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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just got an email from Idol saying we have tickets for the Finale: but we have to be there @ 2:30 PM Pacific Time. It's 12:55  now...WTF, Idol? Even if we hauled ass up the 110, found parking, and got in line, it would be a mile long and... screw it.
We've been trying to get tickets all season, and the one day we absolutely can't go, we get 'em. Oh well, it should be a fun show.

-- K

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Season 11 - Please Remember me? Sorry....this is a season that I want to forget

Round 1 - Whitney v. Stand by me Jessica - I thought it was probably one of her best performances of the season. Perfect song for her to show off her range and her power Phillip - Classis Phillip. Destroying the melody of a classic song Phillip style. If you like Phillip you'll love this. If you are a fan of music, it wasn't anything special. Round 1 - Jessica by a mile Round 2 - Jessica - The Prayer. Boring. She sang it beautifully...but it was just a plain boring song. Did nothing for me. Phillip - his trainwreck Movin out. Horrible. Again....the fools that like Phillip probably love his mutilation of a classic song. Me? I'll take Billy Joel's version a million times before I would ever choose to listen to this garbage. Round 2 - Jessica by an edge (only because Phillip was utter garbage..Jessica was just boring) Round 3 Jessica - "Change Nothing" - At least it was a better song than "This is my now"...or "Do I make you proud"...but not much. It sounded screechy to me. Not a great song and Jessica sound sharp on a number of the high notes Did they just throw Jessica under the bus? Jessica wanted to do something more Urban? God...I hope not. Phillip - "Home" - Song written perfectly for him....hmmmmmmm I wonder who is going to win? But Good luck AI...selling this single and selling this clunker of an Idol. He MIGHT sell more records than Taylor or Lee...but probably not by much OK....really AI? Really? Can you be any more over the top predictable...a marching drum line? Round 3- Phillip. Overall...Jessica was better...but Phillip will win. Jimmy looks defeated I hope AI pulls it out better in Season 12.

Worst Idol Finale Ever

Hey Dr L and got me this the worst Idol Finale ever? So I decided to rank the Idol finales from Best to worst Starting the the Best Season 2 - Reuben v. Clay Season 4 - Carrie v. Bo Season 1 - Kelly v. Justin Season 8 - Adam v. Kris Season 7 - David v. David Season 10 - Scotty v. Lauren Season 3 - Fantasia v. DiGarmo Season 6 - Jordin v. Blake Season 9 - Lee v. Crystal Season 11 - Phillip v. Jessica Season 5 - Taylor v. McPhee So, no...this isn't the WORST idol finale ever...but its awfully damn close *emphasis on DAMN"

Is It Me, Or...

Is it hard to care who wins this season on Idol at this point?

I feel like there were a few contestants in weeks past that were Lil Taster favorites, but they're gone and
we're left with these two.

RT, if you are still out there, let us know if you are tuning in! We would love to hear how you think it came down to these finalists.

-- K

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No More Drama is right

Flying Solo tonight -- Dr. L is at a conference in another time zone! I'll try to represent.

2 Hrs again?!! This is just abuse, Idol. So you can have three contestants take the same time to perform as 12? No wonder ratings are down.

Phil Phil looks like a PA next to Bb Chez and Joshua, they are all dolled up. Ironic he will win. Top 12 in the crowd. HeeJun acting a fool -- I kind of miss all these people. Can we get a Re-Do?
Is that Pricilla Presley with Nigel? She looks like a wax figure.


This is the point where the "judges" pick a song for the Idols to coincide with the trip home. Randy can't even read his script Nigel wrote for him, what a numbskull. But he "picked" Etta James for Joshua:

This is Joshua's go-to vibe, old soul. He can sing, but this gets as old as any of the other one-note Idols. At least Adele, Wineheezy, Duffy etc. put some kind of modern spin on the old classics. This kid is kind of a simple-minded singing Savant, he'll never be original, just someone's puppet.

