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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 12 Girls: “Kinda Trainwrecky”

Alright, I am on the sofa, drinking my Pressed Juicery “Roots 3” (yum!) and I am ready to watch some Idol! K says “work it Baylie”! She knows the wardrobe tricks.
First up Chelsie – she loves some fishin’, huntin’ and hangin’ with her mom. Song – Cowboy Cassanova. K says – she is also workin’ it tonight. Sounds pretty good – but overall a bit of a lackluster performance. Not sure it was a great choice for her. K agrees with JLo that she “sounded a bit nasally”.

Erika VanPelt – Not much exciting going on in her hometown or with her family. That might not bode well with voters this early – you seem to need a hook. Song- What about Love: Finally someone that the song doesn’t swallow up. Good energy and tone, powered on through that song. Cute hair tonight!

Jen Hirsch – Cali girl and family owns a winery – fun! Song: One and Only – K says ‘boob alert’ two of three. The judges obviously want her to stay. K & I are not as familiar with this Adele tune – so it was hard to know exactly what Jen did with the song.

Brielle – arghh…did not like her or her mom in the earlier part of the competition! If her mom is the ‘mom’ of the group – I feel sorry for those kids. Ugh – this performance is so affected! ‘sittin’ on the doca of the baaayyy’ VFTW will love her! How about that cheerleading move at the end of the song?! K says the judges are on crack and ‘boob alert’ 2.5 of 4 (she tried).

Hallie Day – she and her husband have a cute lil’ house back in Baltimore. Her outfit is not the most flattering – but love the hair. Song: Feelin’ Good - Best voice so far! Nice interpretation of this classic tune. I think the older audience will enjoy her – but not sure what the younger crowd will think –will they keep her in the competition?

Skylar – just muddin’ around in Mississippi! (Ridin’ around with her friend - how many Haleys are out there in the world?!) Song – Stay with me or ‘spazz’ with me!: K says ‘boob alert’ 4.5 of 6. She could probably make a country hit out of this song (didn’t know that Travis Tritt had recorded it). She has had the most energy so far, almost spazzing out on us– love the fist pump with the mic. She really wants to be here.

Baylie – that was sweet that she filmed her grandpa. Song – Amazed – little rocky start and some bum notes here and there. She can hit the power notes when she needs to – but seems to have some trouble with transitions. K says that by herself, she bumbs the boob alert to 7 out of 7.

Hollie – seems to have a nice family and what a cute dog at home! Song – Disney tune? Huge tune and Big voice for such a little girl – wow! She really powered through her nerves much better than Baylie. How about those notes! She could definitely hold her own against the boys.

Note to Idol: if you WANT a girl to win – please don’t bash all the girls and let the guys get by with softball comments!

Haley – hey, I’ve got those rainboots too! She needs them much more in Oregon, I guess. Song – Sweet Dreams: Interesting choice (love this song, but)…kinda creeped out by the eyeballs in the background. Seems a bit screechy and off key to me. K says the whole thing was creepy. Okay – kinda inappropriate comment by Steven? And we are falling behind in the boob alerts.

Shannon – nice house in Tampa. Ryan trying to start something with Steven and Shannon’s dad. Song - ? candle? I’m sure I am unpopular in this thought – but, this song and that dress are too old for a sixteen year old. I know she has a big voice, but I think they could have helped her select a more youthful approach for this early round of voting. Judges clearly love her and want her to stay – you know they would say something different if they didn’t want her in the competition. We have heard them tell younger contestants to pick youthful tunes.

Jessica Sanchez – sympathy card – vocal chord problems. Doin’ some shoppin’ with dad @ home in San Diego. Song – Love you I do - it started a bit low - but she could just be holding back since she has had vocal chord issues. Great power note! (I think this is another example of a song that is too old for the singer – we will see what the judges say…) K says valiant effort with a bum voice! Judges working hard to keep her in the competition (confidence, swagger, perfect pitch, etc.).
Just a thought at this point – on the whole, the boys were just much more entertaining last night.

