expectancy 35. Wow. I hate to be cold...but he can't really sing, but they are going to put him through...and I'm glad. Give him a chance and an experience for his short life.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two Queens and a Glee project star

First up Vincent - Another one from last year. I don't remember him, but I do remember Randy sucking his soda during the Hollywood Audition. He has a great voice. Great runs and musicality. Then...the two brother who just couldn't understand that they weren't really good. When they show this type of thing, I always wonder if it is real or staged. These guys seem serious though so hmmmmmmm who knows Savanannah - typical AI single young mother story. Been there, um....about 100 times before. She has a super raspy voice. Of course she makes it through to Hollywood. I don't see her going much beyond that though. Ok...So my new computer just erased half of what I posted....this is REALLY beginning to irritate me. There was some singer...can't remember her name...but I didn't think she was that great...and then there was the Arkansas Razorback husband who was so oblivious to their comments.(she is so ready to be away from her husband for months on end.....) Victoria Acosta - Mariachi singer. I think she has a lot of potential. I like the fact that she brings a little mexican ethnicity to what is often a rather bland idol. I want to see her make it into the top 12 and I think that she could. Not sure what she was thinking with the audition outfit though. Super short shorts. Pappa Peaches - A big black woman trapped in a little white boys body. He's doing "FABULOUS". He's just too freaky. Nikki really likes him, Randy puts him through to Hollywood. I can't believe it. This is like that Norman guy from a couple years ago. He isn't going to last long in Hollywood. Didn't catch his name....Mom from Tanzania, dad from Kenya...speaks Swaheli...Both he and his brother come across to me as fairly butch lesbians, even though they are both boys...kinda interesting. He sings and dances with his church group. Good enough for Hollywood, but unless he gets a big church vote like so many AI's do...he isn't going to last long... Adam Sanders - OMG this guy is a SUPER QUEEN. He CAN sing though. So theatrical though. Incredible power and range though. Surprised the entire panel. From one Queen to another...second half moves to Long Beach and the Queen Mary.... Shuba Vidula - Love that name!!!! Wow...where did that voice come from? She sings so differently than she talks. Mariah arrives...and she is literally busting out of her dress...beautiful dress though.... Brian Martinez - Singing in the restroom and a producer heard him...he is so nervous he is making me nervous. Take a breath expected...he is horrible. Matt Farmer - Cute guy with his daughter. Served in Iraq..hit an IED and has diagnosed with a traumatic brain disorder that was supposed to make him sterile. Brings his daughter on stage. Sorry, don't wanna be cold but that just doesn't seem fair. Seems a little manipulative...especially with the tattoo of his fallen friends. Good enough for Hollywood, not sure that he has what it takes to go far, but this is the type of guy who might get through on his story. Stephanie Sanson - Purple hair girl. Ok....screaming freak...ok that was just stupid. Jesiah Baer - Sets the fire alarms off. Shes got one of those gimmicky retro voices that we hear every year. Not going to go far. Mikka Johnson - Had tonsils taken out and Doctor left him with a speech impediment - Wow...he can SING. What is it about speech impediments that people can sing...but they have trouble talking? I'm going to have to ask my Speech Therapist friend. Beautiful....Beautiful. Mariah said it best....moved by story but even absent the story would have been moved by the voice. Kimberly Rachel Hale - Good enough for Hollywood but I don't see anything special here.....except she is the happiest contestant ever.... Brianna Oakley - Bullied severely for being on Maury's most talented kids. She's 16 but looks 26. She can definitely sing. However, she was eating something yellow green and every time she opens her mouth wide you can see it on her tongue....lesson to be learned...if auditioning don't eat before your audition...but this girl has potential. Mattheus - This is the guy from the Glee project. I knew it when I saw him last week in the preview. I LOVED him on the Glee project. He's a cutie. He'll make it through to Hollywood. I know this even before he opens his mouth. I'm amazed that he is this emotional because he went far in the Glee project so this isn't the first time he's been given and gone far with a chance.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge.... First up...Megan Miller - is going to Hollywood...but first going to surgery. Good strong contender. Next up..Charlie. First WGWG.....but no guitar on stage. Suffers from something like Aspergers....he's more than a bit strange. My guess is that they are going to put him through....I wouldn't, but I think they will. Randy says seeming dark and strange but cool. Nikki says Mystery man. He's on to Hollywood. His sister has clown hair. Strange family. Maddie Asael - Nominated by her grandmother, who is decked out in Mardi Gras garb. She can sing,but uses too much "gadgetry" in her singing, which is going to get out really really fast. She is going to have to recognize that she needs to control her style more and not throw in the kitchen sink if she is going to get past Hollywood. Paul Jolley - Sings better than I expected. Got a little too much of the WeHo going on for AI, so I don't anticipate he'll make it far. But we shall see.... Mushroom - I loved Keith's comment "I loved the keys that song was in". He has a girlfriend? More like a "Girlfriend". Calvin Peters- Resident physician. Cute Cute smile. Not the best voice in the world, but good enough for round 1 and I would have put him through based on looks and charisma alone. Michelle Monterzerri - Breanna Starr - Brandy Hotard....all through to Hollywood. Next up...Fireman Dustin - Kind of a strange country voice. Hunky guy, but he'll be gone quick. Bernelle - Lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. He was awesomely animated and I loved watching him. I want to see more from this guy. Cute Smile and Cute spirit from this guy. Nikki said it all "While everyone else auditioned, you entertained us".

