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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10: J's Rankings

Big Mike,
(Huge Space),

My Bottom Three: Katie, Tim, Siobhan
America's Bottom Three: Didi, Tim, Siobhan

Should go home: Tim
Will go home: Didi (and it kills me to say that).

Usher out the Teflon Tim

Here's my take on the Top 10
Best of the night to the worst:

The top 3 were very close

1. Casey - True, the song did not really show of his range. However, it was the first performance by anyone this year that actually looked like a star performance.
Casey was in his element
2. Lee - Loved how he really seemed to respond to Simon's comments about reviewing this performance and looking back and saying that this is the night that changed his life. Lee was awesome tonight. He looked comfortable and for the first time looked like a serious contender rather than just a guy that had a better voice than most of the contestants.
3. Crystal - solid as always. She looked very uncomfortable playing the piano. It seemed very unnatural and I think it hurt her at the beginning of the song.
4. Andrew - OK, who didn't know that he was going to do an acoustic version of a pop song? I think everyone saw this performance coming...and that is what he is going to do from here on out until he is voted off in a couple of weeks. He was excellent though. Close to the top 3 but not really in the same league.
5. Big Mike - Consistent. Good voice...but just not much more to say. He sings on key. That's about it.
6. Aaron - Good voice, but again, Zero stage presence.
7. Didi - has it completely right, what has happened to you. Do you have any idea who you are? The performance was completely staged, completely unnatural and just not good. The Didi rollercoaster continues...she had so much potential, but like Paige before her, she doesn't have a clue who she wants to be.
8. Katie - Don't see why the Judges were pimping her. She had as much stage presence as a turnip and her vocals were just ok. She looked old, not me she looked like the female character from Disney's Hercules. I hated everything about her performance tonight...but then again...I have never been a fan.
9. Siobhan - or Cinnabon as she is now called amongst many of us who cannot pronounce her name. What a train wreck tonight. If she sang two notes of the song on key that would be one more than I heard. And she looked like a flashdance reject.
Don't they have style consultants at this stage of the show? I was also glad to hear Simon tell her that the screech is getting old.
10. Tim - Serious? Anita Baker? Seriously? C'mon dude. Seriously, Anita Baker?
Wow...I did say a week ago to some friends that if the guy has an IQ over 80, then there is no god. I mean a guy with his body and looks with an IQ too? Not possible.
His song choice proved it this week. Seriously Dude....Anita friggin Baker? It was horrendous. I did love his smile and laughs during the judges comments though. and I admit that I did vote for him, just to try to keep him on the show.

Rubbertoes Bottom 3: Tim, Katie and Cinnabon
America's Bottom 3: This is TOUGH.

IT is going to be an interesting show tonight because we are going to see how strong people's voting bases are.
I suspect that Cinnabon won't be in the bottom 3 because I think a lot of people like her.
Katie may skate the bottom 3 as well based on the young girl votes.
Could Andrew be in the bottom 3? He's been there before and despite his good performance tonight, people may be over him...and then there is Aaron - Do the young voters vote in droves for him? He hasn't been in the bottom 3 yet.
Tim - Will definitely be in the bottom 3, however, the bigger question will be whether his good looks and charm can carry him on through another week - aka Teflon Tim.
I think America's bottom 3 will be Tim, Katie and Didi
I think there is a good chance that Didi could go home tonight, but ultimately, I think Tim's luck has run out, so I am going with Idol saying goodbye to Teflon Tim.

BTW...I keep forgetting about my second favorite TV show.......Idol Tonight. Its on tonight...TV Guidechannel, 1 hour before Idol....I've got to remember to watch it tonight!!!!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

House of Usher!

Siobhan - Through the Fire - pitchy when she was reaching for the high notes...K wondered about song choice, but if she was going to do - she should have conformed her style to the song - which she didn't do and it fell apart. Really wishing they would reign her in on the screaming.

Casey - Hold On I'm Coming - Perfect song for him! He seemed comfortable and like he was having fun - enjoyable performance :) Loved the blues vibe for him.

Big Mike - Ready for Love - special pimp lighting! really, really good...perfect choice for him, smooth, heartfelt, sensitive - loved the guitar!

DiDi - What becomes of the Broken Hearted - sounded really off key to me. A forced performance - just moving from note to note. Not a good song choice for her at all.

Tim - Sweet Love - really love the tone of his voice - I know he still needs to work on his performance, just doesn't come easy for him to do a Constantine-eye-vibe thing - but it was pretty good. He is such a good natured guy

Andrew - Forever - I don't know this song, but I really like this arrangement! I think he has finally found his way again. He hasn't seemed relaxed in weeks - this seemed to take him there.

Katie - Chain of Fools - Good performance - but didn't really have any soulfulness or edge to it. I think it has to be the age factor, because she really has the voice to pull this off.

Lee - Treat Her Like a Lady - (note to Idol stylists - PLEEASE help him find some new clothes) Fantastic! LOVED the modern arrangement of this song!! Lee - where have you been dude, - this was super :) He was having fun and it was so enjoyable!

Crystal - Midnight Train to Georgia - LOVED it!! the piano was really a nice touch. Love that song - and it fit her so well. She really knows how to connect with the song - and share that with us.

Aaron - Ain't No Sunshine - they are just transforming him week by week - a' la Clay Aiken (clothes, hair, brows). Hard for him to follow Lee and Crystal.... I do hate for him - that so many other people have done this song over the years..and his version was sort of what-ev.

Two quick comments: the makeup was bad tonight...not sure what was happening there - as it has been exceptional these season with HD-ready looks for everyone. On a positive: Can I just say what a really good mentor Usher has been?! I love it when the mentors try to give them good feedback.


Big Mike

America's bottom three: Andrew, Katie, Tim Tim goes home

L&K's bottom three: Aaron, Siobhan, DiDi Who should go home: Aaron

The Top 10: On the Midnight Train to Treatin Her Like A Lady!

The Top 10 take on the world of R&B with the help of Usher . . . who's got the voice make ya booty go SMACK.

THIS is AMERican Idol!

And for the third week in a row, Katie Stevens is front and center . . .

Did La Seacrest just say Usher had "swagger"?

1. Siobhan Magnus - She's "wicked nervous" . . . She's singing Chaka Kahn's "Through the Fire" . . . which has a big screeching note at the end. Please, girl . . . Please . . . don't do it. Her low register is good, but her upper register is pitchy. This is not her strongest performance . . . a little all over the place. Nice ending note, but pretty mediocre from my perspective. Randy thought it was pitchy, but loves her. Ellen agrees with Randy. Kara also agrees and thinks she got a little nervous. Simon thinks it sounded like she had run a marathon and she was out of breath. . . and thank you for saying that he's getting bored with the screaming at the end.

2. Casey "My Baby" James - Singing "Hold On I'm Comin" . . . never been performed on the Idol stage . . . Just Casey doin his thing . . . the one difference is that this song had a little more range, and he handled it nicely . . . Nicely done, sweet baby. Randy thinks it was another hot night for him. Ellen loved the vocals, but thinks it was a little generic. Kara thinks he has more range than he is showing. Simon thinks it was his strongest performance.

3. Big Mike - Stop with the weird movements. . . He's singing "Ready for Love" . . . he's bringin back the guitar . . . This is a much more subtle performance, and I am a big fan. I am believing him tonight. His voice has a lovely tone, and he's not all over the place. Very, very nice indeed. Randy liked the guitar, and thinks he is in the zone. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara had never heard the song, but thinks he did a beautiful job. Simon thinks this is the first time since the live shows that e can take him seriously as an artist.

4. Didi Benami - She's singing "What becomes of the broken hearted" . . . She got a little emotional during her Usher session . . . She looks stunning . . . A few little pitchy problems, but overall she sounds good. The second half of the song soared . . . the second half of the song was flat out wonderful. Randy thought the performance was flat. Ellen thought it was dramatic, and not her best performance. Kara thought it was overdone, and thinks she lost her way. Simon thought it was old-fashioned and over the top. They don't like Didi . . . I'm not sure why. I thought it was kind of lovely.

5. Tim Urban - I'm sorry . . . did they just say that Mr. Urban is taking on Anita Baker? Tim looks gooooooooooooooood tonight . . . if only is voice matched his looks. He's singing "Sweet Love" . . . He's hitting all the right notes, but I don't believe that he's ever been in love. Nice vocal . . . just don't believe him. Randy thought it was mostly in tune, but had no swag. Ellen doesn't know why he chose the song. Kara thought it was a mixture of Broadway and Vegas. Simon thinks he's laughing because it doesn't make any difference what the judges say. He ends on a positive note by taking on the judges in a light hearted way.

