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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rubbertoe checkin in we have to watch tape delayed on here because me friends don't have a TV.

I have to say that my thought was the Janell should go home...and America got it right. I didn't think they would because America loves a pretty blond that isn't that talented (See KLC)....

Ashley should have stuck around a little longer, but between her and Didi I was sweating bullets. After all...Rubbertoe picked Didi to win it all....I would have been super embarrassed if she would have been the first sent home. But not as embarassed as she should have been after her performance the other night. She better pull it together.

Then the boys. I definitely saw Munoz going home. Everyone here disagreed with me. But it wasn't based on voice performance. It was based on complete lack of stage presence. He just didn't have anything to keep him around.

The second guy...Tyler, America got right. He had that really weird chin that was just.......really weird. I know that people can't really control their looks...but that chin was really weird. I thought he would have added an interesting element to the show, but his performance was just not very good.

So I think America got 3 of 4 right. Hopefully next week the performances will improve.

Ok....getting ready to go out on the Barcelona town (Friday night......).....


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Casualties of the Train Wreck

And . . . it's time for our first results show . . .

Cue judge's banter with Ryan and the group sing . . . PLEASE. MAKE. IT. STOP.

Back row of girls is standing . . . Siobhan is safe! Haley is up next, and she is safe! Michelle is next, and she is safe! Katelyn is up next, and she is safe! Yay, I liked her! Katie and Janell are up and one is going home . . . I picked Janell to go home . . . Katie is safe and Janell is out of here. . . . and must sing again.

We're back and moving on to a special performance by Allison Iraheta . . . I love Allison and her voice, but I'm not terribly sure about this song . . . That being said, I LOVE her.

Here comes the front row of the ladies . . . Paige is up and she is safe! Lacey, I picked her to go home, is up and she is safe . . . ugh . . . Lily is up next and she is safe! Krystal is up next, and I loved her . . . she is safe! WE're down to Ashley and Didi . . . Didi is safe and Ashley is GONE . . . I'm surprised . . . not terribly so, but somewhat . . .

Here come the boys . . . Tyler in a bathrobe . . . back row of boys are up . . . Big Mike is up first and he is safe! John Park is next, I picked him to go home, and I was wrong again . . . he is safe! Aaron Kelly is up next and he is safe! Todrick Hall, whose mama should slap him upside the head for what he did last night, is safe. We're down to Tim and Joe . . . somebody's going home and it is Joe . . . are you serious . . . he was one of the better performances from last night. . . Ugh!

Kris Allen is reporting about Haiti and is about to sing . . . 100% of my baby's proceeds will go to Haiti relief . . . he's singig Let it Be . . . Now THAT is how you perform a song . . .

Front row of guys are up . . . There is my boy and he is safe! Jermaine, I picked him to go home, is safe. . . Ugh . . . Lee is up and he is safe! Andrew is up and, as he should be, he is safe! We're left with Tyler and Alex . . . I hate this because I like both of these boys, but between these two boys, Alex should go through . . . and he does! Yay! And Tyler is sassing the judges . . . good grief. . .

The first week is over, and I am glad to put it to bed. Hopefully next week will prove more successful.

Idol Exit Song: GTFO

This is the song that is supposed to debut Thursday:

Okay, maybe not quite Get The Fuck Out, but CLOSE. "Leave Right Now"--wow, blunt. What do you guys think? Man, this song is simultaneously cold-blooded AND weepily dull. And if I was getting the Idol boot, and on the verge of tears, this thing would drive me over the brink. What was wrong with the kind of songs they were using before? From the likes of "I'm going home" to "I'm getting weaker and weaker" now? Way to empathize. This sort of cements for me that Idol powers-that-be are out of touch with reality.

BTW, I do think it would be hilarious if one of the contestants watches this, pulls a stunt like the singer in the video, and Security has to drag them careful what you wish for, Idol...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fixing A Hole...In My Head (Last Night's Ladies)

Dr. L & K Qwik © Idol Rundown:

The girls were all over the place! Sorry we are a day behind, Dr. L and I are gonna hit the high points :

BTW, I was struck by how Idol always seems to load the Top 24 with some cannon fodder. Remember the season where the guy came out and sang with no shoes, and immediately got the boot that week? There's always some no-shoe equivalent folks in here, cannon fodder destined to get mowed down on the way to 6 girls and guys, you just have to uncover who.

Paige: Curse of the No. 1 spot. Strange rockin' tune to start the night. Not good enough to not be forgotten after 11 more girls, I think. Anyone lese think it was wierd she didn't even change the gender of the song to a guy? It was like a lesbian anthem, sort of. Progressive, for Idol.
Ashley: Kind of thin sounding, and the first of a line of girls wanting to have some more famous, better singer rub off on them and falling short.
Janell: Didn't seem to respect how hard this song is to sing, and was swallowed up by it.
Lilly: Bizarre. I can't see America lving that. For the way to do it right, see Didi below.
Katelyn: Bigger voice than I remembered, I didn't get the comments about the shouting (at lest compared to the others). I did think she was dressed like a Hollywood Blvd. streetwalker, with the sausage-casing dress and the Ho Red lipstick.
Haley: I hate to admit it, but I was expecting this to come off poorly for some reason. As it went along Dr. l and I actually were enjoying it. Then the judges eviscerated her. Why? Isn't she one of the OMG young girls, and African American? Better hang on to her, FOX.
Lacey: So beautiful, IMHO, and yet such a strange delivery. Another one working the quirky angle last night, incurring the Wrath of Simon. She could be gone, but then she's the token magenta-head, and they usually last to the Top 12.
Michelle: A pro, and it showed. Nice performance, but kind of like Apolo Ohno, just trying to make the Qualifying before turning up the heat. Could be risky.
Didi: Brooke White's clone (almost), probably a plant, but a MUCH more pleasant shot at a quirky performance. She's staying. Can't you see her going to the Top 5 at least?
Siobhan: Got the pipes, but another weird song choice.
Crystal: reminds me of other former Idols who are great singers, seem a little embarassed to be on this karaoke show, but turn in solid performances while they last. I can't wait to see her dancing in the group numbers...not that she couldn't do it, but jesus, she doesn't look like she'd like it.
Katie: the Pimp Spot. Big bombtastic voice, but kind of a robotic employment of it here. What can you say, though, she's another OMG seventeen! so Idol probably wants her to stay and pull a Jordin Sparks (notice they dropped JS's name a couple times? Have to keep America thinkin').

