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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Someone Left My Cake Out In The Rain

Top 4 Night

Amber, Angie, Candice and Kree -- Dr. L said Amber looked great, but the leather pants weren't doing Kree any favors. Nikki mouthed "Hi Mom" which was sweet. Mariah battles rumors of being replaced by JLo by whipping out her boobs -- good move. Keith has an awesome redneck fish shirt on -- love it.

The Idols go to LA Children's Hospital. 

Up first: Amber in the KOD spot -- doing Celine --  usually the a capella opening brings some electricity to the performance, but for me it kind of went nowhere, and lasted too long. I thought she did better once the song started proper, but Dr. L liked the beginning too. She really looks like a star. The judges love it, so Clive is probably salivating at the chance to make her some new Whitney. 

Candice is doing Drake? How is this a good idea? A lot of Idol voters won't know this song, but I could hear this on an R&B station. She kind of over-melisma'd it, though, and Nikki makes a comment to this effect. Randy agreed, but Mariah's boobs disagreed. Vocally, she -should- be safe, but vote wise, she might be in trouble.

Kree - doing Hurts So Bad. She's such a pro, this doesn't seem like a competition, just a performance on a show. However, this song choice was pretty crap. It doesn't do her any favors, when this is a do or die week. Curious, the judges are throwing the two most powerful chicks on the show under the bus tonight. Also interesting, how did they pick these songs on the same night? I guess their 2nd sings of the night might be bomb-tacular, but this was odd. Keith says she should shred it up, but Kree always looks like she could be knitting while she sings. 

Angie: Doing Jessie J? Dr. L suggested that the Idols are now believing their own hype and choosing what I think Simon would have called "indulgent" songs. I don't know what it is about Angie, but I find her boring in a kind of overwrought way. She wants to bring drama, but it all feels so contrived. Amber still did the best. The judges act like they loved it, so it's clear they want the two young, thin girls to go head-to-head in the finale. I don't think it will happen, but Idol sure does.

Side Note: Keith demonstrating how to be "looser" would make the best Spaz avatar ever. And #Grandma was a pretty serious ploy for votes, wasn't it?

Duet: Kree and Amber do Rumor Has It. Amber is becoming the better performer, but I liked that Kree shook it a little bit at times.

Angie and Candice: what is this song? Miley Jr. doesn't quite have the pipes Candice does, but she does a pretty good job. I think this ended a little better than the previous duet. The crowd went nuts. Oh, it's a Rihanna song. Jesus, I know nothing of modern music. So much of it seems so lame, LOL. 

2nd songs: are these supposed to be one hit wonders? 

Amber does a classic, MacArthur Park. How the fug are these one hit wonders? Donna Summer had a bajilion hits. Idol is run by fools.
She looks like an Orange Push-Up. This was not as good as her first performance. Too old of a song, and the lyrics forced her to do too many vocal gymnastics. She's a great performer, but I don't know if this deserved the praise they gave her. #inittowinit makes me crack up every time I see it pop up in the corner. JIMMY SPEAKS THE TRUTH! He didn't dig it.

Candice: a song by the BeeGees? Again, not a "one hit wonder" if these are by massively successful groups, morons. She does a nice Urban Contemporary version of the song. I could easily hear this on the radio. I don't know how that equates to votes, but I'd listen to it. They give her lots of advice for next week -- will she make it?
HA! They pulled Jimmy up on stage to clock him! 

Kree: OK, this IS a one hit wonder, wtf happened to Procol Harum? I think this was a bad idea. This song seems stuck in some other generation, and what the hell is it even about? She looks great, sounds great, but I can't divorce this song from The Big Chill in my mind. They praise her to the skies, but so far the closest "moment" of the night was Amber's 1st, and all the rest are also-rans.

Angie: Julie London? Way to stay relevant, Idol. Angie's MOTHER might not have even been born when this song was a hit. A little over-enunciation going on, but she gives it all she's got. She's pretty, and her voice is good, but she seems like a Pop-bot to me, so I can't get too excited about her. She's like a Miley Cyrus clone. Randy blows his wad praising her, which really cements that Nigel wants her or Amber to win. 

