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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Kara, Big Annoyance

If you click on the title of the post above, you will be magically transported to a young Kara DioGuardi's childhood, where you can see the molding of the Idol judge (and the weird lip shapes) we know and love today.

Dr. J

TTown Idol Fan!! made a great point -- L is now Dr. L but the illustrious J is still hiding his light under a bushel!
I think "Dr. J" is the way to go. I am totally planning on becoming Master K this summer :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just a quick post after reading J's thoughtful analysis of Top 5 night:
I completely agree that there is shameless pimping going on of Adam and Gokey. I wanted to take it a step further, and ask all you faithful Idol vets if you think the "bottom 2" scenario tonight was actually another case of manipulation.

I couldn't think of specific examples, but I know J has some filed in his mental Rolodex (he is a font of Idol lore, y'all):

think of other times when "shocker" bottom 3s and 2s happened, when Ryan goes into careful wording about the "results". He'll say at the top of the show "X MILLION VOTES!" and then later describe the contestants in the hot seats as "your bottom 3". There are many nights when Ryan will come out and say, "these are the two with the lowest number of votes", but some nights, he's a little cagey.
Bottom line: I think Adam wasn't actually the 2nd lowest vote getter. But I think they are pulling some shenanigans to make people THINK he was, so they will vote their asses off for him in the Gokey/Lambert finale they are salivating about. What would this mean? Maybe they want to pull some votes away from Kris; I think Allison has been in the B3 so many times she'll go out before the Top 2, surely. But it really makes me think they want to set up Adam for the win.
Anyway, I'd like to know if anybody else thought the same thing. J, I know you can remember a couple of those results nights moments I'm talking about.

PS -- I do want to say this is truly the best possible Top 4 from the group this year, in my and Dr. L's opinions, echoing J's earlier comment.

-- K

Home Stretch

Sorry I have been absent so much this season my life has been spinning out of control like poor Lil Round's, hope she finds her "voice" after Idol!
Last night the best top 5 show I can remember!
I have fallen for the Adam hype machine, I truly think he is amazing! Great voice but better entertainer!
The final 3 will be Allison, Chris and Adam, I know that this is not a new revelation to anyone, even if Idol does seem to want Danny in there for some reason.
The bottom 2 tonight will be Matt and Danny! Matt goes home!

A Worthy Final Five OR The Shameless Pimping of Danny and Adam

I have to admit, I had an entire post from live blogging last night, but I was so damned irritated by last night's show that I decided not to post it. I re-read it, and I was unfair in portions and down right venemous in others . . . therefore, I decided to be a good social worker . . . take a step back . . . and re-group.

As a part of my re-grouping, I came into work this morning and reviewed the evening with Allison. I was relieved to find that she and I were on the same page about some of the performances and the structure of the show as a hole . . . whew, at least I haven't gonna astray from all of my fellow Idolers . . . What follows is a list of rankings with a few comments thrown in for good measure. :)

The first thought I had when watching last night's episode was, "Why can't we cut the damn filler stuff and get back to the singing." I missed not having two performances on top 5 night. They have managed to do it every other year . . . Ugh! The next thought I had was why are Kris and Allison first and second . . . Again . . . I swear, if you go back and look at all of the week's this year, those two have logged in WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more time at the front end than anyone else. On the same note, how many times does Adam Lambert get to go last or next to last. Yes, I understand that it's a ratings ploy, but this is a competition and we all know that placement in the lineup plays quite a little role in voting. Wow, I feel better . . . just had to get that off of my chest.

Now, here are my rankings . . . get ready, cuz they could be considered somewhat blasphemous.

1. The Gokey - Last night's performance was the best I have seen from him since the Top 32. He managed to restrain the Gokey screech for a full 2/3 of the song. . . that way, by the time he went ape-shit with it at the end, it didn't feel like bamboo shoots underneath my finger nails. That being said, I do wish The Gokey could figure out that his voice is quite lovely and that it isn't ALWAYS necessary to go apeshit crazy.

2. Kris Allen - Here we go. . . I will agree that Kris sounded a bit overshadowed by the band at times . . . no doubt . . . however, y'all know I'm a vocal purist with this stuff . . . and week in and week out he is one of two contestants who I NEVER get nervous about because he always hits the notes. They may not be the strongest of notes, but I don't think this is a screaming contest. **Stepping down from soapbox** I thought he chose the perfect song for him, and performed it very solidly

3. Adam - Now, I know, blasphemous to take him out of the Top 2 . . . and before I say anything else, let me say that his vocals, as always, were spot on. He has an amazing range. That being said, I LOVE that song . . . it's a smooth, jazzy number, and, to me, it didn't need all of that extra flair. I could have lived with out the use of the Lambert Lungs. I was really looking forward to the number because I thought it would be reserved Adam . . . it was not. Again, not knocking him on the vocal, but on the self-indulgent stylistic choices he made.

Which brings up a point. The SHAMELESS pimping of Danny and Adam. Seriously, Simon Cowell is the king of calling people out on being self-indulgent . . . and that was perhaps one of THE MOST self indulgent numbers . . . and he didn't say anything . . . Really? . . . Seriously? I felt like there should have been a running scroll at the bottom of the screen that said . . . "Seriously Y'all, please don't bother voting for anyone else because this final is a lock . . .yo"

And back to the rankings . . .

4. Allison - I love this girl, and I really liked her performance last night. I thought she put a different twist on the song, and it did show a kinder, gentler rocker chick. The reason she winds up fourth for me is because her vocals aren't quite as spot on as the previous three. She had some problems clearly enunciating some of her phrases last night, and, at times, I thought she was a shade under or over the note. Otherwise, I loved her.

5. Matt - This, indeed, should have been Matt's night. . . and, to a certain extent, it was. He had some nice charisma on the stage and I was impressed with a lot of his vocals . . . however, Matt is one of the one's that I cross my fingers for when he sings because he occasionally strays from being in tune . . . pitchy if you will . . . last night was no exception. There were some off moments littered throughout what was, otherwise, a lovely performance.

I agree with Dr. L/K about Simon playing reverse psychology with certain contestants . . . however, it was hard to stomach hearing him tell Matt that he had charisma and confidence and gave an excellent performance. I don't know . . . I just don't know . . .

Josh's Bottom Two: Allison and Matt
America's Bottom Two: Allison and Matt

Eliminated: Matt

If all goes as it should tonight, we will have, in my opinion, the best 4 of the entire group as the Top 4 . . . that should make for a wonderful last three weeks. I just hope they will get to perform two songs next week . . . seriously, they used to get in 8 songs in an hour. Get it done Idol! **Stepping Back Off Soap Box**

Rat Package

First off, thanks, Rubbertoe, for that awesome rundown of last night's rehearsal! I feel like we have a special window on the show.

