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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re-Ranking 2013 top 10 girls its funny how Idol can change week to week. I went back and forth constantly between Janelle and Rachel. I remember calling Rachel a shoo-in for the top 12 overall after her audition and now she is gone...along with Isabelle and Brittany Hotard or whatever her name was...and some new favorites for me emerged in the sudden death rounds...namely Amber and Aubrey. So lets make a prediction by ranking the top 12 girls for season. 10. Teena - Man this girl didn't belong in the top 40, let alone the top 10. I don't understand how you continually gets by the judges. Last week was a farce that much much much better contestants were elminated and she was put through. Her journey has gone on longer than it should have and ends next week. 9. Adrianna - She has a good voice, but I think she gets lost in the mix and unfortunately for her there are better performers out there. 8. Zoanette - She is freaky crazy...which along with an incredible voice might take her further. AI may want to keep her on for the spectacle of it all, but my guess is that since she doesn't fit the Idol model she likely won't make it much further...and if she does, Idol voters are not going to back her. 7. Janelle - She suffers from a couple things, first - inconsistency. When she is good she is REALLY good, but then she'll come out with an "EH"...performance. The Country mode might keep her around, but I think ultimately there are better ones out there. 6. Breeana - I loved her attitude last night and think that in another year she might make the top 5 girls. I'm not sure if Idol is going to do a top 6 boys/girls or top 12 all around. Either way I think she is in. 5. Angela - She was lost in the mix until her original piano piece in Hollywood. She suddenly zoomed to the top in the Judges eyes. Personally, I probably would not have ranked her as high as I did, but I think the Judges will 4. Aubrey - She was stunningly gorgeous last night and put on a very controlled and subtle performance. I think she has a lot of potential, the question will be whether she has the versatility to excel. 3. Amber - Again, I would rank her higher, but I think that AI is really pushing a Kree/Candice finale. They have been MEGA-pimping those two and I think that Amber loses out because she doesn't get the same spotlight. She is my #1 favorite at this point 2. Candice- Great voice and Mega-pimping propel her into the top 2 girls. However, I think she loses out to Kree because Kree is an easier marketer for AI. 1. Kree - She has gotten more hype than any other girl so far. She has a great voice as well. I don't think she is the best one out there, but I think she fits the Mode...she is easy to package and market and I think that she will appeal to many of the typical AI voters.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vegas Girls Part 2

Melinda Ademi - We find out was part of season 10 for a while...I don't really remember his story of te family immigrating from Kosovo. I'm not feeling her song at all...its too jerky, although at times I could her potential in her voice. Nikki - Angela sang it better last week? I don't have ANY recollection...need to go back and check my notes. Candice Glover - Cut in Vegas last year. Takes on the Queen of Soul and nails it. Juliana - Father sings in Arabic. She comes from a family of musicians. She has a beautiful voice. I was bothered by the deep breaths that she kept taking. It distracted from her performance for me...but overall I think the beautiful almost innocent quality to her voice puts her through. Nikki called it a "signature sound". Mariah called it "Celestial". Jett - Only girl in the world. I get where she was trying to go wwith this, but I didn't love the arrangement. I think she has a great voice, but the arrangement didn't give her the chance to really show it off. I'm zfraid that she is likely to get lost in the mix tonight. Cristabel - God spoke to her on a plane and told her that she deserves to me in the top 40. Her story made her come across a little freaky. She is a worship that makes sense. She's playing the Jesus card. Onto the performance. I thought she brought some nice energy to her performance, the voice isn't up to the level of many of the others though. Randy gives her the standing O. Aubrey Cleland - Wow...she looks stunningly beautiful. She seems so very controlled of the song. Taking it exactly where she wants each step. I thought this was an awesome performance. Once again...I agree with Nikki completely. Rachel Hale - She's got great country potential. I like that she took it uptempo and I liked the energy that she brought along with it. I didn't think it was the best song to show off her voice, but I do like the mid-alto tone to her voice and think that she has a lot of potential in the competition. what is it with the Prayer stuff? I'm not anti-religion, but it has a time and place and I hate it when it infiltrates into idol. Its almost like they want to use AI to proselytze and I know that it sells with Southern voters and some other voters...but it turns me off. Breeana - I liked her stage