I think Kree might be in trouble. Amber might be in the B2 with her, but they gave her more love show she will probably stay.  They announced a "surprise twist" -- so this might be the week they have to keep all four in, to make up for not using the save. I don't know if you read about Idol's dilemma, but the scheduled an extra week that they have to fill with crap now. So, maybe no-one goes home?

Cuz, I'm your lady!

So listening to Keith tonight....I decided to rate them on three different criteria - vocals, song choice and performance. First up: Amber. performance from her so far. For me...that was a perfect 10 in each category. She looks beautiful. I'm loving the hair. It was the perfect song choice that allowed her to show off her incredible range. She took a classic Celine Dion song and made it modern and current. I loved the simple beginning and how she allowed it to build (30) Candice - Vocal. There is very little I can fault here. Candice was on vocally like she always is (10). Song Choice was not great. I'm not sure that Drake is a well enough known artist and unless the song is incredible, picking a little known artist is going to hurt you at this point (7). Performance...I agreed with the judges here. Candice has a tendency to pick songs and perform them in an old-fashioned way. She already suffers from looking older than the others. The adult contemporary/R&B crowd is not the voting bloc for this show (6). Overall-- (23) Kree - Vocals...not up to her usual. There were points where I felt she was off key and parts that were under her range. (7). Song Choice - I disagreed with the judges here, I thought this was a great song choice for her...the bluesyness coupled with the country played right into her vein (9). Performance - weak. She talked in the intro about dancing and rocking out. I saw neither. She didn't look comfortable (5). (21) Angela - The judges loved it...for me it was just an eh...performance. Vocal was pretty hot (9). Song Choice...I thought it was a little boring (5). Performance - Angie is very good behind the piano. I think the judges got it right here. (10). (24). Randy was waaaaaay overboard. That was no way near the best performance of the night. Round 1.....Amber (by far), followed by Angie and Candice (neck and neck)...Kree in the rear. Round 2 - ONE HIT WONDERS Amber- Vocals - Not as good as the first one. Parts of the lower register were out of her range. However she did great on the long notes and the runs. (8). Song Choice - I thought it was a perfect choice for her (10). Performance...she still needs to work on a little. As the judges say, she has come a long way, but her dancing/stage presence is something that she can work on (8). (26). BTW...I loved the look when Nikki called her Angie. It was almost like "EW...I hate that bitch!"...but maybe I'm wrong???? Candice - Emotion. Vocals..again, not up to her first (9). Song Choice. I didn't think this was a great choice for her. It wasn't a vehicle that let her show off her abilities and the melody is not one that can carry it on its own. (7). Performance. Nikki was right...less old fashioned, so it was good for that and she comes across very professional and comfortable (9). (25). The Judge/Jimmy fight was just weird and left Candice in an uncomfortable position. You could see her saying "Hello....Hello....its my turn here....cmon guys!" Kree - Better than Round 1, but still not up to Kree (8). Song choice was good, but not perfect (8). Performance - again good...but not Kree's best (8). (24). Keith is right when he talked about "middle ground" songs that don't allow Kree to shine. Angie - Vocals. Angie sounds awesome tonight (9). Song Choice...I don't think it was great. At this stage they have to be smart and stand out. Choosing an old fashioned song like this is not going to propel Angie where she needs to be (6). Performance. Angie did a great job with the material (9). (24). Round 2 - Amber, Candice, Angie, Kree. Wow...I'm sooooo annoyed by Randy tonight. What is with his gushing over Angie tonight? Even Nikki. Even if you thought Angie was the best of the night (which I obviously did not.....she was definitely no where near the overwhelming best of the night as Randy would have you believe. His over the top praise reeks of desperation. Is it that AI doesn't see any of them as especially marketable, but believes that Angie is their best hope? Rubbertoes final score: Amber (56), Candice (48), Angie (48), Kree (45). Bottom 2 - Is going to be Kree and Candice. Going home....SURPRISE TWIST (which really isn't a surprise at all......NO ONE. Surprised? Hardly. Everyone knows that currently the season is supposed to end May 16....but with only 4 contestants, that would put the finale on May 9. This being the YEAR OF THE WOMAN. There will be hometown visits for all four and tomorrow night we will be treated to an endless night of Ryan attempting to tease us...and all of us knowing all too well that no one is going home. If someone DOES go will be Candice...although it should be Kree

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm Every Woman

Just kidding, nobody did Chaka. But why not? What was the theme tonight? Divas? And something else. Song from the year you were born? That's the first round.