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte...

Sorry we have not posted our diatribes about the latest Idol auditions, Dr. L & I have a bit of a family emergency we are attending to -- but we recorded the eps, and will post ASAP when we get back!

-- K

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dun Dun In Charlotte

Charlotte after 1/2 way through...I hit something on my computer and complete deleted my entire blog. I can't really recreate it...only to say that I am not loving the forced Diva Drama. I think is is soooooo unbecoming of AI. I think they are over exploiting the mentally ill tonight. I completely did not "get" the Isabelle girl from the High School that Randy surprised. I thought her voice was weird and would never have put her through. I'm afraid she might be the "I don't get her" contestant of 2013. I loved the "I did the country thing girl". I completely agreed with Nikki. I though she was absolutely 100% right on with her comments regarding the other judges. Blondie.....looks like a complete train wreck...but she is the surprise of the night. Sings Carrie Underwood. Oh...and I just remembered...I really like the Jimmy Smith guy. I think he is going to be around for a while. LOVED the collage of Nikkis nicknames. I thought it was fun. Janelle Arthur - I LOVE this girl. Cute and a great voice. I wanna see what AI does with this girl in the top 12....because I'll say it now. She's a shoo-in for the top 12. Rodney Barber - Street Singer - Voice of Charlotte. Takes 1/2 of his street profits and gives it to homeless....he was homeless once himself. Good voice. Good for Hollywood, but I think not much beyond that. Candace Glover - Got cut in Hollywood last year. I don't really remember her. She definitely has the pipes. Randy gives her a standing O. Mariah and Randy both say absolute best so far. Nikki says she should make it to the final. JaBria Barber - the Frog Killer. Great soulful voice with an attitude. I LOVE this girl. Seritha Guin - Very unique voice....I like her because she's interesting and a little bit different.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Divas, Dawg, & Dude from Down Under Do Chi-Town

Premiere part Two, Chicago. 

I like how they toss around Jennifer Hudson's name like she WON Idol LOL.
Nikki looks even more ridiculous -- how will she keep this up in the weeks ahead? I guess she'll be nude, on fire, or both.

The opening -- continuing the theme of ridiculing the delusional. 

Mackenzie from Tennessee -- sweet voice, pretty girl. Makes the inclusion of Ms. Minaj even more absurd here -- what world does her "talent" match up to this girl's natural ability? Something else to think about -- Dr. L wondered if this girl was a plant.

OMG -- Kiara from Chicago continues the in-your-face lovefest for Mariah!!! I love it! Nikki has to be seething inside. This girl can sing, and has a nice stage presence. 

Stephanie -- nervous but had a pretty, breathy voice. Good lord, the crazy comments from NM. I'm sick of this psycho already. The season has barely begun!

Shiny Massage Therapist -- Dr. L wonders if the contestants have to sign a waiver that says you may potentially be humiliated. I'm sure they do -- but they don't read it. One of these days, I fear one of these savaged folks is going to go postal.

Nigel alert! First time we've seen at these? Dr. L said he's really a puppet master :)

Gabe the Baker/Rocker -- could have gone the other way. The shrieky rocking actually had a good voice behind it. I wonder how he will fare In Hollywood?

