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'American Idol' Season 14 Premiere -- Wha-a-a?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tough Slog Thru These! Back in it.

Idol Audition Night 3 — Kansas City. (yes, last week!)

Takin’ it to the streets in the Idol Bus. Can I say, still not digging the Club Mix Idol Theme LOL. Sorry Dr. L and I are a week behind, we have gotten sucked into the show Supernatural — all 10 seasons of it. We can handle the hour shows but ugh, the 2 hours are rough. I agree with Rubbertoe, these are not the fave parts of the show. But here goes:

Eleven towns across the country. Dr. L said she likes the bus idea. We’ll see how she feels after listening to Big Sexy. I’m getting a bad feeling about this. Oh yeah, he sucks. Harry and Keith straight up diss him to his face, damn that was funny. How in the hell did he go through? Madness.

The Shrieky Guy was no worse than Big Sexy yet he got the boot. Ashley Lusk was cut but kind of sharp? Still 1M times better than the first two. Josh Sanders was great. Hey, it’s that Casey kid from Alabama! Back for another shot. They all go through. 

Uh oh, turquoise haired porkpie hat chick. I like her voice but the whole shtick is kind of distracting. I hope she can lose the affectation.

We get a Country montage. Alexis? She’s a blonde Valley-ish Mexican girl. OK. Not great, but she’s got the look so they give her the golden ticket. Anton? He’s seems legit from the sticks. I like this kid! Voice was good though the nerves, and he was a nice guy, and we need them. 

Stephanie the Squeaker. She has an old 70s singer-songwriter vibe. Wacky but she squeaked by on a 2/3 vote. Hollywood will be interesting for her.  

Ashley is 15, and her parents are deaf.Oh, if only she could sing. She’s just too young. We get a montage of off-key folks and then hope arrives from Branson. Ellen, with a banjo. She’s got a pretty voice. And she can yodel!! The Beverly Hillbillies Trio was awesome. 

Colton (Kohlton?)  is a ramblin’ man, living under a tarp in the great outdoors. He sounds like some chainsmoking black dude from the 1940s, not a surfer-ish blonde white dude. They send him through. 
He should have stuck around for the ribs Ryan brought out!

So did we see some Top Tens? I say maybe one or two. What did you guys think? 

We’ll try to not get too far behind LOL. Happy MLK Day, and K out!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This was like the quirky twin of last night's show...

Idol Auditions Night Two! 

It’s all about dreams coming true, says Idol. Of course, technically it’s about 99% of the contestants’ dreams NOT coming true, but I see their point.

This new opening credit sequence seemed even weirder the 2nd time around! What do you guys think.

So we are back in Nashville. This time, they lead off with a guys who chokes. Are they setting us up for greatness next? We have an Alabama boy who acts like a fool, so I hope he can sing. Andrew singing Stevie Wonder. He was mega annoying but squeaked by. I didn’t feel it.

Next is Loren from SD California. Singing Bruno Mars. Face much cuter than her voice. Again a debate over someone that should get the boot. She went through? if she didn’t look that way there’s no way her voice would have been enough. This is a crazy night so far. Holy shit, this ep is 2 hrs tonight? We’re going to have to speed this up.

Kid from Texas with glasses. Quirky dork can sing, I like him better than the 1st two. 

Piper, big girl with big voice from Nashville. She should be recording now. Not sure how Amrica will vote for her but we’ll see.

Kelley and her daughter were great.  Good thing she could sing, or it would have been a heartbreaker LOL.

Cammie’s dreams were crushed. She couldn’t find the key. Looks great, maybe she should be an actress?

You gotta worry about all these twenty-nothing people who quit their jobs and say this is “what the are meant to do?” See the 99% comment above.

Up next is blind contestant Garrett from AL. I loved his version of Proud Mary. He is going to definitely make it hard on the competition: confident and talented. I am looking forward to hearing more form him. 

Clark the Busker has got the goods. Dr. L said if you see Keith doing the shoulder bob thing, you know you’re good. He makes the kid sweat though. Harry plays it hard but JLo sends him though. Considering some of the others, he deserved it. 

Gina brings her toys. She is really interesting. I can’t see the box on Idol every night but hey didn’t that one chick bring a rug?  I liked her.

Probably the cutest boy so far this season, Alex is up next. I am not sure his voice is all the wya there but it is definitely enough for Hollyweird. 