Here is the view from our TV:

Dr. L & K's ranking:

Adam (like a chromed comet)

 (brought it, fit the theme perfectly)
Allison (sounded great, but descended into slurred Rawk phrasing by the end -- I defy anybody who is unfamiliar with any song she sings to tell me the lyrics afterward! You can't.)


Kris (of these guys, Kris sounded swallowed up by Ricky Minor and the band, and Matt stayed afloat, to me, simple as that)

I think anybody who is an Idol veteran realized last night Simon was employing the age-old Idol trick of Reverse Psychology. At a strategic point in the competition a judge (primarily Simon, 'cause who really listens to Dawg, Heart U or Ortistry?) can lull some contestants' voters into a false sense of safety, while spurring other contestants' fans to VOTE by praising mediocre performances and damning good ones.
Add in another Idol truism: certain contestants will pick up the lion's share of last week's booted singers' votes. Who would Anoop or Lil fans vote for? Hmm...
America's bottom 2:
Kris/Matt, Matt goes home.

-- K

The Fantastic Five

So, I got invited this week to attend the dress rehearsal before last nights show with a friend, her friend and her kids... Basically, they do a full run through of the show prior to the taping of the live show. Similar to when I have gotten to go to the live tapings, we were "herded" into the waiting area outside the soundstage. We were eventually led inside, this time not in the pit, but in the seating area. The Idols came out and they spent about 20 minutes shooting some footage for the results show which airs tonight. Basically, they shot the opening sequence and then some individual shots. We are told that all of the footage will last for just a few seconds tonight. Another little interesting thing that I learned was that the "recap" prior to the phone lines opening is shot during the dress rehearsal. So the 10 second clips you see with the voting numbers is actually not taken from the live performance but from the rehersal. It was fun watching for that and I actually noticed some big difference in Danny and Adam from the way they performed it live.
Finally, Ryan comes out, clad not in suit and tie, but rather, jeans, a country cut plaid shirt and baseball cap. Ryan is very social with the crowd, very laid back.
They talk about how they are going to shoot the opening "THIS is American Idol shot"...Ryan offers his suggestions. Ryan actually has more influence than I would have expected. Throughout the rehearsal, Ryan changes several times the way things are shot (I would have expected it to be a "director" thing, but they seem very open to his way of doing it...maybe its in his contract).
Finally we get to watch the performances (I'll talk about that in a moment). I knew from reading earlier that it is the music of the rat pack. This should be a good night. The Idols all look so great on stage. Kris looks especially cute. Incidentally, I should mention that the crowd is overwhelmingly pro-Adam. All of the girls are yelling for him...a few for Allison, but not really much for anyone else. At one point, Ryan is positioned in the crowd, I think right before Adam...maybe Danny. The crowd of kids in front of us are going crazy getting his autograph. Ryan is so cute, he takes the Sharpie and autographs in huge letters on each of the kids arms. They are going crazy. One kid wants Ryan to sign his forehead, Ryan says, nah....your mom would kill me....but he signs his arm instead.
Just a couple of other things. Its fun watching the final five interact. Adam is much more interactive with the crowd this time, waving and responding to the people calling his name. Allsion, we are told, cannot act serious for more than 5 seconds without busting out laughing. She seems to be having a great time with the guys.
Danny makes a comment about them looking like a boyband...which prompts Ricky and the band to improv a little "Backstreets back" and Matt does his rather talented version of N'Sync's puppet dance (Don't remember what song that is). Matt is obviously in his element and enjoying it...he is constantly snapping his fingers and dancing throughout the rehersal. Finally, before we talk performances, one of the young girls that was with us made a CD for Adam, she created what she thought should be Adams first CD, with pictures and labels. She has a note inside the CD and wants to get it to Adam. Prior to the show, they were able to move into the pit with the other young kids and we can see that they are positioned right up to the stage. As the rehersal was ending, we see Ryan by them. Apparently they got Ryan's attention and asked him to give the CD to Adam. Ryan hands it to Adam, Adam is perplexed by "What is it"...he looks at it quizzickly with Allison and then gets it....he gives the girls a wink and a "OK" hand signal...making the girls day!!!!
Anyway....on to the performances. For the most part they were the same live as at rehersal with the exception of Danny, who was incredible at the rehearsal, much better than on the live show, on the live show he was a little more over the top and I thought it came off as trying too hard....and Adam....who was much more over the top in the live show, but for him, I have to say it worked because of the type of performance it was.
I thought they were all really good. Ranking in order: 1. Danny - I am going to give him the edge tonight based completely on the vocals. THIS is the Danny that we haven't seen for a month. Finally. 2. Adam - What can I say that hasn't been said before, the guy knows what he is doing, he's got an incredible voice and incredible control and he knows how to perform. Tonight's performance was pure Adam...if you like Adam, you would LOVE this performance, which I did. If you don't like Adam, you would hate this one. 3. Allison - It was great seeing this side of her and to see her do it so well. 4. Kris - Excellent, but just not on the same level as the front runners. If he wasn't so dang cute, I doubt he would be where he is..and I think he knows it. In his intro he says that vocally he is not in the same league...and he seems apprehensive when Simon tells him that he doesn't have the confidence that he can win. 5. Matt - It should have been more Matt's night than it was....but hey....Matt being in the top 5 was somewhat unexpected.
The obvious bottom 3: Matt, Allison and Kris
Kris is safe and Matt goes home.

3 more weeks until the inevitable Danny v. Adam Finale!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kara Bogarts Randy's Critique

If you click on the title of the post (not the pic itself, it's just a snapshot I grabbed of the vid), it should take you to a funny video on the TMZ website I saw a little while ago.
I thought I saw this live Tuesday night, but after watching the vid again it confirms it: Randy was supposed to give his feedback on Kris' performance, but Kara, oblivious, blurted out her take on the song.
Watch Randy try to correct her, to no avail, then the look of utter disgust he and Cowell share when Kara just blunders on with her inanity. if Kara is back next year I will be amazed.

-- K

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Seven: The Results . . .

Get ready for a double elimination . . . drama, y’all!


No tie bar tonight . . .

Lil Boo is here tonight . . .

45 million votes last night . . . wow

Let’s say hey to the judges!

Can they pull off Paula Abdul’s moves . . .this should be pretty good . . . and I am quite impressed . . . they did a great job. No way they could have been singing during that choreographed number.

And we’re back and the girls are still changing . . . so, the Seacrest is gonna waste some time.
VERY LAME Ford Focus video . . . Matt G took the longest to change and now we’re changing the mood.

