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Monday, December 22, 2008

Season 8 is approaching

Are you all ready?

Been seeing the previews and I am soooooo ready for the season to start. BTW....I have David Cook's CD...its good, I wouldn't say great. Certainly no Daughtrey. Still waiting to get Little David's, although I do love "crush".

Anyway...just checkin in....are you guys out there?

You can also hit me up on facebook. I'm new to this thing...but people at my work talked me into setting up a page....

Peace and Happy Holidays to all....

Monday, November 24, 2008

A more painful night?

I cannot imagine a more painful experience. I don't know who would be worse....but I would have to say definitely......Phil.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blake Lewis Rips Idol A New One

The Daily News out of Philadelphia has written a story about American Idol VI runner up, Blake Lewis. Blake was performing a show in the city of brotherly love to promote his album, "Audio DayDream". What resulted was a very frank, slightly tell-sort of all, interview about his American Idol experience. Lewis sounds off about his treatment by the show, the executives, and Sanjya Malakar. Take some time to read this one folks, it's a humdinger of an interview. Click the link to check it out.

David Cook "Sizzles"

Entertainment Weekly has listed David Cook's debut single, "Light On" as one of the songs that "sizzles" for the fall. Although they did not list an official review of the song, I think being one of the songs that sizzles for the fall is quite a hefty recommendation. Below is the youtube clip of the song, click it to check it out for yourself.

New York Starting A War of Words With J-Hud

Reality TV World is reporting that Tiffany Pollard, aka Ms. New York, from the VH1 reality series, "I Love New York" and "New York Goes to Hollywood" is lashing out with American Idol alum and academy award winner, Jennifer Hudson. It seems that J-Hud is not engaged to David Otunga . . . who just happened to be one of the finalists for Ms. New York's heart on "I Love New York 2". . . . he was referred to as "Punk". La Hudson and Punk have been dating for less than one year, but a few weeks back, they announced their engagement. It seems that Ms. New York is none to happy with "Punk", and think he is just trying to be "Mr. Jennifer Hudson" and that he will just play "Al Reynolds to her Starr Jones". Click the link to read the rest of the article.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Clay Aiken Is Gay!

So, in news that is a little bit, well, not breaking, Clay Aiken has come out of the closet. He has confirmed what most people already thought . . . on the cover of People Magazine. Click the link to read just one of the many stories.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kristy Lee Puts Out A CD

Kristy Lee Cook is the first Idol 7er out the gate with a new CD entitled "Why Wait". Her first single, "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" hit the air waves this week. Below, I am posting the link to a recent interview with KLC regarding her wedding and the release of her new CD. Click the link to check it out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

David Archuleta and Jennifer Hudson Are Featured In This Fall's Top Releases

Former American Idol's, David Archuleta and Jennifer Hudson are featured as two main players in this fall's major CD releases. Holla for our Idol peeps in being featured as major players in the CD scene of Fall '08. Click the link the read the story.

Jordin Sparks Rips Russell Brand On The VMA's

Our little American Idol 6 Champion, Jordin Sparks, had quite the sharp tongue when addressing the audience at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. All evening, the show's host, British comedian Russell Brand, had been making light of the Jonas Brothers' choice to wear purity rings as a symbol of their choice to remain virgins until marriage. . . . Does anyone remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' similar promise . . . er, um . . . anyway . . . When La Sparks appeared on stage to announce an award, she grabbed the microphone and said, "I have just one thing to say about promise rings . . . its not bad to wear promise rings . . . not everyone - guy or girl - wants to be a slut". Whether I agree or disagree, I have to say that our little Jordin has much more hutzpah than I ever gave her credit for . . . click the link to read the entire article.

Is Republican VP Pick Palin An American Idol?