Elise – beautiful beach in Charleston, SC. Family is in NJ – very sweet and supportive. Song – One and Only: the only girl to use an instrument tonight. Soulful sound - she really has the most naturally soulful voice of the girls. Emotional connection to the song – great! Cute personality – love the room service flowers in her hair. K says enjoyed almost everything about the performance except for the ridiculous hand gestures. Judges love her and want her to stay. BTW – we didn’t realize at the time that Jen had sung the same song – wow – Elise blew her out of the water.

Ones to go home: Chelsea, Brielle, Hallie, Baylie, Haley, Shannon, Jen (although we see that Brielle seems to have a strong voting block – if you are following Dial Idol).

Hey J and Rubbertoe - we can’t wait to hear what you guys are thinking about the Top 24! Looking forward to your posts!
DrL & K

The Guys ....but what is up with Ryan's poofy hair?

The Top 13 guys.

What's up with Ryans Poofy Hair? Ryan's new look is really bugging me. Maybe it will gorw on me.

Reed Grimm - Doesn't want to change any more dirty diapers. My first impression - I HATE it. He is so corny. Certainly does NOT have the moves like Jagger. Voice 5/performance 2 = 7 (The judges all loved him....I think they are all on crack again to start the season. Its not looking promising)

Adam Brock - Man with a large black woman trapped inside. Really....Aretha? He comes across way too old for Idol. Well...he's no Aretha, that's for sure. He's got a good voice, but once again the performance is weak. Voice 7/Performance 3 = 10

Deandre Brackensick - Love the Hair. Don't love the falsetto in the beginning. He's got a great look, but I don't love this love. Its way too high and annoying.
But he DID hit the real high note. I wanted to love it...but I didn't. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12

Colton Dixon - I do like his look. Its kind of a throw back to the 80's. I thought he had a great overall package tonight. The judges say that he is "relevant". Voice 7/Performance 8 =15

Jeremy Rosado - the "Cheerleader" of the group. I understand why people like his voice. However, I don't. Its too high and "breathy". Not a bad performance though. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12. He'll get votes for being a big teddy bear and also the stories of him supporting other people and being the "nice guy".

Aaron Marcellus - I said that he was too "trained" for idol and watching his intro I can see why. He's a vocal teacher and trained dancer. He's certainly more polished than the others and his vocals were right on. The high note at the end was the icing. Voice 8/Performance 8 - 16

Chase Likens - The Country Boy. He's definitely got the country voice. Its not a particularly strong voice though...and his look doesn't scream country so its a little weird looking at him and seeing the package. Overall...not too bad though. Voice 7/Performance 6 = 13 (He looks like a giant standing next to Ryan).

Creighton Fraker - He's certainly unique. This was probably his best performance for me. I've never liked him, but tonight I thought he was pretty good, maybe because he was more toned down. Voice 7/Performance 7 = 14
(Interestingly, we didn't get raves from the judges, only...we don't want to see you go home. Randy "We look at the whole package...but you can certainly sing"....was that a way of should go home?

Phil Phillips - The pawn shop guy. I like his look and he's got an interesting style, but he's really a one note wonder. What he does it all the same. This would get old really fast. Sadly I think America is going to fall for him and we will have several weeks of the same exact performance week after week. Voice 6/Performance 5 = 11 (He gets the Idol dad pimping).

Eben Frankewitz - He's trying for the Bieber look. I'm not sure picking Adele was a good idea, because she has such a unique voice. Its weird hearing someone else do this song. This was ont his best performance, but he is going to get votes for his Bieberish look. I expect him to make the top 12, despite this performance. Voice 5/performance 6 = 11

Heejun Han - the jokester. Wants to show America that Asians can do more than get high SAT scores. Good solid performance. Didn't blow me away, but solid. Voice 6/Performance 6 =12

Joshua Ledet - Mantasia. Incredible vocals. Best of the night. Vocals 10/Performance 8 = 18. The judges got this one right with their comments.
(He might be a little too gay for America though....I'm just sayin...please prove me wrong America).