RESULTS! Lil Rounds is up first . . . She was asked to walk to the far side of the stage . . . what does that mean? WOW! They eliminated Lil without any suspense. That’s crazy! Maybe not . . . they got rid of the least suspenseful elimination first. She was MUCH better tonight . . . probably would have been safe if she had done that last night.

Here comes the disco medley . . . wow, Freida Payne is . . . well, she’s had some nice work done! J Next up, we have big bird . . . um, er, I mean Thelma Houston . . . sorry . . . And here comes KC of KC and the sunshine band . . . and there ends the disco medley . . . and we still have 30 minutes to go. . .

Here we go with the RESULTS! Kris is up next . . . and he is SAFE! Adam Lambert is up next . . . and he is SAFE! The Gokey is up next . . . and he is SAFE! Anoop is up next. . . and he is in the Bottom Three! Matt and Allison are standing together . . . Matt . . . Allison one is in danger . . . Matt is SAFE, and Allison is in the Bottom Three! WOW! I don’t think anyone of us saw that coming.

Lil Boo up next . . . and he knocks it OUT da park . . . I heart Lil Boo!

Here we go with the results . . . who is gone . . . ANOOP! Allison is SAFE! As she should be . . .

And we're down to five . . . next week, if we follow Idol history, we should be moving to two numbers a piece . . . what will they sing? will America get it right and knock out Matt? all of these questions and more will be answered next week!

Top 7 Redux: Rankings and Predictions

Alrighty, after much lamenting here are my rankings . . .

1. Adam Lambert - Excellent, excellent job of reworking the song.
1. Kris Allen - Ditto . . . Lovely, unique take on classic Donna Summer
3. Allison - I didn't love her rendition of hot stuff, but I thought it was still inventive enough to put her at the top of the second tier.
4. Matt - despite the fact that his entire performance was mired in sweet, cheesy, karaoke fueled wonder . . . his vocals were 100 times better than they were last week.
5. The Gokey - He gets put behind Matt because he started the song with the MASSIVE GOKEY SCREECH and never found his way back . . .
6. Anoop - The Dogg would have ranked fourth and possibly third had he continued the song the way he started it . . . however, the shift in tempo to the attempt at a slow groove just did not work. . . and, his vocals suffered in the transition.
7. Lil - Despite picking a much better song, she just doesn't stack up next to the other six . . .

I'm going WAY out on a limb here. I think that Lil is a dream that once was, but I think the second elimination is tricky. From my standpoint, Anoop is the obvious choice . . . however, I think that Matt and The Gokey are also at risk. I'm just not sure . . . I think Matt is safe . . . Hmmm . . . I think if Lil goes home that Anoop will follow suit . . . however, if Lil is somehow safe, I think there could be a MASSIVE SHOCK and the Gokey could find himself fronting his youth group much sooner than he anticipated.

That being said . . . here are my shaky predictions

Bottom 3: (If there is one) The Gokey, Anoop, Lil
Eliminated Anoop . . . and The Gokey . . . Hey, occasionally you gotta go out on a limb. :)

Ott Ott Ott -- Uffff! (As sung by a 16-year-old chainsmoker)

Hey gang,
once again, I thought I'd show the DialIdol "prediction" results for last night's show. I think what this says more than anything is that DialIdol is completely worthless now, because this result doesn't seem to exist on the same planet as most of the reviews I have read, or the show I watched.
I have to agree with J that it is easier to pick the top performers last night, but for us it was just as easy to pick the bottom -- it was the group in the middle that was kind of up for grabs. It was a disco night that kind of left me wanting to hear some ... disco.

Our picks:

Anoop (forgiving the last bum note)
Allison (getting on my nerves with her growly "Ot Ufff" pronunciation where she leaves off the beginnings & ends of words)
Gokey (did you see his barely contained sneer after Simon DARED to say it wasn't a killer performance?)
Matt (I actually thought he brought it a little -- but not enough. Realistically, he'd be above Gokey in my book, but America has been programmed to think it will be an Adam/ Gokey finale, so I've given up hope LensCrafter Boy will get booted.)
Lil (I've been saying it for weeks now: Lil looks better every time, and sounds worse. Her biggest problem is, however, that TPTB have made up their minds that she goes under the bus, so Allison can go forward.)

Dr. L and I think Lil and Matt are going home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Fever

We're off to a Quick Start - Lil Rounds - Once again absolutely gorgeous. I hate to say it...but I didn't love it. It seemed like she was trying way to hard. Moments were great, but a lot was too low for her range. Lil's mom was giving Simon some serious "tude".
Kris - "She works hard for the money" - Very "Jason Castro"-ish. Pretty a Kris kinda way. But the question is...does she buy women's underwear?
Danny - First Scream was awful. It got better. The first 3/4 of the song was very Kareoke, the last 1/4 was finally good.
Allison - Interesting beginning to this song...Transition was weak. Arrangement was weird...its too slow. However, last 1/4 was Hot stuff though.
Adam - Completely unexpected. I thought for sure this would be uptempo and would play right into Adam's energy. He surprised me. Incredible vocal. Full of raw emotion.
Matt - "stayin Alive" -I actually liked his take on this song. Surpisingly better than I would have expected. a little cheesy in some parts but Matt put his signature on it. I would rank Matt#2 so far tonight.
Anoop - "Dim all the lights" - I didn't like his 1/2 up tempo 1/2 slowed down version of this song. Anoop has given up. I think he knows this is his swan song.

Best of the night - No question. Adam by a landslide
Followed by Matt, Kris, Allison and Danny

Bottom 3: Danny, Anoop and Lil
Bottom 2: Anoop and Lil.

Burn Baby Burn: A Surprising Disco Inferno

Last week Matt G was saved, but that means the stakes are higher . . . and no one will be safe . . . THIS is American Idol!

The tie bar is back.

Matt G lives to see another week on American Idol, but two people are going home tomorrow night . . . and it’s Disco Week . . . YIKES!

Let’s say hey to the judges!

Here are OUR Top 7 . . . and what is Matt G wearing . . . and Anoop . . . and Lil’s wig . . .

1. Lil Rounds – “I’m Every Woman” – She looks a little like “New York” from I Love New York . . . she appears to have finally picked a better song this week . . . she sounds much better, but they have put her in the death slot . . . I’m happy to finally be able to say that Lil is kind of back . . . sort of . . . this is MUCH better. Randy thought it sounded “wild”, and not in the good way. Kara agrees with Randy, and thinks she has been every other woman but herself. Paula is letting us know that she was on complete vocal rest, but she doesn’t think she hit the boiling point. Simon thinks this will be the last week that we’re going to see her. Lil talks back again, and, this time, I agree with her.