A very interesting article surfaced today in my email box. Roger Ebert, for some reason, was interviewed about Republican VP Nominee, Sarah Palin, and he used American Idol to explain her popularity. Ebert says that it's easy to explain Palin's popularity . . . she's like an American Idol contestant. Explanation = American Idol contestants are attractive, likable, and inspire Americans to think that "hey, that could be me up there". Very interesting article . . . Click the link to check it out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Archuleta: I'm Afraid To Disuss Romance

Yahoo News is reporting that David Archuleta is upset. Apparently, our little David had a "romantic interest" during the American Idol 7 season, and apparently she received some interesting mail. Who knows how "they" got her address, but anyway. Apparently, Lil David's lil girlfriend got letters telling her that she was "not good enough" and "ugly". Yikes! Click the link to read the story.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jennifer Hudson Tapped To Sing For The DNC

SOHH is reporting that Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama has requested that Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem on Thursday night prior to his accepting the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. Click the link the read the brief story.

Jordin Sparks Made "Weak In The Knees" By Simon Cowell

Teen Music is reporting that Jordin Sparks was “surprised” to win American Idol 6, but what was more distracting for her than the competition was the “crush” she had on American Idol judge Simon Cowell. Click the link to read the story.

Daughtry Gives Back

Yahoo is reporting that Chris Daughtry joined the likes of Senator Tom Daschle, and Princess Zulu of Zambia to assist students at Manual High School in Denver, Colorado in assembling caregiver kits for World AIDS Day. Click the link to read the story.

Ace Young Enters “Grease” As Taylor Hicks Checks Out

Zap2it has put out a report from Playbill magazine stating that Taylor Hicks will exit the Broadway production of Grease on September 7th, and two days later, Ace Young will make his Broadway debut in the same play. Taylor Hicks has been playing Teen Angel, and Ace Young will play Kenickie. Click the link to read the story.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Paula's "Straight Up" Take on Kara, Is She "Forever Her Girl" ?: A Report From Perez

Sorry about the title, y'all, I just couldn't help myself.

Perez Hilton is reporting that he has had an exclusive conversation with Paula Abdul about her reaction to the addition of fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi. Paula reports that she has known Kara for "years". In fact, Paula says she met Kara in Brooklyn, New York years ago. AND that she convinced Kara to give up her job at Billboard magazine and move to LA to "pursue her dream". Further, Paula says that Kara lived with her for a little while when she came to LA. Finally, Paula stated that she had been mentioning Kara's name to Idol producers long before this decision was made.

Do we believe La Abdul and her sweet, loveydovey, response to Kara's addition to the judge's panel? Read the story to decide for yourself.

American Idol Shake Up: Idol Adds A Fourth Judge!

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that we've got a shake up going on at American Idol. It looks like the eighth cycle of American Idol is going to feature a fourth judge. The fourth judge will be on the panel from start to finish. In the words of EW, this looks like "the biggest format change in American Idol history". Kara DioGuardi, a singer songwriter who has written for several American Idol alums including Kelly Clarklson, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, David Cook, and David Archuleta, has been tapped to be the fourth judge on the panel. Along with all of the aforementioned Idol alums, DioGuardi has worked with the likes of Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Christiana Aguilera and Jewel.

I wonder how the addition of the fourth judge will play with the audience . . . How will it play with the other three judges? I kind of think that the addition of a fourth judge is a double edged sword . . . I think the addition of a songwriter could REALLY increase the street cred of the show . . . on the other hand, as EW mentions, the addition of a fourth judge could cut into an already short performance time . . .

What do y'all think?

Click the link to read the story

Friday, August 22, 2008

Archuleta Crushes the Competition

TV Guide is reporting that David Archuleta is blowing up the charts with his new single, "Crush". Billboard is reporting that Archuleta has debuted at #2 on the Hot 100 singles chart. This chart compiles both sales and airplay numbers to devleop rankings for singles. It is the tied for the highest ranking non-Idol related single for any former Idol contestant . . . of course, the other is by the ORIGINAL AMERICAN IDOL (not that I'm biased) Kelly Clarkson who hit #2 with her megahit "Since You've Been Gone".