Jermaine Jones - "The gentle giant". Major pimping here...playing on the sympathy and he sings "Dreams of my father". Good performance, but this guy is not AI material. Vocals - 7/performance 7 = 14.
Was that a true second chance or was it just Idol feeling sorry for him and giving him one last chance to say goodbye? I'm not sure.

Rubbertoe's Rankings:

Joshua Ledet
Aaron Marcellus
Colton Dixon
Creighton Fraker
Jermaine Jones
Chase Likens
Deadre Brackensick
Heejun Han
Jeremy Rosado
Eban Frankewitz
Phil Phillips
Adam Brock
Reed Grimm

Rubbertoe's Top 5 guys (based on overall): Joshua, Colton, Aaron, Eban and Deandre

America's top 5: Colton, Eben (for his bieberishness), Chase (gets the country vote), Creighton (because America always picks a weird one), Jermaine Jones (sympathy votes).

America will get it wrong with Joshua, but he will go through as a wildcard and I expect Phil Phillips to go through on a potential wildcard.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ryan and Goliath

New stage-- looks pretty busy. To distract us from the singing?

12 guys: holding off secret 13th?

Up first:Reed:nice, jazzy, holding off on the crazy-- what'd they bleep?
Good song for him. Casey name-drop! KOD spot? Prob think he's strong enough to hold the curse off.

2nd: Adam: (cute dog @ home video) doing Aretha-- looks comfortable onstage. Handkerchief gimmick is going to get old. Pretty good, but kind of a safe choice.
Ah, wouldn't be Idol without gay humor...

3rd: Deandre: Earth, Wind & Fire--falsetto shaky @ first, but pulled it together. Dr L loved it! I'm not as big a fan, but he did okay-- if you like that sound. Does America? Ha!-- Ryan just pimped the kids!

4th: Colton, from my hometown of Murfreesboro; doing Paramour. Good current song-- maybe a little screechy at one point? They obviously love & want to propel him-- will the Tweens respond? Cute kid.

5th: Jeremy:Sara Barelis? Man, I don't listen to enough current radio, I guess.
Pretty voice. Nervous @ start? One of those songs that sounds warbly to me, but the crowd loved it. I do like this kid. They want him to go on.
Side note: Randy's shirt looks ridiculous, and the JLo/Steven shot was cute.

6th: Aaron--doing J5: did adequate job-- not as excited as JLo. Note @ end was an attempt to "wow", but shouldn't have there been more?Seemed like another victim of nerves.

7th: Chase: Country boy. His whistling woke up our cat! Pia sighting. Good voice. Not a fan of these "lyric-gymnastics" songs, because it doesn't leave a lot of air to bust out big notes. But he did okay. So far, judges throwing all softballs.

8th: Creighton: putting shout out to oddballs. Was worried about song choice, but it was a great fit for his voice. Very nice. Dr L got goosebumps. Was all the "6 have to go!" talk supposed to be a hint?

9th: Phil! Southern boys have built in fans, right? Kind of a weird take on In The Air Tonight... Dr L doesn't like his leg-lift move LOL. They CLEARLY want him to stay-- but Randy had to say something. Was almost dirge-like.

10th:the kid, Eben: doing Adele? Holy shit, the stage is on fire!! Rough in most of it, but nice @ the end. I like that Randy is the resident bad guy. Somebody's got to do it. Kid's got a good voice, but this was the worst so far.
The ladies: a shitload of blondes.

11th: Heejun--(cute dog, cuter mom) love this Robbie song. Maybe not best for his range, but sounded sweet. Will he survive Idol Asian curse? They must be concerned he'll get lost in the shuffle. What's up with the glass-less glasses?

12th: Joshua: Mantasia? Well, Idol better pimp the F out of him. Maybe the best voice of the guys? He's got my vote(K). Incredible. If this guy doesn't stay it's the biggest crime in Idol history.