So our order would be:


Katelyn - Siobhan




Are We in Heaven . . . Or is it Too Late to Apologize?

Casey (Space) Joe, Big Mike, (Tiny Space) Lee, Aaron, Tyler, John, Jermaine, (space)Todrick

Now that I've watched the girls . . . I'm onto the boys, which is, where I like to be :) Please, Please, Please be better . . . and, oh yeah, I get to see Casey James. :) Hooray!

THIS is AMERican Simon stop talking . . . what the hell?

Um, Randy, the girls did not blow it out last night.

Simon is not thrilled after watching the rehearsals . . .

1. Todrick Hall - He's doing the origial Kelly Clarkson, "Since You've Been Gone" . . . he is definitely putting his own spin on it . . . and I'm really not sure this was a good idea. Original . . yes . . . something I'd listen to again . . . no. Ellen thought it was original, but the singing was rough. Randy thought it was crazy. Kara thought it was crazy. Simon thought it was crazy.

2. Aaron Kelly - I missed what he's singing . . . clearly something country . . . he looks awkward on stage . . . and he's kind of forcing some of these notes . . . and kind of screaming a bit at the end . . . that was somewhat painful for me. Kind of yikes-esque. Simon disagrees with me and thought it was good. Kara loves him. Randy thinks he has "all those pipes". Ellen dittoed the rest. I love his humility as well, but I really feel like I heard something completely different.

3. Jermaine Sellers - He's doin some Oleta Adams "Get Here" . . . Some pleasantt moments and then he begins to scream and screech and all is lost . . . Sweet Lord! Someone please sing in tune and not crazy! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ellen didn't think he felt the song. Randy thought he was trying to do too much vocally, dawg. Kara thought he was trying too hard. Simon thought it was old and screamy. Jermaine's in trouble.

4. Tim Urban - He was sent home, and then poof a scandal, he's back! He's doing apologize which is one of my FAVORITE songs and so VERY meaningful to me and my bestest friend . . . Oh Sweet Jesus . . . WHY? WHY? WHY? Lawd in the mornin! Can I get a note on key? Simon thought it was awful. Kara thought he was buried under the beat. Randy thought people were trying to leave. Ellen thinks he's adorable. As bad as he was, I think he will probably stay.

5. Joe Munoz - He's doin something Jason Mraz . . . I'm not in love with him, but there's a good voice there. . . . especially compared to that travesty we just heard. He got more confident as the song went along . . . I like him. Ellen really liked him. Randy thinks he has a great voice. Simon kind of agrees . . . thinks it was ok. Um, did Simon just call him "limp" . . . just like our host . . . that was funny.

6. Tyler Grady - American Woman - He's trying to do the Jim Morrison thing . . . and here comes Lenny K. He's really missing some notes, but given the competition, it's gonna be good enough to go into the next round. . . But it was kind of a hot mess. Simon thinks he went to rock star school. Kara thinks he can be a star but it's too much schtick. Randy thought it was style over substance. Ellen thinks he's going through the motions.

7. Lee DeWye - He's doing Snow Patrol . . . which makes me melt into a pool of mushy goo . . I hope he's good . . . He's VERY pitchy, but he's re-arranged the song a bit and has some good energy . . . but man, he's pitchy. Ellen thinks he should stay. Randy didn't like the song. Kara acknowledged that he changed the song up, but didn't like it. Simon thought it was the best performance of the night.

8. John Park - God Bless the Child - already I'll say . . . wrong song choice . . .rough start . . . a wee bit low in his range . . . Song got better as it went along . . . but very boring. Simon thought it was flat. Kara agrees. Randy liked it a little better. Ellen didn't like the song, but thought he sounded great.

9. Big Mike - I heart Big Mike. I really hope he does well. Maroon Five's "This Love" . . . He's on key and he's got a great energy. I think the judges are going to complain that the song doesn't have very much range . . . but I kind of dug it. Ellen loves his personality. Randy agrees with Ellen. Kara thinks he sparked the energy level. Simon thought he was the support act before the main act.

10. Alex Lambert - What a Wonderful World . . . Oh LORD! He's got a voice in there somewhere but he is all over the place . . . I love the scratchy tone . . . but he needs to find some consistency. Wow, unless the last two pick up, this may very well be the worst Top 24 I've ever seen . . . I agree with Simon, he's got a good voice, but that was terrible. Kara is pimping him a bit. Randy continues the pimping . . . and Ellen loves that he is holding onto the mullet . . . and thinks his banana isn't quite ripe . . . or something like that.

11. Casey James - Why Brian Adams? But I heart him . . . so here we go with some heaven . . . I think it's funny that he's getting tickled at Kara. Ok, y'all know I like this boy . . . but, trying to be as objective as I can, I think it was the most complete performance of the night. Ellen seems a little pissed with Kara, but liked him. Randy agrees. Simon thinks he was honest and sincere . . . and called Kara a cougar . . .

12. Andrew Garcia - A little Fall Out Boy . . . nice . . . He's taken a song and re-worked it a bit . . . slowed it down . . . he's a little pitchy, but I kind of dig it . . . and I especially liked the end of the song. Simon was looking forward to Andrew, but was disappointed. Kara thought he took a strange risk. Randy thought the arrangement was strange. Ellen agreed. However, they all love his voice.

Ok, we're at the end of the first performance week. Overall, it was horrific . . . but a few stand out performances. I think tonight, Casey, Andrew, and maybe Joe were the standouts.

I'm gonna have to think about this before picking the bottom two . . . it's difficult because so many of the performances were boring or just plain bad . . . again, I kind of think it's one of the worst Top 24 weeks I've ever seen. I hope it gets better. . .

I've Got One Hand In My Pocket and the Other One Is Sayin So What. . .

Crystal (HUGE SPACE), Katelyn, Lily, Katie, Michelle, Didi, Haley, Siobhan (space) Ashley, Paige, Janell, (space) Lacey

I'm getting to this a day late . . . Here's our first week of live voting!!!!!

Yay! We've gone back to the format from 2 years ago . . . voting out the bottom 2 in each group each week. Hooray!