presence. She had a nice attitude which helped sell the song. Nice look and I like the jazzy tone to her voice. She brought the entire package tonight. Janelle - The second of the Country divas and I think that Janelle definitely topped Rachel tonight. I'm a little surprised that the judges kinda trashed her. I thought she could have sold that record easily in the country market. Zoanette Johnson - Sings the Lion King -Great theatrical performance, but I don't know that it positioned her as someone who is marketable. It definitely showed off her talents though. Gets a standing O from everyone except Mariah. Keith calls her the "Queen of the Jungle". Rankings Candice Glover Aubrey Julianna Breeana Zoanette Janelle Rachel Hale Cristabel Jett Melinda Ademi Based on Judges comments Definitely in: Candice, Aubrey Probably in: Julianna, Breeane, Zoanette Cusp: Cristabel Probably out: Janelle, Rachel Definitely out: Jett, Melinda It is going to be interesting to see where the judges go tonight? Are they going to eliminate BOTH of the country Divas? They loved Cristabel, but did Zoanette just knock her out of the competition? Was Zoanette's performance enough to get her through or was it too broadway/theatrical. There are only two definite outs...after that, its anybody's game. First up...Zoanette. She's through. Melinda is out. Julianna I had her as 3rd best tonight, the judges say no. The first disagreement which I suspect puts Cristabel in. Aubrey is in... Nikki did a great psyche out. Cristabel - is out. I wouldn't have put her through either. I think this means one of the country divas makes it in....I didn't think that AI had the backbone to cut both of them. Candice is in. Jett is out. I bet they do Breeana next so leave the country diva drama battle for the last spot. Yep....and I have to say that it was great classic AI drama. I would give it to Janelle but I bet the judges give it to Rachel...I'm right and wrong...the judges go with Janelle....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blake Lewis upcoming album....

Ran Across this info on Blake Lewis and his upcoming third album. I thought he was great and its good to see him get a third shot at hitting it big.
Ran across this info on Blake Lewis...I thought we was really good and its good to see him getting a third chance at hitting the big time:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What happens in vegas part 2 - the Boys

A little of girl pimping by Mariah leaving them that the boys have to be on their best because the girls were just soooooo good. First up Paul Jolley - Works retail in a small rural town...and he starts with a slow country ballad. He's got a good voice, but the almost "whispering" quality of it I don't think does him any favors. Good...but didn't wow me. Next up, resident hunk Johnny Keyser...and another slow ballad. Starts off very very weak. Weird...almost like he is singing out of the back of his throat...gets better as the tempo picks up. He doesn't have much stage presence. If he goes on..he is going to have to really work on building some charisma to go along with his good looks. Personally I think he is in trouble, but AI is going to want him to go on. Jda- The artist of his own life. He is definitely different than any Idol contestant before. I'm not sure that I guite get him yet. He's got some talent but i'm not sure if he is gimmicky or unique. I'm just not sure whether to take him seriously. Keith called it "Counting Steps". He says that he is representing the gays...really JDA...THAT doesn't represent every gay person and I think THAT is part of his disconnect and what he doesn't get. Randy says that he felt "no originality"...and strangely I know exactly what Randy means. Kevin Harris - aka "Butta". Cute "Family Man"...with another slow ballad. I don't LOVE his voice. Its strangely in the upper register and not what I would have expected. Overall I would say just an Eh...performance. Nikki loved him. Randy disagrees 100%. Mariah didn't love it but she is afraid to say it. Chris Watson - Waiter from Dover Delaware. Bow Boy. I really kinda dig his voice. I think he could be kinda fun if he were to go on, but his vocals, although I dig his voice are not that strong. For was kind of a strange performance. Devin Velez - 18 year old from Chicago. Start is weird for me...seems like he is singing below his register. Once it gets into his register..much much much better. I love the Spanish/English combo in the song. I think he has potential to be really good in this competition if given the chance. Elijah - 18 half Mexican/half Chinese. Another slow ballad. I'm not sure that I love his high register voice and I don't love the look that they gave him. For me..this was by far the worst of the night. I would say he's a goner for sure. Nikki wants to have his baby...she is obsessed with him. I'm not connecting with Nikki on this one. Charlie Askew- Aspergers Boy. Glorifies Weirdness...been singing for birds his whole life. Excellent song choice for him. He looks extremely nervous. He can sing...but not good enough for this competition. Worst of the night. I thought it was funny that he went to JDA for fashion advice. Nikki gives him a standing O. Love Keith's