NOW: the mind-fuck:
Number 13 is Jermaine. Since he's 5' 10" that makes Ryan 3' 9"...
Doing Luther. Sounds great-- such a clear tone. Boy he gave it his all! They want him to stay-- will America keep him?

Our call as to who goes home:Adam, Aaron, Eben, Phil, Deandre, Jeremy, with Heejun if a 7th goes.
What did you guys think?

DrL & K

Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Idol trying to become X-Factor and why?


Does Idol have to take a page from the failed X-Factor and "reinstate a contestant who was previously eliminated?

Are we going to have the same staged drama from AI that we got from X-factor. Is Steven Tyler going to drive to the guys house and tell him that he was been reinstated?

I swear...if the "eliminated" contestant goes on to "win" like the staged and scripted X-factor season....then this is truly the end of American Idol.

If they should have reinstated anyone it should have been Travis Orlando, especially looking at the crop of the top 12 guys.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's the what

Hey Lil Tasters,

Dr. L is out of town, and I don't want to watch without her, so I won't know who's in the Top 24 until this weekend!
But we'll blog then about who made the cut, and who got a kick in the butt.

-- K

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anything Goes When It Comes To Hoes --Er, Idols

-- 'cause pimpin' ain't easy!

Great post, Rubbertoe! We have been thinking along these same lines, ever since JLo said the thing about "we're looking for stars, not just singers". I expect Nigel was jumping in to the side of the table after each contestant sang, even though we don't see him on camera all the time.

Some thoughts on Rubbertoe's picks for Idol hard-sell:


Jen Hirsch -- yep -- definitely pimped, one of the few contestants that Idol let us hear almost her whole solo song

Skyler Lane -- yeah, the judge's comments were supposed to wow us in the way her song didn't.

Shannon McGrane -- you'd have thought the judges had a simultaneous orgasm the way they reacted to her. Too much growling, no connection to the emotion. Too young, really.

Bailey Brown -- I swear, I thought this was the Year of Bailey Brown, when I saw she was back. She's a hell of a lot better, but Idol has been sort of slow-pimping her.

Hallie Day -- oh, yeah, big time pimping. Kind of a plant, as she had a bit of a shot at a career in the past, but drugs sidelined her. I had forgotten how much Idol pimped her story about her Troll of a husband. Pretty good voice, though.

Brielle Von Hugel -- God, I hate her. But remember when MTV had that Real World show with that douchebag Puck? America loves to hate some of these people.

Hollie Cavanaugh has that kind of underdog story, for sure. Did we see much of her in Holly, er Pasadena Week?

But perhaps the most-Pimped award goes to Lauren Gray -- remember how they had that whole segment devoted to her being the next Carrie Underwood? it was crazy, over the top.


Phil Phillips -- maybe a little too Dave Matthews Band-ish for us
Definitely pimped from Day 1

Creighton Fraker - does have kind of annoying voice, but seems to have the kind of overblown power in his solo that the judges like

Adam Brock - I get the Danny Gokey kind of creeps from this guy, but I like his voice a little better than DG.

Colton Dixon -- yeah, Idol had their hopes set on this guy from the get-go. Why? He reminds me of Howard Jones (way back in the 1980s) for some reason.

Heejun Han -- we all know how Asians do on Idol. It's like, they want him in the top 12 -- as cannon fodder? No way he makes it past Number 10 or 11. But he's an entertaining weirdo.

Reed Grimm -- yes, looks to be annoying in the Casey mold, i.e. has enough screws loose that he could do ANYTHING on any given week. Doesn't he remind you of the crazy guy who jumped the gap to Simon's table on Hollywood week, and scared the shit out of the judges?

Eben -- has the "OMG he's 16" factor, but he's too square to really get the Tween vote, so will Idol pimp him very far?

What, no Johnny Keyser? I figured he's the Pimpiest of them all this year.

Johnny, then, and Josh Ledet -- I think Idol wants him to go further.

Can't wait to watch tonight to see if the Idol star-making factory keeps churning 'em out!