6. Andrew Garcia - he's singing Chris Brown, "Forever" . . . seriously dude, I'm not sure if you should be singing a Chris Brown song . . . Oh look, Katherine McPhee's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree's" beatboxer is back. I wish he would pull his legs down from the stool. He sounds better than he has in the past few weeks. . . much better, a wee boring, but better. Randy thinks Andrew is back, and the outfit is mad dope. Ellen thought it was an amazingly strong performance. Kara thought it was one giant leap in the right direction. Simon thought it was miles better, but he is boring.

7. Katie Stevens - is taking on Aretha Franklin . . . Oh Sweet Baby Buddah . . . BTW, I like the backstage reactions . . . She's singing "Chain of Fools" . . . this could be disasterous . . . What is she wearing . . . I'll give her this . . . she is showing a lot more stage presence and energy tonight . . . her vocals aren't always hitting the point, but I see some growth in her. That being said, she's still got some issues to work through. Randy thought it was one of the best vocal performances of the night. Ellen thought the vocals were great, but she wishes the song had been a bit more current. Kara thinks R&B pop is where she belongs, but it needs to be more young and commercial. Simon thinks Randy's comparison to Christina is crazy . . . he thought it was pretty good vocally, but thought she was robotic.

8. Lee DeWyze - This should be his safe spot. Dear Lee, why are you wearing the same outfit every week. He's singing "Treat Her Like A Lady". Lee is a little on fire tonight . . . this is really, really, good. He's fixing those pitch problems and starting to own the song . . . NICE. Randy thought it was unbelievable. Ellen thought it was the best performance of the night. Kara thought it was amazing. Simon thinks this is the night his life may have changed forever.

9. Crystal Bowersox - She's playin the piano with "Midnight Train to Georgia". A-MAZ-ING ... simply brilliant . . . there are no other words. Randy thinks she did the song proud. Ellen thinks she is in it to win it. Kara can't wait to see what she does next. Simon thinks she had moments of brilliance, but doesn't want her to stray to far from herself.

10. Aaron Kelly - He's singing "Ain't No Sunshine" . . . Does anyone else remember Kris Allen rippin this song to shreds last year? All of the notes are there . . . but I don't believe him, and am a bit bored. Randy thought it started rough, and thought it was just aight. Ellen thought it was good. Kara liked it but didn't love it. Simon thought he wasn't as good as last week.

And we're through another week. This week was MUCH better than last week. I'm gonna hold off on my rankings . . . cuz I don't think there is anyway America will send my bottom three to the bottom three . . .

Back later with some rankings.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Idolatry's Review of the Top 11: "The Bowersox Chant is in Full Affect"

As per usual, our buds over at E! have put out another stellar version of Idolatry for the Top 11 show. They are lovin some Bowersox . . . my favorite moment is when one says that they have to "say something postive about Katie Stevens" and the other simply says, "um, no" . . . LOVE IT! Click the link to watch all three parts

A Little Photoshop Magic for J & RT

When I saw the pics of Tim I thought I saw an uncanny resemblance to another famous shirtless dude, what do you think?

-- K

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Idolatry': Lacey Brown on 'Landslide' woes, clashing outfits, and Miley Cyrus as mentor

'Idolatry': Lacey Brown on 'Landslide' woes, clashing outfits, and Miley Cyrus as mentor

Interesting interview, lots of insider POV on the proceedings from the latest redheaded Idol stepchild.

-- K

This ones for J

Got this image off of

I gotta say....if I can see more of this...I'm voting for Tim

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idol Points Game: The Top 11 Edition

Hello all,

I was at a student function tonight and was apprised of Idol's results via text . . . Paige Miles is headed out, and she appeared in all of our bottom 3's!

To update the game, here were last week's standings:

1. Rubbertoe: 5 points
2. Dr.L&K: 4 points
3. J: 3 points

This week's points

Rubbertoe: Two of the three bottom three correct (Katie & Paige) = 2 points
Dr.L&K: Two of the three bottom three correct (Paige & Tim) = 2 points
J: Two of the three bottom three correct (Paige & Tim), Eliminated correct, and correct original prediction of #11 = 5 points. . . . I had a lucky week :)

Updated totals:

1. J: 8 points
2. Rubbertoe: 7 points
3. Dr.L&K: 6 points

We continue to have a nailbiter of a competition here, y'all.

BTW, did Ryan happen to mention what the theme of our touring Top 10 is?

See y'all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heard it thru the grapeVYNE...

Top 11 Night

Lee - The Letter - more energetic than past performances. Seemed like a good song for his vocal range. Not sure that the song choice was current enough to connect with the voters in this critical week.

Paige - Against all Odds - sounds really shaky and nervous tonight. a timid performance in the beginning, having trouble finding the key, oops, completely lost it! Oh this is SO not good....she should be really worried! Painful.

Tim - Crazy Lil Thing Called Love - trying to mix it up a bit - look at him performing! Sounds pretty good, seems like he is stepping it up a bit in the energy department. song was okay - Ellen said corny..., but seems like he targeted his voting demographic.

Aaron - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - he is turning into ballad-boy. I'm not up on the country stuff, but is this a country artist version of this song? good performance - not as good (for me) as Angie last week. You wouldn't think he could connect with these adult songs, but he seems to do it.

Crystal - Bobbie McGee - you can tell that she really loves to sing and perform - I LOVE this song and thought she did a great job! Would buy it now. That rug really ties the room together...

Big Mike - When a Man Loves a Woman - liked his little meeting with Miley - sweet! Loving this performance from him tonight - great version of the song, and he seems genuine in his approach - which I haven't seen as much. Yay! No bouncing around the stage! K - says he hasn't been on the Big Mike train,

Andrew - Heard it through the Grapevine - doing the California Raisins moves...LOL! Heard it thru the grapeVYNE... those lyrics were so weirdly punctuated. Miley looks quite bored, and they show her several times... Not a whole lot to say about that one. Just about to lose my MYND.

Have to ask at this point - what is with all the OLDER songs tonight?? Billboard Top 100?? I know we discuss it here on the blog and the judges discuss it, but really - there must be some sort of elusive secret to song choice that most of the contestants don't seem to get.

Katie - Fergie song - finally, a current song! not sure that she nails it, but it is okay- maybe a little sharp/flat throughout. Way off key at the end....Did what she needed to do to reach the teen voters, I think.

Casey (J's baby) - The Power of Love - back to the 80's - umm.. what happened to using the stage? I was expecting him to go crazy out there with the Huey Lewis song...It started out like it might be really fun, and I was hoping for more. Still he sounded great!

DiDi - You're no Good- did Ryan introduce her as DiDi Bonini?? Not really digging it..she seemed like she was irritated rather than connecting with the song. Maybe a bit repetitive on the arrangement? And PLEASE Idol contestants - don't pick a song that talks about 'going home, or how things aren't good', etc.

Siobhan - Superstition - Love her, but.... Not a fan of this tonight! I know, shocked right? But, on a couple of points - it was a bit reserved for me, like the shoes were too tight and she isn't comfortable & Didn't enjoy the power note at the end - didn't think it fit. In danger of that becoming overdone.

Rankings -

Big Mike

Our bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Paige

America's bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Paige

Should go home: Paige, but WILL go home: Andrew

Billboard Top hits? Maybe 1 or 2

First up - Lee. The first three judges loved it. Simon said it was not "recordable". I agree 100% with Simon. I hate the arrangement. His voice sounded good and he looked better on stage that ever before...but the song would never sell on the charts today..and isn't that the point of Billboard #1's week?

Paige - Ok...I'm biased because I can't stand Phil Collins, but this is one of his better songs. She sounds horrendous at the beginning. Her lower register is horrible. Once it gets to the higher register she is much better...but this is a complete and utter train wreck. I think Paige is going home after this mess.
This was one of the worst performances on Idol ever.

Tim Urban - Crazy little thing called love. He looks HOT. He doesn't have the best voice in the competition, but his performance was fun without being cheesy (take note big Mike)....What is up with the judges...I disagree 100% with them. Kara's criticism was particularly off base, she said, "don't act like you've made it"...yet Idols have done that for years and NEVER been criticized for it. Boo....judges Boo.

Aaron - Has Laryngitis and tonsilitis...He looks incredibly cute. Very charming with his "crush" on Miley. He's got a really good voice, what he is lacking is the stage presence. I mean...David Archuletta was young, but he commanded the stage. Aaron doesn't have that. But he was good. Best of the night so far.