Very, very funny way to break the tension tween Simon ad Ellen . . .LOVES IT!

1. Paige Miles - Betta bring it girl . . you're first in a long line. Iffy start . . . a little pitchy, but she seems to be recovering. I'm not sure why she's wearing that bow tied piece of suran wrap around her waist . . . Ok, so, she screamed through parts of it, and it really did nothing for me. . . I'm not gettin the judges . . . I really didn't feel her nearly as much as they did.

2. Ashley Rodriguez - I LOVE her, but I LOVE this song even more . . . it's a big song. . . I'm worried for her. She needs to pull the mic back from her mouth . . . She has slowed and lowered the song which fits her range better, but it has also made a really good song, very boring. I didn't love her, but I ain't mad at her neiter. . . The judges didn't feel her . . . but I didn't think that Paige was that much, if any, better than she was. . .

3. Janell Wheeler - Oh Sweet Heavenly Lord . . . Why oh Why do they pick these songs . . . "What About Love" is such a tall task . . . the song is WAY too big for her . . . she's not capable of this song . . . they are going to say karaoke . . . Wow, either they REALLY like Janell and Paige or they REALLY don't like Ashely . . . I'm not sure which.

4. Lilly Scott - Croonin a little Beatles .... OMFG . . . FIND YOUR KEY!!!!!!!!! And now she's found it . . . but this song is so awkward for the Idol audience. She's quirky though, and I kind of like that. . . as long as she is quirky and in key. Last 1/2 was SOOOOO much better than the first 1/2 . . . The judges like her cuz she's different and that she is . . . I would agree that the latter 1/2 of the song puts her in first.

5. Katelyn Epperly - I like this girl . . . she's got a little Allison Iraheta in her. I dig the scratchy vocals, and I think she was a bit better than Lily. The judges liked her . . . Kara didn't like her makeover . . . Ellen thought she was pushed . . .

6. Haley Vaughn - At first, I thought she was dressed up like a nurse . . . She wants to hold my hand . . . and she is sort of screaming to let me know it . . . I think Haley has a great voice . . . I'm not quite as crazy about her as I think the judges will be, but I think she did a very, very good job. Kara thought she was pitchy but unique, Randy agreed, Ellen enjoyed it, and Simon thought it was kind of awful. I love Ellen . . . "If it was a mess, it was a hot mess" LOVE IT!

7. Lacey Brown - I hope she doesn't find herself in a landslide here . . . I don't have a lot to say besides that was kind of a RED HOT MESS. I really don't like her voice. The Dawg thought it was terrible. Ellen thinks she's better than that. Simon thought it was depressing. Kara thinks she didn't hit the notes. She's in trouble.

8. Michelle - Oh, Lawd, girl is pullin out Alicia . . . did something weird just happen with the mic? I was prepared to roast this girl for choosing this song, but it wasn't that bad . . . still a bad song choice, but she sang it fairly well. Ellen and Simon liked it but thought she could do better . . . Kara was less enthused . . . Randy thought it was pretty good . . . yo . . . dope . . . word . . .

9. Didi - I'm not familiar with this song . . . oh wait . . . I do know this song . . . We've got a lot of quirky with the girls . . .but this is quirky I can get behind. I like her, and her voice has a purity that makes me want to hear more. Simon thinks she's not original w/o spark, Kara thought she did make changes to the song but was pitchy, Randy sees no outward ooomph, Ellen thinks it was the wrong song.

10. Siobhan Magnus - Doin a little Wicked Game . . . started low . . . which I like . . . this is not going to go well . . . she's not pitchy, but I just don't like this rendition. I feel like the music needs to be louder to accompany her. . . I was bored. Ugh. Kara liked her. Randy was all like yo and blow before, but not so much tonight. Ellen really loved it, and, as an aside, is going to slap Randy if he continues to call her "E". Simon likes her, but didn't love the song.

11. Crystal Bowersox - I LOVE Hand in My Pocket . . . Now, THIS is what the fuck I'm talking about . . . Hellz Yeah! I like the harmonica . . . she's singin like she's already won this thing. LOVE HER! LOVE HER! LOVE HER! Randy loves her originality. Ellen thinks we're lucky that she auditioned. Simon didn't love it, likes her, but not original. Kara thinks she was good, but has the potential to be great.

12. Katie Stephens - She's takin a chance with the Buble . . . Her voice is solid, but she doesn't really have the energy that this song requires. But I like her . . . she's got a good voice. Ellen thought it was conservative. Simon agrees with Ellen. Kara thinks she was pitchy, but thinks she has ridiculous chops. Randy thinks she was pushing so hard that she was going sharp . . . compared her to Jordin Sparks.

Alright, so that is the end of the girls and I'm on to watch the boys . . . Other than Crystal, I was underwhelmed. What did y'all think?

Patti Labelle Talkin' Smack!

(Click on the title above to go to the short article)
Patti Labelle says the obvious, which is that the Idol judges make the singers feel bad. I always thought that's why people went on idol, for the abuse -- it's the only guaranteed outcome! But she's just trying to keep the contestants' spirits up.
-- K

Greetings from Barcelona

Hey Guys:

My posts are going to be delayed because I am in Barcelona visiting some friends.

We tried to watch the Girls this morning but the feed was really poor. Will try again.

Have to say....very disappointed. Especially in Didi.....Once I can watch I'll send in a little more of my thoughts!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Info On Chris Golightly Scandal from Idol Chatter

Just read this story from Idol Chatter (click on title above to link to the complete article), apparently Chris G's claim that he was NOT under any contract at the time of his Idol audition is up for some dispute.

The folks from Dream Projects Ent. say Chris was part of a group called D.R.E.A.M. 5 that signed a two-year contract on May 30th, 2009, just two months before Chris tried out for Idol.

The plot thickens! There is some weird business about release documents that could have been signed last Friday to resolve this, but I'm not sure who dropped the ball. To Be Continued...

-- K

Chris Golightly got screwed

Ok...this is just going to be a little bit of a rant...but allow me.

After reading some of the info coming out, it looks like Chris Golightly is getting royally screwed by AI and its not cool.

Does anyone know more?

From what I am reading, he was disqualified because he couldn't prove quickly enough that the previous contract he had, was not in effect at the time of his audition. Even though it appears that documentation proves that to be the case.