Kevin the spaz animator. Wow, the cavalcade of the delusional has begun. It really seems like Idol is shooting for the lowest common denominator Idol viewer this season. I'd like to hear the good singers, not watch the (obviously planted) bad singers crash and burn. 

Isabelle -- this is what I'm talking about. Nice, can sing and is a pleasant person. She could be a contender. OMG 15!!! They have to love that. But --Why would Randy say no to a girl who can actual sing? wtf.

Lucky Keith gets to skip town. He will be missed the rest of the day...

Griffin -- eye candy -- and an Aiiight voice. He gets the pass because the ladies like him. I thinks some guys will too!…

Curtis -- charter school tutor. Seems like a nice guy. One of those "hope he can sing" intros, because he's so nice. Wow, he took them to Church! Good for him. 

Mariah -- recovering from anorexia. A sad story, but damn Idol, how they love to pimp the pain. She's though to Hollywood -- Dr. L said Nigel's back there pushing stories like this. I wonder how these fragile people will handle Hollywood.

Day Two --

Sob story Brandy from KY. She didn't need it -- she can really sing. We think she can go far. Is it me or have we NOT seen a White Guy With Guitar yet?  Maybe this is the year to break the cycle.

Josh from TX -- Singing Brian McKnight. I liked it up to the falsetto. And his hair looked like a raccoon. But he's through anyway -- we didn't get it.

Courtney -- Nice voice, boring performer. Knock on Wood guy is the opposite. They both go thru.

Clifton -- parents never heard him before. Could have been the setup for a train wreck. But he was good. Nice to see Keith tear up for the family angle. It's almost like KU is too nice for this insanity. 

Iesha -- when she said she was a professional dancer I think it's clear that meant -- stripper. Wow -- that was painful singing. I like how Randy has done this so long he's just brutally honest. 

Hey -- Hunky Johnny Keyser from last year! This was not the best song choice. I remember him sounding better than this. But they seem to like him. My memory is Hollywood killed him. If J was here he'd remember. Dr. L wondered, do THEY come back or does Idol go GET them?

Kez Ban -- she's a freak, but the kind of freak whose CD I would probably buy and love. I hope this gives her the attention she needs to get a break. She'll never go far on Idol, but I liked her sound a lot. I love that she was so self-aware of her strangeness.

Another stupid montage of bad singers. Then they fake us out with the twin Ashley. I thought they were setting us up for good singing -- but hell no. Holy crap, they had to kick her out. 

AAANnnd -- the incredible Idol moment. Hey, have you seen Hunger Games? I feel like Idol has become that. It's not enough that you can sing, you have to have a flaming dress, and some incredible sob story, that you can pander for votes with? This guy is a stutterer, with an angelic voice. But we all know he'll get ripped to shreds down the line. 

Next stop -- Charlotte! And NM has another meltdown. Sigh.
Can't wait to hear what RT thought of Chi Town!

Dr. L & K out :)

