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'American Idol' Season 14 Premiere -- Wha-a-a?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rubbertoe ranks the girls the guys performed last night. I have to say overall they all did pretty well. It very well might be a guys year. But lets take a look at the women. So lets start off by getting rid of a few: First off....Maddie, who stole the spot from the much more deserving female in probably one of the cruelest idol moments in AI history (IMHO). She wasn't that good in the sing-off and should not be in the top 12 girls. Will definitely not be in the top 12. Next...that Bartheimole or whatever her last name is girl. (Shannon Berthiaume...or however you spell it). She was inconsistent throughout the entire Hollywood week. How they put her through is a mystery. She won't go any further. Shi....whatever her last name is. Another completely inconsistent performer who shouldn't be in the top 12 girls. Her ride is over.....over. The next.....some of them I don't even know who they are....Alexis Gomez? Katherine Winston? Lovey James? Sarina Lowe? Adanna Duru? I honestly don't remember a thing about any of them. I'm sure once I see them memory will be jogged...but for now they don't stand out at all to me. So onto the good ones that stood out for me. Tyanna Jones - At first...I wasn't a fan, but the House of Blues performance made me a fan. She has potential to go far...maybe even to the top 5. Jax - To me...she was one of the two or three top girls. She has that raspy kinda voice thing going on, combined with an interesting persona. She is another shoo in for the top 12. Loren Lott - probably my favorite of the girls. Strong voice....beautiful girl.....great performer and the power in her voice will propel her to the top 12 and probably a top 5 finish. Joey Cook - I don't really love her. She's quirky but a one note wonder to me. She was interesting at first...but I see her getting old fast. Unique enough for the top 12...but a quick exit after that. So I can't really give a top 12 4: 4. Joey 3. Jax 2. Tyanna 1. Loren. Those four get into the top 12 for sure....and 2 others from my unknown 5. The show is over for Shannon, Maddie and Shi. Can't wait to watch the show tonight! Rubbertoe.....out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rubbertoe ranks the guys now we are finally down to the show. I love Hollywood Week...but this is where it really starts to get fun. The Top 12 guys perform tonight and I am going to give my predictions and attempt to rank the guys. First off....lets get rid of a few: Adam aka "Hurley" - He's got a good voice, but I think there are some that are better and he just doesn't have the "idol look" Nick Fradiani - He's the old guy of the bunch (at what? 28?). Nothing about him stands out and really distinguishes him. He is talented but doesn't have enough to propel him into the top 12 Mark Andrew - He's too inconsistent and he plays like too many of the recent idol guys. In another year, he might make the top 12...but I don't see it for him. Trevor Douglas - the science geek. He's fun and cute in a geeky sort of way, but just doesn't have the talent for the top 12. THE ABSOLUTES These are the guys who are DEFINITELY IN THE TOP 12 Clark Beckham - The guy is one of the most overall talented people to appear on Idol. He is my choice to win it all at this point. He's got a great voice, he's got good stage presence. In addition he's a great musician. Years past have had great piano/performers, but he takes it to another level. This isn't a "Dueling Pianos" club performer....this is the real deal Quentin Alexander - He's different/unique. He definitely has stage presence and I think his charisma will lead him to the top 12. Great voice in addition Michael Simeon - He's the boy next door. Personally, I would not put him in the top 12. I think there are much better performers out there...but he's gotten a lot of screen time. He's a cute guy which is going to garner some votes. I see him getting into the top 12 and then making a quick exit around 8 or 9. Qaasim Middleton - I think he gets into the top 12 on the strength of his back story. He does have a good voice, although not as good as many. But he has those great dreads and he got a certain amount of charm that if it shines through sends him into the top 12. Daniel Seavy - This is my "controversial one". No way does he deserve to be in the top 12. He's a cute kid but when compared to the others, he's no where near the same level. But the young voters and the moms are going to put this kid through. He'll be the chicken-little of 2015 and steal the spot of a more deserving contestant THE FENCE SITTERS That means that there is only 1 more slot for one of the following: Savion, Rayvonn Owen, or Riley. Personally I would love to see Savion get it. He's gorgeous and he's come so close in other years...but AI seems to really LOVE Rayvonn. I don't really love his voice and/or his style of singing...but his sound is very contemporary and he is different that the rest of the group. So I think he goes through. Riley...another great performer who could sneak in because his Country-ness is different than the rest...I just don't see him making it this year with the other strong performers and factors here. I really wish they would do top 5 and then let each judge pick a wild-card...however, I don't think that is in the cards this year. Rubbertoes top 12 guy rankings (combination of my personal choice and what America will do) 12. Trevor Douglas 11. Adam aka Hurley 10 Mark Andrew 9. Nick Fradiani 8. Riley 7. Savion TOP 6 6. Daniel Seavy 5. Michael Simeon 4. Rayvonn Owen 3. Qaasim Middleton 2. Quentin Alexander 1. Clark Beckham Waiting to hear what your predictions are!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House of the top 24 I can start the blogging....we are at the house of blues with the top 48...cutting it to the top 24. All in all I think it looks like it is going to be a good year. Michael Simmian - I would say he is a shoo-in for the top 24. The need to give him the idol make-over and trim those eyebrows. He will be in the top 12 for sure. Lauren Lott - I think she is another shoo-in for the top 24 and the top 12 as well. She is a beautiful girl with a great look and a powerful voice. Mext up Adam aka "Hurley" - I think he will make the top 24 but probably not the top 12. Cody gets cut....surprising. He wasn't one of my favorites, but I thought that we was probably going to be in the top very surprised he didn't make top 24. Blond girl...didn't catch her name - Levin or something like that. She was good but nothing about her has stood out for me yet. Mr. Crispy and Hawaiian guy get cut.....not surprising there. Adana Duru - She's another one who has not stood out for me. She's ok...not great. She'll make the top 24 but not the top 12. Maddie Walker - She's got a good voice...I just don't think its good enough to go far....probably top 24 but again...not top 12....oops....wrong, not even top 24. Rachel Hallack- she's definitely a little stronger than the last one. Top 24...maybe top 12. OK....first staged drama of the season. I hate it when AI does this crap..."We didn't plan sing offs"....give me a break. What do you guess they put them both through? We'll see after the break. (oh man....I hope they don't play the fatal X-Factor card aka "We almost let this one get away and she ends up winning the show.)Surprisingly they put Maddie through and not Rachel. It was kind of mean what they did to Rachel...they could have done that better. Clark Beckham - My favorite so far. Shoo in for top 24 and top 12. I'm going to say shoo in for top 5 at this point. Daniel Seavey - My kids love I want him to go through for them...but I would not put him through to the top 24. I think he might be good in a few years...but he's not ready yet. But they put him through. I don't see him in the top 12. Tianna Jones - I don't love her. I personally would not put her through. Too much drama with this one. Although...after seeing her house of blues performance, I am having second thoughts. Ok....I think I was completely wrong about her. I'm really digging this performance. Changing my 24 and top 12. Her voice kind of reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. Rayvon Owen - and Shannon Berthiuame - She kinds bugs me the way she sings, but I like the raspy voice. Rayvon's style is not my favorite but I think he's good enough for the top 24. Jax- she is a shoo in for the top 24 - Right now...I love her voice, but I think it might get old with me. Hollywood Anderson - I loved him at first...but not so much in Hollywood week.....we'll find out.....after the break......tomorrow!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tough Slog Thru These! Back in it.