Cody the kid jingle singer survived Harry’s bad jokes and sang a pretty version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Held those notes a little too long, but he has pipes. I think Harry is right about his kind of music being embraced more now. 

Hector the Cosmetologist loves JLo’s skin. I can say from experience it is blinding. Hector can sing but he has bad habits like a lot of these amateurs. You can tell the guys who have been told they can sing by everyone. But I think he will get better over time — will he survive the group rounds?

We get a crying montage. Either people don’t curse as much or we have a kinder gentler contestant pool. 

Sarina finds out perseverance pays off. I think too many of these people have been corrupted by hearing Mariah though, damn. Enough with the 1,000 runs a song, y’all!

Alison sounded good. Jake (from the town I grew up in, Murfreesboro) had a nice tone, too. The blonde with her voice trapped inside sounded OK but I think Hollywood will crush her. 

Savion from TX sounded better than last year. I like this kid and it was good to hear him ask for help to get better. I think he may do really well. 

So now we are in Kansas City? Kid named Zack with skyscraper hair had a shaky start but maybe it’s nerves? Voice was all over the place. Harry was right, it was a phoned-in performance. But softie Keith sends him on. When he ran off it confirmed, nobody cares about Ryan anymore LOL.

Natalie form Portland (of course she is!) gives us a karaoke Adele. She’s funny but it was a total clone of Adele without the endless range. That and the over-dramatics made it hard to hear her for me. But she has a voice in there. No way she’s going to make it all the way, though. 

Jhameel from Oakland has OCD. And he sings T-Pain? He’s a cool kid, and hopefully he won’t let Harry freak him out too bad, ha. It looks like the judges are having even more fun this go-round. 

Jasmine. She’s from the Bronx but she’s also way off-key. It got really painful. She’s so deluded that she thinks her voice gave out — I think her ears gave out.

Man that BBQ looks good. Lovey looks interesting but can she even sing? She’s 16 and sounds like Minnie Mouse. But Jlo loves her. And she does sound like a pop star today. Which means I would hate her sound but voters may love it. Stage name, cracks me up. My stage name is going to be Lord K.

Jess looks funky but she’s older so hopefully she has chops. She is really unique and they had too much fun with Harry playing along with her. Could get old if she overdoes the weirdness but I liked her sound enough to hear more of it. 

I’m not sure I heard as many front-runners tonight but there were a couple standouts. What did you guys think?

— K Out!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Idol kicks off the season y'all!

Audition Show Number One!!!! Are you ready?

OK, some quick thoughts. Ryan walks out looking very Dick Clark/Mr. Rogers-ish. He says they're going to switch things up and show us the Top 24 now -- but all we hear is a super-over produced music video with some silhouettes. The Idol theme comes on, and they tried to Funk it up, but you can't hide the schmaltz. 

Back from the break, we get the 17-city montage. The Judges are going to take us to their hometown -- are we going to Alice Springs for Keith? Naw, I bet not. Jenny is STILL from the damn block, or so she says. The Big Easy for HCJ, natch. Oh yeah, Nashville for KU. Word to the Tasterverse, Nashville is MY hometown, for real. Keith's truck is cool though.

This kid Riley is going to go far, cute and talented and humble. Is Idol trying to be more Voice-like and portray itself as supportive instead of showing the freaks for our entertainment? Let's see how long it takes to get a cringe-worthy contestant tonight.

Back from the break. Priscilla is sho Nuff from the South. Can she sing? (I love Keith's Goo Goo Cluster shirt BTW. 1st KU shirt sighting of the season.) She was OK, I would say she has some bad habits and not enough experience but We'll see her again. 

Cameron from KS. He's got some hours under his belt performing and it shows. He should go far too. At least to Hollywizzle.

Back from the break: nice harmony with the Judges. OMG the moronic girl who was 3 season behind with her shout-outs to the judges. Here comes the cavalcade of deluded losers. Thankfully it zipped by quickly.

I like the girl from Memphis, I hope she can sing. That's debatable, but she had power LOL. Jlo didn't want to send her back to the hood, thought Harry was right to say no. 

Back from the break. Cool, we FINALLY get to see the pre-pre-judging that has been going on for 14 years. Wow, imagine going through that cattle call. The red haired amnesia kid looks scary. Kyle? He kicked off the sad goodbye montage. They could have played up the creep factor but this is a kinder, gentler Idol.