JLo picked BB Chez' first song: Mariah Carey? Smoke pimpin' on stage. Smart of them to slow BB Chez down --and yet, is she ahead of the song? A little off-key? It sure sounds like nerves to me. I am not loving this… Joshua was better. It got better in spots, but it was too freaking' melismatic to me -- it sounded like Elise. 

They are trying to put a positive spin on it, but I am beginning to LOVE how Steven Tyler infuses double meanings in his critique. "People hang on (Jessica's) every note" -- yeah, they do, especial when they are cringe-worthy.

I was not familiar with Steven T's pick for Phillip. Wow, this actually sounds like a song we'd hear on the radio, imagine that. This was the most entertaining of the three, to me. He's going to win, no doubt, right? How funny he gives the finger to them week after week. After Taylor Hicks and Phil, Idol is going to ban the color Gray.


Joshua goes home to Louisiana. All he talks about is his dad (a preacher), his Church, and Son of a Preacher Man plays behind it. Then he sings "Imagine"? WTF? It's a song about humanism/atheism at it's core, Joshua. Regardless, it's another cookie-cutter performance, good but forgettable. Now it's Randy's turn to couch the truth ("what does this song mean to you?) in a rambling critique. Is Idol Punking us?

Jessica hasn't seen her friends and family in months? Frickin' San Diego is a two hour drive from LA, tops. At least she had a better turnout than Katherine McPhee. She's doing a lame 90s Aerosmith tune. Did she flub the lyrics up front? Wow, this devolved into a shrieky mess to me. The judges should all win Emmys for the bullshit they're selling.

Phillip: irony here is, the guy with the rotten-gut medical condition gets a greasy plate of Nachos free for life. Love how they have his fans corralled in a Dog Run at the airport. Love that his Dad is packing heat in the Pawn Shop! Hot Sax Chick alert! A Matchbox 20 song. Again, a FAR better fit than the others. How out of touch are the judges? The AUDIENCE gave him a standing O, then they want to slam him. So contrived and scripted.


Joshua gets Mary J Blige. Thank you Jimmy, this FINALLY sounded like a modern song. Too bad Joshua seemed lost for most of it. Do people really just want to see him go batshit on the end of a song? It was a bit anticlimactic. Even the judges couldn't muster the fake standing O. Still, they heap praise on him. What I don't get is, what do TPTB hope to achieve? 

Jessica, with the plug for A T & T. This time, Jimmy goes old school, Jackson's I'll Be There. The song is right in her range, no doubt. Best of the night for her. She needs sing these melodic songs! Jimmy just bought her a few million votes. Jessica gave Randy a great Bitch Face.

Phil: Jimmy picked Bob Seger. Wow, another great pick. Phil truly surprised me -- that was amazing. So tender, and he had a kind of moment. I think he has this thing sewn up. Not much to say, for whatever it's worth, he was consistently good tonight.

Watching the recap, it looks like the Phillip - Jessica show. I don't know if she has the votes, but it's my bet Joshua is gone. 