2. Kris Allen – He’s got his guitar with him this week . . . and might I say, cute as ever . . . but he’s singing “She Works Hard for the Money” . . . I’m a little concerned . . . but I have faith. Ok, I heart this boy, y’all know. I’m kind of digging this arrangement. I’m pleased that he took a genre he would have trouble with and made it his own. Kara thinks he took a risk, and that it paid off big time. Paula thinks it had a Santana feel to it, and thought he shopped well in the women’s department. Simon needs a Paula translator . . . he thought it was original and well thought out and was fantastic. Randy thinks he is ready for the big time.

3. The Gokey – “September” – and we get the Gokey screech right off the bat . . . UGH! There is no doubt that this boy can blow, but, for me, he is turning into a one trick pony. Minus the screeches, the performance is good and solid, but I’m having a hard time with the similarity of all of his performances. Randy was worried, but thinks he worked it out. Kara was also worried, but thinks he did a good job. Paula thinks he always takes it up one step higher, and thinks he has one of the sexiest voices ever. Simon agrees, but didn’t feel any star power from the performance.

4. Allison Irihita – “Hot Stuff” – Her vocals are pitch perfect as per usual . . . but for some reason, I’m just not loving this performance. I think she sounds great, but there’s just something odd to me . . . I just can’t quite put my finger on it . . . Randy didn’t love the arrangement, but thinks she is one of the best singers in the competition. Kara also thought that the arrangement was awkward, but that the vocals were spot on. Paula loves her edginess. Simon thinks she was the underdog this week, but thinks it was a brilliant performance . . . now I need a translator.

5. Adam Lambert - I must say that he is looking FIERCE! He’s singing “If I Can’t Have You” . . . he connects to it emotionally . . . very good . . . very good . . . like I said earlier, he reworked the genre and made it something that would work for him. Excellent! Randy thinks he is ready right now to record. Kara thinks he’s brilliant and inspiring. Paula has never questioned her visceral response and thinks he will be in the final. Simon is tickled and loved it cuz it was original and the vocals were immaculate. Ryan thinks that Adam melted Paula into a pool of Abdul.

6. Matt G. – “Stayin Alive” – I’m a little afraid of this . . . I can already say that one of those judges is going to call this karaoke . . . his vocals sound 100 times better than last week. His problem is going to be that he is not straying from the original on a night when we had Adam and Kris brilliantly re-work songs . . . Randy did not love the song or the arrangement, but thinks he can really sing. Kara thinks he brought disco back, and that he was pretty good. Paula thought he was quite good. Simon thinks he needs to get himself out of “Idol land”. He thought it was desperate and unoriginal.

7. Anoop Dogg – I missed the title of the song . . . something about dimming the lights . . . ah yes, “Dim All the Lights” . . . his vocals were pretty much pitch perfect in the intro . . . but, he made what I think is the hideous misstep of going a little up tempo in the second half of the song. I’m not loving the second half. That was not great. Randy thinks it was a rough last note, but thinks he can definitely sing. Kara thinks it was a great song choice, and that it could be on the radio. Paula thinks he looks fantastic and that real men can wear pink. Simon thought it was mediocre at best, and prayed that the tempo wouldn’t come in . . . and thought it was his worst
performance by a mile.

I'm not quite ready to post my rankings . . . however, I will say that I think the Top 3 are a much easier pick than the bottom four . . . not as far as I'm concerned, but for what I think America will do.

How to condense Idol to 15 minutes

Ok...I thought this was really funny....very accurate....and really really funny

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 7 Results: Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

I wonder if QT directed this intro . . .

QT thinks America's going to have a tough time . . . but thinks he knows who is going home.


The tie bar is back. . . and it is telling us that Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson are here.

And here are our Top 7 . . . Will the judges use the save? Will one of YOUR favorites go home? Will Ryan and Simon engage in uncomfortable homosexually laced innuendo? All of these questions and more will be answered in the next hour.

Here comes the Idols doing Flashdance . . . Revel in the cheese . . . featuring, as usual, the Gokey screech . . .

Let's talk to the kiddies . . . Adam thought QT ws very encouraging . . . Allison thought it was cool that they got to ride in a limo and go to the premier of 17 again (I wonder if Lambert and Zefron had a powwow?) . . . and the Zefron is in the audience . . .

Dim the lights and here we go . . . Allison is up first and she is SAFE . . . Adam is next and he is SAFE . . . Anoop is up next and he is in the BOTTOM THREE. . . . so far, no surprises.

Jennifer Hudson is up next with her pre-taped performance. We do love our girl Jennifer. She's singing "If this isn't love" off her first cd. . . . Her voice was amazing . . . our girl can blow. . .

And we're back to the live show, and the very live results . . .

Kris and Lil are standing up together . . . Simon wanted to mention that Kris was brilliant . . . one of them is in the bottom three . . . Kris is SAFE and Lil is in THE BOTTOM THREE . . . Matt and Danny are up next . . . The Gokey is typically cocky . . . Matt is in the BOTTOM THREE and Danny is SAFE . . . Ryan's gonna send someone back to safety . . . who is it ? ANOOP is SAFE! As he should be . . . Lil and Matt were, in my opinion, the definite bottom two last night.

Up next, The Miley . . . Yes, I'm 36 years old and I like this song . . . please point me in the direction of a support group . . .

Someone in the tech room missed their cue . . .

Here we go . . . after the nationwide vote of over 36 million . . . Lil is SAFE and Matt is going home . . . or is he? I just can't imagine that they are going to save him . . . particularly after that hot mess . . . that was just not good. . . I cannot believe they chose to save him . . . wow, I hope they don't live to regret that . . . I mean, I like the boy, I really do . . . and I'm touched by his emotion . . . but that was simply awful . . .

Two pieces of bad news . . . 1) Two people are eliminated next week AND 2) It's disco week . . . yikes . . . I'm a little ugh-ed out right now. Oh well, I am J and THIS was AMERICAN Idol . . .

Top 7 - the Tarantino Extravaganza!

This will short - mainly due to time and both J and Rubbertoe gave excellent recaps earlier. K explored some of the polling stuff out there on the web. I will post our picks, which I think are in line with everyone else too - I am saying that without re-reading other posts first!

Just a quick thing on QT - doesn't it just crack you up what a big Idol fanatic he is??!! I had to laugh when J mentioned the love that the show gives to him, it is SO true - what an intro! He does have great music in his movies - and I wish he could have had some influence on the Idols song choices last night. It was little too 80's for me.

Oh well! After much discussion, we thought that America's bottom three will be: Matt, Kris and Lil - and Matt will go home. Matt tries, but I think this is the end of the road for him.

Top 7, Songs of the Cinema: So Tell Me Have You Ever Really. . . Really Really Ever Loved this Theme Night?