Back from the break, we get the bearded barista from across the street. Dr L said he was just Aiiight. But I predict they will love him because he has that weird tone. YES! They fawn all over him. Kory is going though on the wings of pretension. I'm not saying he can't sing -- he just chose not to. Make me a latte, punk.

I like this kid Michael from MS. Hope he can sing. He can!!! In our book he was a million times better than Kory. How sweet was that dance? I love these judges. I feel like Idol has been brought back from the dead with these guys. Anyway, they are a lot of fun.

Back from the break, Ryan commanded a 15-yr-old girl to audition through the TV last year. Emily is from WPB Florida.  She was really great, and pulled off a tough song with sufficient emotion. I think she could be a big country star. She's going to Hollyweird!

So this was a positive start to Idol, some real talent, some cannon fodder and not much insanity. I'm looking forward to the next round. What did you guys think?

-- K Out!

Little Tasters! Can you believe Idol is back?

Hey everyone, K here checking in in case any of our intrepid Lil Tasters are watching yet. I hope Rubbertoe has had a great year, and Dr L actually spoke to J and he said he was going to check in with us!!! Go J!!!

Idol slipped up on me this year, so I didn't even know it was on until today! Fortunately the trusty DVR knew, so we will catch up soon. Early predictions and snarky asides to soon follow.

Here's hoping we will get everything we expect year after year from Idol, the Good the Bad and the Deluded & Off Key, and that somewhere in between there is some real talent we can root for.

K Out!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Confetti-eating Time!!!

Idol 2014 Results Night! I'm in the LBC and Dr. L is in Champaign Illinois, but we are comparing notes via texts and emoticons LOL.

So it all comes down to this. They stick us back in the box with the green light. Caleb and Jena re-live the audition days. Caleb says the line that will be my new catch-phrase for the next year: "Let's break some necks and cash some checks" -- THIS is American Idol!!!

So the two Idol hopefuls walk out and deliver a medley that, honestly, I fast-forwarded through. I'm going to be doing that a lot tonight LOL. They sound fine, maybe Jena had that goat-warbly thing going a little too strong, and Caleb was channeling Meat Loaf, but it's the shmaltzy opener, what do you expect. I was seriously afraid for them when the COLUMNS OF FIRE erupted behind them -- did you see how they were sweating afterward? It must have been hot as hell. You see Ryan didn't come out for any of that, nor did harry with his velvet jacket, ha. 

Ryan makes his usual creepy sexual-objectifying comment about Jlo, and she thinks about the millions they are paying her and smiles graciously. 

So they bring out Sam, and Phil Philips. They sound good together. Full disclosure, I fast forwarded again LOL. But Phil seems like an old pro already. Can't help wondering if his family is still eating dog food and living in a fridge box on Skid Row, however. 

Jennifer Nettles is next, with Jessica. I wonder why they buried her up front like this? Maybe so we don't think what might have been? I didn't care for Jess's dress but she sounded good. I may have to download some JN music. 

Ryan talks to Randy in the crowd, and Randy is wearing a hot pink velvet jacket so we don't forget about him. Randy tries to talk about "growth" but it's the same as the last 13 years, you can almost see the producer's hand up his ass making his mouth move. 

Now they show us the Jlo performance they taped last night. Nice fake intro guys! It was a combo of both takes from last night, as expected. The ending was from the 2nd for sure. You could just see me and RT on one angle! I see why they pre-taped it, Jlo wouldn't be able to spring back and do the rest of the show after two of those workouts. 

Now we see the first of the good old Idol clip montages. Harry's poker face. Ha ha! He was watching a barn-burner and barely cracked a smile! Oh, Harry.

 Next up, It's Caleb and KISS!!! 

Caleb is wearing my Cobra jacket from the Keith Urban Collection. These shirtless painted-up grandparents came out and rocked the FUG out of it. It was a little creaky on the start but once it hit the chorus it got better. For pure spectacle it was well worth it. More fire! I bet Caleb lost five pounds. After the songs, Caleb's brother comes out and shows us his future as a Juggalo. 

After the break, the second of the wacky Idol clip montages. Crazy lip syncs! This was weird, but less humiliating than most Idol clips on these type shows. The one of Keith talking about robots and corn on a train made it worth it. 

Who is Aloe Blacc? Is this the most unlikely name since Fox Mulder? Could he be any pitchier? What is this song mashup? Why so many questions? Baseball Cap Guy comes out and actually makes Dexter in his shiny suit and chin-strap beard look like a GQ cover model. Wow, Alex can really sing. He makes 90% of these other guys sound like crap in this guy-group thing. 