AI is giving a lame statement to cover themselves saying that he didn't disclose the contract. That could be true, but I doubt it when you look at all of the efforts and information that is out there.

I understand that it wouldn't be fair to Tim Urban to once again oust him, however, why can't they do a top 25?
He should be given a chance and I hope that enough people speak out to make it happen.
Especially, when it appears that Michael Lynche definitely violated the rules and yet, they aren't taking any action against him.

If there is one thing that drives we crazy is double standards and hypocrisy.
American Idol should do the right thing and reinstate Golightly.

(Rant off).....

Season 9's first scandal

Chris Golightly - I was WONDERING what happened to this guy

I'm not good at posting links....but I hear there is also more info at

Handicapping the top 24 we have our Top 24. Lets take a look and here are Rubbertoe's opinions on their chances of making the top 12:

The Guys:

1. Casey James - Shoo in for the top 12
2. Michael Lynche - Personally, I don't think that he should be in the Top 12, but he is going to make it. The guy has been given more air time than pretty much anyone else. That alone is going to propel him into the top 12
3. Andrew Garcia - see #2 above. Lots of airtime is going to help him. He's ok, but not top 12 material.
4. Jermaine Sellers - From what I've seen, he's got one of the better voices out there. He got a decent amount of air time so I think if he has a good performance, he should go through.
5. Toddrick Hall - I'm hoping he makes it through. He also got some good airtime and he's got the personality to draw America in.
6. Lee Dewyze - Gets Rubbertoe's final spot for the guys. He's got that David Cook factor that the others lack. AI loves that and one spot will open for that type of performer.

The rest: AAron Kelly (could sneak in with the young vote, ala "Chicken little". Ultimately doesn't have the voice, but AI is not always about the best singer.
Alex Lambert - has the cuteness factor, but again voice is weak. Cute Dimples are his only hope. Tim Urban - again...lacking the strong voice, but "boy next door" look might appeal to middle America. Tyler Grady - I like this guy, love the 70's Iggy Pop thing. I think he would add a nice dimension to the show this season, but I don't think America is ready for a "Retro-Idol". Joe Munoz and John Park - who are these two? They will suffer from lack of airtime. I seriously have no clue who they are. Maybe if they are great singers, they will make up for low exposure.

The Girls

1. Did Benami - Incredible voice. She is so different from Idols of the past and I think she is a shoo in for the top 12. Love her smokey voice.
2. Crystal Bowersox - another top 12 shoo-in. She will be hurt by not having the "Idol look" ala Carrie Underwear, but she has the talent to make up for it. Ultimately, despite her talent, she will not win the competition (ala Melinda Doolittle who was far and away the most talented in season 7). But she will make the top 12 for sure.
3. Janell Wheeler - I don't think she is all that talented, but she's the blonde pretty girl (ala Kristy Cook) that will get in despite not being as talented as some of the others.
4. Lilly Scott - I'm going a little out on a limb on this one. She has a distinct look that I think is going to appeal to enough to draw her in.
5. Katelyn Epperson - see #2 and 3 under Guys. Lots of airplay is going to compensate for less talent.
6. Siobhan Magnum - sneaks into the top 12.

To be honest- I just do know enough about the rest:
Michelle Delamor, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Lacey Brown,
Haley Vaughn, Ashley Rodriguez

Maybe as we get to know them during the next couple weeks...the predictions will change.
But I definitely think that the top 3 have emerged: Casey, Didi and Crystal.
My first finale Prediction: Casey v. Didi.
And if I had to guess right now I would say Didi is the Next American Idol.

My Predictions last year were WAAYYY that may be bad news for Casey and Didi.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The complete top 24

First up...Janell, pretty girl, but voice isn't good enough...They snd her through. She'll be short-lived.

Tyler Grady - he's got this Iggy Pop thing going on. Voice is not super strong though... He's through...and I'm glad because I kinda dig this 70's guy.

Lacey Brown - Tp 50 last year, but didnt make it through. They send her through...a dream finally realized.

Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert, Joe Munoz all through.

Crystal Bowersox - I'll be shccked if she dosn't make it. She makes it...I was very worried...Simon did a good psych-out.

Katie Stevens - Girl with the Alzheimer's grandmother - Shes in the top 24.

I'm beginning to LOVE Ellen.....

Angela Martin - the girl with the special needs daughter...I remember her now. I Loved this girl last year, but I had forgotten her...its all coming back to me no.
She didn't make it. So sad.....Kara was so kind to her. I wish she had made it.

Lilly Scott - She looks old....I kinda like her voice, but she doesn't have the package. She makes it through...but I don't see top 12.

Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers, John Park...all through.... (I thought Jermaine was in group 2 that went home....was that a different Jermaine?)

Haley Vaughn and Tori Kelly - Tori is a pretty girl, but Haley is much better. Good drama building here......AI makes the right decision....Haley is through.

After the break: Thaddeus Johnson v. Andrew Garcia. Personally I think Thaddeus is a better singer, but I completely expect Andrew to go through.
Tears to my eyes seeing Thaddeus not make it..even more tears seeing Andrew makie it.

THIS is what AI does the best.

Note on Banner:

Hey everyone! Kizzle here, thanking J for the kind words on the banners. I just wanted to say, while my "sources" have revealed the Top 24 weeks ago, (and have been 100% accurate so far) I didn't want to spoil the excitement of finding out as Idol revealed them to us. So the remaining 17 will stay blurred out "COPS-style" until Idol unveils them.

J and Rubbertoe have provided some kick-ass analysis of the talent in these early stages: will the weeks ahead prove them correct? I can't wait to find out!

-- K

The First 7

Here are the first 7 and what I think their prospects are after the top 24.

1. Casey James (Top 12)

2. Didi Benami (Top 12)

3. Aaron Kelly (out…unless he gets the young vote)

4. Michael Lynche (Top 12…but shouldn’t be)

5. Lee Dewyze – (out)

6. Katelyn Epperly (out)

7. Toddrick Hall (Possibly top 12….I’m hoping!!!!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The first 7of the top 24

The Top 24

The three rooms: From 71 to 24, they are split into the 3 rooms. (I love the tension in this episode and Ryan is doing a great job building the intensity in the intro).