 -- K

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

California Dreamin

So...I'm a little unsure of the theme tonight - Songs about California or done by people from California? That seems like a real stretch, I just get the feeling that you can manipulate any song to fit one of those two. Wow...have we really run out of themes? First up - Phil Phillips doing CCR AND he's doing "Have you ever seen the rain", one of my favorite songs..and surprisingly enough I don't hate it. I like the fact that he actually stuck to the melody for the most part...although he was stretching in parts, showing that he doesn't have much of a range. However, the song really showcased his personality which is his #1 selling point. Second - Hollie - Journey - Faithfully. My initial though was this is a great song chice for her, however, when she starts singing, it sounds shaky to me and way under her range. She's struggling. It gets better when we get to the more power ballad elements but overall it was not great. The judges LOVED it....I didn't Third - Joshua - Josh Groban "You lift me up". Total AI type song, although I"m not sure if its been performed before, allthough I have to believe it has. This is a great song and a great choice by Joshua. Perhaps because it is such a Groban iconic song, I don't love Joshua's comes across waaaay too gospelly for me. Fourth - Jessica doing Etta James. Really stupid song choice for her. AI is not a venue for this type of bluesy/jazzy song. She sang it great, but it is going to get lost by most of the AI crowd. I actually thought that she was great, but I'm going to place her second in Round 1. Round 1 rankings - Phillip (Yes....believe it or not, I'm giving round 1 to Phillip), Jessica, Joshua and Hollie Duet #1 - "This love" - Joshua is perfect for this song....not so much for Phillip. Duet #2 - What is this? Reminds me of Dolly Parton in the 70's from her variety show with the swings on the stage. Not as good as the guys. I thought it was quite funny when Joshua and Phillip came out and got in the swings. Round #2 - Phillip - It was good...but not as great as the judges wanted it to be Hollie - By and large I agreed with the was classic personality-less Hollie doing a big ballad song. I disagreed with Randy though...I thought the song choice was perfect...I just wasn't buying it. In many ways the song told the story of Hollie's journey "I can't make you love me....if you don't". In THAT sense, I think she sold the song. Joshua - absolutely outstanding....THAT was an Idol moment. Jessica - a bit oversung...but still pretty damn good.... Round 2 - Joshua, Jessica, Phillip, Hollie Overall - Edge to Joshua, Jessica, Phillip and Hollie. Hollie is a goner... America's bottom 2 - Hollie and Jessica Computer about to I gotta rush the end here....Rubbertoe....out!

Sing Hard With A Vengeance

Songs from California/Songs You Wish You Wrote? Again with the wacky nebulous themes. Just sing anything, OK? Don't pretend this is a theme. Otherwise, what would Phil and Josh sing?

Phil: CCR , Have You Ever Seen The Rain. First a shout-out to Hot Sax Girl LOL. This arrangement sucked. Phil was Phil, so his core couldn't care less. What's up with JLo's hair and Randy's jacket? Scary. I love how week after week Steven makes back-handed compliments to Phil that actually slam him.

Hollie: wait--did they pull a fast one on us in her audition? I recall the crying rejection was played THIS year, and Dr. L did not remember her wearing a hat. That's some blatant manipulation, Idol, jeez. 
She's doing Journey, Faithfully. When will Idols stop picking these songs that waste half the time on no build? This was shaky and boring for 80 percent, then decent for the end. They praised her, why? JLo is totally reading a script-- and I swear, her emotion is knowing Hollie just blew it.
What's with everyone wearing a "6" pin?

hm, BB Chez gets pimp spot again? Also, what's with Jason D's neck brace? His Coke song still sucks, regardless. 

Joshua: clueless, I suspect, when it comes to real music bizness. He talks like a 10-year old kid, with "feelings"-- get busy winnin' or get busy goin' home, Joshua. A Grobin song. Maybe the best thus far but that ain't saying much. They praise it-- again, weepy JLo and script reading.

Jessica: Hm, over singing even at age 5. Etta James Steal Away. Hot Sax Girl alert!
Incomprehensible lyrics. And, holy shit, could she pick an older song? I think this was a bad choice. They WANT her to stay, but apparently aren't going to help in any way. Now it's Randy's turn with the back-hand compliment: the sing the phone book comment--doesn't that mean 'this song is crap but remember the voice'?

Round Two:
Duet 1: couldn't say, we FF'd past it. I'm tired of the padding.
Duet 2: they slam them? Idol, you won't have a girl win if you don't pimp them.
Adam Shankman seems like a tool. Seacrest's GF has a big part in his film? Then he's a corporate tool! I do want to see this film, though. 
Great fake out with Ryan and the note!
Group song-- FF'd.