The Ford Rider video was weird. The funniest thing was when Majesty came onscreen and the crowd cheered -- what if she had made it to the Top 3 or so, hmm? Then they give Caleb and Jena their new obligatory 2015 Mustangs -- wow, these new Mustangs are so stylized now they look like Transformers or something. I liked the convertible that Jena got. it's just as well Caleb got a hardtop, he might blow off what hair he has left with the ragtop version. We see the Idols reward their mentors, and is it me or do we usually see them before this moment? They just kind of spring these guys on us, so I don't know how to feel about them. Good on them for getting a new Fusion, though. 

Demi Lovato comes out, and I recall the girls behind us on Performance Night going NUTS when they announced her being on the show. Really? Demi Lovato is that big of a star? This Disney factory is creeping me out, y'all. Some of the Idol girls come out and sing with her. Still seems strange not to see MK, and we get that Mystery Girl again, what's her name? And then Demi and Jena take turns yelling in each other's faces. I'll give them this, though, they blew Aloe off the stage. 

So next, Jena rolls out with a piano and sings Decode. I like her a lot better when she's just doing it without the band. Then Paramore shows up and I'm teleported back to hair and pants I had back in 1983. I didn't have the tank top, though. Maybe I should have. It's funny, Jena looks like the pro here and the chick from Paramore looks like the starry-eyed Idol finalist getting to sing with her "Idol". The balloon drop was hilarious! it totally obscured them. I think somebody read the memo wrong on the size and number of balloons. Good song, though. 

John Legend shows up and classes the joint up. Are we on a different show now? Malaya gives it the old college try but she's in too high a key. Mr. Legend sounds silky smooth as usual. I wish there were more like this!

Now the 3rd Idol Memory Lane clipfest. Ryan does a creepy Time-Travel narration (recorded in real time during the auditions but talking about the thousands of hopefuls as if they are past-tense losers already -- which I guess they are). I wanted him to tell the girl who said "I got a Golden Ticket": "Yeah, but you didn't make it." 
Maybe Ryan is like the main character in Slaughterhouse Five now, and exists outside of time. It is terrifying to contemplate. 

Back to reality: Alex teams up with Jason Mraz. This is shaping up nicely. The harmonies with Alex are great. Dr. L said she would buy this song! Best of the night so far. Just when I think the sound on my TV is going bad I hear something like this and realize it's OK, LOL, it's just the other singers. 

Randy and Ryan's family make an awkward intro for him to sing. They look just like the Atlanta Junior League and their loyal servant in the pink jacket. Ryan assaults our ears with the worst vocal ever on idol, and then Richard Marx rises from the grave to show that even a corpse can show Ryan up, if it has talent. 

The 4th clip montage is really funny. The judges were so entertaining this year. I am so glad they are coming back, it's a good mix of personalities. Hey, there was Casey and Haley out in the crowd from Season 10! I wonder if they are still a couple? So cute. 

Darius Rucker is in the house! He sounds great, but is the mix off tonight? it's hit or miss. CJ strolls out with Dexter. It's an OK jam, but not as great as it probably sounded on paper. Thank you, Idol, for flashing to the shot of the woman with the enormous boobs, I was starting to zone out. 

Lady Antebellum frolicked across my TV in fast-forward and now Ryan is standing with Jena and Caleb's fams. John Locke from Lost is back there behind them too. Caleb's dad looks like a guy you could buy some good acid from in back of the Roadhouse. 

Now the second of the pre-recorded songs from last night. You can hear the shouters from the crowd name-checking the judges apropos of nothing! So funny. This was the second taping, because you can hear the clapping. But Jlo's vocal was better for sure. All I can say is, you guys really missed out on Blister In The Sun LOL. 

So now the moment of truth: Jena and Caleb onstage with Ryan awaiting the results. Jena looks great, and Caleb looks like he has a spacesuit tuxedo made of metallic leeches. Dim the lights…

WTF?!!! Caleb wins?!!! Wow, I did not see that coming. Although, looking back on last night, he REALLY got the applause. So maybe we should have known. Jena is doing her best not to burst into flames I think. She's smiling, as are her parents, but it's the kind of stank-face smile when you know the camera is on and you won't show your enemies you have real human emotion. Nobody looks more surprised than Caleb himself, except maybe the judges, who all stood there looking gobsmacked. 