THIS is Quentin Tarrentino and THIS is AMERICAN IDOL

Why is Paula is in a jeweled dominatrix outfit

Anyway, Tonight the judges are only talking two at a time . . . because “the girls” talked too much . . . so, not all of the judges will judge all of the contestants . . . Hmmm, we’ll see how this goes.

Here comes the worship at the Quentin altar. . .

Fortunately the Terrentino will not be judging . . . Here we go . . .

1. Allison – “I Don’t’ Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith – I’m scared of this a little bit. I love my girl, but this song . . . ugh. Interesting start . . . she’s a bit flat in places . . . the back end of the song is much better than the front end. I think she was good, but I’ve heard her do betterPaula thinks that she possesses the same special sauce that Adam does . . . Simon thinks that she is the girls only hope in the competition . . . being that there are only two left, that’s kind of rough on Lil . . .

2. Anoop Dogg – “Everything I Do I Do It For You” – Yikes . . . this could be rough . . . He started well, but then kind of went astray on some of the early notes . . . some pretty notes towards the end, but I don’t think he strayed far enough from the original. I think it was just kind of meh . . . Randy thinks he’s found his range in the last few weeks, and Kara thought it was one of his best performances.

3. Adam – “Born to be Wild” – Let’s see what he brings this week – The full on makeup is back this week. He’s rockin out with the band and the background singers . . . He’s doin a good job here because this could be so karaoke. The boy can blow . . . seriously blow . . . Simon is probably going to think this is self-indulgent . . . but the boy is just in a whole different league. Paula thinks he dares to dance in the path of greatness. Simon thought it was vocally incredible, but that it was a bit like Rocky Horror in parts.

4. Matt G. – “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” – See the beginning of Anoop’s comment . . . yikes, this could be rough . . . playing the piano tonight . . . very nice . . . Matt G makes me nervous because of his shaky vocals. So far so good vocally, but he’s not changing the melody at all. I wonder if this time the judges will praise him for sticking to the melody or tell him that he should have changed it. For me, that was really rough. Randy didn’t think it was one of his best. Kara appreciates the soul he tried to bring to it, but doesn’t think he really delivered.

5. The Gokey – He brought a guitar tonight . . . He’s singing “Endless Love” because this song touches his heart . . . Ok, this could be REALLY GOOD or REALLY CHEESTASTIC – Nevermind, he doesn’t have his guitar . . . very restrained performance without the typical Gokey screech . . . I’m liking this . . . wait, I spoke to soon . . . the Gokey screech has made another appearance. Overall, a solid performance from the Gokey. Paula worried about the low key, and thinks the back half was very beautiful. Simon can’t fault the way he sang the song, but he was disappointed in the harp and the traditional version of the song, and was kind of bored.

6. Kris – I’m not sure what this song is . . . I couldn’t hear over Quentin . . . he’s debating over an instrument . . . he has chosen not to play. . . The boy just rips me in two . . . shaky at times, but I just thought it was a lovely vulnerable performance. I never worry about his vocals like I do some of the others. He is always spot on. Randy thinks it never quite caught on. Kara thought it was one of his best moments.

7. Lil – “The Rose” - I’m worried about this song choice. This is one of those perfect, classic songs. Girl can hit the notes, but I’m just not sure about this rendition. I love her, and I think that she is better this week, but . . . just didn’t totally work for me. Paula thinks it’s a beautiful song, and didn’t really give any commentary. Simon thinks she’s getting it completely wrong . . . had some nice moments . . . Lil talks back . . . and good for her . . . but I’m just not sure about that . . .

We've come to the end of yet another Idol performance night. I have to say, it was better than I thought it would be. No one was terrible . . . probably because this is, by far, the most complete group of Idol finalists we have ever had . . . in my opinion . . .

Here are my rankings

1. Adam
2. Kris
3. Allison
4. Danny
5. Anoop
6. Lil
7. Matt

My Bottom Three: Anoop, Lil, and Matt
America's Bottom Three: Anoop, Lil, and Matt
Eliminated: Matt

Idol Voting from the Twilight Zone

Here is a snapshot of Dial Idol, a "prediction" of how the voting results will go down tonight.
Dr. L and I will post our predictions in a little bit, but I thought I'd throw this up here as a way to ask, "WTF?"
I don't think Danny sucked last night, but #1? No way in hell. It wasn't anywhere near one of his best nights. Lil is obviously gaining some votes as a result of being Vote For The Worst's pick, but #2?
And if you skip on down to Kris at the bottom, it is even trickier. I think a lot of people like Kris, and he has a good voice, but the past couple of weeks have not been his best. I am perhaps on the island of unpopular opinion in saying perhaps Kris deserves to be low in the polls this week, but will he really get the boot? You wouldn't think so if you read some of the polls on the web. Quite a number have speculated that Lil is being thrown under the bus in favor of keeping Allison in the competition, and if so, who could blame Idol? Taking it a step further, if Lil does get the boot, will they use the Magic "Save" for her -- or did her sass back to Simon cost her, the same way that Megan Joy may have sabotaged herself?
Now you see my WTF mindset.

-- K

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The magnificent Seven

How is Quentin Tarentino a mentor? This seems a little bit of a stretch to me.
First up - Alison - Aerosmith - Loved her energy and confidence, although she sounded flat in a couple parts. Solid performance. Not her best though...but another strong night for her.
Anoop - Bryan Adams - Everything you do. Anoop... man....the comeback kid. His version of this song was far superior to the original. Probably his best performance.
Adam - "Born to be wild" - WOW....just WOW. Loved the look. In a league of his own. This was probably one of the best idol performances of all time.
Matt - "Have you ever loved a woman" - Vocals were extremely weak in parts...almost as if his nerves got to him. Could have been a good performance and it was in parts, but at this stage...just not good enough.
Danny - "Endless Love" -Vocals were good...his breathing was a bit distracting seemed like he was out of breath the entire song. A step backward for Danny from last week.
Kris - "Falling slowly" - I love this song, but it is such a simple song from a simple movie...not sure if he is going to stand out with this song. First 1/2 was better in the middle and died again at the end. I don't think this was a good choice for him.
Lil - The Rose - Oh no....this is one of the classic songs that I'm not sure if you should touch. I'm waiting anxiously during the break. Beginning was a little weird. Middle got much better, but end ...again didn't do it for me. She looked really beautiful though tonight.

Overall...I HATED the two judge team...It didn't work and really wasn't a fair way to do it. A word of advice: Don't try to squeeze the show into a time restriction that is unreasonable. If the show needs to be 90 minutes...then make it 90 minutes. I hate these "rushed" shows.
Also - I was surprized by Tarentino as a mentor. I actually thought he was good and gave some pretty good advice.