comment..its like Freddie Mercury had a love child out of Woodstock. Several Short jokes from Ryan tonight. Is he finally embracing his Short stature? Jimmy Smith - He has a surfer dude Southern Country charm look about him. Sings...what? Another slow ballad. Wow...I thought he was one of the stronger guy voices of the competition, but this song goes Nowhere for me...and worse yet, I think it went nowhere for him. I think this song may have completely sabotaged him. I really think that he came in as a front runner and got creamed. Kind of a creepy stare into the camera before the commercial break. Curtis Finch - Raised in a church with gospel music in his blood. He definitely has the vocals, but is sooooo overly dramatic. He's got the talent but this isn't the right competition for him. Ruben sang this song 1 million times better in season 2. Ranking them: Devin Velez Curtis Finch JDA Johnny Keyser Chris Watson Paul Jolley Kevin Harris Elijah Jimmy Smith Charlie Askew. This is a tough one...I think the Judges are going to go on overall rather than tonight and surprise us. Safe: Johnny Keyser, Devin Velez Also in: Elijah, JDA, Curtis Finch On the cusp: Chris Watson Out for sure: Kevin Harris, Charlie Askew, Jimmy Smith, Paul Jolley The judges surprises yet. Elijah goes through even though I thought he was the third worst of the night. Jda goes home....THAT was a big surprise for me. I thought he was the third best of the night. I think he was shocked himself. Paul is a split decision....Jimmy puts him how does this work? What about who had to be the other split decision? Chris Watson is out too...not a huge surprise..but a little bit. Charlie stays on? of the night. What is going on. Johnny and Devin left and only one stool. why do I get the feeling that this is a bad attempt at an Idol Psych and they are going to put them both through. I can't imagine that one of them will go home while Charlie and Paul stayed. Nope....Johnny goes home. I'm a little surprised. Did he go because Paul stayed? Did Jimmy know that Johnny would be cut if Paul stayed? I have to believe that he did. This was a strange strange night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What happens in Vegas....determines whether you stay in Vegas!

OK...first ever Sudden death rounds. First 10 women of the top 40 and half will go home tonight. Ryan tells us...get ready for the most brutal cuts ever. More women pimping by Ryan First up - Beth Willis. Don't remember ever seeing her. Oooooo the song is really pitchy and she seems to lack complete energy. Nikki was right in her critique, the audience was feeling more energy than she was. First one up and first one out. Teena Torres - Sang a very slow really went nowhere for me and she seemed to be forcing the emotion. Pretty voice though. Randy was way over the top in his admiration. "This is what becoming the next AI is really about"....seriously Randy. Adrianna Antonio - First top contestant from Alaska. She look gorgeous...absolutely stunning. Gets a standing O from the guys. Keith "Now the night has started Randy". I agree. This one showed honest true and unforced emotion. Brandy Hotart - Psych nurse from Louisiana. I Love her look. She is very very pretty too. I loved how you brought power to the ballad. I don't think her voice was as good as Adrianna. Judges rip her for emotional inconsistency. I guess I didn't pay attention to the lyrics so it didn't register with me. I thought she was good..but sounds like she is in trouble based on the judges Shuba Vidula - Man...another slow ballad. What is up? First one on the piano. Oh....this is Lady she's bringing it up tempo. Weird rendition of song. Not sure that I love the outfit and she seems a bit overly hyper. I want to see her hang on...but this performance was just weird....very strange. The judges describe it as very confusing. I agree. But she's safe. Kamaria Ousley - Wow...she looks very well put together. But is really really really pitchy. First half of the song seemed about a full step off key. She pulled it together near the end...but too little too late. That was a mess. Once again...I agree with Nikki (this is getting scary) Kree Harrison - Has been the recipient of extreme Idol Pimpage so far. Another slow ballad. Hate the outfit. She looks like she is wearing a maternity top. She can definitely sing though. I would say best vocal performance of the night so far. She gets a standing O from Nikki and Keith. Nikki is funny...."You make love to the song...there is something very sexy about you". I kinda get where she is coming from. Angela Miller - I didn't remember her, but I do now remember that she was the one that the judges loved on the piano last week with her original song. Another slow ballad. Love the outfit/ works for her. She is good. She is good. I definitely see potential in her. Second best of the night. Isabelle -She's a big girl..but beautiful. God Bless the many times have we heard this on Idol. She's got a really nice soulful bluesy voice combined with a power ballad touch...I thought it was really good. I would definitely put her through. Amber Holcomb - Got cut in Vegas last year. She's cut a great smile and a cute personality. Loved the look