Dr L & K

Rubbertoe's predictions based on Pasadena Pimping

So...I thought it would be fun to make an early prediction of who we will see in the top 12 based on the amount of pimping that AI has been giving each of the contestants so far, but mainly on Pasadena...aka Hollywood to the unknowledgeable.

It will be fun to see how many we get right. Give your predictions as well!

Top 6 Girls

1. Jen Hirsch - She's gotten probably the most pimpage for the females, almost on the range of Pia from last year. The AI pimps will not allow her not to be in the top 12.

2. Sklyer Lane - Another shoo-in for the top 12. Hell....we had Jennifer saying she's another Reba and Steven saying "one of the best performances we've seen" within 5 seconds of each other. Again...AI will not allow her not to be in the top 12.

3. Shannon McGrane -

4. Bailey Brown

5. Hallie Day -

6. Briele Von Hugel - She's like that girl from a few years back, you know the loud mouth that didn't get past the top 24. However, this time around, she's THAT girl but without all the negative pimpage...and AI loves a good stage mom drama story.

Wildcard - Hollie Cavanaugh. I hope she actually displaces one of the others. She's young and more in line with the typical AI girl, however, she hasn't been pimped as much as the we will see if she makes it.

Top 6 Guys

1. Phil Phillips - They have been pimping this guy from day 1. To me, he is a cross between Casey and Lee Dewyze. He's the kind of guy that we always see one of in the top 12.

2. Creighton Faker - Another one that AI has been pimping hard from the beginning. I don't get it. I find him irritating in a Phil Stacey kind of way.

3. Adam Brock - He's different that the typical idol guys, he looks older and has a much more soulful sound. He'll be this year's Taylor Hicks

4. Colton Dixon - AI has been pimping him as the "comeback" player who didn't even plan on auditioning. He's been getting tons of airplay. He'll me in the top 12 for sure.

5. Heejun Han - He's been getting as much AI pimping as anyone...and AI likes having a little diversity in the mix. He's a funny guy with a good voice. I think he's in the top 12 as well.

6. Reed Grimm - Another one that I can't stand, but AI has been giving major pimpage.

Wildcards - Marcellus and Eben

As a second prediction...I am more confident about my guy choices that the girl choices. I would be shocked if I don't get at least 5 of 6 guys correct here.

One final note - I know its early, but at this point, I usually have a handful of people that I really love. This year, I am ambivalent towards the entire lot. Could this be another season like season 9 where you just didn't really care about any of them that much? For me...its starting to look this way. I'm hoping to see someone emerge, but at this point its looking like a weak weak season to me.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Idol begins its pimping

Group Night

First up - Betty and the Boops...
Michelle was good, Cherie not so much, Cari - pretty good....Gabrielle, I would send through Jennifer and Cari.

Next group... Tone full of a bunch of them that I don't like.
Reed Grimm....I don't like, Nick Boddington...should be out.Creighton Graker, cut....Aaron Marcellus should go through.Jen Hirsh...not good enough. I think the judges are going to put them all through. I would put Aaron through alone. The judges send them all through.

6-7-9: Briele with the stage mother. Kyle crew. He's got a good voice.Brielle a mess...Joshua Ledet...should go through for sure.Shannon
That group was a mess...with the exception of standout Joshua...and maybe Kyle.
Kyle is the only one cut....

The make you believers....Tent girl group. Jackie falls out...will she make it. Justin Cundiff....forgets the lyrics...Amy Brumfield (tent girl....forgets lyrics too)....none of them sound good. Mathenee Treco....the best of the bad. They all are going home. Mathenee makes it through.

Those Girls and that Guy - Includes the annoying cop, Christian who was sick. Christian Lopez...I would cut...just average voice. Alisha (cop), cut....Samantha....hmmmm...this group is going home.