The Battle of the Boobs continues, this salvo fired by Nikki. Double barreled.
Dr. L said she loves how casual Keith is every night. 

First up, Candice: she's doing what you're supposed to do to win -- make a well known song your own, and turn in a good performance doing it. Straight Up actually sounded kind of cool here. She's probably in no danger in the KOD spot here. Nikki said she sang it like a BOSS, lol.

I like the new feature where Jimmy gives his snarky comments on the break. 

Janelle -- Vince Gill made her stop crying. Will she be crying tomorrow because of him? This was perhaps an appeal to hard-core Country fans, to snake away some votes from Kree? It was a little too much tear-in-your-beer for me. It was kind of Whatev for Dr. L. She has a pretty voice, but I disagreed with the judges, that the "comfort" was what she should be going for. It didn't have a "wow" factor for me. Keith spoke da truth. Jimmy agreed!

Holy crap these Idols are making me feel old. Kree was born in 1990? Jeez.
OK, She Talks to Angels, Black Crowes. Pretty smart song choice for crossover votes, I think. This is what i meant about Janelle going the other route, this was more pop. But she does what Candice does, which sets them apart. Not the best performance ever, but good enough to cement her top 2-3 status. Judges squabble but they basically agree she's moving up.

Angela was a fat baby like me! Hee! Her mom's voice sounds eerily exactly like her.  She's dedicating Stnad By You to Boston -- I forget she's from there. She did a good job, but like Nikki, we didn't feel the need to stand for that. Watching hr, I did think that someday she could be a pop star. If she can get a little personality injection, she could make it. Randy cracks a good joke about the judges and Jimmy being a "Top 5" group LOL. Jimmy basically calls Angie a drama queen.

Amber: doing Harry Nillson's I Can't Live (if Living Is Without You) -- not really Mariah's, but how would these kids know? Kelly did a better version. Amber had to start in such a low key it was almost inaudible. She made the key change all right. It was kind of pageant-y for me, but Dr. L liked it better. Keith makes a cringe-worth Amber alert joke. Nikki basically agreed with my view of the performance. Jimmy too!

Round Two -- DIVA time!

Candice: doing a Disney Mariah/Whitney song. She shows she has the real pipes to take on one of these songs. Oh shit, the choir descends from heaven in fog behind her. She's making Mariah cry! It's hard to be critical of real, sho 'nuff talent. She has it. Kids voting across the country will respond to this song. The judges are all gobsmacked. She looks lovely, I think she's our favorite.

Janelle: doing a lesser-known Dolly Parton song. This was a mistake, especially coming after Candice; this was like a Top 10 level performance. Nothing about this is in the same league with the other performances. I think she's going home. Why didn't she do Jolene? It was a nice thing Nikki said, keeping janelle's eye on the future. She can definitely be a Country star.

Kree: doing Celine. A great, powerful version, but somehow not as far into the stratosphere as it should have been. I think Candice still has the edge. This is like two competitions in one: the battle between Candice and Kree, The battle between Amber and Angie, and Janelle is kind of the odd one out.

BTW, isn't it amazing how the stylists start to get dialed in about this point in the competition? And then there was Angie's dress. WTF was that?

Angie's doing Halo. I wish I was playing Halo. I'm not a fan of Beyonce, but this was a pretty good performance. She still lacked the oomph that Beyonce is able to bring to it -- is it soul? Maybe she has no soul. I don't agree with Keith -- I don't disagree she has a great voice, but I wish there was some kind of spiritual connection with her singing that I get with Candice, a little with Kree, and never with Angie.