except for the blue shoes...what was up with that? Love the Jazzy Funny Valentine. Man...she's making this tough. I would say one of the top 3 vocal performances of the night. I would even rank her a very close second to Kree. I just became a HUGE Amber fan tonight. Ranking them tonight: Kree Harrison Amber Holcomb Angela Miller Isabelle Adrianna Antonio Brandy Hotart Shuba Vidula Teena Torres Beth Willis Kamaria Ousley Who's safe: Amber Holcomb, Andrianna Antonio, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Isabelle, On the cusp....Shuba Vidula...I wouldn't put her here but the judges liked her. Will she steal a spot that belongs to one of the others? If she does, it will be from Isabelle. Lets see what the judges do......... So far no surprises Beth and Brandy are out...until Tenna Torres...WHAT? Seriously...I wonder who's spot she stole. No surprise that Kree is through to the next round. Isabelle looks like she knows that Tenna stole her spot and she is right. Seriously Isabelle is out and Tenna is in...that is ridiculous.
Interesting article that gives some insight into a few changes in the format. Looks like we will have two weeks of Vegas. Two groups of 10 from the boys and girls each week. It will then be cut down to the top 10 boys and top 10 girls which will then be whittled down by votes to the overall top 10 (instead of 12?) maybe two wildcards? Who knows...but it looks like they are not going to make sure that it is equally split boys/girls in the top 10 or 12...maybe continuing the Idol push for a girl this year?

Predicting the top 12 girls

OK...I thought it was just the major pimping of the women...but when I sat down to do the top 12 girls, I was amazed at how many of them I have no clue about? I think there were more women than men. Maybe it is that AI is majorly pimping a half dozen women at the expense of the others? Not really sure...but there are many who I don't remember at all. Could it be that AI is hiding some of the really good talent for Vegas to surprise us? I think they have done that in the past. Anyhow...on to the list. Adriana Latonio - Who? I'm serious.....who? Amber Holcomb - another who? Angela Miller - yet another who? Aubrey Cleland and still another? Who are these people? Brandy Hotard - I really like her. She's a dark horse in the competition. I think she makes it into the top 12 girls. She was one of the stronger ones in Hollywood. Breeana Steer I have zero memory of her Bridgett Hermano - or of her Candice Glover - She is actually really really awesome and the exception to the rule this year. She was passed over in years past. Not really sure why because she certainly has proven herself worthy of the top 12 girls. Cristabel Clack - The only memory I have of her is that she went through on a group that I didn't think any of them should go I am going to say no. Isabelle - Really? The single name is just a little bit pretentioius don't ya think? Seriously. Until you have reached the status of Cher or Madonna, it is really just plain silly and annoying to use one name. C'mon even Celine Dion doesn't do that and aren't even CLOSE to being in the same league as many on AI let alone those women. I think she gets in because AI loves her and has been pimping her. But I wouldn't put her through Janelle Arthur - She is definitely in. For two reasons....MEGA pimpage by AI and she can actually sing. AI wants to push the Janelle Rachel country fight. She was a bit of a diva in Hollywood and I don't think she is as good as she thinks she is, but that said, she is pretty good. Jennie Beth Willis - who? Julianna Chaayed - who? Kamaria Ousley who? Another trio of who are these people? Kree Harrison - She is in the top 12 for sure. AI has been majorly pimping her since the auditions. I don't think that she is all any other year she would have been lost in the masses. Which leads me to once again question the "Best Females ever in the entire world history of American Idol" push this year. Melinda Ademi - She's good....doesn't really stand out to me. She's a fence sitter Rachel Hale - The other half of the country divas. I have gone back and forth over which one I like better out of her and Janelle. I am leaning much more to Rachel these days. No worries....they both get through. Shuba Vidula - The girl with the cool name. She has one of the best voices in the competition. She gets through for sure and I think is a strong contender for the top 5 overall. Tenna Torres - No. She shouldn't be in the top 20, definitely not in the top 12. Zoanette Johnson - She can sing...but she is just waaaaaay waaaaaay waaaaaay too freaky madeeky. She is a goner fer sure! Definitely in (6): Candice Glover, Brandy Hotard, Isabelle Whateverhernameis, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Rachel Hale Definitey out (3): Zoanette Johnson, Cristabel Clack, Tenna Torres On the cusp (1): Melinda Ademi Who are these people? (10) : Adriana Latonio, Amber Holcolmb, Angela Miller, Aubrey Cleland, Angela Miller, Brianna Starr, Bridgette Hermano, Jennie Beth Willis, Julianna Chaayed, Kamaria Ousley, I guess we will have to wait for Vegas to give a more accurate ranking of these people. But it is fun to do a pre-season slightly educated guess!