I LOVE that he made no immediate attempt to sing his victory song. I sort of hoped he could blow it off entirely, but he was a trooper and sang about 30% of it. I almost feel sorry for Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment; good luck marketing Caleb's AOR/Classic Rock album to the over 40 crowd who love the genre he sings in LOL. 

So that's our season guys! It was fun, started off strong, and then got idol-ized by the end. Maybe next year they will just throw the votes out altogether, and if they know in advance they will get who they want, they can stop with the shenanigans. See you next time!

K and Dr. L Out!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Live Blogging The Finale With RT and K

Idol Finale Recap: Just like Highlander, there can be only one!

This was an extra special Finale, because for the first time ever, Master K and Rubbertoe got to team up and check out the finale together! Dr. L was so jealous! But she had to work while we were able to slip away and spend the day at Idol. It was so much fun. 

We were able to have a few beers and some tacos before the show,

and RT got some pictures of some of the superfans. One guy had a sign with every member of Jena's family's signature except hers -- you gotta admire his tenacity but it was bordering on creepy. We got there early enough to get great seats, about six rows back on stage right. Idol Wannabe Sighting! We saw Emmanuel Zidor posing for lots of pics down front. Don't remember who he is? I think he got knocked out in Hollywood or shortly thereafter:

So onto the warmup. The guy working the crowd up deserves a special mention. He was like a little Ryan Seacrest clone on crack. He took about a million selfies with the crowd and kept up the DJ action with music from his cell phone. Songs I never thought I'd hear at an Idol event, like 2Pac and Dr. Dre singing California Love: "Out on bail fresh outta jail, California dreamin/Soon as I stepped on the scene, I'm hearin hoochies screamin'"--it was pretty funny hearing the crowd sing along.

Idol-adjacent sighting: Jena's brother was working it for all he was worth pimping himself out for pictures. RT pointed out how funny it was when there was nobody left to snap one with, he looked so lost LOL. 

So we ran through rehearsal on going nuts/bananas when Ryan kicks off the show, and then Seacrest appears, looking like Ricky Ricardo's maitre-D at the Copacabana in his ivory jacket. The show begins. You can't hear it on the TV, but throughout the show there are continuous random screams of "WE LOVE YOU JLO" or "HARRY!!!" and occasionally a contestant's name. 
They kick it off with a funny video of Jena and Caleb battling it out on a prom stage. Then the contest begins, with songs chosen by Simon Fuller, longtime Idol producer.

Jena sings Dog Days are Over, by Florence and the Machine. I have to say, she sounds really good in person, and she knows how to work the stage. We thought it wasn't bad. A good start to the show. The judges love it, of course. 

They cut to commercial, and then Caleb comes out to sing Dream On, by Aerosmith, the classic. This guy has some pipes. Holy crap, he just kept building. I don't know if this comes across on TV, but the crowd reaction to him vs Jena's 1st song was about 3x as enthusiastic. He definitely took Round One.


Next was Idol's Favorite Moments. Jena does the Elvis song, I Can't Help Falling In Love. RT turned to me and said, "really?" He wasn't blown away the first time, like the judges seemed to want everyone to be. She does an OK job, but after it was over, Rubbertoe shrugged and said he didn't really hear anything this time that blew him away either. I almost forgot, they had the Seacrest Lite Guy come out while we were on the break to warn us not to clap during the next song. This was it. I guess he didn't want us to ruin a "moment", but there wasn't really one to screw up. They praise her like it's one, for sure. All I kept thinking was, now we heard her do Creep twice and this song twice, in case we didn't get it the first time.

We really had a good laugh watching Randy trot over and hold up the numbers after the performances. HA! I guess they had to give the Dawg something to do, that redundant sack of crap. 

PS, all the security guys standing around acting menacing on the edge of the stage looked like they were straight out of the Russian Mob. 

So Caleb does Maybe I'm Amazed again. I was amazed at how well his voice had recovered after they had reminded us One million times last week that he had a strained vocal cord. No problems tonight. He did another stellar job. of course the judges had to play it up as if it was Jena's round this time -- I can assure you the crowd was not as conflicted. After they hemmed and hawed that it was a "tie" now going into the third round, one of the ladies beside us called BS on it. Regardless of the motives, they try to perpetrate some drama. 

