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Friday, January 28, 2011

Let The (Mind) Games Begin

Already I have seen stories about these Two:

Lauren Alaina & Chris Medina

So, we've seen Idol set all kinds of contestants up in these early shows only to watch them go down in flames in Hollywood, sometimes with no fanfare, as the "real" contestants (Top 12) sometimes come from nowhere.
These guys (Lauren & Chris) are getting a lot of "audition pimpage" but is it just sleight of hand to keep us tuned in? They were pretty good, but TCO? VFTW had a great slideshow that pointed out Lauren actually auditioned on Day One (as evidenced by the judges clothes mysteriously changing), but they held her video until the end of "Day Two".
What do you think? Can't wait to see the next group!

-- K

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I missed last nights show (but I have it on DVR).....

Tonight is Nashville!!!
Lets start with a disjointed love story:
Rob Bolin - ok...but not good enough to go very far.
Chelsee Oaks - She's better....
They sounded better together...they both go through

Next up....Miss Teen USA - from Tennessee - Stormy Henley
She IS gorgeous. Her voice leaves much to be desired though. Its ok...but not good enough to go very far.

Adrienne Beasly - from a farm in Kentucky. Adopted by white parents. I'm not sure. She's good enough to go through to Hollywood...but not sure if she's got what it takes to go to the top 12. Parts were excellent...other parts were a little weaker for me.

Jackie Wilson - No...she's decent, but not good enough. The judges like her. I'm not feeling it. She won't go beyond Hollywood. Judges say "unbelievable" and "amazing"....serious? Serious? I completely disagree on this one.

PAul McDonald - weak weak weak...but they send him through

Jimmie (?) pretty good

Danny Pate - Not that great - but he makes it through.

Matt Dillard- His family raised a lot of foster kids...Love the story....he's got a nice quality to his voice...but I don't see him going very far.

Lauren Alania from Georgia - She's another gorgeous girl. Sang for her cousin's chemo fund raiser... Her parents look her age!...She has a beautiful voice. I agree with the Judges...I think she is a shoo in for the top 12.

Next up....Austin Texas...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Easy

Waiting to see if tonight's show matches last nights strong start.

First up, Jordan Dorsey - I like his personality. I don't think his voice is all that, but I think he will add some fun to the show.

Sarah Sellers - Big Lips. Good in the high range, but not as good in the lower range.

Jovany - Cubano. Powerful voice. Mr. PecDeck....nice body...but it wasn't all that.
He's a little too into himself.

After we meet Randy's ex-football coach.....

Jacquelyn Dupree - Beautiful voice. As Randy said....great in the power range.

Brett - Kind of a strange kid....and he likes it that way. He's got a good voice. His singing voice is much better than his speaking voice. I love the fact that his family is so supportive of him.

JC Badeaux 15 year old...looks 12. He's got a good voice but he doesn't have the look at all. He makes "Chicken Little" from years back look mature.

Paris - The requisite young single mom story. Idol loves to play this one out.
Shes good...but not as great as they are trying to portray her.

Next up - Milwaukee Wisconsin!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream On Lil Tasters!

Idol is BACK, it looks like it's going to be a wild season! Dr. L & I enjoyed the endearing unpredictability Mr. Tyler sprung on us tonight, looks like he could say anything at any time, without giving the proverbial eff. J-Glo was surprisingly affable, but VFTW might be right in saying she could release her inner Diva and it could be more fun. And Randy was there too. No, just kidding, we were truly amazed the stamina the Dawg must possess to have made it a decade on this show. Was it us or was this kind of a "Seacrest-lite" episode? Okay by me if we have more of those :)
Another "was it us": was the "story" what got a lot of these contestants to H'wood tonight? A couple of good singers, and some ticking time bombs, but any future Kellys in the bunch?
Tune in tomorrow!

-- Dr. L & K

Idol 10 Premiere: A Brief Post

Hey Little Tasters,

I didn't take notes tonight so I only have a brief post. I thought the J-Lo, S-Ty, R-Ja combo worked quite nicely on night one. I thought their chemistry was very good, and I thought both Tyler and Lopez were both somewhat endearing . . . but not necessarily helpful in their critiques . . .

As far as the contestants, only three stood out. I loved the singing waitress and the girl from Kosovo . . . I want to pitch the 16 year old pageant girl into an active volcano.

More details tomorrow.


The journey begins.....season 10

The wait is over...a decade of Idol....season 10 and the journey begins.

Its a different table, but its HOT...lets go baby! - Randy Jackson

First Stop - New Jersey!

Rachel - from Season 6. She is singing waaaaay too low. She's not very good. They put her through, but she shouldn't have been put through.

Caleb - I like his personality and energy. I'm not sure he has the voice to go far.

Kenzie - She can sing but she is imitating too much...rather than just singing.
Cute girl though.

Tiffany - Seeing Stars? She sings a really bad original song..but she actually has a little bit of a voice. She's overly dramatic, but she can actually sing.

Robbie Rosen - Cute kid. Sad story of him in a wheelchair as a kid. I like him and he has a great name. So this is a yes, from Rubbertoe.

Ashley Sullivan - Works at the mall and loves Brittany Spears - She is a freak. Does Broadway...but she could sing. She wants to be a showtune popstar. Sounds good to me.

Victoria Huggins - She's cute...great smile...but a little irritating. She's got a good voice, but needs to reign it in.

Melinda - Family is a war refugee from Kosovo. Great story. Beautiful girl.
Good voice. Not great...but good.

Devyn Rush - Singing waitress - She can actually sing.

Computer battery is I'm going to sign out......a bit early
Its a Party in the USA and I'm glad that we're BACK

Friday, January 14, 2011

Are you ready?

Just checking in to see if y'all are ready for a brand new Idol . . . with brand new judges . . . and brand new rules . . . and stuff?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Season 10

Two weeks and one days until AI starts again....Wh-HOOOO!!!!!

Checkin in....who's out there and ready to blog?!!!!!