SO we're getting down to the difficult weeks. Here is my rankings tonight:
1. Adam - Is this a competition any more? If the Idol is the better singer and best performer this one is a no-brainer.
(Humongous space)
2. Alison - Solid...if not her best. Who would have thought that the girl from ELA would wind up the strongest of the women? Its a shame that she has even been in the bottom 3 at all.
3. Anoop - the Comeback kid. Just when you count him out, he comes back strong. Too bad he doesn't have what it takes to win.
(big space)
4. Gokey - Gokey was strong at the beginning of this competition, but plateaued and got predictable. Last week, he finally returned some of the spark. This week was a step back for him. Although, I still predict he will win. He has a strong voting base that is going to overlook better perfomers simply because they like HIM.
5. Lil - I agree with Simon. Where did the strong performer with the incredible voice go? 6 weeks ago, I predicted she would win it all. Now I'm predicting she won't make the top 5.
6. Kris - Poor song choice. Great song....but not for this competition.
7. Matt - Not much to say...except there are simply better performers in this competition. Its time for Matt to go back to doing what he does, entertaining crowds in the dueling piano bars.

America's bottom 3: I think this week America agrees with me - Lil, Kris and Matt
Who goes home: Tough one....Kris is safe, so its either Lil or Matt. I think ultimately Lil has a stronger base than Matt, so I predict Matt will leave us tomorrow.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

American Idol's Big Tease: Adam Lambert and the State of Gays in America

The New York Times has published a very interesting article on Adam Lambert and American Idol. In the article, the authors ask the question is America ready for an openly gay idol . . . if Mr. Lambert is indeed gay. The article is of particular interest becasue they use the topic of Adam Lambert and American Idol to discuss the state of homosexuality in the United States today. It is a VERY interesting read. Check it out by clicking the link.

Hillary Uses Idol to Pay Her Campaign Debts

My Fox Chicago is reporting that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her peeps are coming up with very inventive ways to pay off her campaign debt. She is selling off chances to attend the American Idol finale . . . and a lunch with Bubba . . . er, um, former President Bill Clinton. Click the link to read the story.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scott McIntyre: "I Went Out in a Blaze of Glory"

US weekly has published a story on Scott McIntyre, and his thoughts on being eliminated last night. Click the link to read the story.

Rubbertoe at Results

So we went to the show last night...and we DID get in, by the skin of our teeth. Its fun standing in line and talking with everyone because everyone is excited and everyone LOVES Idol. We see "crying girl" at the front of the line (her name is Ashley). If you can draw anything from the crowd that was there though, Adam is easily the favorite. Everyone in line said Adam was their favorite and inside the studio the response for Adam was double what it was for anyone else (although I said the same about Archuletta last year).
So...anyway. We get in. Pit again. YEAH!!!! (except the standing for 3 hours). This time we are placed Stage Left (over by Simon). The bottom 3 chairs are about 15 feet from where I am standing. Simon is about the same distance.
Adams family is sitting right behind me. Mother, brothers and siser (who looks just like him). We see Scott's Mother and sister come in and walk by us. Chris Richardson is in the front row too.
They bring out the Idols, who sit on the ramp behind the judges seats to watch a pre-taping. Gokey is seriously working the crowd. Very friendly. Waving, Winking...etc. Watching Scott is painful...he looks completely out of place, awkward. Kris is working the room, but much more shy than Gokey. Adam and Lil are keeping to themselves.
We are told because the show ran over last night, they are going to pre-tape Little Rida (or however you spell it). He takes the stage about 40 minutes before the live broadcast and performs his number. was really good...and I agree with J, the boy has some serious guns!!!
After the pre-tape, the cheerleader guy comes out and tells us that because they pre-taped the segment, we have to act excited and as we've never seen it everytime they announce it coming up on the show. (and some of the streamer confetti is caught in the lighting and they have trouble removing it before the show starts).
Finally, its five minutes to show time. The Judges come out. First Kara, who looks stunning. She is super friendly. She is talking to people, shaking hands. Randy comes out next, followed by Paula. Finally about 30 seconds to showtime, Simon comes out.
The show starts.
I haven't watched the tape, but judging from the comments here, the group number was much better in the studio than on tape. I thought it was pretty good (except again, whenever Scott is not the focus, he is awkwardly standing around looking like he doesn't know what to do). You can actually here the Idols telling him, "OK man, I'm grabbing your arm and we are moving left -[Anoop]).
Dim the lights - the tension is high. Anoop in the bottom 3. Anoop walks over and we go to break. Anoop looks comfortable, he's expecting to go soon. Its a little awkward, because he's sitting all alone in the break, except for the stagehand. Finally Kris, leaves the couch and walks over and talks with him for a few seconds. I get the impression that Kris is really really really a nice guy. You can just see it the way he interacts with everyone on the show. Scott and Lil join Anoop. After Pickler, during the break, Paula and Kara both come over and are talking with the young girls in the pit. Paula gives big hugs to about 8 of the girls, they are all overwhelmed at how nice she is.
Randy spends the breaks talking with Mario Lopez, who is sitting next to Adam's family behind us. Randy introduces Simon to Mario.
Simon goes and talks with Chris Richardson for about 5 minutes.
Before we go back live, Simon and the guy standing next to me talk about Bugatti's for about a minute, until Simon has to Rush to his seat.
The really strange thing though, during the break, Anoop is just standing on the stage doing nothing. Scott is doing really weird stuff in the middle of the stage. It finally occurs to me that he is practicing his song because he knows or at least strongly feels he is the bottom tonight.
We come back to the show. Anoop is safe. Scott sings. It was better than last night, except he hit one really bad note, don't know how it played on TV, but we were all....eek!
The Judges are seriously debating using the save. Maybe it was really good acting, but from where we are you can hear Kara arguing with Simon that Scott deserves another chance. Paula as well, but Kara is very vocal. Simon isn't having it though. But then Randy starts to seem like he wants to give Scott another chance. At this point, people in the audience are saying "save him". In my mind I'm saying "please don't", except I have to say, seeing Scott there and watching his painful rehersal during the break, my heart is breaking for him at this moment. Finally, Simon says no and we watch his story. Gokey starts to rush over to Scott, but the rest of the Idols until after the story. Eventually they go though and embrace Scott.
Being in the studio it is so obvious that they Idols really do like each other. From the interaction, it looks like Adam and Lil have definitely bonded, Kris and Alison as well.
Anyway...that's my Idol visit review. I definitely preferred going on the performance night than I did the results, but the results show was definitely much more intimate and you got a much more personal feel for each of the Idols.
(I have one more connection that is working on getting me in, possibly, but unlikely to the I'm keeping my fingers crossed)!!!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live Group Song = Fail

I guess Idol responded to all the grumbling about the group song lip-syncing going on --
by having the contestants sing "live" tonight, in what was quite possibly the lamest "group sing" in idol history.
Now I know why they were fakin' it til they could make it before -- apparently singing and dancing, like
walking and chewing gum, is a lost art. Maybe now that Scott is out of the equation, they'll be
whirling around onstage like The Cirque Du Frickin Soleil, but somehow I doubt it. I'd almost rather they sing
sprawled out on the couch if they can't sound any better than that while moving.
-- K

Top 8 . . . The Results: America FINALLY gets it right.