Idol Audition Night 3 — Kansas City. (yes, last week!)

Takin’ it to the streets in the Idol Bus. Can I say, still not digging the Club Mix Idol Theme LOL. Sorry Dr. L and I are a week behind, we have gotten sucked into the show Supernatural — all 10 seasons of it. We can handle the hour shows but ugh, the 2 hours are rough. I agree with Rubbertoe, these are not the fave parts of the show. But here goes:

Eleven towns across the country. Dr. L said she likes the bus idea. We’ll see how she feels after listening to Big Sexy. I’m getting a bad feeling about this. Oh yeah, he sucks. Harry and Keith straight up diss him to his face, damn that was funny. How in the hell did he go through? Madness.

The Shrieky Guy was no worse than Big Sexy yet he got the boot. Ashley Lusk was cut but kind of sharp? Still 1M times better than the first two. Josh Sanders was great. Hey, it’s that Casey kid from Alabama! Back for another shot. They all go through. 

Uh oh, turquoise haired porkpie hat chick. I like her voice but the whole shtick is kind of distracting. I hope she can lose the affectation.

We get a Country montage. Alexis? She’s a blonde Valley-ish Mexican girl. OK. Not great, but she’s got the look so they give her the golden ticket. Anton? He’s seems legit from the sticks. I like this kid! Voice was good though the nerves, and he was a nice guy, and we need them. 

Stephanie the Squeaker. She has an old 70s singer-songwriter vibe. Wacky but she squeaked by on a 2/3 vote. Hollywood will be interesting for her.  

Ashley is 15, and her parents are deaf.Oh, if only she could sing. She’s just too young. We get a montage of off-key folks and then hope arrives from Branson. Ellen, with a banjo. She’s got a pretty voice. And she can yodel!! The Beverly Hillbillies Trio was awesome. 