Predicting the top 12 guys

So...I'm attempting to do a break down of the top 20 guys...but I'm finding it difficult. Could it be because Idol has been doing a mega-pimp of the girls and we don't know much about the guys? Hmmmmmm...I kinda think so. There are so many guys that I don't remember much of...but here goes: Curtis Finch - He has a great powerful gospel voice...but he seems pretty limited to that genre. I don't think he is even close to being as versatile as Joshua Ledet from last year Cortez Shaw - I actually really like this guy. I'm not sure that he gets through because he doesn't really stand out and they haven't really pimped him much. He's a borderline for me. David Willis - Don't remember him Bryant Tedao - Hilo Hawaiian guy. I'm not sure on him...he's been hot and cold. He was not all that strong in Hollywood...but AI loves Hawaiians, we've had a couple females, no I give him an edge on getting through Burnell Taylor - Nope. Not strong enough. Doesn't have the range. Chris Watson - This is the big hair bow guy. I don't think he gets much further. I'm surprized that he is even in the top 20 Elijah Liu - Don't remember anything about him. Devin Veliz - The only thing I remember about him is that he does WAAAAAYY too many runs when he sings. But they usually love that kind of thing Gurpreet Sarin - He's got a good voice...I'm not sure its top 12 material and I think that because he doesn't fit within the AI mole he's not likely to be in the top 12. Johnny Keyser - He is a shoo-in for the top 12. Maybe not on voice, which is good, but not one of the best...but based on combination of looks and talent...primarily looks. AI will want him in the top 12. Jimmy Smith - Another shoo in for the top 12. This time based soley on voice. Josh Holiday - Nothing stands out in my mind about him Josh Davila - This is the mega queen that we didn't even see until Hollywood week. The guy is there simply for comic relief. He doesn't have the talent to go much further. Definitely will not be in the top 12 Kevin Harris - Don't know who he is Charlie Askew - This is the ginger boy. He's had a great ride, but his time is up in Vegas. He doesn't have to voice to go on. Nick Boddington - I didn't like him last year...and I really don't care much for him this year. I think he gets through this time...only because there has to be at least one Phil Stacey type that annoys me for at least a couple of weeks...and probably 3-5 weeks longer than they should. Paul Jolley - Don't Remember him Vincent Powell - Don't even remember even seeing this guy Lazaro Arbos - This is the cute guy with the severe stutter. I doubt he will make the top 12. He's cute and he's got a great story, but his lack of confidence and lack of familiarity with a lot of the music is going to sabotage him. I expect him to self-destruct in Vegas. He was on the verge in Hollywood and I think he's nerves are going to do him in Mathenee Traco - The only thing I remember is that I didn't think he was very good. So the breakdown: Don't Remember at all (7): Kevin Harris, Vincent Powell, Mathenee Traco, Paul Jolley, Josh Holliday, Elijah Liu, David Willis, Definitely Out (5): Charlie Askew, Burnell Taylor, Chris Watson, Josh Davila, Gupreet Sarin, Definitely In (4): Nick Boddington (boo), Bryant Tadeo, Johnny Keyser, Jimmy Smith On the cusp (4): Curtis Finch, Cortez Shaw, Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos Next: Predicting the Top 12 Women.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Idol should be charged with pimping and pandering

Wow...can Idol be any more obvious that they are going to pimp and manipulate all season to get a woman AI? They aren't even trying to pretend that they are going to neutral...starting with the fact that there are many more women that made it through to Hollywood than men. As much as I would like to see a woman win, I don't like the feeling that we are being manipulated. First round....Anorexic girl, Mariah Pulce is out.... Also out...Ashley Smith, Ann Difanni, Sarah Verpuccio. I don't remember but I don't think I am surprised by any of them. Rachel Hale - The Happy girl v. Janell Arthur...the Country girls....they are both really good. I think Rachel is a little stronger. They are both through. Before the break...more mega pimping..."The best girls we've ever seen in this competition"....really Idol? Really? Candace Glover is in...Megan Miller is out. Isabelle...I don't