THIS is American Idol . . .

Is it just me or is Kara grating on anyone else's nerves . . . really kinda gettin on my nerves. Paula, on the other hand, is surprisingly spot on. . . maybe she needs Kara around to keep her sharp . . . ish

Frankie Avalon suprises Simon and let's us know that he's (Simon) about to turn 50. I don't think that's a shocker.

The Elite 8, as Rubbertoe calls them, will be singing from the year of Idol's birth . . . a little Kylie "Can't Get You Out of My Head". This is truly one of the worst performances . . . on the up side, I think they're singing. On the down side, someone was VERY VERY flat.

I would assume that we're headed to the Ford Focus commercial . . . and, I'm right . . . as opposed to the group number, that was the best of the commercials.

Let's do a little group chat . . . Adam was honored by Simon's gesture. Matt G. is being visited by the mayor of Kalamazoo, MI. Ryan's pimpin tix for the finale. Here come the results . . . Adam, Kris, and Anoop are up together. Adam is, of course, SAFE. Anoop is in the Bottom 3, and Kris is SAFE. I'm surprised . . . very surprised. Kris wasn't in my bottom three, but I sure thought he would be in America's.

Here comes Flo Rida . . . doin a little Right Round . . . I heart this song . . . Flo got some guns, yo .

The Gokey is up next, and he is SAFE . . . duh. Matt G is up next and he is SAFE. Scott is next and is clearly in the Bottom 3. Allison and Lil are next . . . one of them is in the Bottom 3 . . . Allison is SAFE and Lil is in the Bottom Three . . .

Ttown Idol fan was the only one among us who got the Bottom 3 correct! Congrats!

Here comes La Pickler . . . I hope she does well. I've seen this video and the song is good. The song actually features Taylor Swift on guitar.

But wait, will they send someone back to safety first . . . nope, here comes La Pickler . . . Girl still has a very nasal voice, but I like the song, and she looks SO MUCH better than she has in a while. Good for her . . .

Here comes the Bottom 3 . . . who's going back to safety . . . Lil is SAFE . . . that puts Anoop in the Bottom 2 for the second week in a row. Here we go . . . out of 34 million votes only 30,000 seperated the two of them . . . lowest number of votes goes to Scott. I hate to say this, but it's time for that boy to go HOME. I'm happy with this result. He's just never lived up to the potential. He was going good until he hit that horrific high note . . . lord love him . . . but it was time for him to go. I believe the girls want him to stay and the boys want him to go. Simon's gonna send him home . . . duh . . . I just don't think they are ever going to save anyone who they don't think has a shot at winning.

Alright, another week is gone and then there were seven. Five boys and two girls . . . what will the theme be next week? Will our spoilers be better informed? Will our picks get better? THIS is A Little Taste of AMERICAN IDOL!

Songs From They Year They Were Birthed: PLEASE LET "THE SEARCH BE OVER"

Hey Y'all!

I've been hesitant to post all day today because . . . well, because I still don't know what I think about last night's show. I've read the reviews . . . I've re-watched some of the clips, and I'm just kind of at a loss. I rarely agreed with the judges . . . I mostly don't agree with the other reviews . . I'm feeling very disconnected from the Idol nation :( . . . Now that my whining is completed, let's move on to the task at hand . . . The Rankings

1. Allison - I know this will be an unpopular pick, but, I really felt like she gave the most complete performance of the night. Just straight up singing. I was impressed by her voice and was not distracted by histrionics.

2. Adam - Yes, he was brillz . . . totally brillz. I thought the song choice was inspired, and his vocals were spot on. I just thought Allison's performance was a little better from a pure vocal perspective. He was wonderful.


3. The Gokey - I did not love this arrangement of Stand By Me . . . particularly the beginning . . . I'm also growing bored with the opening thirty seconds of each of his numbers being mellow followed by the minute or so of the Gokey Screech . . . that being said, he was solid. He did the Gokey thing and he did it well.

4. Anoop - Taking on a Cyndi Lauper song is a dangerous task, and save for a few wayward notes, I think he accomplished his task. Anoop was in the bottom 2 this week, so this week we'll get to see how his fan base functions. If it's strong he's safe . . . if it's not, he's in danger of the bottom 3.

5. Kris - I was soooo not thrilled when I heard he was singing this song. Vocally, I think he was the steady Kris that I absolutely adore. He and Mr. Lambert and possibly Allison are the only contestants that I always know are going to hit every note. I never worry for them. However, the arrangement of this song was awkward, and he was standing with the Idolbots . . . I didn't like the overall product . . .

6. Matt - Unlike with Kris, I always worry when Matt is singing. He has a tendency to stray a little flat and/or a little sharp from time to time. Therefore, I spend my time worrying about the tone of his voice rather than watching him perform. I was way off with the judges on this one. I thought he was way off the mark. I know they loved him and stood up and stuff, but I just thought it was loungetastic. . . .


7. Lil - Not good, not good, not good. The first half of the song was almost painful to listen to . . . The back half of the song got better because there were some soaring notes that she excels at reaching . . . but man, a lot of it was rough. Again, she did not pick the right song . . . not even close. . . but she wasn't as far off as . . .


8. Scott - For the love . . . please send this boy home and put him out of our misery. His performance last night bordered on wretched. He was off-key, standing awkwardly with his guitar. I just don't know. . . . I think he has carried himself as far as he should in this competition. I hope America does the right thing here because if they don't, someone's going home who has NO BUSINESS going home.

This Bottom 3 and elimination pick is difficult because so many factors are coming into play. I have switched these up all day long because I think there are actually 5 people who are vulnerable (Lil, Scott, Matt, Anoop, Kris) So many different things to think about . . . Ugh, I hate doing this one. . . .

My Bottom 3: Matt, Lil, & Scott
America's Bottom 3: Kris, Scott, & Matt

Eliminated: I hope I'm wrong on this one . . . Kris, in our first actual shocker

P.S. If we did a "Should Go Home" - it would be Scott!