Casey is in room 1 - Room 1 is safe for sure.
Room 2 - I think is safe as well
Room 3 looks the weakest of the 3 based on who is in the room. However, the woman "Angela" -they are showcasing is really good. Is this just to fool us...?
I half expect them to pull a switcheroo and pull her out of the room and move her to room 2 at some point tonight. Just to try to fool us.

Casey and Jermaine. They are both really good!
Casey in room 1, Jermaine in 2. I think they are both going through.
This Siobhan isgood too...
Crystal Bowersox - I remember that I liked her. She' got a great voice and is different than anyone who has been here before.
Alex Lambert - Not that great...but then group night. He made it through. His last performance - much better than the first performance, but I don't think good enough, although he is cte.
Michael Lynche. He's good, but not good enough either.
Todrick Hall - he's one of my favorites. Not only is he incredibly cute, he has an incredible voice.
Thaddeus JOhnson - and his Mother. Wow...his voice is much better than I would have expected. He's in room 1.
Room 2
Charity Vance - Pretty girl, but not enough there to go very far.
Tasha Layton - Beautiful girl and really unique nice interesting voice.
Mary Powers - This girl is OK, but arrogant beyond his talent.
Dockworker Llody Thomas - 75% there, but I don't think he's got it.
Bryan Walker - Police officer - He looks like a cupie doll.
Hope Johnson - I don't see much there. She lacks the confidence to go far and zero stage presence.
Shelby - girl with the facial paralysis -stresing out of the words -Shes got a much better look already than she had at the audition.
Aaron Kelly - forgot the words. Adopted by his aunt when he was young. Good voice and good looking but weak...
Ashley Rodriquez- She's ok, but nt great.
Le Dewyze - I like this guy gruff voce.
Joe Munoz...Jaeley Vaughn...all room 3. After the room to room review, room 3 is definitely the weakest.
Room - Tori Kelly
Andrew Garica
Ryan is realy downplaying room 3 which leads me to believe that it is a psych out.
Room 1 is surpises. This room has my frizzy haired guy...but they aren't giving him any airplay....
Room 2 - Simon is delivering the news. Room 2 isn't going through. I saw this coming, it was too much of a Ryan psych-out. Its too predictable.

Its heartwarming to see the two rooms celebrating made me teary eyed.

Up next: The final judgement. Who are the names that we are going to remember?
(During the break, I'm thinking, I'm glad they did away with that super tacky "Judges Mansion" from last season.

First p - Michae Lynch - Big Mike (I predict he is through - he makes it through.
His little dance was stupid though.....
Next up - Didi - She's gotta make it through, she is way too strong. The psych out worked on me here...I thought they were going to cut her. I so happy she made it.
Katelyn - Ellen--doing a funny delay bit ...she makes it through.
Shelby - I like her, but I don't see her as one of the stronger ones. - She didn't make it through.
Casey James - He is going question.
Aaron Kelly - I don't think he's going to make it...I'm wrong...he is through.
Lee Dewyze - a little arrogant more than he should be...but he was good. He made it through.
Todrick - I love this guy. He was with Fantasia in The Color Purple. This guy is really hot and has a great voice on top it.....he is a dancer more than a singer. If he doesn't make it...I'll be shocked. Its a simple YES.
Jessica Furney - She didn't make it...and her begging was just not flattering.

They only show us the first seven through...I guess the rest tomorrow......
What an awesome Hollywood Week!!!

The Ultimate Idol Briss . . . I don't know why I'm stuck on that phrase . . .

WE ARE HERE! The final week before we start voting . . . TWO FULL HOURS tonight. I think we are going to get 1/2 of the Top 24. That's a lot, yo!

THIS is AMERican Idol!

71 remaining contestants who will have one last chance to prove that they are worthy of the Top 24. I LOVE these two episodes! They sing . . . with NO feedback.

Judges have made their decisions and they are being put into three different rooms . . . C'mon ROOM #1 . . . it contains Casey "Bucky" James! :)

Angela Martin sounds good, but isn't this what she sang in the original audition? That's a no-no! She's in room #3.

CASEY JAMES and Jermaine Purifoy . . . I'm loving Jermaine's "Brick House" . . . Casey is playin it safe with a little Colbie (sp) . . . I liked it, but I'm a little biased. They are in separate rooms.

Haunting music opens this next segment . . . the drama has it's intended affect and makes me giggle . . .

Jermaine Sellers is starting with "The Man in the Mirror" . . . He's got a good solid voice, but that performance pails in comparison to Kris Allen's . . . Oh, Lawd in the mornin . . . don't be a DIVA!

Siobhan Magnus . . . Kind of LOVE her! Very good performance!

Crystal Bowersox - She's croonin a little Sheryl Crowe . . . Very, Very, Good . . . like the combo of the guitar and the harmonica . . . kind of reminds me of a female Jason Castro

Alex Lambert - Why, oh why does he continue to sing this song . . . I LOVE Mraz, but be original!

Big Mike - I like Mike's version, but it's kind of boring . . . don't hurt me, Big Mike.

Todrick Hall - Kara likes his version of Mraz . . . I'm not thrilled with the first half, but the back half kinda kicks!

Thaddeous Johnson . . . and his mama . . . I didn't love him either . . . I thought it was just aight for me . . .

Here comes Room 2 . . .

Charity Vance - unfamiliar with the song . . . she's got some nice control, but that performance would not put her into the Top 12

Mary Powers - Very Confident . . . spells trouble for Room 2 . . . Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" . . . I don't really think she did her best on this song, but I still think she has a good voice.

Lloyd Thomas - Another "Man in the Mirror" - I like him, but it sounded just okay for me.

Hope Johnson - Don't sing "I'm going home"! I know they like her, but again, she's just aight for me . . . I feel like a broken record.

Room 3 is up next . . .

Shelby Dressel - Forgot her words during practice . . . and she's a little off key during the performance, but she remembered her lyrics. . .

Aaron Kelley - Forgot the lyrics . . . But he pushed through and picked it back up . . . impressed with his determination.

Ashley Rodriguez - Doin a little Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" . . . She doesn't have the greatest voice, but I like her energy . . .

Lee Dewyze - I kind of adore him . . .


Haley Vaughn - Such a unique voice . . . I'm still not sure I LOVE it, but she definitely stands out.