Crystal - Of course she is doing Janis...and she is doing probably one of my favorite songs of all time. So far...I'm not feeling it. I like Crystal, but all this performance showed me is that she is no Janis. Maybe not a far comparison, but when you take on a legend and you don't live up to it, it is going to pale in comparison. The crowd loved it...what about the judges? They loved it to. I'm in the minority here.

Big Mike - When a man loves a woman. First of all, his cocky attitude has got to go. the best thing that could happen to him would be or him to be in the bottom 3. That would knock him for a loop and he might actually become decent to watch. He's got a great voice, but is performance takes away from it. Now Kara SHOULD give him the criticism that she gave Tim. Somehow I doubt that she will. At least she did say "overindulgent".

Andrew - Heard it through the grapevine. Ok...I am going to say it. This guy cannot really sing. He can sing a couple songs, and that has gotten him throgh. But he has no range snd this performance, he was talking it more than he was singing it. This one ranks up there with Paige for me. He's got a great attitude. Kara was right on "He's chasing the moment". Did Simon really say he "sucked"? Yes..."....the soul out of the song".....

Katie -Pitchy....She's flat in the beginning. She's still flat. Ew....this is another bad bad performance. Ranks up there with Page and Andrew.
Is Ellen on crack? Her best performance so far?

Casey - Power of Love - He's such a fan....of Mylie's Dad....
Best overall package of the night. Voice is good and he has stage presence.

Didi - Decent peformance. I wasn't leaping to my feet. I like her voice, but there wasn't much here to showcase it.

Siobhan - It was ok...but again. Nothing great and just more of the same she hasdone before.


Big Mike

Casey, Aaron and Crystal were far and away the best 3 of the night
The worst 3 were obvious....Katie, Paige and Andrew

Who should go home - Paige
Who will go home - Andrew

Top 11: J's rankings

Here are my rankings

1. Crystal
2. Casey
3. Didi
4. Siobhan
5. Lee
6. Big Mike,
7. Katie(tie) Aaron
(Big space)
9. Andrew
10. Tim
11. Paige

My Bottom Three: Andrew, Tim, Paige
America's Bottom Three: Andrew, Tim, Paige

Going Home: Paige

I'm torn here. I think that any of these three could go home, but I kind of think that Paige, being in the dreaded 2 spot, and performing quite badly, puts her out of the Idol tour.

The Top 11: Bobby McGee and the Cheesetastics

Tonight, the Top 11 will take on Billboard's #1's . . . and THIS is AMERican Idol!

And here come the judges . . . more flirtatious play between Kara and Simon . . .

Does anyone else miss Ryan in his t-shirts and jeans?

It's a big night because the Top 10 make the tour.... they're pimping the voting which goes along with my idea that their voting totals are seriously down this year.

Why is Kara wearing a blue sheet?

Cue the gay banter between Ryan and Simon . . .

And here are our Top 11 . . . once again, Katie is front and center . . . interesting.

I believe both Andrew and Lee are wearing almost the exact same outfit from last week.

And here comes the Miley . . . however, she is not rockin kicks . . .

Miley is rambling . . . but, I must say she is very personable. . .

1. Lee DeWyze - I didn't hear what he was singing . . . she thinks he is too reserved . . . he's singing "The Letter" and he is guitarless . . . and he's brought the band down with him. That leg is going to town again. He sounds really good . . . he's lost a lot of the pitchiness . . . and he's connecting to the song a little better . . . maybe the Miley injection helped. Very good job. Randy likes the bluesy version of the song and thinks he knocked it out of the park. Ellen's favorite pen is back. Kara thinks he raised the bar. Simon is surprised he chose the song and thought it was corny.

2. Paige Miles - Oh Lord, she's singing Phil Collins . . . Sweet, baby, Buddah, please don't let her sing "Against All Odds" . . . Paige is very personable. It is Against All Odds . . . ugh . . . Miley nailed her for being pitchy . . . This is rough . . . she's trying to tone it down a bit, and her pitch is all over the place. She's playing with the song a bit, and she excels when she hits the high notes, but man, she is way off key at times. That was rough. I'm very worried for her. Randy said yo man you wow, and thought it was terrible. Ellen says it's positive that she didn't fall down and she looks great. Kara thought it was possibly the worst vocal of the season. Simon thought it was all over the place.

3. Tim Urban - He's doing Queen . . . seriously?! He's doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" . . . he sounded good in warm up. This could be really good or this could be cheesetastic. . . He's on pitch and he's moving around the stage . . . still not the strongest voice, particularly in his lower register, and he's a little overshadowed by the band, but, again, he's on pitch. Definitely cheesetastic, but, again, on pitch. Randy thinks the vocals were boring, but the slide was dope. Ellen thinks he has a lot of fans, but it felt like it was an audition for High School Musical. Kara thinks Ellen hit the nail on the head. Simon thinks the moving around distracted from the song, but it was pointless and silly. He's in trouble, but I think his likeability factor will keep him in.

4. Aaron Kelly - He's picked up a little laryngitis and tonsilitis. Yikes! He looks very cute tonight . . . he's got a wee crush on Miley. He's going to sing Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" . . . I'm not sure that this song is in his range . . . particularly if he's sick. He is sweating like Whitney in concert. He's doing the country version of this song, and that is smart, but the song is still a little too big for him . . . big notes are pitchy . . . however, considering he is sick, it wasn't bad . . . not great, but not bad. Randy thought it was a little pitchy, but he's a fan. Ellen thought it was a perfect song choice for him. Kara thought it was the best song choice of the night, and thinks he is consistent. Simon thought it was brave, but thinks he's making himself a little old fashioned.

5. Crystal Bowersox - How much must she loathe being mentored by freakin Miley Cyrus . . . I wish she would do a Miley song, and give it the Crystal treatment. She's doing Bobby McGee . . . LOVE IT! She's getting Miley to sign her guitar. She looks lovely tonight. She's just got "it" . . . who else can see her on the Lillith Fair tour right now . . . Rock out, girl! In-freakin-credible. Randy thinks she is a star. Ellen is beaming and thinks it is wonderful, but wants her to break down the barrier between her and the audience. Kara felt like she gave more tonight. Simon wouldn't change anything, and thinks her version was as good as Pink's version. I love that she is sitting on the carpet with Ryan. And, I LOVE that she keeps saying she has "big plans for next week".

6. Big Mike - He's singing, "When A Man Loves A Woman" . . . he stared the Miley down. As is par for the course tonight, this could be good or a cheesy hot mess. He sounds great. I think he can't help but kind of have a cheesy edge . . . I think it's just a part of him. The falsetto at the end was really quite good. Overall a very, very solid performance. Randy didn't think it was his best vocal, but thinks he knows who he is. Ellen thought it was a safe choice, but has a great tone. Kara thought it was boring. Simon kind of agrees with Kara, and thought it was a little much.

7. Andrew Garcia - He's singing "Heard it Through the Grapevine" . . . he stumbled on the lyrics and has put his guitar down. . . Oh Lord, he needs to stop with the hand motions . . . he is coming off way cheesy. He hasn't really changed the song at all, and has stayed in a safe vocal range. He is on pitch. . . CHEESE! He sounds better than past weeks, but I'm really not loving this performance. Randy didn't think it was good. Ellen loves him, but didn't think it was great. Kara thinks that chasing the "Straight Up" moment is messing with his head. Simon thinks that he SUCKED the soul out of that song.

8. Katie Stevens - She's singing Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" GOOD song choice . . . it's current, and could really suit her voice well. Each week she looks more and more like the McPhee . . . her lower register is better tonight, but her upper register is a wee bit nasal . . . I'm glad she got away from the mic stand . . . I'm still not convinced by her voice that she is anything other than a middle of the packer . . . but, overall, this was a better performance for her. Randy thought it was pitchy, but she listened and became younger. Ellen thought it was her best performance so far. Kara thinks that pop with R&B leanings is her vibe, but she has mad pitch issues. Simon is still not convinced, but thinks she was better this week.

9. Casey "My Baby" James - Look at all that cuteness :) He's singing the "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News . . . I'm unsure . . . the boy has mad vocal skillz . . . never even the hint of a pitch problem . . . the song choice is a little boring, and he's not moving at all, but I'm convinced he can be a recording artist. Randy wasn't a fan of the song choice, but thinks he did it well. Ellen thought it was the best vocal of the night. Kara thinks he's ready to make an album. Simon thought it sounded like an 80's cover band.