Area 451- But first....more Drama....another person passes out. She's up...and then passes out again. Imani makes it back to the group again. Bryce Garcia starts off weak...really really weak....but Johnny Keyser is good, Kristi Krause....not good. Imani...brings it through, but then she collapses again. She's gown and Johnny keeps singing....WTF....shows bad sportsmanship and lack of character. Imani gets sent home too...Johnny makes it through.

Hollywood Five...The young kids group. Ariel....nice voice. Eben...I like him a lot. Gabi...not as strong as the others, but still pretty good. David Leathers....and Jeremy Rosado the weakest of the bunch. I think they will all go through...and they do.

MIT....the final group?

There were 185 people....we couldn't have seen more than 70-80 of the here.
Richey disappears into the "confessions room". He says "There is no compromise between good and bad". He expects to stand above his group. This sounds like a recipe for disaster for him. Heehun starts ....Jennifer says Beautiful...I say not so much...Richie...what the hell.....Phillip Phillips...I don't like him....he reminds me too much of the freaks of the past. I missed the other guys name...They all go through.

On to the individual round

Joshua Ledet - Hes got a little bit of a raspy voice, different than expected. He's good...I'm just not sure he's good enough. Good enough to get through this round.

Colton Dixon -This was not his best performance, but good enough to got through.

Phil Phillips - He's a cute guy, but I hate this style of music...he reminds me of a cross between Casey and Lee Dewyze. He'll make it through, against my wishes

Jen Hirsh - Nothing special here. She was better when it went up tempo, but nothing about her stands out.

Creighton Fraker - This guys voice is ok...but he is soooooo annoying. This was one of his better performances.

Reed Grimm - Another one that I can't stand. He's going to play the drums? That was a disaster when a guy tried this in a past season. The judges crucified him the last time around for doing this. Randy says "Another Casey"...all I can I hope to God not. He's actually got a better voice than Casey, but he's as irritating as Creighton.

Shannon MaGrane - Shes got good range and growl like whats her name from last year...., but I think she is actually a little better than the girl from last year...see...I've already forgotten her name. Wow, and she's only 16.

Skyler Lane - More hospital drama...I don't like her nasally singing. She's no way good enough to go much further. Jennifer you are wrong...she is no Reba..and Steven says "one of the best performances today"....really?

Rachelle Lamb - Messes up at first...She wasn't any better than Skyler.

Adam Brock - 27..looks like he's 57. He looks like a High School Science teacher. He kinda sounds like a cross between Billy Joel and Ray Charles. Not my style of music..but he was pretty good. I'm afraid he might be another Taylor Hicks though.

We only get to see 10 in the solo round...are these all ones that Idol is going to pimp this year? Let's see how many of them make it into the top 24.

Onto the Rooms

four Rooms cotain:

1- Creighton, Jenn Hirsh, Colton, David Leathers, Jermaine Jones, Lauren Gray, Adam Brock, Joshua Ledet - They are definitely through

2 - Ebaen, Skyler, Philpp, Reed Grimm, Shanon McGrane, Jessica Phillips

3. Rochelle Lamb, Birttany Curr, - They are gone for sure

4. Haley Brown, Heejun, Angie Zedderman, Brittany Kellog.

I would say room 3 goes home...1,2,4 go through...and they do.

I'm always amazed at how many people sitting in the rooms, we have never seen? Will we seem them in the Vegas rounds?

More Drama....what happens in Vegas...will blow you away!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

American Idol meets Hell's Kitchen

Dr L and K you are right on......what is up with the staged drama? Its almost as if the producers of AI got together with the producers of Hell's Kitchen to bring us the most SHOCKING AI season ever. The staging is very "Hell's kitchen" with the Ambulance lights and sirens and the dramatic pauses.......I mean...don't get me wrong...I love Hell's kitchen....I'm just not sure that I'm loving it here on Idol.

I have a new conspiracy theory it possible that Idol is cutting all the good guys to make sure that a girl wins this year? AI has been heavily male dominated over the last few years....During the first five years...we had Kelly, Fantasia and Carrie...but since then we've only had Jordin Sparks

On to tonights show....