A talent showdone in Chi-Town

Night 2 starts off with a really stupid skit. I don't know what they were thinking there....Lame attempt at humor. AI is in of my most favorite cities in America. McKenzie Wasner - cute girl. Pretty voice. Kinda sounds a little like a young Dolly Parton. I think she is a great possibility for a top 12. The judges agree! Kierra Lanier- Sang for President Obama. She looks like a giant next to Ryan. I don't think that she is all that. I don't know how she got picked to sing for the President. I wouldn't even put her through to Hollywood...but the judges seem to disagree with me on this one. Stephanie Schmiel - We get our first "Throwback" singer...we get one of these every year and they never go too far. I agreed with Nikki on this one. They put her through. .....and then we get more Diva Drama. Boooooorrrrrring. Melissa Bush - This is going to be bad. You can tell by the pink costume and she seems slightly mentally ill. Yep.... Gsbe Brown - Baker from Iowa. He's a screamer...but surprisingly screams with at least some musicality....but when he turns it down, it definitely shows his weaknesses. They surprisingly put him through...but we won't last past the first round in Hollywood. Kevin - Ninja Rap....another freak show....and a collage of broken hearts, which at least showed a little heart. Isabell Parell - Voice is too wispy and weak....and he outfit is hideous. She's a trainwreck. Nikki told her she is like a star...what? All the judges liked her, except Randy. Randy is the only one who got this one right. She won't last past Hollywood round 1. Griffin Peterson - HELLO....I would put him through before a note came out of his mouth. He isn't much of a singer. He has some musicality to his voice, but it was weak. With Keith gone to do a concert in Vegas....the chicks put him through. Curtis Finch Jr. - He has a good gospel voice, but I don't think he has what it takes for AI, but he's a shoo-in for Hollywood. Mariah Pulce..... anorexia recoverer.... decent voice but not likely to go far. She sings with a lot of feeling, but the she doesn't have the package. Brandy Neely - Backgrownd story...adopted by her aunt. very strong and powerful country voice. I like her a lot. Gotta little bit of a raspy undertone to it. Josh Holiday - Good voice, but nothing special. Good enough though Courtney Williams - Good..but not likely to go far Clifton Duffin - Neut he isn't going to ever sang for his parents. Decent but not strong enough to make it far in Hollywood. Johnny Keiser back from season 11 - I remember him being better than this. Good enough for Hollywood...but I'm curious to look back and see what I thought of him last year. Kesban - Fire performer. - She can actually singing.....unique performer for sure. Not AI material, but talented. In a squirrel nut zippers kinda way. I would say yes. Is it me....or has Ryan been hitting the gym....seriously. He's look kinda Buff. Ashley - whenever people say "my voice is like something people haven't heard before" it usually means it is going to be really bad. and it once again proves to be true. Lazaro from Cuba. Really cute guy. Serious stuttering. Pretty good singer...but I'm not sure that he is good enough to go very far. I wanted him to be a little bit better than he was. I love the story and he's obviously had such a hard time in life. I was happy to see him make it through.

Letter to AI producers

Dear American Idol Producers: I am writing this letter to say, PLEASE cool it with the manufactured drama. We don't tune into AI to watch fake diva fights between the judges. We tune in because we LOVE the REAL drama that is always created by the show. We tune in to watch the REAL zero to hero journeys of the contestants. We tune in for the talent, not the "stars". If you haven't learned this after 12 seasons, then I'm afraid that all of your efforts to keep the show "fresh" and to keep viewers from dropping off are in vain. Stick with the unscripted talent and leave the manufactured stuff out of it. There are plenty of other X-Factors out there for those who want that type of stuff. But please leave American Idol to us fans. Sincerely, Rubbertoe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Back.....

So, Season 12. AI starts in perfect AI fashion. I always look forward to the season opening montage. This is what we have been waiting for for the last 7 months. I loved the Phil Phillips audition to star story...although I was remind why I didn't like Philllip very much last year. We we finally get to the auditions one thing becomes Crystal clear. They are trying waaaaaaaaaay too hard to play up this Mariah/Nikki diva drama. It was so obviously stages....and yet, it continues after the commercial break. I hope to God that they don't continue this all season long. Staged drama is just not attractive and it doesn't sell with most of us. Tenna Torres - Good enough for Hollywood, but a little too much fluff without substance. Some of the runs were good, others were not and it lacked depth for me. Shane Spade or was it James? - America wants a character. Justin Bieber meets William Hung. I knew this was going to be bade when we was wearing Real 3D glasses. Christina Isabelle - Struggled with weight. This girl has some serious pipes. Definitely heading to Hollywood and probably quite a bit further. Evan - one legged tape Dancer, diagnosed with cancer. First Cancer story of season 12. Had to have his leg amputated. Weird choice of audition song...I'm yours. I would have said no based strictly on voice...much better with Bon Jovi. Good enough for Hollywood with Bon Jovi dead or alive...but couldn't get past the first impression. Jessica Kartalis - Better singer than guitar player. They should have let her sing another song. THEY are the ones who pushed her to play an original on guitar. I think she might have been ok, but they never gave her the chance. Shirah Gavrio;ov - From Isreal. I really like her voice. Very nice tone to her voice. She's through to Hollywood. Frankie Ford from Brooklyn New York. Sings on the train to make money. Sweet Dreams...sounded awesome to me. My favorite of the night so far. Mariah says he has an inner glow that can't be reproduced because it is so honest. I agree. Frankie Goes to Hollywood.....I love it. We get a Michael Jackson clown. Rosanna - sings for her parents, but not usually for other people. Now we know why. Knew it was going to be bad strictly by the parents. Sad thing is, with people like this, is that they are not obviously clowns...they really think that they can sing well. Next up...Jersey Girl - Sarah Restuccio - Decent voice. Don't know if it is good enough to go far. But good enough at this stage. Albert Chang - Phantom of the opera....better range than Mariah....according to Nikki. This time Mariah looks honestly a bit peeved. Angela Miller - Hearing loss girl. She is really good. One of the better singers tonight. Brent Home - Knows more about America Idol than anyone in America. Has auditioned 7 times... Maybe 8 is the charm? Maybe not. The Turbinator - Gurprit Sareen - He has a pretty good voice. Better than a lot, they put him through barely. but he isn't going to last very long. Ashley Feliciano - Family adopts medically complex children. Wow...great story. I like her...I really like her. Nice quality to her voice. Nice balance of tone, range and power. I was skeptical at the beginning of tonight....but tonight was AI at its best. I have great expectation for season 12.