10. Didi Benami - She's singing "You're No Good" . . . I LOVE this song. I love that she's playin with the cellist. I think she sounds great, and each week I believe more and more that she is a contender. BTW, she looks AMAZING. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. Randy loved the idea of it, but thought it was pitchy. Ellen didn't get the song choice. Kara felt like she was playing a character and being dramatic. Simon thought it was the bad part of a musical. Was I hearing something different? I don't get it. I really loved the performance. They kinda pimped Aaron and Katie and then gave those comments to Didi . . . I'm not connecting with the judges.

11. Siobhan Magnus - Now y'all know I have not yet hopped on the Siobhan train . . . I think she is screechy and off key in her lower register, but I try to be fair, so, I'm going into her Stevie with an open mind. She's singing "Superstition" . . . She looks a little like Lisa Loeb . . . Much better start to the song this week, IMO . . . she is believable on stage and has pulled her voice in tonight . . . but I spoke to soon . . . she is compelled to screechdom . . . ugh . . . overall, I thought the performance was great, but she doesn't have to screech EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Randy thought it was dope. Ellen loved it. Kara praised the screech. Simon thinks the screeching at the end is becoming a little predictable.

Overall, it was a down night. . . . not a great night for our Top 11 . . . Crystal and Casey were by far the best tonight with Didi,Lee, and Siobhan in the runners up position. . . and then the rest . . . for me there is a clear bottom three . . . but, I'll hold off on the official rankings . . . but you can see my initial thoughts at the top.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

E!'s Idolatry Wonders Who Can Break Up the Crystal/Siobhan Final Two?

Click the link below to watch E!'s Idolatry review of the Top 12 performances. They really believe that we are headed for a Crystal/Siobhan Final Two . . . but think that Lee and/or Didi could break up the inevitable finale. Also, they call Lacey's outfit a "hot buttered mess" It's a very good review, and make sure you watch all three parts!

E! Online's Idolatry Top 12 Review

VFTW Thread: The Gokey Scream

Anyone who watched season 8 remembers the screech heard round the world . . . AKA Danny Gokey's last note in his top 4 performance of "Dream On" . . . I didn't have the heart to post the entire performance, so, here's the screech.

More Cheesy VFTW Goodness

(sorry for the weird sizing, but at least I got it to play- this is a rare vid!)
John Stevens, Crocodile Rock. This is like, I don't know, karaoke combined with battery acid in your ears. The fact that he looks like one of the Beav's pals singing it makes it even more unbelievable that this is from 2004. He made it to SIXTH place, after incredibly surviving this week. Grannies of the world, unite.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rubbertoe's VFTW thread: Camile Velasco with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

I LOVE the VFTW thread . . . this is one of the single worst performances on the Idol Top 12 stage . . . IMO . . . more to come. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Classic for Rubbertoe's VFTW Thread

Oh, man, there are so many crazy performances it's hard to remember them all. Kristy Lee Cook was certainly a VFTW standout. But this infamous Chicken Little performance is so bad, you might think someone slipped some mescaline in your latte. It actually makes time expand, to where it seems 4-5 minutes long, so he can squeeze in more warbly bum notes. Will it ever end? Come on, J, I know you have some classic memories of Idols gone Bye Bye to add!

-- K

The Re-Emergence of the Idol Points Game

J reporting from the A.T.L.

I missed most of the results show, but I got the gist... and it inspired me to re-start our Idol points game.

Let's review the rules... We get one point each for the bottom three and one point for the exiting additional 2 points will be assigned if our original pick for that week goes home....

The rankings:

1. Rubbertoe - 5 ... He got 2 of the bottom 3... picked Lacey to go home, and originally picked her to be 12th.
2. DrL/K - 4 .... They got 2 of the bottom 3 and picked Lacey 12th.
3. J - 3 .... I got one of the bottom 3, and picked Lacey to go 12th.

I'm going to try and keep this up every week. Congrats, Everybody..,, except Lacey....

Vote for the Worst - Worst AI finalists of all time

Vote for the worst is doing a weekly countdown of the WORST American Idol top 12 contestants of all time:

#12 - Kristy Lee Cook

I don't disagree with this one at all.

Some others that I am hoping will make the cut: Phil Stacey, Josh Gracin, Taylor Hicks.

Add some others.

I'm certain that Sanjaya will make the list, but personally I LOVED there.

Here is a link to the article:

I can't get no satisfaction

....but you can't always get what you want!

Seriously...two things became glaringly more and more obvious on the first week of the top 12. First, this years Idol contestants are a lot weaker that in years past and Second, Crystal and Casey are so far ahead of the rest of the lot that there is virtually zero chance anyone else is going to be in the finale.


1. Crystal - No question she was the best of the night. Simon was dead wrong and I expect that tonight he may even admit it after he had a chance to view the show on tape.

2. Casey - Loved his one handed guitar moves. He sounded hot and looked even hotter. This was a perfect week for him. I DO agree with Simon on him though, it was good but he has more in him and can kick it to another level. He'll need to do that if he is going to challenge Crystal.

3. As much as I HATE to admit it...I am going with Siobhan. I didn't like the makeover they gave her, but the range she displayed on this song was incredible. She's definitely got some pipes.

4. Didi - Playing with Fire. She did a very smart thing with the song. She really showed a dark side and her haunting rendition of this song was one of the few that left a lasting impression on me.

5. Another one that I REALLY REALLY hate to admit - Katie. I think this was her best performance to date by far. She looked very good and the song really showed off her voice.

6. Lee - Beast of Burden. Vocal was good, not as good as last week. He's seriously lacking in confidence though. He looks extremely uncomfortable. He needs to work on stage presence.

7. Aaron - This kid has a voice beyond his years, but he's lacking the package to make a serious run for the title. However, his version of Angie was really good.

8. Big Mike - Good voice, but super super SUPER CHEESY performance. I don't like the cockiness and I find his poor coreography to really detract from his performance.
The falesetto was horrendous.

9. Tim - Under my Thumb. I like the idea of the Reggae version of the song and I applaud him for doing that. However, he's not a Reggae singer and so he couldn't pull it off. I think the song could have worked in that style of the right person, someone like Jason Castro might have been able to pull it off. Tim didn't do it though.

10. Paige - 10 Million times better this week. But still not living up to her potential.

11. Lacey - Ruby Tuesday. I thought in parts she was very good, however, for every good part there was an equally really bad part. I was kind of a weird arrangement only outdone by the really weird outfit she was wearing. Its almost as if week to week she can't decide what to wear and so she just layers it all on and none of it matches.

12. Andrew - Super weak performance here. Andrew really showed what I've been thinking about him for a few weeks now. He's a one-hit wonder. He does basically 1 genre and he's pretty good at it, but take him out of that element and he just doesn't have the depth to him.

Rubbertoe's bottom 3 - Paige, Lacey and Andrew
America's bottom 3 - Paige, Lacey and Andrew

Who Rubbertoe would send home: Andrew
Who America will send home: Wednesday night we'll be sing...Goodbye Lacey Wednesday who could hang a name on you

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's all over now...and paint it awesome!

Top 12 Rolling Stones Night!

Big Mike - Miss You - interesting take on this tune - on the fence about the appeal of his falsetto. He could easily overuse it - if he hasn't already. K says he has already gone there. Off key in parts? agree with Simon about the corny dancing

DiDi - Playing with Fire - like the arrangement a lot, but wonder if it took too long to get to the chorus..if there was a chorus? she has the right take on the song - but just kind of fell apart at the end. K suggests a DiDi drinking game: wait for her forehead vein to show - then chug. Depending on her stress level - you could get wasted quick!

Casey - It's All Over Now - LOVE it! Great bluesy - rockin' vibe, southern style. If you wandered up at an outdoor concert and heard that & saw him - you would stick around, right J?! Nothin' more to say :)

Lacey - Ruby Tuesday - weird arrangement of this song. several places where she was quite flat. Committed cardinal Idol sin by singing a song with 'goodbye' in it. Ellen had a good point about her movement in the song - perceptive!

Andrew - Gimme Shelter - voice sounds really smooth in the beginning - but such a restrained performance for this song!

Katie - Wild Horses - ended much better than it started. shaky and a bit pitchy when she started off, but once her nerves calmed down she got into the song. Good song choice for her fan base to remember her.

Tim - Under My Thumb - never thought about a reggae version of this song...not sure about how that connected with the song. He really does have a nice voice though.

Siobhan - Paint it Black - thought it was perfect! great use of the stage - truly a performance on the Idol stage. Hated her hairdo though...curly q...

Lee - Beast of Burden - made the song current, seemed a bit nervous - but I really liked it. He has a really unique sound and hopefully we will see him really find songs that help him showcase that.

Paige - Honky Tonk Woman - much better performance this week than several weeks. Not sure about the lyric changes, but I really liked the tone of her voice - maybe it was the laryngitis.