Amber: doing Babs. Incredible. This was one of those pure, transcendant performances like when Candice did the Cure last week. I was worried it would be too old when it began. After a couple of seconds I didn't care -- it was everything that was missing from Angie's songs. I was riveted. I don't think I've held Amber in this much respect before. She could be the dark horse and win this thing. 

To me, it's Candice, Kree/Amber (a tie between these two), Angie, Janelle. Janelle goes home.

Thank GOD there was no Lazaro this week, right?

Girl Power

Round 1: - Songs from the year of your birth Candice - Straight up. She does a different version...different from the acoustic one that was such a hit a couple of years ago. Her version is much more Jazzy. I have to agree with Jimmy on this one. Although it was awesome Jazzy and vocally, I don't think it did her any favors. It was too subdued and I don't think it will sell well with the voters. Janelle - Does some Vince Gil song. Great choice, kinda throw back country, but I don't think her vocal was all that great. I've heard better from her Kree - Black eyed peas. Again...I agree with Jimmy. The vocal was awesome, but it was not the type of showcase song that the contestants need to propel them ahead at this point. I think that they are resting a little too much on their laurels and not going for the juglar. Angie - Double whammy for her here. First, she capitalizes shamelessly on the Boston tragedy by dedicating the song "I'll stand by you" to the city of Boston. Who wouldn't love that like a basket of baby puppies? Second, as much as I'm not a big fan of hers, she slayed it. Amber - Can't live....not Amber's best. Key was too low for her for most of the song. Not until she reached the power ballad ending did she bring it on. Wow...the judge's loved it, except Nikki. As much as I LOVE Amber, that didn't do it for me. (Ranking: Angie, Kree, Candice, Amber, Janelle) Round 2 - The Divas Candice- Taking on Mariah and, if anyone can do it, Candice can. Wow...that was awesome. I could see this as the Idol crowning song. Best of the night so far. That is how you do a DIVA song! Janelle - Takes on Dolly. I have been waiting for this from the beginning of this season....but of all the great Dolly songs, she chooses "Dumb Blonde"...serious? Janelle has such a great throwback Dollyness to her, but this song did not allow her to showcase it at all. This was the poor choice that will send this Dumb blonde home. I honestly don't know what she was thinking. Kree - Celine Dion. Kree did good, but I have to say it...the song was too big for her. She Almost was able to pull it off, but didn't quite do it. Angie - Beyoncé. Once much as I hate to admit it, Angie did a great job. Her vocals are not at the same level as Kree and Candice, but I think that AI WANTS her to win because she is the easiest to market. Amber - Barbara Streisand. Angie hit a home run with "Funny Valentine" early in the season...but she has to be careful at this stage coming across too old fashioned for the average AI voter. She sang it beautifully though. Ranking Round 2: Candice, Angie, Kree, Amber, Janelle) Best of the night: Candice...followed very closely by Angie (However, Angie will be the top vote getter because her songs were much more modern and will resonate more with the voters. Third place tonight - Kree. Bottom 2 will be Janelle and Amber. While Janelle should be going home, she won't. The Country vote for AI is too strong and will pull her through. Unfortunately Amber is going home tomorrow. Too bad that the Judge's save is gone.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Idol still has a pulse!

Idol Top Six --

First off, a recap of Urkel getting the boot. Nikki displays what seems to be a rare moment of emotion. Idol edits it to make it seem like it was a shocker that he left, but it was by design that the dudes would all fold. Little did they think the tenacious gay male/Vote For The Worst vote would carry Lazaro so far.

Angie is up first in the KOD spot. Anyone who had a heart? She has a nice tone to her voice, and looks better every week, but this is kind of a half-invested performance. I felt like I was transported back to the 70s FM radio, and not really in a good way. Judging: Keith recycles the first shirt of the year. He felt the same as we did, there was no passion. Nikki agrees, then Randy piles on. Mariah makes the nonsensical comment that she wishes she'd sing a song she wrote -- on Bacharach Theme Night.

This show is STILL two hours? This is just an insult, Idol, people don't have all the time in the world.  We DVR it and speed thru and it's still too long. We counted 7 minutes of commercials at one point!