Phil: Volcano. Jimmy loved it. I have to agree. The closest to a real moment, maybe all year. I think Phil just won this thing. Randy even spoke wisdom: sometimes the smaller moments speak louder.

Hollie: I Can't Make You Love Me. It was good-- and we cant tell what she's doing any worse than BB Chez-- but they're throwing her under the bus. So, she's gone.

Joshua: yeah he's wacky. HOT SAX CHICK! Ha. James Brown song. Good song choice. He's definitely a throw-back guy. Phil & Josh definitely got the memo this week. He's like a musical savant.

BB Chez: something from Dreamgirls. Oh Jesus, this looks like it could be awful. Parts are good, but a whole lot was shouty. I've heard 3-4 versions on Idol better than this. It would be my dream come true if she DID go home after singing this LOL. But she won't.

B2: Hollie and Jessica. Going home: Hollie.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gimme A Ticket For An AeroPLAAANe

Idol -- what the hell is the theme? They used to pick easily recognizable ones. This was something about British Pop and whatever.

Little Steven was so fun with Jimmy. I always expect him to whack somebody now, though.

First Round

Hollie: River Deep, Mountain High. Usually, I hate this song, because Idols like it and usually butcher it. I actually liked Hollie's take on it a lot. She really showed the stamina that is lacking in virtually all the remaining contestants, because she shook her money maker and never lost breath (see Jessica). But they put her in the KOD spot, so even though they praised her, she could get forgotten.

BTW, do we have to have this be TWO HOURS, Idol? Didn't they start paring it down by now in seasons past? This is a lot to ask of us, assholes.

Phil: The Letter. We actually liked this. It was in Phil's groove. Funny how Little Steven responded to his don't-give-a-shit attitude as "artistry". But here it clicked.

Skylar: Fortunate Son. She was working her ass off to over-perform a song that she had no idea was about. Total disconnect for me. I told Dr. L she could have been singing the alphabet, and it would have sounded the same. I didn't like it, but maybe it resonated with the Southern voters. She worked it like it was a hoedown, not a protest song.

Jessica: Proud Mary. Ha! This sucked, but was entertaining in the way she hopped around like she was stepping onto a bed of blazing hot coals in those ridiculous heels. It was screechy, and she was completely phoning in a Tina Turner dance thing. Just laughably bad, and you know it when Randy tries to throw the first comment to someone else.

Joshua: Ain't Too Proud To Beg. God Almighty, that outfit is crazy. It's a totally Karaoke performance, not especially bad, but completely forgettable. I will never forget that jacket, however. They praise him as if he's the second coming of Marvin Gaye or something. I don't get it.

BTW, I got a good look at what was on the judges tables, that they read every night now. It's typed up, so it's definitely not "notes". It's Nigel's script, no doubt.

Round Two:

Hollie: Some Leona Lewis song. Dr L says this is very popular, so maybe it's a great choice. I think she did another fantastic job. If the award goes to consistency, then Hollie wins the night. But we all know it's down to personalities now, and she'll be hazily forgotten after the "big" moments coming after this.

Phil: Time of the Season. This is not one of those moments. I applaud Phil for actually toying with a melody for once, but holy crap that was uncomfortable when he tried to hit the highs. The judges were trying not to comment on it it but, I think everybody felt the pain. If he didn't pull the usual Phil faces when he did it we wouldn't be grimacing as hard. Mostly a Fail.

Skylar: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me. The first part was actually good. She can sing, damn it. But then she couldn't stand it, and had to screech out the "power" section. Ironically, she had more real power when she was restrained. Still, far better than her first number. Some medium pimpin'.

Jessica: You Are So Beautiful. Wow, reminded me that she can actually sing. Even though she tried to ruin it at the end with the overblown melisma, she built up so much good will on the front end, it was forgivable. Great song choice TPTB made for her. She should forget the stupid Beyonce/BB Chez bullshit and just try to sing. JLo tried to do a mea culpa about using the save on her, as if this justified it. Yeah, this was great, but we had to suffer though weeks of shitty songs from her to get here again. This, with the smoke, candles, and the reclining pose wins the pimp award of the night.