Aaron - Angie - I had been kidding around that someone should sing this...pleasantly surprised with Aaron's performance here! (Well, not the rockin-back-n-forth thing he does). His tone was so smooth and clear, I totally forgot he was OMG 16. Way to go dude! I LOVED it !!

Crystal - Can't Always get What you want - YES you can! go Crystal! Effortless and smooth, rockin' MamaSox.


Big Mike

Our bottom three: Andrew, Tim and Lacey

America's bottom three: Andrew, Lacey and Tim

The Top 12: You Can't Always Get What You Want . . . Therefore, Sometimes It Has To Be Painted Black (YIKES)!

UGH! My interwebs is screwing me over this evening!

So, let’s get right to it…

1. Michael Lynche – Big Mike is singing “Miss You”, and I think he did a good, solid, job. As Simon would say, I’m not jumping out of my chair, but it was a good performance. Randy and Ellen thought he was great. Kara thought he delivered swagga and attitude. Simon thinks his confidence is up, but he thought it was kind of corny. He thought he sang it well, but that it was a tiny bit desperate. Ryan got up in his grill . . . that was kind of funny, and Simon wants to sort it out in his trailer later. 

2. Didi Benami – Her mother can’t watch in person because she doesn’t like watching her get judged . . . She’s singing “Playing with Fire” . . . the lower register notes are a little pitchy, but otherwise, I think she’s spot on . . . a haunting performance, and I kinda dug it . . . Randy thought she was on fire. Ellen noticed that she lost her way a bit, but liked that she got right back into it. Kara thinks it is compelling for her to have a sweet voice and sing a dark song. Simon thought it was a cool choice of song, and he is a fan.

3. Casey James – MY BABY! And Rubbertoe’s pick to win. Ok, so I love his mother. He’s singing “It’s All Over Now” . . . and he brought his guitar  . . . Casey’s got his swagga back . . . he’s kinda got that vibe tonight like it’s not American Idol, but a Casey James concert. Solid vocals, and I buy him singing the song. Randy thinks he could make a nice career with this type of performance. Ellen made a very funny lesbionic joke, and then told him it was fantastic. Kara thought he was a rock star. Simon thinks he looked and sounded great, but it sounded like an audition performance…. I’m not sure what that means. Mercy, that boy is hot . . .

4. Lacey Brown – Her parents are pastors . . . interesting . . . – She’s singing, “Ruby Tuesday” . . . She has such an interesting twang to her voice . . . I think technically she sang the song very well, but there was kind of a lack of energy. Randy was pleasantly surprised, and thought it was interesting. Ellen thought it was weird that she sat down during the up tempo part of the song. Kara thought her voice sounded good, but some pitch problems . . . she thinks she could have done it better. Simon thought the vocals were good, but she needs to stop over thinking it.

5. Andrew Garcia – Btw, La Seacrest’s constant references to “stones” is cracking me up. . . He’s singing “Give Me Shelter” . . . while Ryan tries to hold hands with Simon . . . er, um . . . something is very wrong with the beginning of this song . . . He’s very pitchy in parts . . . and those last big notes were slightly painful in a yikesy kind of way . . . Randy thought it wasn’t great. Ellen thought it was his best performance yet. Kara thought there were good parts, but not great overall. I didn’t hear what Simon said cuz I was on the phone with freakin Comcast… UGH!

6. Katie Stevens – She chose to sing “Wild Horses” . . . good choice . . . she wants to put Connecticut on the map . . . with that backlighting she looks like a younger version of The McPhee . . . The first part of the song was a little iffy, but she is picking it up . . . she hit a nice, big ole note towards the end . . . she's still a little pitchy, but I thought it was better than I've heard from her in the last few weeks. Randy thought she was a bit pitchy, but ended nicely. Ellen thought it started pitchy, but finished well. Kara thinks it's never technically perfect with her, but that she is talented. Simon thinks this is the only week where she has chosen the right song.

7. Tim Urban - Here comes the cross your fingers performance . . . it could go either way . . . too many jokes to say with the wide receiver comment . . . he's singing "Under My Thumb" . . . technically, he's singing the song fairly well, but I'm a bit bored with his rendition of this song . . . he is smart for choosing a song that doesn't have a huge range . . . I liked the ending much better . . . Randy didn't get the performance. Ellen felt like it was too relaxed, Kara applauds him for doing something so incredibly different with the song. Simon applauds his originality, but doesn't think it worked.

8. Siobhan Magnus - She's singing "Paint It Black" - I don't have a lot to say about this . . . they are going to jizz all over themselves for this and I just thought it was a Big. Hot. Mess. All of the judges jizzed and I am flacid.

9. Lee DeWyze - Whoever dressed him did a good job tonight... the boy looks good. He's singing "Beast of Burden" . . . Good, solid performance. Again, he's got those pitch problems, but I really like him. I still think he could be the darkhorse to win this thing. Randy thought it was dope. Ellen thought it didn't really come together . . . like a hospital gown. Kara thinks he's growing faster than anyone on stage . . . Simon likes him, but thinks his personality holds him back.

10. Paige Miles - Damn it, I didn't hear what she was singing . . . ahhh, "Honky Tonk Woman" . . . I think it was the best performance from her thus far . . . Randy wishes she had more energy. Paige liked that she used the stage. Kara thinks she really hit some big notes. Simon asked her about her voice . . .she has laryngitis . . . thinks she is still better than that and hasn't quite connected, but thinks she did a good job.

11. Aaron Kelly . . . his mother his Kelly Kelly . . . he's singing "Angie" . . . Someone wake me up when it's done . . . seriously, this is putting me to sleep . . . is this song not over yet . . . . oh my Lord . . . that was ok vocally, but he needs a shot of energy. Here comes the pimping . . . Randy thinks he has tender moments in his voice. Ellen thought that he and Siobhan were the two standout performances . . . Ellen is on crack. Kara thought he was powerful. Simon thinks he chose the right song, but thought he was quite clever with his vocal decisions.

12. Crystal Bowersox - Ok, I love her dad and Casey James' mom . . . "You Can't Always Get What You Want" . . . I'm looking forward to this . . . Randy loved it but didn't think it was her best. Ellen thinks she is born to be on stage. Kara thought she was a bit cocky before, but thought she was better tonight. Simon thinks she was beaten by Siobhan . . . HAVE THEY LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!

My rankings:

1. Crystal,
2. Casey
3. Lee,
4. Didi,
5. Michael,
6. Paige,
7 Siobhan,
8. Katie,
9. Lacey,
10. Aaron,
11. Tim,
12. Andrew

My bottom three: Aaron, Tim, and Andrew
America's bottom three: Lacey, Andrew, and Didi (the surprise)

Should go home: Andrew or Aaron
Will go home: Andrew

Dr. L & K Top 12 (better late than never...)

Man, this was tough! And we may be SO wrong on some of them. I find it interesting that we line up with J and R on many points, just a couple of degrees off. If we go down in flames, it will be together!

DR L & K

05.Big Mike
06. Didi
07. Andrew
10. Paige Miles

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oddsmakers Assessment of Idol Season Nine

American Idol Top 12 Betting Odds To Win Season 9 At Sportsbooks Now

Odds to Win Season 9 of American Idol:

Crystal Bowersox +180
Siobhan Magnus +450
Casey James +550
Lee Dewyze +650
Michael Lynche +800
Andrew Garcia +1000
Didi Benami +1200
Katie Stevens +1800
Aaron Kelly +3000
Lacey Brown +3300
Tim Urban +4000
Paige Miles +5000

David Cook on Wednesday's Show

Just saw this info on another Idol Blog, that David Cook tweeted that he was going to be on Idol Wednesday. Supposedly it hasn't been promoted yet by TPTB, maybe it's supposed to be a surprise?
-- K

Rubbertoe's Top 12

So...even though I predicted that both Toddrick and Alex would leave last predictions have been known to be WAAY off (especially last season when I predicted Kris Allen to be the first of the 12 to go). But regardless, here is my take on the top 12.

12. Lacey - I agree with J. She sneaked into the top 24. She sneaked into the top 12. I just don't see her going much further. I like her, but she comes across a little too old for the Idol crowd and I don't think she will draw in the young voters that comprise the largest voting block.

11. Andrew - This is a tough one because I think he is still riding a wave of initial popularity. I liked him at first, but that wave crashed quite a while ago for me. He just doesn't have the depth. He's a wildcard because it is unknown how widespread his popularity is. I'm guess, not that far.