Amber -- reveals a terrifying habit of shrimpsicles. Good lord, she's singing Say A Little Prayer For You? She looks great, and this is a little better than Angie. It wasn't as ridiculously good as Nikki made it sound, but she does have star power. SIDE NOTE -- did you catch Mariah touching Randy's arm and looking at his watch? I think she was sick of Nikki LOL.

Prediction: after listening to these long-winded judges, I can see a finale where two singers perform for 10 minutes and the judges gab on for the other 110 minutes.

Sir Anthony Hopkins makes a kind of horndog comment about the "birds"?

Lazaro absolutely BUTCHERS Close To You. True, he may be cute doing it, but this is like a baby seal with a bloody carcass hanging out of its mouth. Plus, he's dressed like The Riddler -- what's with that outfit? That was possibly the worst performance I have ever heard on Idol. Nobody booed when Randy said it was horrible. Mariah couldn't shut up trying to softball the negative comments. Nikki is my hero for skipping this bullshit. If Lazaro doesn't go after this, then the fix is in.

Kree gets into the spirit of the night in her 70s-seafoam-green Anne Murray polyester top. She does the brave thing no one has done yet this season and actually sing a capella for a moment so we can hear how crystal clear her voice is. There's really scant competition for her at this point in terms of sheer ability. But does she have the votes? 

BTW, I love Randy's slightly disturbing Mario spangle pin.

Janelle -- time-warps in from Sonny & Cher to bring us What Do You Get When you Fall In Love? She looks good, has a nice tone to her voice. It really makes me wonder what the competition would have been like if all the guys this good had been allowed to compete? It was kind of a laid-back arrangement and sort of sweet, but I'm afraid all these songs are putting me to sleep.

Candice -- here's who Kree is in danger from. Don't Make Me Over. I had a couple of goose-bump moments in this one. Gets a standing O, and deserves it. Lazaro should slap himself for standing on the same stage as  her. I hope to God she gets some kind of R&B contract out of this Idol trip, so I can buy that CD. Dr. L said she wishes we had been there to hear it live.

ROUND TWO -- songs the Idols wish they had written. 

Angie makes the stupid decision to go with an obscure song. It sounds like a kind of Fundie song, however, so maybe she's a genius and I'm the dumbass. Jesus might help save her this week on that one. They loved it, and she showed real emotion. They give her some good advice for once. I think she's barely holding on, though, in the onslaught of Candice/Kree/Amber. It's her and Janelle at the bottom of the girls.

Amber -- doing Beyonce. Kind of floundered until the chorus. These Idols never learn, just because they like a pop song, it isn't always good to sing it. it's kind of too busy to show off her voice, and the key is all over the place. I think her personality carries this song further than it deserves. I totally disagree with Keith, I think it was a near-miss. She's got a future, though, and charisma for days.

Oh no. Lazaro is going to take a dump on Robbie Williams? In all honesty this is a MUCH better song choice for his voice. Not remotely his best vocal, but a far cry from the train wreck earlier. Kind of a weak finish to an aiight performance. The judges are so over him it's hilarious. They can't even bring themselves to praise anything here, because it might mean a girl leaves instead.

Kree -- Help Me Make It Through The Night. Wow. She is getting better every time out. Very pretty, almost understated performance. She's the real deal. I could almost like Country music if it's like this again.

Janelle -- doing Garth. She really did a good job. Nice clear vocal, not super-badass like Kree but authentic. The audience didn't like Randy or Nikki's weak praise. She SHOULD be safe from getting the boot, but who knows. If Lazaro stays it will be at her expense. 

Candice -- holy crap, a Cure song! Love the Cure, I didn't know Adele had done a version of Love Song. In my book, this was transcendent. From first to last, this was a "moment". I had given up hope that we would have them again on Idol. This was an incredible, jazzy, bluesy arrangement. She was so totally invested, it blew everyone else off the stage. 