Season Twelve is off (its rocker) with a bang

Random notes from Premiere Part One:

Of course, they play up the catfights between Mariah and Nikki. It's having the opposite effect on me -- this shit is getting old fast.
Keith seems like this year's nice guy, the rock in the insanity.
The Dawg, as usual, is almost a non-entity.

Dr. L said, only Nikki M. can wear that shade of lipstick, what a shame.

Seems like last year, maybe last two years they didn't show as many freaky failures? Well, they're back now. 

Christina from GA seems like a contender for the "pipes" that get knocked out way too early. It's got to kill Nikki that everyone worships Mimi.

Annnnd -- the sob stories begin. Cancer Boy gets the extensive backstory. Meanwhile, outside Ryan says he's been tired for ten years -- must be exhausting buying yachts. Wow -- they said no -- cold-hearted bastards.

WTF -- Dawg is on the Staten Island Ferry to punk some girl? What kind of lame stunt is this? Then they ambush her to play guitar, and she's off-key. It's a special kind of torture -- this is like some of those high-school nightmares where you find yourself on stage naked. Idol is off to a twisted start.

And now -- the WTF love-fest for the Israeli girl. Idol does this every year -- they gush over somebody that sounded meh on TV. These are the ones that make me wonder, did they sound better during the REAL judging, with the producers, before the "audition" on-camera? 'Cause it didn't really happen here.

Frankie from Brooklyn -- 2nd sob story. He's so likable -- I really want him to sing well. He has a shaky start -- and pulls it out big time. If he holds it together through the cauldron of Hollywood Week, he could go far. 

Day 2 -- seems to be full of Nos. But isn't that the way? They set it up so that the end of the day has some SPECTACULAR singer. Let's see if my theory holds up…

Sarah the Jersey country girl -- is she an OMG 17 contender? Idol has to have them. She's cute and she can sing.

BTW I love how Mariah rocked the mega-boob look Day One, and then Nikki came in Day Two to compete -- and Mariah covered the puppies up. Funny.

Holy shit, now we have a montage of crappy singers and Nikki's British accent. 

Wow, Deaf Girl can really sing. Mariah actually said "cool beans" -- her stock just rose in my book.

Sleepy Idol Trivia Guy -- Dr. L said, one year they should just let a whole batch of these crappy guys go to Hollywood and battle it out. How cruel is it to show him fantasizing that he made it? Idol is really bizarre this year.

Turbinator -- nice guy with a Lite Jazz voice. No way in hell he goes past Hollywood, but should be fuel for some more mildly racist Muslim humor.

Ashley -- great backstory. What a sweet family. I hope she can sing! Of course she can -- is she the last of Day Two? Hell yeah! 

HA! Made it through the first ep. More insanity to come. We saw a couple of the Final 24, maybe? Let us know what you think.

Dr. L & K

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dr. L & K checking in!!!

Hey RT!

This should be a so-bad-it's great drama-filled Idol season!

J, are you out there? Earth to J!!!

BTW, has anybody read this book:

It's supposed to be the dirt on the Scotty McCreepy season. I would love to
hear if anybody has checked it out.

Dr. L and K reporting for duty!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 check in

15 days away.....checking in.....hopefully more than just Dr L and K and I this year....!!!!!!