10. Katie - I'm going with Katie as #10 though my brain tells me that J is right...that she will go further based on her youthful age and the voting patterns. However, my heart tells me that AI voters are still going to vote for talent (however that was proven wrong with Taylor Hicks and many others who went further than they ever should have).

9. Paige - She could go sooner, but AI seems to want her to go further and so I expect her to be around for a few weeks.

8. Aaron - Isn't this the spot where the "chicken littles" that get in usually get voted off? You know...the one's that have some talent, but never really had a chance to win the whole thing because they don't have the "package"?

7. Tim - He's another difficult one. He's got the looks going for him, but last week, he also showed that he does have a good voice. I think he's got enough momentum to propel him this far, probably not much more. But even that momentum could be derailed with one bad performance.

6. Siobhan - I'm with J on this one. I don't see the talent here. She's kinda weird and even though she has an OK voice, its not all that. Plus....people are not going to be talking about her because her name is difficult, so she is going to lose some of that water cooler crowd.

5. Didi - I'm all over the place on Didi (as anyone following along knows). I picked her to win the whole thing a month ago. Two weeks ago I wasn't sure she would make the top 12. Down deep, I still believe that this girl has talent and she's got a good personality that should mix with the talent to propel her into the top 5

4. Lee - Another tough one. I think he suffers too much from the David Cook comparisons that will be drawn. People are going to want something different. Not sure if he will make it this far or not, but I don't think he'll go farther.

3. Michael Lynche (Big Mike) - He is definitely the Josh Gracin, Phil Stacey this year. He deserves to be voted off earlier, but he's going to make the top 5 based entirely on his personality and "likeability". His performance last week came across totally cheesy to me, but he is the kind of guy that America wants to root for. But that can only get you so far (except...footnote, Taylor Hicks)

2. Crystal - She's got the talent, but I'm not sure that she has the likeability factor that is often important in the Idol contest. She comes across a little too raw to appeal to the masses, I'm not even sure that she will make the Top 2...but she should and she very well could win.

1. Casey - I'm going against my better judgement. It has been the guys for two years in a row now. Its very unlikely that it is going to be a guy, however, I'm just not sure that America is going to buy into the whole Crystal granola deal. Her style is not the typical AI genre....and Casey has the looks, the charm and the talent that make up the AI package.

J's Top 12

Ok, so, I was looking over K's Top 12 pics at the bottom of the page . . . and I thought I should map out my Top 12 for the season . . . I have been so wrong throughout the Top 24, and am starting to believe that not as many people are voting this year . . . so the choices prove difficult. . . particularly the first few . . . but, here we go.

12. Lacey - I really think she sneaked through the first two weeks of Hollywood . . . I think she is vulnerable and will be the first to go.

11. Paige - I think she's got one more week in her, but will then be out the door . . . she should have been gone last week. Simon may think she has the best female voice, but she has yet to prove it.

10. Andrew - I think he will make the tour, but his performances throughout Hollywood were iffy at best. I think at this point in the competition, he will get a little lost in the shuffle.

9. Aaron - HE SHOULD NOT BE HERE. Whew, I feel better saying that . . . I'm still smarting a bit that we have to here him sing and Alex Lambert was left behind. I think he'll still coast a while on the sweet 16 vibe, but will leave fairly early.

8. Katie - SHE SHOULD NOT BE HERE. Whew, I feel better saying that . . . I think the sixteen year old's will go out back to back.

7. Siobhan - I have never really felt her vibe. I understand I am on the island of unpopular opinion here, but I think she will be our first surprise exit.

6. Tim - I think fairly consistent performances and that face will take him into the Top 6 but no further.

5. Big Mike - I think Big Mike will run out of steam at some point and looking at the remaining four . . . I just don't think he's in the same class . . .

Which leads me to my Top 4 . . .

4. Didi - I really like this girl. I think she has a solid, consistent voice, and has a lovely stage presence. I think there are a few contestants who are stonger than she is, but I think she'll definitely be a part of our final four.

3. Lee - Even with the slightly pitchy vocals, he has got such an amazing stage presence, and I can already see him touring. I love, love, love this boy . . . I think he is going to be the surprise of the Top 12 . . . and may be the darkhorse to win.

2. Casey - AKA My Baby - Y'all know I love my baby. I think he has a consistent voice, plays a mean guitar, and has great stage presence. He very definitely could win this competition, but I think there is one more who could out do him . . .

1. Crystal - I just think she already carries herself as the consummate professional. I think some of the theme weeks will be difficult for her, but I think she's got it in her to emerge the winner . . . I think the Idol Machine will NOT want her to win . . . they would definitely be pulling for Didi, Lee, and Casey . . .

Should be an interesting season . . .

The Top 12: Rolling Stones Week

According to Fox's Idol Website, these are the song choices our Top 12 were given. Wonder which one each will choose . . .

Goats Head Soup
As Tears Go By
December's Children (And Everybody's)
Beast of Burden
Black Limousine
Tattoo You
Sticky Fingers
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Country Honk
Let It Bleed
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Emotional Rescue
Fool to Cry (Remastered)
Black and Blue (Remastered)
Get Off My Cloud
December's Children (And Everybody's) [Remastered]
Gimme Shelter
Exile On Main St
Hang Fire
Tattoo You
Heart of Stone
Out of Our Heads
Honky Tonk Women
Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
Hot Stuff (Remastered)
Black and Blue (Remastered)
It's All Over Now
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Through the Past, Darkly
Lady Jane
The Last Time
Out of Our Heads
Live With Me
Love In Vain
Midnight Rambler
Miss You
Some Girls
Mother's Little Helper
Aftermath 19th Nervous Breakdown
No Expectations
Beggars Banquet
Paint It, Black
Play With Fire
Out of Our Heads
Ruby Tuesday
(Salt of the Earth
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Out of Our Heads
Some Girls
She Was Hot
She's a Rainbow
Their Satanic Majesties Request
She's So Cold
Emotional Rescue
Exile On Main St
Start Me Up
Tattoo You
Street Fighting Man
Sympathy for the Devil
Time Is On My Side
Too Tough
Tumbling Dice
Under My Thumb
Waiting On a Friend
Wild Horses
You Can't Always Get What You Want

Sunday, March 14, 2010

voting graphic @ bottom of blog

Hey Guys,

I had been using the old circle+slash method of marking which contestant went home every week on the grid below, and thought I'd try something new:

What do you think?

American Idol Top 12: A Redux

So, we are starting another year of the Top 12 ... our Idols are singing the songbook of The Rolling Stones. The beginning of this year's Top 12 made me think of our original Top 10 from Season One . . . so, remembering Kelly, Justin, Nicki, Tamyra and the rest, I present the original American Idol... Ms. Clarkson ... singing "You're All I Need" from Motown Week. ENJOY!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dr. L & K's Trip To The Ellen Show!

Hey Gang,
we had fun at the Ellen Show, it was worth all the finagling to get into the audience (last time we wound up in the Riff Raff Room -- so close, yet so far:) ). Ellen and her staff were really nice, and she seems to genuinely like/respect her fans. Some interesting stuff we observed:

Some of you guys may know this, but Ellen tapes her show a day ahead. So while this show aired today (Friday) it really took place Thursday (3/11) just before Ellen drove over to Idol, where the Top 12 were revealed live. If you watch the episode, there were lots of little tricks so she could fake the time delay: she didn't mention the Idol contestants that got booted by name with us on her show (because it hadn't happened yet!). That part was inserted later. Also, this lucky girl in the audience

had just found out she was going to the Idol Top 12 Red Carpet LATER THAT NIGHT; but the way it was edited, it appeared she was "remembering" what a great time it was!

Probably the most interesting thing we learned was how little time Ellen has to GET to Idol after taping her show. We were sitting there, watching Ellen tell us goodbye, good show, etc., @ 3:35 PM. Idol went LIVE from the West Coast @ 5:00 PM, and there Ellen was, sitting next to Randy & Kara, in a complete change of clothes. The Ellen Show is taped at Warner Brothers in Burbank, and Idol is taped at CBS Television City (luckily, not @ the Fox lot -- that might be impossible to guarantee "on time" given the window b/w shows).

Anybody who has driven across Los Angeles in the late afternoon knows this can be a daunting task. There's not a hell of a lot of time to prep for Idol, I would imagine. Something to think about next time Ellen is sitting there telling every other contestant they're "adorable" -- she's probably half-conscious :)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and we're going back in May!

-- K

A Breakdown of the American Idol 12

USA Today breaks down the American Idol Top 12 in this brief article. I find their interpretation of each singer's chances/position interesting . . . we agree about Sibohan and Casey, but really differ about Aaron . . . what do you think?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When you wish upon a star...