All of us here at A Little Taste of Idol would love to give a huge shout out to our "Lil Boo". Congrats!

Click the link to read the article.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elvis and Carrie Underwood Unite for a Not So Blue Christmas

Pantagraph has released a story regarding an upcoming Christmas album that will mirror the Frank Sinatra "Duets" CD from years ago. Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, and LeAnn Rimes are among those who will be featured on the CD. Click the link to read the story.

Archuleta Gets Personal With BC Music

With the release of David Archuleta's new single, "Crush", comes the usual onslaught of one on one interviews. BC Music has released its interview which was conducted just prior to a stop on the Idol tour. Highlights include: "Imagine" and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" being two of David's favorite performances, and his comments about recording his upcoming album. This one is kind of lengthy . . . so, all you Archuleta fans, enjoy! Click the link to read the story.

Simon Cowell and Money: "I Have No Conscience"

Reality TV World is reporting that Simon Cowell has "no conscience when it comes to spending". The story reports that Cowell pulls in around 65 Million dollars per year in his various entertainment pursuits . . . with 47 Million coming from American Idol. One of the highlights from the story that just cracked me up was that Cowell "doesn't think twice" about spending around two thousand dollars on t-shirts alone. You would think with spending that much money on t-shirts, he could move away from the black and grey, er, um . . . let's just say "fitted" t's. Click the link to read the story.

Monday, August 18, 2008

American Idol Rewind

TV Week is reporting that American Idol Rewind is getting an upgrade. A new production company has taken over the reigns, and is expanding it's reach. Idol Rewind was the top rated cable viewed syndicated show in both of its first two seasons. It rated an average of 1.8 in the ratings . . . the equivalent of about 2 million viewers. In comparison, it is getting about the same rating as "Gossip Girl" the uber popular show on the CW. For season three, the show will focus on both Idol 3 and Idol 4. It will still deliver the performances that led contestants to sink or swim, but will also follow some of the contestants on their post-Idol journeys. Click the link to read the whole story.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

David Archuleta Has A "Crush"

Oopsy . . . apparently I did not, as I previously posted, put the link to David Archuleta's single, "Crush" on the blog. I am posting it below. FYI: everyone from entertainment weekly to Billboard has given this single RAVE reviews. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Lil David Is Gonna Be A Star!

Our own little Idol Runner Up has released his first single, "Crush" from his forthcoming album to be released this fall. I posted a link to the song a while back. Well, another blog, "ChartRigger" is reporting that Lil Boo's single is NUMBER 1 on Itunes downloads and is set to debut in the TOP 10 this week! Yay for Lil Boo!

To celebrate, I am posting a link to a performance that made me believe he could be relevant in today's music scene. Please enjoy Lil David with One Republic singing, "Apologize"

Chris Sligh Discusses His Album and Tour

Y'all remember Chris Sligh from American Idol 6. He started with a bang and kind of went out with a whimper. He finished season 6 in the 10th position, and got to perform on the Idol Tour. BTW, Allison and I saw that tour, and sometime, we'll have to write a post about it . . . so freakin good . . . just me, Allison, and 5000 of our closest 10 year old friends! :)

Anyhoo, NewsOK has put out an interview with Chris Sligh . . . He discusses his Christain based album, his tour, and his time on American Idol. Click the link to read the story.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

Haven't been around for a while....but everytime I hear my new favorite song....I think of J and Alison. Hope you all are having a great summer!!!

I did check out Archie's single from the link....I'm not sold yet...but I'll give it a few more listens before I decide. honor of two of my Southern Friends.......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ryan Seacrest . . . I just had to . . .

TMZ posted a blip of a story with the "modelling" photo of a 19 year old, Ryan Seacrest. Not much to the story, but mostly just a gratuitous shot of La Seacrest . . . doesn't do much to fan the flames of the "mo" rumors . . . Click the link to read the blip.