It's Candice and Kree's show at this point, and Lazaro should be history. I think Janelle will be joining him in the bottom 2.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top six, but a three girl race

Angie looks incredibly hot....and the judges hit it right on....her voice is great, but there is no passion there. Amber - Wow....the makeover crew is on this week. Amber looks A-MAZ-ING! She needs to work on her choreography skills a little but her voice was incredible. Say a little prayer...I'm not sure why she isn't getting the votes that she should. Lazaro - Wrong on every level. Starting with the stylists...big miss here. That suit was horrendous. This WAS Lazaro's worst performance was in a key too low for him, it was off-key most of the song...just awful. Kree - What the world needs now. The acapella beginning did not work for me. I really didn't love the arrangement of the song at all. Funny...I disagreed with everything that Mariah said...she liked the arrangement and the beginning....oh well. I did like her hot brother from the pipeline! Janelle - stylists back on again...Janelle looks hot hot hot! Too much hokey play with the crowd and judges though. Too silly. I think the performance was good, but would have been better if she had focused on the singing and not the theatrics. Candace - Vocal performance was incredible....ranked right up there with Amber. Candaces problem is she looks older and doesn't have the same youthfulness about her that the others have. Very soulful and heartfelt performance. Round 1 Amber and Candace by far Kree Janelle Angie Lazaro Angie - MUCH better performance. Back at the piano and she looked much more comfortable and showed the passion that was sadly lacking in the first. Angie just made this a three horse race. Amber - her look is very young and hip. Vocal performance wasn't as good as the first though. However, it got much better in the second half. That song could not be an easy one to sing. Lazaro - Look once again is horrible. Vocal is as bad as the first one. Strange thing is that Lazaro has enough fans that all he had to do was put out a "C" performance and he would have made the top 5. However, both performances were so bad, I cannot see him sticking around. I think even his hard-core fans are going to have to admit that he doesn't belong here any longer. Kree - Classic Country performance. Even though it came across old fashioned....I loved it. A buckle-polisher. Janelle - Garth Brooks, the Dance, Wow...her performance is off on this one. She looks pensive and uncomfortable and the TuTu dress is all wrong. This one wasn't good and put her back down in the competition. Mariah has NEVER heard this song? Really...that seems of Garth's most popular songs. Candace - Does Adele's version of the Cure...I was WONDERING when they said Candace takes on the cure. I LOVE Adele's version, but I think Candace out Adeled Adele on this one. Awesome. Round 2 Candace Angie Kree Amber Janelle Lazaro Top one of the night - Candace, followed closely by Amber and Kree. Going home for sure, Lazaro. Angie still has a shot, but at this point its a three girl race to the finish.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Idol Sucks

Just read this great article from The Daily Beast:

-- and I thought it encapsulated everything I've been thinking about what has been wrong with Idol the past few years, but this year especially.

It's amazing to me that 19 Entertainment has such a golden goose here, generating MILLIONS for them, and they seem to have their heads so far up their asses that they can't keep it alive. Sure, it's still the number SIX show on television, but how many years was it number one?

I think greed, complacency, and lack of fresh blood in the inner workings here (I'm looking at you, Ryan -- you have too many jobs to pay attention to any of them, sir) are leading to Idol's demise.

-- K

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rock And Roll All Nite, or The Day The Music Died?

IDOL ROCKS OUT! An oxymoron on par with "military intelligence", but at least we won't hear as many prom-night ballads tonight. How can it STILL be two hours long? They should do this on a curve, give us credit for the torture we have already endured. This should be 1-1/2 hours tops.

Last season Idols sighting in the crowd! Josh and Holly! Nicki is dressed like somebody's Stepford Wife PTA meeting sex fantasy, right? Strange.

Hey, is Burnell wearing Dil's leather jacket from The Crying Game? Oh, and tonight is the episode where the other Idols make fun of each other. In my dream world, Idol would be more like the film Series 7:

Holy shit -- Urkel is singing You Give Love a Bad Name. No audio at the start -- I can hear the bus coming for you son. His dance moves alone make it worth it LOL. That kick at the end! The judges are dying laughing. Why do they boo Randy? This season is officially a parody of Idol. I've sung this song better in my car.