Joshua: To Love Somebody? Another attempt at a "moment". MUCH better than the first song, but he's been better than this. He and many of the Idols this year degenerate into predictable tics at the end of songs, the same runs, etc. This was no exception. He just throws some generic soul-scat on the end and calls it a day, as his eyeballs get red from the strain. Then they fawn all over it: best singer of the last 50 years? I want some of that crack you're smoking JLo, it's powerful stuff.

Bottom three? Should be Phil, Josh, and BB Chez.
Probably will be Hollie, Skylar and Jessica, though, with BB Chez going home (or maybe that's just my fantasy at this point).

A Tale of two cities: Phillip and the Pimp

Tonight was a clear example of a very good singer and a very poor one. It couldn't have been any more obvious tonight. First up....Hollie. I like the advice that they give her "Act as if the judges don't know anything and that you don't care what people think". This is the best advice that they could give Hollie....and she brings it out and brings it on. Excellent on all levels. Although...the little Hollie sashay is about the only dance move that she knows. Phil - What can I say...Phil does his one note version of a song again....completely bastardizes the song and shows zero originality...just another Phil Phillips version of a classic song. The routine is old. America is getting this one way wrong. I'm also getting really tired of the same face pulling that he does everytime they preview him before the break....Really Phil? Come up with something new....and Randy keeps talking about how "original" this guy is?....two words....c'mon. Skylar - Skylar is the "rebel" in this group? She seems to be trying too hard in her performance. This is not her genre and is shows. This is not good.....Skylar is going to have to really kick it up in round 2 or shes a goner for judges praised her. I completely disagree with their assessment here. "She's gotta have it"? Joshua/Phillip Duet; Um.....this is going to be interesting. Wow....its so obviously in this song that one of these guys can really sing and the other not so much. Was this song picked to expose Phil's lack of musical ability? Jessica - Proud't know about this....LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. This song is starting off very badly for her. oh no...this is really really bad. I love the back up singser and the horns, but this is just not a good song choice for her. There is nothing good about this song...her vocal is bad and her performance seems completely forced. Joshua - This is completely his genre. Joshua has to whole package here. Perfect vocals and he's showing a lot more stage presence each week. I think that he is probably the most talkented one in the competition, but he's not going to win. Round 1 (Best to Worst) Joshua Hollie Phil Skylar Jessica Second Round Hollie - wow...Hollie is on tonight. Beautiful vocal. Very strong performance and a nice contrast to his first song. Great job. She's reminding me of a young Celine Dion tonight. Randy is 100% correct. Hollie has been a dark horse all year, but tonight she seems to be peaking. It will be interesting to see if tonight was the peak. Phil - Time of the season - Ok...people....turn your head and LISTEN to the music without watching how cute he is. THAT was probably the worst singing ever on AI. Absolutely horrendous. That performance alone should send him packing. Skylar - Much better than round 1. What were those two weird people sitting on the bench...ok...that was just weird. Overall performance was good, but probably enough to redeem her here. Jessica - Much better than the first performance. Vocally it was very good. But I think that Jessica is going to be in big trouble tonight. Joshua - Major pimping of Joshua tonight....from the pimp spot the the heaping of praise. I actually liked his first song better. However, he clearly was the best of the night Round 2 - (Best of Worst) Joshua Jessica Hollie Skylar Phil Overall (Best to Worst) Joshua Hollie Skylar Jessica Phil Bottom 3 should be Phillip, Jessica and Skylar America's bottom 3 - Skylar, Jessica and Hollie Going Home - There is no mercy...and America clearly has Zero taste. Should be Phillip by a mile. However, it will either be Skylar or Jessica.....I'm torn...but I'm going to say Jessica. The Best of times....the worst of times.