What do y'all think?

Kristy Lee Cook Talks About Her "Fifteen Minutes of Shame"

Blog Critics Music has posted an interview with American Idol 7 finalist, Kristy Lee Cook. The Idols just performed in her home town of Portland, Oregon and the folks from BCM caught up with our country girl. She states that her new single, "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" will be released sometime in August, and her album will drop sometime in the fall. Click the link to read the whole story!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Archuleta Tries To Channel His Inner Miley

Eonline is reporting that Uber Idol Dad, Jeff Archuleta wants the "Miley Cyrus" treatment for his son. In fact, it seems that Team Archuleta has worked a deal where Lil David is going to record two singles for his forthcoming album penned from the writers who provided the Miley her current hit, 7 things . . .

Click the link to read the story . . .

Gabe Garcia Thinks That Nashville Star Made The Right Decision

The link attached below hits on an interview with Gabe Garcia. In the interview, Gabe discusses that he thinks the right person won Nashville Star. In addition, he gives a little insider information about the final three . . .

Click the link to read the story . . .

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nashville Star: A Pre-Finale Interview

A few minutes before the Nashville Star Finale, I was emailed an article posted in Reality TV World interviewing John Rich about the final three contestants. I'll post a link at the bottom where you all can read the whole article. Its very interesting to read John Rich's thoughts . . . it is very clear that La Rich is not fond of Shawn Mayer. He is VERY complimentary of both Gabe Garcia and Melissa Lawson . . . seeming to lean a wee bit more towards Lawson than Garcia . . . however, he stated that they are both talented and would be wonderful to work with . . . Then there are his remarks regarding La Mayer . . . Rich states that while he has seen a noticeable difference in Mayer's attitude and personality, he thinks that she is working with the same amount of talent now as she was at the beginning . . . "she has not gone from terrible to great". Really, really interesting article . . . Click the link to read the whole story.

American Idol 8 Auditions: A Bust In Puerto Rico?

TMZ is reporting that the latest effort by American Idol to expand it's search for America's next superstar has fallen flat. According to reports, the most recent auditions that were held in newly tapped for talent location, Puerto Rico were met with little interest. Only approximately "300" or so potential idol competitors showed up to audition for the most recent round of audtions. Don't fret Idol fans . . . TMZ also reports that this lack of interest is isolated and the other sites of auditions have produced the typical massive turnout of potential idols and potential worst of idol gag reel folks. Click the link to read the post.

Nigel Lythgoe Says Buh Bye to Idol?

TMZ is reporting that Nigel Lythgoe, Idol Machine Honcho, is exiting before the upcoming season. According to the report, Lythgoe is "bored" with the show and thinks that someone else would do a better job and pumping new life into the show. In addition, the possibly former Idol maven wants to spend his time and effort injecting energy into the continually surprising FOX summer hit, "So You Think You Can Dance". Click the link to read the story.
Wow! There is already an update on the above story. TMZ is reporting that Nigel Lythgoe has issued a statement that next season So You Think You Can Dance will be traveling internationally for its auditions, and therefore, he will "step back from his day to day" contact with American Idol. In addition, he will be involved with a new tv venture with Simon Fuller. Click the link to read the update.

I wonder if this shift in power, depending on who replaces him and assuming that this story is accurate, will have any noticeable affect on the quality of the show. Have no fear y'all, you know that we at A Little Taste of Idol will keep on top of things . . . Stay Tuned . . .

Nashville Star Finale Tonight!

Tonight, Nashville Star will crown the winner of it's Fifth Season. We are down to three contestants: 1) Melissa Lawson, 2) Gabe Garcia, and 3) Shawn Mayer . . . not that I've ranked these in any particular order . . . er, um . . . anyway . . .