Starts with the drama of the homeless girl looking for a home...and she's supposedly gotten the flu...but gets better and finds a home.

Cop woman is extremely irritating.......more sirens and paramedics....tempers flare the pressure starts tearing everyone apart.....AFTER the break.

Briele's mom is the consumate stage mother.....Symone is back from the hospital and starts looking for a group.

Jihun v. "The Cowboy".....just this years version of the group that can't get along.

Homeless girl is confident because she has JC on her side

The episode ends and we have to wait until next Wednesday to find out what happens on an American Idol that you will have to see to believe!!!!

Oh The Dramz

Just a note to say we have been loving the Rubbertoe breakdown, and feel much the same about many of these contestants.
I did notice a few of the Mysterious Contestants Out Of Nowhere, that we have not seen in the auditions. Looks like some classic Idol Ins & Outs that won't make sense until a few weeks from now.

And how about that cliff-hanger at the end! Wow, Idol, you must be worried we won't tune back in LOL.

-- L & K

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hurrah for

So its Hollywood Week....but they are actually about 15 miles to the East in Pasadena.

First up....Jonny Keyser...who was great in the auditions. He sounds good, but I don't think he sounds as good as he did in the auditions....good enough for this round though.
Next up....Heejun...he's nervous that everyone is so good looking. He sings way too much through his nose....he'll make it through this round, but I don't see him in the top 12 or even the top 24.
Elise Testone - shes got a raspy voice...not top 12 material...maybe top 24 though.
Baylie Brown - Pretty and a good country-ish voice....a possible top 12, definitely top 24
Hallie Day - I don't love her, but she's got that look that Idol loves for a #10-12 and I can see her in the top 12, but leaving quickly.

Jenn Hirsh from Agoura Hills - wow...she sounds really good...She's a shoo in for the top 24 and probably 12.
Lauren Gray - Another Raspy singer....very soulfull.....shes in the top 24.

Phil Phillips - I hate this styple of singing....he's good, but he's another Casey

Reed Grimm - Been on the stage since age 2...too much deedle deets....This guy is irritating.

Travis Orlando - My favorite!!!!! Wants to prove the judges wrong this time....and...I'm sure I'm prejudiced...but I thought he did awesome. Better than his audition. WHAT!!!!! You have got to be kidding me....WTF!!!!! I seriously do not get it.

Ramiro Garcia...booted off too.... (The guy born without ears).....


Adam Brock - He's got a good soulful voice as well..

Jane Carrey - She's got a good voice, but I don't think she has the depth needed....
Adam is in Jane is out....

David Leathers....17 years old....he looks 12. He's good....incredible range...but he's got that high voice that might get old after a while.
Shannon McGrane - She's good...Another top 24....and probably 12.

Jessica Phillips - the woman with the boyfriend that had the stroke. She's got great musicality in her voice. I would like to see her in the top 12...and I think she is good enough to get there.

They all advance......

Ericka Van Pelt - Got the voice...but not really the look....

Creighton Fraker - Man.....they put this guy through and cut Orlando?....Seriously AI....seriously.

Aaron Marcellus - He's got a great voice but is probably too "trained" for AI

Lauren Mink - The disability teacher - Not good enough.
Jeremy Rosado - aka "Dirty"....waaaaay too whiney......

Simone Black -.....and the DVR cuts out......

So day 1 of Hollywood week is over....and I have no idea what AI is thinking.....I'm going to have to wait and see, but I'm seriousy miffed!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


We read reports that there was a whole other audition city that got cut, so we could get here sooner! That's cool, Hollywood is where they separate the wheat from the chaff, anyway. Bring on the tears, the drama, the caterwaulin'!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet me in St. Louis I have been thoroughly underwhelmed by the vast majority of the auditions so far (such that I haven't really felt a need to write about them)....St. Louis was awesome. I think that a lot of the auditions tonight were some of the best of all time. I'm not a big fan of the auditions and am glad that Hollywood Week is up next....but I suspect that one of the auditions tonight very well will be the next American Idol