Yay! J is the happiest gay boy in the world -AND K is the happiest straight boy in the world: we bid adieu to both Todrick and Lily! Way to go Rubbertoe for getting both guys correct - nice work on your analysis.

We remain perplexed about Alex going home and Aaron making it through...

K says there are articles starting to pop up tonight on the internet - check out MSNBC, for one - this should prove there are some Idol shenanigans afoot and that this is not 100% America's doing on this - stay tuned!

Ellen Takes Idol Questions

Just a quick link to a five minute Q&A session Ellen Degeneres did with her audience about Idol.

The Results: Who's Going to be Our Top 12 and What the Hell is Going On?

DRAMA: A COVETED SPOT AT STAKE! The dramz cracks me up.... :)

I will be the happiest gay boy in the world if I am wrong and Todrick goes home . . . just sayin.

Seriously, a duet from Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre?

Somewhere, Michael Buble is throwing his old school microphone out a stained glass window.

We just found out that the Top 12's first theme is the songs of the Rolling Stones . . . could be interesting.

Results! Let's start with the ladies . . . Didi Benami is up first and is the first into the Top 12! Yay Didi!

Siobhan Magnus is up next and she is the second girl into the Top 12!

Paige and Katelyn are up together. . . one is in and one is out. I picked both to go . . . so . . . Paige has made it into the Top 12 and Kately Epperly is gone! I think Katelyn, like I think Andrew Garcia will, got lost in the shuffle.

Let's go to the guys . . . Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey are all called down to the stage. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus please let Todrick be going home. Casey, My Baby, James is into the Top 12! Tim Urban is also into the Top 12! Lee and Todrick are left . . . one of them is safe and one goes home . . . YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Lee is safe and Todrick has been VOTED OFF THE DAMN ISLAND! HOLLA!

Here comes the odd duo of Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre . . . not so sure . . . Hey Matt, I don't really think a curly faux hawk is a good look for you. Is this painful to anyone else? The pianos were great, and I'm going to leave the rest of it alone.

And we're back . . . 8 faces and 6 places . . .

Ms. Crystal Bowersox is next and she is the next into the Top 12!

Michael Lynche is up and goes center stage and is the next into the Top 12!

Lacey Brown is up next and has found a way to sneak into the Top 12!

Aaron Kelley is up next and looks scared as all get out . . . he has made it into the Top 12 . . . and God knows ow after that shit he sang last night . . .

Andrew Garcia and Alex Lambert are center stage . . . and Andrew Garcia moves into the Top 12 . . . I am stunned . . . I believe America made a mistake with this one . . . seriously made a mistake. Seriously, America . . . you got it wrong. It's not so much that I think Andrew should have gone home as I can't freakin believe you sent Aaron through and left Alex behind. Ugh.

Katie and Lily are left . . . seriously, if they send Lily home . . . I have a bad feeling about this one . . . I knew it. Katie goes through and Lily goes home. I am once again stunned.

What the fuck, America?

Here's hoping the voting public gets it together . . .

An aside, has anyone else noticed that Ryan hasn't once told us how many people are voting? I wonder if they are getting a lot fewer votes this year.

Catch ya next week . . .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Find me somebody to vote for....out of this group!

Lee - Didn't know the song -weirdly paced song, and it seemed that he was straining to sing it - definitely not in his comfortable range. I would worry about being memorable with that performance - although that could be me not knowing the song!.

Alex - K's take on this song ( L was out of the room)- cemented he has one of the more unique and radio-ready voices, but everywhere his nerves get the best of him - and performance suffers.

Tim - Hallelujah - little shaky in the start, but then jumped in and found his groove with the song. Really nice take on the song and guitar playing was beautiful! He needed a good performance -way to go dude :)

Andrew - Xtina song - Fun! what a cool summertime vibe on that - I have missed that song - fun to hear it again. Maybe not the best of the night - but he certainly has his own approach to the Idol process.

Casey - Keith Urban song - liked it, relaxed and he has a comfortable vibe when he connects to the song and the audience. Like a little mini-concert when he takes the stage

Aaron - Lonestar song - big voice in such a little guy! started off rough - but improved as it went along - he seems to find his confidence as he gets going - maybe the song was a little old for him in terms of lyrics? sigh...L is not a country fan

Todrick - Queen - much smarter song choice - theatrical though! I love this song - and it didn't build like it could have - it was a bit restrained at times, but overall a good performance for him - I need to go hear the original

Big Mike - This Woman's Work - has a nice, smooth, classic R&B tone to his voice tonight minus the high notes! Not a fan of his wiggling around on the stage though - LOL took me out of the performance a bit! laughing a bit harder now that Kara is crying....


Big Mike

This was tougher to rank than the girls last night....moved around the choices a lot before coming down to these options - and these don't match our rankings
Thinking that the two guys we say goodbye to will be: Todrick and Aaron

Somebody to Love I'm still suffering a little jet lag and fell asleep half way through the show last night. I was able to watch the performances on line this blog will seem a bit jointed.

First up Lee Dewyze - Looks very comfortable with the guitar. Performance is better than the voice. Voice 6, Performance 8. Good way to start it off

Alex Lambert - I didn't like this guy at first...but he is growing on me. Not an outstandig performance,but solid. Voice 7, Performance 7.

Tim Urban - Hallelujia -He's gonna have to be great to overcome Jason Castro on this one. He's pretty good. Didn't have a Jason Castro moment but for one of the first times, I can see this guy has a really good voice. Voice 7, Performance 6.

Andrew Garcia - "Genie in a bottle" - He seems happy and comfortable. This isn't anywhere in the same league as "straight up". I think this may have been a bad choice of song for him. Voice 6,Performance 7.

Toddrick - Somebody to Love. I have to VEHEMENTLY disagree with J on this one. Why you such the hater J? I thought this performance was awesome...and I love love LOVE Toddrick. I'm afraid though that he may not last though. Voice 9, Performance 10.

Big Mike - Didn't love it. Don't know what the judges see in him. His performances was silly and cheesy. Voice was very good though. Voice 9, Performance 5.

Aaron - Not good. Voice was all over the place. Performance very amatuerish. But I'm afraid he is going to stick around as this years Chicken Little. Voice 6, Performance 4.

Casey - My Boy....good vocals, but the performance was a little flat. Didn't love the song. Voice 8, Performance 6.

Who SHOULD go home based on last night: Aaron and Andrew
Who SHOULD go home based overall: Aaron and Tim

Who WILL go home: This is really difficult. I know they keep saying its a girls year, but the guys are head and shoulders better than the girls yet again this year. Pretty much most of the guys are good.

Definite Safes: Casey, Big Mike
Probably Safe: Andrew (people seem to like him and the "straight up" moment is still giving him momentum, Aaron (he's young and appeals to the shows youngest fans),
Borderlines: Lee, Toddrick, Alex, Tim
I am sadly going to say Toddrick goes home - he definitely shouldn't, but factoring in all of the criteria, I think he just doesn't have the foundation.
I think Tim is safe based on looks and last nights performance.
So it comes down to Lee and Alex and I just don't know how strong their bases are. I'm going to go with Alex. So with Toddrick and Alex leaving...its going to be a sad night for me because honestly I don't think either one of them should.

The Final 8 Boys: Who will be singing "Hallelujah" and who is in "Trouble"? . . . I've got to work on these titles . . .

Only 8 are left standing . . . who will stay and who will go? It's guys night and THIS is AMERican Idol!

C'mon guys . . . I have really high hopes for tonight. I feel like we are going to get a stand out performance from someone . . . just not sure who.

1. Lee DeWyze is up first with "Firefly" . . . Good idea to go really current . . . AS usual, A's favorite delivers some iffy vocals, but his performance is pinpoint accurate. I'm impressed with his stage presence and I can see him commanding the stage in concert. This boy is safely into the Top 12. Randy thinks it was pitchy but made it his own. Ellen likes that he made it a little rock. Kara thinks he looks confident. Simon thinks there is nothing to rave about, but thinks he has progressed.

2. Alex Lambert - singin "Trouble" . . . this could be really good . . . he looks nervous tonight, but he sounds good . . . he's underplaying the song, and I kind of think that is a good thing . . . better vocals than Lee, but doesn't have the stage presence. Randy thinks it was a good song choice, but didn't have the wow factor. Ellen thinks he's really peaking . . . but doesn't want him to become a cocky banana. Kara thinks the only thing that is stopping him from winning is him. Simon thinks he is concentrating too hard on the performance, and wants him to think about Randy in a bikini. . . .