NBC is reporting that they received a "record number of votes" for this final three telecast, and that voting was up "53%" from the previous week. A Side Note Here: I have found it so very sketchy from the beginning that NBC would not release the number of votes they were receiving each week. . . or any information about voting period . . . and, lets not forget that week of the final 6 when they were supposed to go from six to four and then strangely only eliminated one person . . . weird . . . Anyway . . .

Other highlights from tonight's telecast . . . The final three reunite with their eliminated reality family for several performances this evening . . . think Idol finale, cut in half, with a lower budget. Country legend George Jones will perform . . . The BRC will bust out his guitar, but hopefully not his mullet when he croons a tune from his latest CD, and finally, our winner will perform the song written by John Rich as the first single to hit radio tomorrow.

I really hope Nashville Star can pull off a decent finale. I haven't been thrilled with all of the contestants, but there are some good folks here, and I think if they do some major tweaking, they could make this show into something special . . . here's hoping

Click the link to read a full story about the finale posted by RealityWorld

Archuleta Hits The Radio With "Crush"

Our Lil Boo is growing up, y'all!

David Archuleta's first single from his forthcoming album, dropped last Friday. The song, "Crush" is meant to provide advanced airplay leading up to the Fall '08 release of his first album.

When I first saw that Lil David had released this song, I so didn't want to listen to it. Strange, I know, because I do love Lil Boo. . . . I was just very nervous and did not want to be disappointed as I have in the past . . .However, I was quite impressed . . . as was the reviewer at Entertainment Weekly. Lil David has a distinctive voice, and there is no doubt that you are hearing the same Archie as we did on American Idol 7 . . . but, they have hooked him into a song that sounds contemporary, has a catchy hook, and fits very much into today's teen radio scene. . . If this song gets airplay, it will be a hit. Check out the song by clicking on the play button.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paula Has An "Alleged" Meltdown

The New York Post's Page Six Column is reporting that Paula Abdul had a bit of an "emotional" meltdown at her gynecologist's office. I'm not really sure what this means, but it is an interesting bit of Idol Gossip. Click the link to read the story.

Melinda Doolittle Finds A Home!

More than a year after being dismissed from American Idol, Melinda Doolittle has found a record label! She has been signed by Hi-Fi records. According to the story posted on Entertainment Weekly, Hi-Fi records was originally a merger between Arista and Virgin records. This label has launched records by Avril Lavigne, Spacehog, and Todd Rundgren. Congratulations to one of the best voices ever to grace the Idol Stage! Click the link to read the story.

American Idol 2 Contestant Carmen Rasmusen Dishes About The Idol Auditions

American Idol 2 Contestant, Carmen Rasmusen (Finished 6th), has written an article for the Desert Star newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah. The article discusses her time on American Idol, the audition process, and some of the background information that we, the public, are not privy to hearing. Pretty good article by Ms. Rasmusen . . . I know that, at one time, she had an EP available on Amazon . . . and apparently she has a new CD dropping on August 1st . . . MY BIRTHDAY :), er, um, anyhow, Carmen was never one of my favorites, but I'm glad to see her name still in the news.

By The Way, do y'all remember during the Top 24 of American Idol 2 when the judges still had a "judges choice" contestant to put through to the Top 12. . . I remember that Simon Cowell surprised everyone by choosing Carmen Rasmusen as his contestant to put through into the Top 12. His choice was viewed very skeptically, but she ended up going quite far into the Top 12. Sorry, I had to reminisce for just a moment . . .

Click the link to read the story.

American Idol 8 Auditions: A Report From Salt Lake City

The Desert News in Salt Lake City, Utah has published an article about the American Idol 8 auditions. Interesting article which outlines how many people were there, their reactions to the audition process, and how it kind of all takes place. Pretty informative article for those who haven't ever read about the details of the process. Click the link to read the article.

Are Simon and Teri Splitsville?

Star Magazine is reporting that Simon Cowell and his girlfriend, Extra co-host, Teri Seymour are splitting. According to their report, Teri walked out after a heated arguement and Simon fled to St. Tropez on a trip. Simon's rep put out a statement saying that all of the accusations by Star Magazine were untrue. Interesting Idol gossip in the middle of the off season . . . Click the link to read the story.