Colton (Kohlton?)  is a ramblin’ man, living under a tarp in the great outdoors. He sounds like some chainsmoking black dude from the 1940s, not a surfer-ish blonde white dude. They send him through. 
He should have stuck around for the ribs Ryan brought out!

So did we see some Top Tens? I say maybe one or two. What did you guys think? 

We’ll try to not get too far behind LOL. Happy MLK Day, and K out!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This was like the quirky twin of last night's show...

Idol Auditions Night Two! 

It’s all about dreams coming true, says Idol. Of course, technically it’s about 99% of the contestants’ dreams NOT coming true, but I see their point.

This new opening credit sequence seemed even weirder the 2nd time around! What do you guys think.

So we are back in Nashville. This time, they lead off with a guys who chokes. Are they setting us up for greatness next? We have an Alabama boy who acts like a fool, so I hope he can sing. Andrew singing Stevie Wonder. He was mega annoying but squeaked by. I didn’t feel it.

Next is Loren from SD California. Singing Bruno Mars. Face much cuter than her voice. Again a debate over someone that should get the boot. She went through? if she didn’t look that way there’s no way her voice would have been enough. This is a crazy night so far. Holy shit, this ep is 2 hrs tonight? We’re going to have to speed this up.

Kid from Texas with glasses. Quirky dork can sing, I like him better than the 1st two. 

Piper, big girl with big voice from Nashville. She should be recording now. Not sure how Amrica will vote for her but we’ll see.

Kelley and her daughter were great.  Good thing she could sing, or it would have been a heartbreaker LOL.

Cammie’s dreams were crushed. She couldn’t find the key. Looks great, maybe she should be an actress?

You gotta worry about all these twenty-nothing people who quit their jobs and say this is “what the are meant to do?” See the 99% comment above.

Up next is blind contestant Garrett from AL. I loved his version of Proud Mary. He is going to definitely make it hard on the competition: confident and talented. I am looking forward to hearing more form him. 

Clark the Busker has got the goods. Dr. L said if you see Keith doing the shoulder bob thing, you know you’re good. He makes the kid sweat though. Harry plays it hard but JLo sends him though. Considering some of the others, he deserved it. 

Gina brings her toys. She is really interesting. I can’t see the box on Idol every night but hey didn’t that one chick bring a rug?  I liked her.

Probably the cutest boy so far this season, Alex is up next. I am not sure his voice is all the wya there but it is definitely enough for Hollyweird. 

Cody the kid jingle singer survived Harry’s bad jokes and sang a pretty version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Held those notes a little too long, but he has pipes. I think Harry is right about his kind of music being embraced more now. 

Hector the Cosmetologist loves JLo’s skin. I can say from experience it is blinding. Hector can sing but he has bad habits like a lot of these amateurs. You can tell the guys who have been told they can sing by everyone. But I think he will get better over time — will he survive the group rounds?

We get a crying montage. Either people don’t curse as much or we have a kinder gentler contestant pool. 

Sarina finds out perseverance pays off. I think too many of these people have been corrupted by hearing Mariah though, damn. Enough with the 1,000 runs a song, y’all!

Alison sounded good. Jake (from the town I grew up in, Murfreesboro) had a nice tone, too. The blonde with her voice trapped inside sounded OK but I think Hollywood will crush her. 

Savion from TX sounded better than last year. I like this kid and it was good to hear him ask for help to get better. I think he may do really well. 

So now we are in Kansas City? Kid named Zack with skyscraper hair had a shaky start but maybe it’s nerves? Voice was all over the place. Harry was right, it was a phoned-in performance. But softie Keith sends him on. When he ran off it confirmed, nobody cares about Ryan anymore LOL.

Natalie form Portland (of course she is!) gives us a karaoke Adele. She’s funny but it was a total clone of Adele without the endless range. That and the over-dramatics made it hard to hear her for me. But she has a voice in there. No way she’s going to make it all the way, though. 

Jhameel from Oakland has OCD. And he sings T-Pain? He’s a cool kid, and hopefully he won’t let Harry freak him out too bad, ha. It looks like the judges are having even more fun this go-round. 

Jasmine. She’s from the Bronx but she’s also way off-key. It got really painful. She’s so deluded that she thinks her voice gave out — I think her ears gave out.

Man that BBQ looks good. Lovey looks interesting but can she even sing? She’s 16 and sounds like Minnie Mouse. But Jlo loves her. And she does sound like a pop star today. Which means I would hate her sound but voters may love it. Stage name, cracks me up. My stage name is going to be Lord K.

Jess looks funky but she’s older so hopefully she has chops. She is really unique and they had too much fun with Harry playing along with her. Could get old if she overdoes the weirdness but I liked her sound enough to hear more of it. 

I’m not sure I heard as many front-runners tonight but there were a couple standouts. What did you guys think?

— K Out!!