recall seeing her before. I'm not blown away but the judges seem to like her. She's through. Kez Ban - screamed, hooted and hollered for other contestants and blew what little voice she had to start with. Brianna Oakley - I didn't think she was great in the auditions...and I still don't think she is that great. They both go this the best talent AI has ever seen Ryan? First group...They sound great...Kamaira is weak....Melinda ademi is good...Candace Glover is great.....Denise Jackson is also great. They are all through. Morgan Boberg, Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard...I really like her....They were all really good..but Brandy stood out above them all. The next group "Almost Famous"...they all look a mess. Savannah Notion, not feeling it. Lizz Weiss...harmony off, Daysia Hall...she's the best of a bad bunch. J'leigh something...never say her before. The singing was as bad as they looked. Daysia is the only one through. Kirss Mincey, Janell Stinney, Cristabel Clack....Cristabel is the only one that I would put through. Janell was such a drama queen. They all go through....not sure what the judges were thinking there. Shuba Vedula, Sarina Crowe, Aubrey Cleland all through. Sertha Guinn..good but not up to her audition, Tenna Torres...I'm not digging her, Kiara Lanier....that's a no. Seritha I would put through...the rest I wouldn't. Seritha is the only one that goes home? What? I'm definitely not agreeing with that one. Erin Christine, Zoanette Johnson looks like she's ready to walk the Boulevard...but she can sing, Lauren Bettes, Isabelle. I would put all of them through. Lauren goes home..thr others go through. Shira...horrible....Alisha..Slightly better but not much.....Liz Bills..weak weak weak. Courtney Calle...Best of the bad lot. Liz goes through...everyone else goes home. Shira asks for an explanation and they actually give her one....seriously...I would have told her to hit the road. Stephanie Schmiel...not feeling it. Alex Delaney...not good. Kalli Therinae, nothing special...Holly Miller. Wow...none of them should go through. What was this about the best girls ever Idol? I get the feeling that AI is trying to sell us a $5 street ho and tell us that it is a high price call girl. Stephanie and Holly go through. Britness Kellogg- she's good, Kree Harrison, ok....Brandy Neely, she sounds great, Kaley Davis..reading the words on her arm...she's good but she should be better. I would send everyone but Kree through. Nikki reads Kaley the riot act...but she is right. Brandy goes home. Again...I'm not getting it. She sounded better than any of them. Kez Ban, freaky just for freaky sake, Breanna Steer...not good, Angela Miller not bad...Janelle Arthur, good enough to go through. I'm afraid that they are going to put kez Ban through...I think they want her on for train wreck reasons. They all go through.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hollywood...cutting it to 28

Tonight is guy solo night. and Ryan tells us "Prepare yourself for the most shocking eliminations yet". First up Paul Jolley - He sounds great. For some reason I am thinking 80's by his sound..not sure why. Nikki told him that he walked out defeated and it completely irritated her. She is absolutely right in her criticism. Lazaro up next - he doesn't sound as good as we've heard him before. Curtis Vince - he's got a good voice but his mannerisms bug me. He is waaaaay to dramatic and animated. Its so "Telethon". They are all through to the next round. We don't get to see the give who are cut Deven Velez - He sounds good...too many runs for my taste. Gupreet - good.... Cortez Shaw - Sounded really good. Matheus Fernandez - does Kelly Clarkson Stronger but he starts out in key too low for him. That was a mess for me. Nikki once again was right in her criticism. He doesn't need to milk his height in every setting. Devin, Gupreet, Adam and Cortez are through. Mattheus is cut. Nicholas Mathias -sounds completely off key. Papa Peaches - Horrible Jimmy Smith - Not good either Nicholas and Peaches are cut....Johnny Keyser and Vincent Powell make it through. Nick Boddington - Cut in Vegas last year. I remember the name...I don't remember him though. He sounds pretty good. I'm not jumping up and down, but he should make it through this round. Charlie Askew - Aspergers boy. He's just average. Not good enough to continue on in the competition. The judges seemed to like him...I'm confused. Nick, JDA, Matheny and Charlie all go through. Couldn't tell again who got cut. Burnell Taylor - Doesn't sound good enough until the tempo picks up, Marvin Calderon - sounded ok...both through Michah Johnson - Does a Randy Travis song. He sounds great....but they send him I'm not really sure where that one came from. Gone...Dave Brown the baker, Sonny from San Antonia and Nick the sign language guy. Now the big twist....8 more guys still have to go to get it down to 20. Wow...that was anti-climatic.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hollywood...errrr...Northridge week