Coffey Strikes Back!

Ok, so, I've given Coffey quite a bit of flack over this season of Nashville Star. I never quite thought he ever lived up to his potential during the auditions. However, he did get better during the last couple of weeks. So, I thought I would post an interview posted by Reality World detailing his path on Nashville Star, and his thoughts about what happened and his future. Included in the interview, are Coffey's thoughts on the judges and how mainstream African-American media vehicles like Ebony magazine and BET are guilty of promoting rap and r&b artists moreso than country artists. He's pretty outspoken, but I've got to say, I agree with a lot of what he has to say . . . Click the link to read the story.

Jordin Sparks Gives Back!

Jordin Sparks is using her new found fame to give a little bit back. She is sponsoring a campaign called The Do Something 101 Campaign. This fundraising effort encourages kids to collect school supplies and drop them off at their local Staples store.
I find it very refreshing to see someone Jordin's age giving back to the community by sponsoring such a program. You go, girl!
Click the link to read the story

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nashville Star: The Rankings!

The Rankings For The Top 4 Of Nashville Star . . .

I am going to leave out Coffey from these rankings since he was eliminated this evening . . .

Round One

1. Shaun Mayer - Gretchen Wilson song . . . don't know the name of the song . . . WOW! She was wonderfully in control of her voice and the stage.

2. Melissa Lawson - She sang a little "Hit me with your best shot" . . . It was quite good in the way that she always is . . . just not her best . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I was unsure from the beginning what this song was . . . he was wonderful as per usual . . . I was just a little underwhelmed by the song, and its lack of intensity . . .

Round Two

1. Melissa Lawson - Singing a little Carrie Underwood, I've got to tell ya, she was spot on. I was a little worried with doing such a recognizable song, but man, she just nailed it . . .

2. Shaun Mayer - Slowing it down a bit, this girl just did a phenomenal job . . . She has really improved in the past few weeks . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I love him . . . very much . . . and his vocals are very much on spot . . .but, he just didn't have the umph for my taste.

Overall rankings . . .

1. Melissa Lawson - Her second song was just a bit better than Shaun's first

2. Shaun Mayer - A close second here . . . They could very potentially be tied for first.

3. Gabe Garcia - He is so good, but I think both of his performances were out done by the girls.

From these rankings, it would seem obvious that I think the two girls will be the final two . . . I have no idea how Nashville Star will eliminate the third . . .they may wait until the end, or they may do it in the middle of the show . . . either way, I think that Gabe and Melissa will be the final two and that Melissa Lawson will be out winner.

Nobody is leaving comments, so, come on, y'all! Give me your opinions!

Who Is Going Home And Who Advances To the Finale!

Oh sweet goodness . . . its elimination time . . . its either Coffey or Gabe going to the finale. Here comes BRC's "spine tingling" silence of death . . . Who's a goin home, y'all?


That means that Gabe Garcia is going to the finale . . . and rightfully so . . .

Taking the stage for his final performance is Gabe Garcia . . . and he is performing a very appropriate countrified male song . . . as per usual, I'm not really sure about the song . . . I think it's called "Living In Fast Forward" . . . I think . . . maybe . . . its Kenny Chesney . . . maybe . . . Anyhoo, he sounds great. He sounds wonderful, as per usual . . . it could have been a bit more upbeat, but, nevertheless, he is country mainstream all day long . . .

Jeff Steele - Thinks he is radio all day long

John Rich - Thinks that he could be very important to country music, and that there is a record deal in his future.

Jewel - thinks he is singing great, and he is not a very "vain singer" . . . there are notes he has not even discovered yet . . .

I'm not a huge country music fan overall, but Gabe Garcia has been a favorite of mine from the beginnning . . .