I'm kind of betting on Room 1 and 3 to move on . . .

Janell Wheeler - A little Taylor Swift . . . very little energy, but a good voice . . .

The Judges are ON. THEIR. WAY.

Tori Kelley - kind of reminds me of Kelly Pickler

Andrew Garcia - I. LOVE. HIM.

Room 1: Ellen is talkin to the group . . . I think they are safe . . . AND THEY ARE! YAY CASEY! :) I also kind of love Tyler Stephens.

Room 2: It's the end of the line . . . they are out . . . I hate it for Hope Johnson.

Which means Room 3 is SAFE! I love a little Ashley Rodriguez and Angela Martin!

Now, the judges must cut it down from 46 to 24 . . . Another Idol Briss!

7am and time for the final cut . . . as per usual, it's the most emotional cut yet . . .

For the first time IN IDOL HISTORY, the final cut is taking place in the Kodak . . .

They are going in one by one . . . I liked the elevator from the past few seasons. . .

Big Mike! - I kind of think they will send him into the Top 24 - BIG MIKE is in the TOP 24! A unanimous decision! LOVE HIM!

Didi Benani - I have no idea if I've spelled that correctly . . . I LOVED her version of Kara's song . . . This girl has a better voice than Big Mike . . . I hope she makes it in . . . YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so very happy for her.

Katlyn Epperly - I like her, but she's not gonna win . . . I don't have high hopes for her today . . . Wow, I'm a little stunned, but I'm happy for her!

Shelby - I like her, but I just don't think she has the voice . . . I really think if they send her through . . . I don't wanna say it . . . They sent her home . . . I feel for her, but I think they made the right decision.


Aaron Kelley - He forgot his words in the final performance . . . I'm just not sure . . . I think he definitely has the voice . . . I hope they give him another shot . . . He could be in a Disney show . . . He made it! :) That makes me smile :)

Lee Dewyze - I think he has a good, contemporary voice, but he sounds like a hundred other people . . . he may not make it . . . There was some disagreement, but he made it! Good for Lee!

Four guys and two girls have gone to the Top 24 . . . how many more will we see tonight? We'll find out . . . after the break . . .

Random . . . there's a story on "snow rage" on my local news tonight. . . kind of cracks me up.

Toddrick Hall - He's never had a voice lesson in his life! Wow! He's gotta good voice. . . He made it with a simple "yes" from Kara!

Five boys and Two girls . . .

Jessica Furney - She made it to Hollywood last year . . . what about now? I just don't think tat she can win . . . but they have only put two girls in so far . . . She didn't make it . . . But she's gonna beg for it . . . I've gotta give her props for her moxy . . . But she's done . . . Kind of hurts me for her . . .

Seven are into the Top 24 . . . we've got 17 slots left . . . to be filled tomorrow night. . . Ten more girls and seven more guys . . . The drama continues . . .

Last but not least, let me thank Kizzle, AKA "K", for changing up the banner pics each week. He is doing an incredible job! Yay, Kizzle! Peace Out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revisiting Bucky Covington

Seeing Casey Jones make it tonight inspired me to look up his doppleganger . . . Bucky Covington . . . A little Fat Bottomed Girls, anybody? :)

Hollywood Group Night: The Drama and The Briss

Hollywoood Night Two: The Group Numbers . . . Oh Lawd, in the past, these have been painful. . . we'll see ow this goes . . .

96 contestants remain . . . cue the drama

Some of these groups look a weensy bit painful . . .

Oh cool, there's Big Mike listening to his kid being born, and was that a flash of the Castro brother earlier . . .

Again, I will say that Kelly Freakin Ripa is not at home rushing around making party treats for her kids birthday party... just saying

Did I just hear Ryan calling a girl "Theory"?

Drama ensues with battle of the loudster groups

The Dreamers group are freakin out with lots of dramz . . . group o'three or group o'five . . . looks like the five are a group!

The name Destiny's Wild cracks my shit up . . . and Idol Diva, Debra Byrd likes them.

Oooooh, it's Neopolitan vs. Destiny's Wild . . . with a little GaGa!

And, it's the next day, and the group's are happy and sleep deprived.

I hope Big Mike gets through. . .

Yay Big Mike's gettin the big deal phone call and doin his coaching over the phone. Good Lord, that man has got some guns . . . Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, baby out and now he as to perform.

Faith is the first group - Irreplaceable . . . This, to me, is really mediocre. . . they made it through. . . that was sketchy.

Team Awesome - A much better group performance . . . looks like Big Mike and Cute Tim are going through . . . Seth and the Castro brother are out . . .

Neopolitan - Bad Romance - They are ok . . . I don't LOVE them. The judges seem to love them and have sent all of them through.

Destiny's Wild - They are MUCH better than Neopolitan . . . vocals are better and the choreography is better . . . All four went through . . . thank goodness!

Superwoman group - great harmonies

The Mighty Rangers - These are the geeks . . . Tori - VERY GOOD; Maddie - NO; Mark - NO and forgot the words; Kimberly - NO and forgot te words . . . Danny (cuteness), Kimberly and Mark are out . . . Tori and Maddie are through . . . I thought Maddie was sketchy.

In the Closet Group - one of their group members quit . . . Jeff sounds good in a Gokey way . . . otherwise, this is not good . . . Jermaine is good . . . as a group they are kind of sucky . . . but, for losing a group member I think they did ok . . . Jeff and Jermaine are through, as they should be.

Gwen Stefani - Why in the name of all that is holy are they all singin Sweet Escape . . .

Big Dreams - also singin Sweet Escape . . . this group has jail boy and drama girl. . Oh jail boy . . . yikes . . . this is AWFUL . . . I liked drama girl and jail boy . . . I hate that . . .

Yay, I see Bucky Covington!

Middle C- Janell - NICE; Jermaine - GREAT; and Bucky/Casey - I HEART YOU! Their harmony is awesome!

Three Men and a Baby - Simply wonderful!

The Dreamers - Yikesies . . . I'm scared for them. They sound awful . . . very weak and off key . . . YIKESIES! They are awful! Mary, Hope, and Alex, the original three, are through to the next round. There is some strange bit of justice in that decision.

Of the 96 who started the day, 71 are through . . . that's pretty awesome. Yay Tyler Grady and Lloyd Thomas! They've got some serious cuttin to do . . . looks like an Idol briss will be necessary to get em to 24.