Birth Year Hits and Misses

Hey y'all! Wow - the 'songs from your birth year' episode certainly had its hits and misses. Far and away - the standout of the night for us was Adam - wow!! Allison was also great - and we really thought Anoop did a good job. Matt was interesting - personally - L just hates that song, and she was singing along w/Matt, so he must have done something right!

Misses - well, Scott! It was awkward and really, of all the songs?! It is to the point that he is just trying too hard and it shows. Lil - her version was very karaoke-ish, and we were glad when it was over. Someone - please talk to her about leaving out the 'power note' at the end each song. Probably in the minority here, but we didn't think Kris was very good. It is distracting when they have the Idol groupies gather 'round the contestants -and the song was just kinda dull.

Our picks for tonight:

Bottom three: Kris, Anoop and Scott - Scott goes home.

America's bottom three: Scott, Anoop and Kris - and Kris goes home.

Slow Night!

The night was slow for me but Adam and Allison were WONDERFUL! I think Adam was the best but Allison picked a song viewers could relate to and will remember.
I feel sorry for LIL she just can't seem to get her footing, it is a waste of a GREAT voice so far!
Bottom three tonight-
In a shocker Lil goes home unless the judges use the save!!!
Ttown idol fan VERY OUT!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The elite eight before the show starts a little update on me. Got a call from a good friend today with news...she has tickets to AI tomorrow night. The only problem, they are not VIP (like last year) so there is no guarantee that we will get in. But I will be at CBS studios tomorrow at 1:00 (my boss doesn't know yet)...and will let you know if we get in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
The Elite Eight - oh...Baby Photo those. Who are the scary guys in the front?
Danny - "Stand by Me" - Good song choice. I didn't love the arrangement and some of the beginning was a little sharp. But when it went uptempo I saw the Danny that I've been wanting to see for the last month. Overall very good tonight.
Kris - "All she wants to do is dance"- bad choice here. He looks great and I love watching him with the guitar, but the performance was a couple rungs down from where he's been the last couple weeks.
Lil - What's Love got to do with it" - I thought it was a good choice...but the problem with Lil is that she focuses to much on trying to mimick the original. She brought it at the end, but the first half was weak.
Anoop -"True Colors" - overall good. A little nasaly in parts, but I thought the song allowed him to show his strengths. It probably was not a great choice though in terms of winning over new fans, but will satisfy his old fans.
Scott - OK...the guitar was just stupid. I the only one that thought it was a little weird when he sang "When I look into your eyes"? OK...I know...politically wrong. This was hot and cold. Excellent in parts and a little strange in others. I would have to say overall one of his better performances...but that isn't saying a lot. At the end he says he wanted to show he was versatile before he went home....prediction?
Allison - Love her Mom!!!! "I can't make you love me" - Perfect song choice for her.
Hopefully she can make people love her. She has been in the bottom 3 more than she deserves. Not her absolute best performance, but one of the best tonight. Did I mention that I LOVE her mom?
Matt - "part time lover". Good choice for him, but its tough tough tough to do Stevie. I definitely think that he gave it some unique style. High points for style, less for vocals though.
Adam - "Mad World" - Smart choice. This guy is simply a pro...its almost unfair. Flawless vocal and yet another side of Adam.
Ranking tonight: Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt, Kris, Lil, Anoop, Scott,
America's bottom 3: Scott, Lil, Anoop
Going home: My head says Anoop. I think Scott still has the votes to keep him around. Could be Lil. If it is, look for the judges save.


Performer of Top 9 Week

My performer by last week, hands down, is my boy Kris Allen. His version of "Ain't No Sunshine" was the perfect way to end a very strange night on Idol. I was impressed . . . very impressed. What did y'all think? Check out the link below to re-watch.

An Early Song Spoiler Post

The good folks over at Idol Blog Live have posted the following spoiler about tonight's Top 8

Top 8 RUMORED Song Spoiler*
Kris Allen - Heaven*
Lil Rounds - Let’s Hear It For the Boy*
Adam Lambert - Edge of Seventeen*
Scott MacIntyre - You’re the Inspiration*
Anoop Desai - Who’s Johnny*
Matt Giraud - Part Time Lover*
Allison Iraheta - Tears in Heaven*
Danny Gokey - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

If the above spoilers pan out, I'd say that my boy Kris, Adam, Danny, and Allison have chosen wisely. A big Yikes goes out to Lil Rounds, Anoop, and Matt G. And, as usual, a big YAWN goes out to Scott McIntyre.

What do y'all think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

top nine predictions

Hey y'all,

we were so busy today, we only have a sec to post our bottom three list before the show.

America's bottom 3:


going home: Megan the Warbler Queen

Adam vs. Eddie

TMZ posted the above photo comparison . . . I giggled out loud at work. Click the link to check out the story.

Top 8: Songs from the year of their birth

EW is reporting that next week's theme will be "Songs from the year you were born" . . . these years range from the early 80's all the way up to the early 90's. . . yes, y'all, Allison was born in the early 90's . . . I'm feelin some hair bands coming on . . . and, the requisite weird song choice from Lil . . . What do y'all think they will choose. . . .

Top 9: Rankings and Predictions

1. Kris - Best vocal of the night. He is the most consistent, if not the most dynamic, of the group.

2. Adam - I won't even get into the irony of him doing some Wild Cherry . . . took some good ole cheese and made it into brie . . . Very, very good.


3. Allison - an unpopular pick for 3rd, I know. However, I thought her vocals were pretty good . . . and the clothes . . . She's 16 . . . For the love of Miley Cyrus!

4. The Gokey - He was a wee bit shouty, but he made me kind of like a song that I cannot stand. He gets props for that.


5. Lil - It was not good folks, but she did keep it in key for the most part. DO NOT DO CELINE!

6. Scott - I do not love Scott. However, I have to say that his vocals were quite a bit better this week. I wish he could sing a song that did not make him sound 145 years old.


7. Matt - Yikes . . . I love this guy, but that was not good. He was shrieky and out of tune and just yikes, but not as bad as . .

8. Megan - I love this girl and her quirky nature . . . I really do . . . but I was bored. . . and she was all over the place with those hand movements. . . . I really wasn't sure . . . As weird as it was, it was still much better than . . .

9. Anoop Dogg - Wow! This week he went from hero to zero. That's all.

My Bottom 3: Matt, Megan and Anoop
America's Bottom 3: Megan, Anoop, and Allison
Voted off the island: Anoop


Well, we all know that it was Chris and Adams night, I think we saw a preview of the final night.
The bottom three is hard because as we all know its not always the worst three sometimes it depends on where they were in the line up for the night! That being said here are my bottom three!
It is time frat boy anoop goes home!!!!
Ttown Idol Fan Very OUT!