Overall, a very, very good episode . . . not quite as good as last week, but a very good job by all three finalists . . .

Rankings to follow . . .

Melissa Lawson Takes The Wheel And Drives It Home

The BRC is ready to give us the second of three finalists. Who will it be?

Melissa Lawson is our second finalist. Whew . . . Yay! She freakin rules . . .

Here she comes, our girl is gonna croon a little Carrie Underwood . . . seriously, I heart La Lawson, but I'm not really sure that this is a smart move. I've got my fingers crossed . . .

Seriously, no need to cross my fingers. Our girl was freakin awesome! She and Jesus took the wheel together and drove it all the way home. Her voice is amazing and she just looked like she is already a star . . . As I have said before, I hope she wins, but I don't necessarily think she needs to . . . she's gonna be at the CMA's next year . . . .

The Finalists: Shaun Mayer Is Up First

Its Elimination Time, Y'all! So, the BRC is announcing who will be the first to move into the Finale . . .

Shaun Mayer is the first to advance!

I've got to give it to this girl . . . each week she has gotten better, and now she seems so very comfortable and totally in control of her performances . . .

Shaun Mayer is singing a Garth Brooks tune tonight . . . she did a great job. Very, very good performance, and very very good vocals. She sounded country, and has found herself. I'm impressed.

John Rich - Thinks that she has gotten better and better and is light years ahead of where she was ten weeks ago.

Jewel - Thinks that she has improved each week and will be a real asset to any record label that picks her up.

Jeff Steele - Thinks that she is limping tonight, but really pulled it out and is a contender.

Melissa Lawson Hits Us Up!

Here comes the winner of Nashville Star . . . er, I mean, the final performer of our Top 4 . . . Melissa Lawson. We all HEART her, and think she is amazing!

She is going back home, and is very emotional. She has gone back to her high school and is so touched by those who showed up.

Tonight, our girl is singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" . . . this is certainly not the song I would have chosen for her, but I'm sure she'll do fine. Her voice sounded great and she looks wonderful. I really don't think that was her best performance . . . but her voice is still amazing.

Jewel thinks that she hit the high notes when she needed to and did an overall great job.

Jeff Steele thinks she is great but is getting a little tired of all of the high notes . . .

John Rich thinks she is great . . . and asks her, a little unfairly, what becoming Nashville Star would mean to her . . . everyone should have gotten that question . . .

Anyhoo, I love her . . .

Coffey Is A Star . . . Maybe Not A Nashville Star

Third to perform tonight is Coffey . . . so plays into my theory . . . he's third and Melissa Lawson is last. That will put her as the last performance of the night and the last thing any potential voters will hear.

To Coffey . . . he went home to LA and got a star on the Walk of Fame. Here he comes to perform . . . gonna sing Sweet Home Alabama . . . His voice should be a decent match for this song. Y'all know I don't love Coffey . . . but, he has gotten better in vocals and performance in the past few weeks. As has happened the past few weeks, his vocals are better (a few very iffy moments) and his performance was quite nice. I still feel like he is a couple of steps behind the others.

Jeff Steele - thinks that he is quite nice with these types of songs . . . thinks he is a star, but not sure if he is a Nashville Star.

John Rich - dittos Jeff Steele

Jewel - thinks he did a nice job.

Gabe Garcia Is Ready For A Cocktail

Next up in our top 4, Gabe Garcia . . . this really should come down to him and Melissa Lawson; . . . In his home visit, he is given the key to the city . . . I just love him.

Gabe is singin, "Its Five Oclock Somewhere" . . . kind of a non-energetic performance for me . . . vocals were a bit shaky, not my favorite from him. I hope his second one is better . . .

Jeff Steele thinks that he was a bit shaky vocally, and wants the next one to be better

John Rich continues his love affair with Gabe and thinks it was wonderful.

Jewel is glad he got to go home and is looking forward to his next performance.

I think we all have to remember that with this few people watching and voting, placement in the lineup and energetic songs are key . . . hmmmm . . .