Lazaro and Queen? Oh, a duet with Angie. Jesus, he sucks at this -- and once again didn't learn the lyrics! He actually makes her seem rocker-y, and in reality she's as hard-core as Marie Osmond. I love the snarky slam Nicki gives Lazaro on the lyrics thing. She and Randy throw Lazaro under the bus. But even when they complain it's so softball.

Kree: she's actually nice? So she can out-sing almost everyone left, AND she actually gives a shit about the little people? She's singing Janis. Dr. L wanted to know, didn't MamaSox sing this better a couple of years ago? Kree looks good, and she can sing, but this was not 100%. And with her performing in the 3rd spot tonight, they knew she needed to be buried in the middle. I'm guessing nobody will bring it with a genuine "rawk" vibe tonight. The judges all act like they love her, but Keith could tell she was holding back. She reveals she has a pinched nerve -- so maybe that's it. LOL -- Nicki says she's "outta here" -- shit like that has a way of coming back to haunt Idols.

Side Note: The HD quality of FOX LA tonight is terrible! Fox has to be the cheapest network on the air, do they really think we can't tell?

Next duet: Burnell and Candice, doing Baby Wrote Me a Letter. This was FAR better than the other slop duets tonight. When Mariah gave her non-comment, she reminded me that her one talent this year as a judge is to pick VASTLY better alternative song choices. Too bad it wasn't a rock song. They should let her pick the songs each week. 

Side Note: HD is back. Dr. L just noticed Keith is wearing a Duane Allman shirt. Props! Holy crap, we just realized we have over an hour left of this.

Jenelle: Dr. L hates her bizarre bronze-ish jacket. This is an ill-conceived take on a Billy Joel song. And once again, a basically lifeless performance. I could hear this at a county fair, but then I could keep walking to the pig races or get a corn dog or something. Nicki hints that middle America is voting for Jenelle -- she may be right. Mariah loved her vibrato, but to me it sounded really warbly. 

Lazaro -- they make fun of his PeeWee's Playhouse wardrobe. Another Queen song mumbled to death? I gove him credit, he delivers it with more power and authenticity than I could have expected. It's off-key in several places, but he almost lands the plane. The key problems derailed what could have been a really superior performance. They still have to give him ups for not crashing and burning. It was his week to bring it or go home, in my book, and he earned another shot. Keith is so funny with the matador comment.

The Gem and the Holograms trio (Amber, Jenelle, Kree) doing another Billy Joel song. Is it me or do they sing it like it's in a foreign language they don't speak? Sounded like they forgot some of those foreign words too. Nicki likes the Zombie Apocalypse Slut look Amber is rocking.

Candice: funny clip with her and Burnell. Another injury? Doing Satisfaction? She has the pipes but this is another one of those Idol-does-a-Bing-Crosby-Variety-show-from-the-70s arrangement. Mariah gives the bald-faced appeal to keep her in so we can hear whatever her magical "true" song is. Sadly, when Idol does these theme weeks, it kills momentum for all but the 1-2 contestants who thrive in it.

Amber: she's schizophrenic? And narcissistic? And Burnell is a horn-dog for her. She's doing Heart. This should have been Candice, right? She has a bigger voice than I thought, though. Nice outfit change. What a pretty girl. Hm - She can't seem to get out of her head the whole song -- wandering around the stage, scowling sometimes in concentration, then smiling? She delivered a really good vocal, but it was a weird performance for me. Still, best of the night. 

Angie: Barbie on Crack? Burnell is really funny when he relaxes. An Evanescence song? How does she get the "modern" song? Is this even in the same competition? Wind/Smoke machine? Holy shit -- they pulled out all the stops. She does a good job, but -- stack the deck much? Idol has really made it clear who the TCO must be -- it's like the rest of the pack sang Herman's Hermits or something. It does really seem like she's comfortable with this genre, or at least she made the most of it. The most authentic "rawk" performance of the night, but perhaps because it's more of an emo rock song? I had to crack up that the wind machine almost blew her top off LOL. 

Who's in trouble? I think Burnell, Candice and Lazaro?