The Director comes on the mic during the break and tells us that if we stick around, we can see the judges sing (to be aired tomorrow). Of course we are! More on that later. 

So Ryan comes back from the break and reminds us Jena was the first ever Wild Card to make it this far, OMG! Rubbertoe called this tactic way back in the season. They have to trot it out so we can factor that into our voting for this Plucky Underdog. She sings her "single", and it was OK. Catchy. RT has a theory that they give the contestant they want to win the better song. This one maybe had more of a melody.

Caleb sings his "winning single". It was definitely more of a rocker tune, but it wasn't quite as catchy. I had to crack up that he gets the explosion at the end, and the whole time he had the Illuminati Triangle behind him onscreen LOL. No explosion or choir or bagpipes behind Jena, but maybe they don't think they need them. 

So Ryan sends us off to the voting with a host of Idols swarming the stage singing the Kelly song Break Away. It was hard to remember some of them -- and what happened to MK? She wasn't there. I did a little investigating and found out she was sick, but will be on the tour. 

So the main show is over. While we wait, the Seacrest On Speed Dude whips the crowd back up with more tunes, this time with some kind of DJ app that blends beats together. RT and I compared notes about who really won the night. Without much elaboration, it was clear that Caleb did better on the night -- but that idol definitely wants Jena to won, so she probably will. Listening back to Caleb's "winning" song, it was much weaker than Jena's, and maybe the explosion was to help mask that. If you look at Caleb's face afterward, he seems a little disappointed -- maybe he was hoping to hear some praise from the judges and didn't get it, or maybe he was bummed his 3rd and final song was kind of light-rock-pop-blah? (Side note, we saw him after the show and he seemed pumped, and happy. So maybe here at the end of the show he was just coming down realizing this was his last song in the competition). 

The post-show cranks up with an Idol "supergroup": Keith on lead guitar, Randy on bass, Harry on keys (two keyboards -- a piano and an electric organ) and Jlo in a cute little dress sitting on Harry's piano, singing lead. before the actual taping, they jam on about four different songs, the best of which were Dire Straits Sultans of Swing and Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun. Makes me wish they could just play a set off the top of their heads…

The actual songs they perform are a pairing of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper, blending into Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. You will see all these tomorrow. (Take note: at some point rearranging the set they bumped Jena's Big Board sign, and it was dangling at an angle -- I kept worrying it would fall and Ricky Minor would go Splat! But it held on the rest of the night. I'm curious if you ever see it tomorrow night.) The 2nd take was by far the best, but the crowd forgot the Ryan Lite Dude's admonition not to clap, and we clapped all through the 2nd run of True colors -- it might screw up the take. Too bad if it does -- as RT astutely pointed out, Jlo was a bit 'pitchy' on the first take LOL. 

So they call it done and they break down the set again. This time they set up a seizure-inducing light array for Jlo's dance number. We were very entertained watching the choreographer working with the Faux JLo and the dancers, tweaking some of the steps. I was cracking up -- it was so elaborate, I couldn't imagine what any more rehearsal was going to help if they didn't know it by now! Jlo came out in a bathrobe and did a little step or tow, and I guess they locked it in.

So when the lights come up, and the stage facade opens, Jlo is now out of the robe, revealing a slinky spangly outfit. I can't tell you the name of her song -- maybe something about The First Time? She kept saying that, and counting off the Second Time, Third Time, etc. It was an OK banging-beat number, but what made it was that Jlo was dancing her ass off. I was actually afraid for her a couple of times, jumping on tables and whatnot. She really is a fantastic performer, she gave 150%. When it was over, just as we were about to leave (RT said, "I can't imagine her doing another take after THAT") -- they said she was going to do another take. Damned if she didn't do it all over again. It might be me, but I felt like the effort made the 2nd take suffer a little. She again danced admirably, but maybe at 125% this time. There was an amusing glitch as her mic was probably supposed to be turned off during one note, after a sequence where she probably didn't really have enough breath, and holy crap was it off-key. But hey, at least she was really singing the darn thing. She thanked the crowd after the songs, a real class act. 

So we made our way outside and strolled by the media set-up with Caleb and Jena talking to the press.

I snapped a couple pics, but there was a pretty good mob so I didn't try to get closer. I almost walked right into Dexter, and could have probably actually talked to him, but by this point I was tired and ready to head home. All in all it was a great night at Idol, and so much fun to share the experience with RT.

Now we just have to wait and see how America saw it…

Dr. L and K Out!