That being said, I find the placement of the performers very interesting . . . I kind of think that it's intersting that Shaun was first . . . I think that Coffey is going home tonight . . . so, if that's true, Melissa Lawson will be the last of the remaining . . . I think they really want her to win . . . just a thought.

Nashville Star: The Top 4 . . . Shaun Mayer Channells Her RedNeck Woman

It's the final voting episode of Nashville Star!!!!

So, we are down to our final four. Our final four are . . . Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, Shaun Mayer, and Coffey. The way its gonna go tonight . . . all four will perform two songs tonight, and then one will be eliminated. The final three will be the "finalists" and next week's finale . . . could I say the word "final" or derivatives thereof, anymore than I already have? :)

First up, Shaun Mayer. For those of you who have been reading the blog, you know that she is from Northeast Iowa, and we get the obligatory "I went home and got a big crowd to hear me perform video recap". Seriously, one of the only times we've seen real emotion from her.

She's bouts to perform . . . I'll be honest, I've heard this song, but I don't quite know the name. Oh wait, its Gretchen Wilson. She sounds great. Very good energy. Very good vocals. Very, very good job.

John Rich was hoping at the beginning of this process that she would never tackle Gretchen Wilson, but now, she made that song sound like a Shaun Mayer song.

Jewel - Oh MY-LANTA . . . why does Jewel suddenly look like she is eleventy hundred years old . . . I understand that she curled her hair up, but seriously . . . the hair, the dress . . . yikes!

Anyhoo, she said that she loved Shaun and just wants her to continue to get better

Jeff Steele - He thinks that she did a great job, and tells the audience that she is suffering from a little wisdom tooth probelm. He wanted her to kill the last note, but, more to the point, wants her to make her next performance her best . . . it could be her last.

Nashville Star: Melissa Lawson Talks About The Top 4

Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper, the Star Telegram, has published an interview with Melissa Lawson. The interview highlights her time on the show and how she handles life with her family and the idea of touring. Click the link to read the story.

Jordin Sparks Vows To Stay Pure

Contact Music is reporting that American Idol 6 winner, Jordin Sparks has vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. Jordin's declaration follows recent statements in the press from the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. All of these teenagers are wearing purity rings or bracelets to literally wear their declarations as a badge.

Now, I will say, I find it quite admirable, in this world of hollywood teens running amok, that Jordin and company are pledging purity. It's kind of quite refreshing. However, does anyone else remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. About fiveish years ago, both of them, when they were together, declared their purity. . . and then, kind of embarrassingly for them, had to retract their statements. I'm a big believer that the media provides the public with WAY too much information about the stars' personal lives. However, I just wish these kids would think before making such statements. . . . While they are attempting to provide good examples for today's youth, if they fall off their perch and decide not to "remain pure", the fall almost becomes more detrimental than if they had not made the declaration to begin with . . .

Sorry, y'all, I don't usually speak out on the blog about this stuff, but for some reason, this time, I was inspired.

Just my opinion . . . .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

American Idol Tour: The Idols Speak!

The Detroit Free Press has posted an article detailing interviews with five of the ten touring Idols from AI 7. David Cook, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson and Ramiele Malubay were asked questions about the current tour, their future plans, and thoughts about being on the show. Click the link to read the story.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Idols On The Charts!

Soundscan is reporting this weeks sales numbers for all of the charts. We have a veritable bevy of former and current idols that make appearances. Click the link to check out the deets

:Melissa Lawson Heads To The House

An NBC affiliate in North Texas has written a story about Melissa Lawson's homecoming day for Nashville Star. As Little Taste Readers know, Melissa is one of the final four contestants on this season of Nashville Star. Moreover, she has been one of this bloggers favorites all season long. Melissa is just amazing, and I can't wait to see the video of her homecoming. I can only imagine just how genuinely touched she was by her fans.

Click the link to read the whole thing!