Next Week: The Idol Briss . . .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Castro Sighting

Just thought this was funny: Jason Castro's lunkhead bro Michael got about 2 seconds of Idol time this season, one second in Dallas and one tonight, in Hollywood week. Did you guys catch him? If you blinked you missed it. I think he was unceremoniously booted but it was hard to tell.

We're going to Hollywood

Hollywood week is always one of my most favorite weeks!!!

Ellen looks Fabulous!!!
Skibowski and Katie Stevens (Alzheimer girl).
She has a nice smoky low voice. She should make it through. She's different that most that we've seen before.
Skibo - Not good enough. He has some good qualities to his voice but they aren't quite there. Ellen is frightened and refers to hi as a jaguar stocking his prey...
Katies in skibo is out....
Next up:
Vanessa..and Andrew (straight up...) I can't say that I love his version or that it showcases his voice. He is probably has enough kitsch to get him through but it wasn't good. (As predicted...they loved it)
Vanessa went fr a ride on an AEROPLANE...
She sounds realy bad.....nerves have gotten to her. Ellen calls her unique...
Andrew moves on...Vanessa blew it and goes home. Ia sad that she left so early. I hope that like in years past, they went out on a limb and gave her another chance. obviously the judges didn't think she had it.
Cornelius edwards - split his pants, but sounded horrible. Megan wright...with the little borther. Not bad...but not great.
Amadeo - the big Italian....all he is doing in Hollywood is screaming.
Janell Wheeler - she's good....another smokey voice girl. Se's also got the look.
Haley Vaughn - She's cute...I don't think she is incredible..she's got some work o do if she is gonna make the top 12.
Mary Powers- the Pat Benatar wannabe - She's got a voice...but she imitates way too much. She needs to just be herself.
Haley and Mary make it through....

Day 1 - 46 contestants make it through...

Day 2 - a new batch of contestants...
Jay Stone - the beatbox boy....really bad.
Lilly Scot - Sandwich maker - Does Ella - I like her voice...but she can't play the guitar (what was she thinking?)
Lilly goes through...Jay goes home
Michael Lynch - Wife's water broke. He has a nice bluesy voice. Not sure if he is going to go far, but definitely good enough to go through here.
Justin Williams - Cancer Survivor, Tim Irvin,

First up - Tim - his range seems weak. He sings David Cook and makes me appreciate David Cook even more.
Justin - good voice, but a little overly dramatic. He looks like Osmond.
Wow...Tim moved on a Justin goes home? Justin was definitely a better singer. I think that was a huge mistake here.
The obnoxious sisters....neither makes it. Thank GOD!
Mattie Curtis - The Girl with the Downs syndrome brothers - weird song choice....really weird.
Casey James - Took off his shirt in Denver - Blues guitar 0 This guy is going to be in the top 12. He's got a voice and got the look. I guarentee this one.
Casey makes it through....Mattie goes home.

As the judges is all about song choice. What were some of these people thinking....seriously.

Last line of the day - DiDi (emotional waitress from LA)..She's got Megan Corkrey thing going on, but she is better. I going to call this one in the top 12 as well. I'm guaranteeing this one as well.

Crystal = Chicago Mom..She's awesome too - Not to sound like a broken record. But I'm putting her in the top 12 as well. Another guarantee.

Not surprises...they make it through.

We're starting to see the talent come through...

Tomorrow night. I love the group round...and I love when they put them in the 3 rooms......

I ca't wait!!!

Hollywoooooooooooooooooooood! And the premiere of Ellen D!

And we are FINALLY done with the initial auditions . . . I am eagerly awaiting Ms. Degeneres. . . . I really hope she is good.

THIS is AMERican Idol!

From 100,000, we are down to 181 . . .

I just saw a glimpse of Bucky Covington boy . . . which makes me wanna sing, "Fat Bottom Girls" . . . Y'all rememeber him singing that?! I know that Dr. L, A, and I do! LOVED IT!

Here comes Ellen D. LOVE HER!

Here comes a sudden death round . . .

Katie Stephens (alzheimer grandmother) - She's gotta nice look, and her voice is sounding good . . . Judges like her

Skiiboski - I'm scared. . . He Ain't to Proud to Beg . . . just aight for me . . . Ellen D. "There's a fine line between scary and sexy"

Skiiboski is out and Katie is through . . .

Featured next . . . Vanessa and Andrew . . . Andrew is doing Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" . . . LOVES IT! LOVES IT! Would buy it off itunes right now.

Vanessa is scared to pieces . . . I want her to be good . . . please . . . No No No . . . that's to say, NO NO NO . . . I thought that was awful

Andrew is through and Vanessa goes home . . . I hate that for her . . .

Cornelius Edwards - yikes - gone

Maegan Wright - didn't think she was that bad, but she's outie

Amadeo DeRocco - He wasn't great, but I've seen them give folks a second chance...

Janell Wheeler - She's got some chops . . . a little Taylor Swifty . . . She's got Top 12 written all over her.

What the HELL is happening with these instruments . . . hurts me in a bad first audition kind of way . . . wow, suckage abounds.

Haley Vaughn - I don't love her, but I think she's got some talent.

Mary Powers - LOVE HER! She's got Top 12 written all the hell over her. . .

They are both through to the next round . . .

46 contestants have made it through today ...

Oh, ok, so they've split them into two groups of 90ish . . .

Day two is here!

Jay Stone - the beatboxing sucked

Lilly Scott - doin Ella Fitzgerald proud . . . wow! Another possible Top 12.

Lilly through and Jay out . . . but WHO is hat boy? LOVE HIM!

Michael Lynch - Big Mike's wife is in labor - He is very good. He works the guitar nicely. . . he won't win, but he's got some long term potential.

Justin Williams (cancer boy) and Tim Irvin -

Tim's got is guitar singin some D. Cook -Not sure about his voice, but I like the combo of his weaker voice with the guitar . . . gotta good look . . . just not sure.

Justin - playing the keyboard, but what the hell is this melodramatic crap he is singin . . . and y'all know that I love some dramz . . . but, yikes.

Tim is through and Justin is gone . . . :(

Maddie Curtis - A-Freaking-Mazing control . . . but, I'm not sure about her pop potential.