Sorry...this blog is all over the place. Hollywood week is so fast paced that its hard to keep up... Hollywood...First round Sudden death eliminations - brutal Wow Mariah's booty sure looks big in that blue dress Micha Johnson in the first group - tonsil guy. Gets a standing O from Keith Hes on to round 2 along with some others that I didn't know. Nate Tao - Sign language boy...goes through Gabe Brown - Gupreet as well... Carl Skinner - He was the strange farmer like Midwestern ginger boy. He gets cut...As well as Dustin Watts the firefighter and Calvin Peter the singing Dr. Cortez Shaw - Sings Always love you. I don't remember this guy. Split between the Divas. They give him another shot. Curtis Finch Jr. - a little too much of a gospel type singer. Frankie Ford. I remember I loved this guy...and he goes through Lazaro - The stuttering boy. He's super super nervous...but he pulls it through. Trevor Blankley...don't remember him Bryant Tadeo - From Hilo...saw his profile on FB today. He makes it through after a psyche out from Nikki Brian Rittenbery - guy with cancer survivor wife...he doesn't go through...and I agree I would have cut him too. 1/2 of the guys get cut in round On to Group night....but with a twist this year... This year the producers are grouping them First up...the mathheads with Matheus...Nick Boddington is good....meathenee as well. Gabe Brown....all of these guys are good. I'm digging Gabe Brown's voice. all four are through Normal Hills - Johnny Keyser, He's cute..but forgot the lyrics and voice is weak Kareem clark is waaaaaay off key. Very bad. 1/2 of them say they never heard the song before...really? Kareem gets cut...the others go through. Next Group...with Charlie Askew - socially awkward guy. Aspergers? Curtis Finch...Gospelly and theatrical...but he clearly shines in the group. They all go through though. The four tones with Micha Johnson. Vincent Powel Marvin Calderon and David Willis. They are all through. Young love ...Zach, Nate Tao, Cortez Shae, Elijah Liu....Cortez is the strongest here...They are all through B-side with Gupreet, ...they are all horrible...but they all go through. Devan Jones, Devin Velez, and the rest go Acapella....Adrian...go through Moflow - Burnell Taylor, Tony Foster...he's good...Mario Jose, Burnell Taylor good too....Darien Moses....great voice too. Weakest was Mario. Darien and Mario get cut. I'm a little surprised about Darien. Super 55 with Lazaro. , Josh Stephens, Scott Fleenor, Christian Lopez, ...they all sound pretty good. Obviously the judges didn't think it was as good as I did. Joshua and Scott get cut. Joshua feels that Lazaro stole his spot, but he takes the high road and congratulates him. I was glad to see that. Country Queen - Don't know who the queen is? I don't remember him in the auditions. Lee Pritchard ok...but not strong, JDA...Boy George wannabe....weak, Joel Wayman....weak....Trevor Blankley...I don't really like him, but he is the best of the group, voice wise, except he forgets all the words. In my opinion they should all be cut. Trevor and Lee are cut...JDA and Joel go on. DKSK...the young guys. David Leathers- Guy who got eliminated in Vegas (I don't remember him from last year).....Kevin Quinn... Caden...sounded like a little little boy....David Leathers makes it through as well as Sanni....Kayden and Kevin go home. Cut....were favorites...Griffin Peterson...the super hot guy Clifton Duffin who's parents had never heard him sing Last group - Frankie favorite...Papa peaches, Adam Sanders, Charles Allen. They are horrible. Frankie is falling apart. Charles Allen goes a great breakout solo. Papa peaches is a freak.....Nikki calls him too complacent. Frankie goes home..the others go through. I'm so usual. My favorite gets cut early on. The last two minutes broke my heart. I really hope that he does come back.