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Sunday, January 22, 2012

FOX vs DVR, we lose

We turned on our box to watch our recording of Idol tonight, but lo and behold the football game went into Overtime. Fox is run by such imbeciles. I can't fathom how they put Idol on in this time slot. I guess we're not supposed to care yet, this early in the season. We time-shift literally EVERYTHING we watch on TV, because it's 2012. So, long story short, this fucked us up, as I'm sure it did 90% of Idol viewers.
We managed to record part of the show in the next time slot. Part of me believes the weird time slot/time-shift thing was because the talent tonight was so inexplicably bad. Maybe, some spectacular contestants showed up after our recording stopped, but what we saw was just confusing. The judges praised a lot of half-ass or downright annoying singers. What up? We didn't get it.
Did you guys see it? What did you think?
--Dr. L & K
P.S. -- tried to post a vid but don't know if it works. I'll try to fix it later! --K

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Travis Orlando

I was so happy to see Travis Orlando on the show tonight. Last year, he was my favorite coming out of the auditions, but during Hollywood week they didn't really show much of him and he was cut. I'm hoping that this year he makes it on the show. I love his voice and he has such a great background story as well.

I also searched back through the site here to remind myself about Colton. He was one of the three guys who were the last three try to make the top 24. He was cut. He should have made it last year I remember now.....I think this year he will.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Idol

BAM! Idol is back. We missed you guys and can't wait for the fun breakdowns of the action on the blog.
I think Rubbertoe is right, though they made it seem like Savannah was spectacular, it was just kind of "aiight" for the most part. Some sweet kids. Felt bad for the Schulyer (sp?), Colton's sister. Way to take a dump in her Idol Dream Corn Flakes, judges. And Growly McDaveMatthewsWannabe (guy with guitar at the end) was just 50/50 for me. (A+ for inventing weird new lyrics for Thriller, though).
They made it look like the hottie chick (NBA cheerleader?) had a weak voice -- yet they showed a few others who will get chewed up Hollywood as well. Right now the Country Strong girl with the big gums is our favorite :)
-- L&K

Come back to the best

You've seen the come back to the best. Its so NICE to have American Idol back. I tried to watch X-Factor and found it way to staged and contrived and frankly...the talent was not there. I lost interest after the Brewer Boys were eliminated. The doesn't do it for me. American Idol has the heart and soul that the others just cannot compete with.

So...although the auditions are my least favorite part of the show, its great to be back. I have to say much as they hyped how great Savannah was, I didn't hear anyone who blew me away. I liked the girl who's dad was a pitcher for St. Louis....and I loved the story about the woman who lived in the tent, although she doesn't have the voice, I'm glad they sent her through. The Ryan Seacrest guy was fun....and I have to go back and see what I thought of Colton last year.

All in all..... a good start and I'm looking forward to another season. (This time...I'm going to take the title from you J!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Season Roll Call

AI two week countdown......Rubbertoe checking in.....who's out there?