Here comes Casey Jones, AKA Bucky Covington, LOVE HIM! To repeat, I FREAKIN ADORE HIM!

Casey moves on, but Maddie is cut . . . I hate that cuz I like her voice. . . but holla for my boy CASEY!

Here comes Didi Benami - singin a Kara song . . . I really like her. She's got nice control, and she makes me want to hear her sing again . . . kind of a Brooke White sound . . . and y'all know how I loved my Brooke.

Crystal Bowersox - from now on known as tattoo girl . . . Natural Woman on the guitar . . . LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Ms. Clarkson sang this during the Top 12 . . . She's got the voice that could win this thing . . . wow, that's the first time I've said that.

Crystal and Didi are through to the next round!

Tomorrow . . . I don't know cuz my DVR cut off, so, I guess we'll see together! Check ya tomorrow!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Miss Kelly Clarkson Defends Idol Singers

This is great. After Taylor Swift's maligned Grammy performance, her producer made some snarky remarks about Idol singers, saying "This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note."

On behalf of all Idol singers, Kelly wrote (on

".. you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the 'right' notes as well. Every artist has a bad performance or two and that is understandable, but throwing blame will not make the situation at hand any better."

Click on the title link above to go to the original article!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We had the intros, and I still don't know where we are tonight . . . I'm guessing we're getting the leftovers of those we didn't see . . . or just a review of all of the auditions . . .

Jessica from Denver - Wow! Powerful voice, nice control. I kind of heart her for coming back this season. Good job, girl.

I just tried to fast forward through the damned commercials, but this is LIVE . . . ugh.

Amanda Sheckman - She has a good, solid voice . . . I love her. I love her drama. . . but a little of her could go a long way.

Lee D. - He's a bigger, scratchier version of Kris Allen . . .

As an aside, does anyone actually believe that Kelly Ripa is in the kitchen making party treats for her kids bday party? Seriously? Really?

Lacey Brown from Orlando - Love her . . . Love her . . . Love her . . . glad she's back!

Several Sixteen Year Olds - Genesis, Thaddeus, and some white girl . . . none of them were terribly memorable for me . . .

I swear, when Thaddeus said, "Hollywood" . . . it reminded me of the movie Mannequin . . . remember, when Anthony from Designing Women was "Hollywooooooooood", and he thought Andrew McCarthy was weird for liking the mannequin who was actually Kim Catrall . . . anyway . . . I know y'all remember.

I have five words for you: I AM A BEAUTIFUL MANFLOWER

Y'all got tickets to the gun show? Big Mike wants y'all to know that muscleheads gots game . . . he's through

Didi - We've got a little Megan Joy going on here . . . But much better . . . I like her more than I've liked most . . . she's got some Top 12 potential.

Erin Kelley - Rip my heart out and stomp on it . . . Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, he can sing! Hooray!

Kimberly Bishop - Oh. Sweet. Lord. She kissed something, but I'm just not sure what . . .

Shaddai Harris - Lawd in the mornin . . . Make. It. Stop.

Ok, so, I'm a little excited about watching Past Life next after Idol . . . er, sorry, back to Idol.

Anyone else still unconvinced that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders excited Seacrest?

Hope Johnson - Not the greatest or the strongest voice, but good enough to go through.

Next week we have our 181 Idol finalists hittin Hollywood with Ellen D. See ya next week!

Denver Auditions: Did You Swallow Some Helium Today?

And we're back and auditioning in Denver! And Posh is BACK!

Mark Labriola - is here doin the thing that dudes do . . . I like him . . . he reminds me a bit of Chris Sligh from a few seasons back . . . I think he has Top 12 potential.

Kimberly Kirbo - lots of parents . . . looks a bit like she has a wig on . . . I don't love her voice . . . to me she is very weak, but she is through. . . and now Simon echoes my wig sentiments.

Danelle Harris - seriously, y'all know I don't have anything against kids, but seriously . . . are there any single folks here? She's got a heavy voice, and I like her. There's some potential here.

Casey James - Can anyone say Bucky Covington? I like his voice, and he's better than that girl earlier. . . and, well, he took his shirt off . . . so . . .

Tori Kelley - She's got a nice range and nice control . . . Simon is cranky . . .

Can I repeat again that I can't wait to see Casey James in Hollywood. TeeHee

Austin Paul - worth writing down because of his arrogance, and because his voice is terribly mediocre-esque. I need him to go away. Thank you, judges.

Kenny thinks he is a male Mary J Blige and that his singing is a public service to others . . . that made me giggle. Now, I need someone to unplug him.

Here come the tears and the ridonkulous auditions . . .

Nikki Nix and her horrific speaking voice came all the way from Italy . . . she's gotta girl group voice . . . she could step right into the Pussycat Dolls, but I'm not sure she's right for this show . . . I don't really get their enthusiasm, but, she's through.

Haeley Vaughn - I like her voice, and I like how her look doesn't match her voice. She was cute.

And with Haeley Vaughn, we are through yet another night of auditions . . . thank sweet Jesus above we only have one night of auditions left. Damn it, my DVR cut off before I could see bikini boy sing!

See ya tomorrow

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mile high dreams - reach for the stars!

Dreans a mile high

First up - Mark Labriola. Good job. Boy abducted by mother and lived in Maui....first up...first through!
28 with a his dream over?
Kimberly Kerbow - This girl is horrible. If they put her through...its a joke.
They send her through...what we they thinking? She won't survive a day in Hollywood.
Danielle - Cute girl. Nice pipes on this girl...but she is trying too hard to copycat. Definitely better than Kerbow. Simon says she is "broken" and may have come in just in time. Great Hollywood story. I love this girl.
Casey jamers - Cute guy. Bucky Convington? The women say yes...Randy joins thm and lets him through.
Tori - with the picture drawing litle girl. Simon called her voice annoying. I agree with Simon. They sendher through.
Haley Vaughn - Fighted for her life as an infant. Wants to be first, black pop/country singer. This girl has a voice. I would love to see her make it big n the Country world.

Bikin Boy....Serious?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Secret Rituals of Idol Auditions!

Not that this is news to any of us here at A Little Taste but I thought this was interesting. Click on the title above to be linked to an article about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at Idol, from some recognizable Idol wannabes who were embedded in the trenches in past seasons.