3. Tim Urban - Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" . . . This song kinda belongs to Jason Castro "The Cuteness" . . . I'm afraid . . . Is it me or is this boy's voice getting a wee bit better each week . . . I'm surprised. His rendition isn't half bad . . . Whether he should be here or not, I think he's a lock for the Top 12, and this, surprisingly, was a good song choice. Randy thinks he did a pretty good job. Ellen jumped on stage, hugged him, and said it was fantastic. Kara thinks he's kind of in it now, and thought it was an honest interpretation. Simon thought he was smart with the song choice, and thought it was his strongest performance.

4. Andrew Garcia - He's singing "Genie in a Bottle" . . . this could be interesting . . . I'm not sure how I feel about this rendition . . . I like the creativity, but I don't think he changed the vocals that much . . . he just added a guitar. The ending was better, but I'm not sold on this . . . I feel like I'm going to be on the island of unpopular opinion. Randy didn't think he executed it well. Ellen thought it was a great song choice, and thought the ending was very good. Kara thinks he peaked too early, and thought it wasn't great. Simon agrees with Kara, and thought it was a little bit desperate.

5. Casey "My Baby" James - Singing "You'll Think of Me" . . . I'm not familiar with the Urban catalogue . . . I don't necessarily think this song is anything special, but he is singing well, and he's got that stage presence. The song picked up at the end . . . I think he gave a very, solid performance, and he is a lock for the Top 12. Randy thinks it was good but safe. Ellen thought he sounded great. Kara is kinda back on the Casey train. Simon thinks it made him sincere.

6. Aaron Kelly - "I'm Already There" . . . I loathe this song. Very iffy vocals through the first verse . . . chorus is much better, but I want him to remove his vocal chords from his nose. I think this is by far the worst of the night . . . by a longshot. Randy thought it was really good in the middle and the end. Ellen thought it was too much song for him. Kara thinks the song is not relevant to him. Simon thinks what Kara said was rubbish, and thought it was the right type of song for him to do. Why are they pimping him?

7. Todrick Hall . . . I REALLY don't like him . . . and he's singing "Somebody to Love" . . . Ugh . . . I need him to be gone . . . I'm trying not to be biased here, but this is a weird vocal, starting with the falsetto and then dropping two octaves . . . and not quite connecting to the song. He needs to be voted off the island. Randy thought it was one of the best vocals of the last couple of weeks (yikes). Ellen thought he made it sound like a gospel song. Kara thought it was good singing, but thought it was overly dramatic. Simon thought the song was good in parts, and that he is a broadway singer.

8. Big Mike - Singing a little Maxwell . . . The beginning falsetto was a wee bit painful for me, and this song doesn't really work for me . . . again, island of unpopular opinion, big note at the end was good, but there comes that damned falsetto again . . . they are going to love this . . . I did not. Randy thought it was dope. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara is crying and thought it was amazing. Simon thought the performance was needed tonight, and nailed it. He thought it was the best performance of all of the live shows . . . I just didn't get it.

My rankings for the night:
Big Mike
(Huge Space),

Ok, so I know I have ranked the eye candy first, but, to be honest, I think Tim, Adam, and Casey were all quite good . . . the tiniest of spaces separates Lee, and then the rest . . . I think that Andrew will go . . . but the other one perplexes me . . . I think Todrick should be voted off the island . . . but little Aaron was reallllllllllllly bad . . . but he's got that Katie Stevens, I am 16, thing . . . I just don't know . . . Ok, I think, much to my chagrin, that Todrick will stay for another ughful week . . . and Andrew and Aaron will bid us adieu . . .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Earth did not move tonight...and I'm glad cause we are in CA!

Katie - Breakaway.. mostly off key! I know our Ms. Kelly is cringing somewhere! poor song choice - poor arrangement - too much verse @ bottom of her register and not enough chorus in her range (per K)

Siobhan - House of the Rising Sun - WOW! what a performance here - great tone to her voice, and it just seems effortless - loved the arrangement. LOVES it!!
K says ' a little reverse psychology from Simon on this one'!

Idol seems to be playing a game with us this season - either the #1 spot is the 'under the bus' OR it fakes you out and the #2 spot becomes the kiss of death spot each week. I think katie is in trouble...

Lacey - Didn't know the song - but loved it! perfect song for her voice, BEST performance yet for Lacey - more memorable than most. Seemed simple and understated - lovely :)

A big shoutout to the makeup artist(s) on the show - spot on so far tonight - great HD makeup!!

Katelynn - I Feel the Earth Move - It was sort of whatev.. - the piano playing was kind of distracting tonight. Sort of flat. The earth did not move....

DiDi - kind of new and fresh interpretation of Rhiannon - a song I love! Smart move to bring the guitar back, and to reconnect with us. Liked the folksy sound of it.

Uhh what was that!... K says Idol production value sucks! what is up with the cameramen in the shot - hello???

Paige - Smile - Voice seemed really shaky - nerves?? And the end of the song was weird and off key. Just not really seems clear now who the bottom three are going to be (for me)

Crystal - Gimme One Reason - Fun, rockin' vibe - great performance! also an effortless. and self-assured. loved the electric guitar :)

Lilly - I Fall to Pieces...yikes! I realize I probably have gone to J's Island of Unpopular Opinion on this one. Didn't do it for me, not getting the connection with the lyrics and her performance. Warbly... K wishes if he could call this an 'anti-wildcard' - he would boot Lilly so he would not have to listen to her again.



We have Paige at the bottom and deserves to go home based on performance - but just don't think she is headed home yet....
thinking we will say goodbye to Katie and Katelynn this week.

The Top 8 Girls

There's no place like home. I had a great time with our friends in Barcelona...but now its back to reality....and back to watching Idol in its regular time slot!!!

First up - Katie Stevens - Why would you try to do Kelly Clarkson? Seriously. Pale pale PALE comparison. Katie showed up the difference between an American Idol and an amateur contestant. Did Simon say "You kinda sucked"? Oh....the "Air out of it".... Voice 4, Performance 4

Siobhan Magnus - I like how she started acapella, but I wished when the music picked up it would have picked up a bit more. She's got a really god voice, she's a little stiff in her performace. Voice 9, Performance 6

Lacey Brown - Doing "The Story". I love this song. I'm afraid. Could have been worse, but she took the song no where. She didn't even get into the best part of the song, but rather took the easy part of the song and didn't really do anything with it. Voice 7, Performance 4. (The judges liked it a lot better than I did)

Kattelyn Epperly - Pretty Girl, but just doesn't have the talent. Flat. Just not much there. Came across like a performance at a high school talent show to me
Voice 6, Performance 6

Didi - She has a very nice honest tone to her voice, but she's lost the oomph that she showed in Hollywood week.
Voice 8, Performance 6. (Simon and Kara loved her more than I did...but I'm happy for her).

Paige Mies - Smile. (A Classic, go-home song)...THIS is the best voice in the competition? She didn't show it tonight. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything great. Voice 7, Performance 5. (Simon says, possibly the end of the road...I don't think so).

Crystal - Doing some Traci Chapman - This is right up her alley. She certainly knows what kind of artist that she wants to be. I'm just not so sure the AI audience is big into this genre. She performed it great though. Great upper range.
AI needs to buy her two teeth during he makeover though. It is very distracting to me.
Voice - 9, Performance 9.

Lilly Scott - Nice modern take on classic Patsy Cline. I just don't really get her style. Its all a little strange to me. Voice 8, Performance 7.

Who SHOULD go home: Based on tonight - Katie/Paige
Who SHOULD go home based overall: Katie/Kattleyn

Who WILL go home: Katie for sure. Then its a tossup between Lacey and Kattleyn. I'm going to say Lacey.

I Was Definitely Given One Reason To Stay Here . . . And It's Name was Rhiannon

Eight Girls . . . One Dream . . . They fight to get into the Top 12 . . .

THIS is AMERican Idol!

Looks like they're giving Lily the pimp spot tonight . . .

I LOVE that Ellen is in Simon's lap . . . LOVES IT!

LOVE Ellen in her shirt and tie . . . she looks so cute!

1. Katie Stevens singing "Breakaway" - Why do they keep doing Kelly Clarkson? Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy . . . she needs to get to the chorus FAST . . . seems to me that she has slowed the song down even more than the original . . . she's made a grievous error here. Randy thinks the song was too big for her. Ellen likes that she listened and picked a young song, but she didn't believe it. Kara thinks she has a great radio voice, but that she doesn't know herself . . . I don't know what gay man got a hold of Kara and used rhinestones and a glue gun . . . anyway . . . Simon thinks she has taken their advice, but it still hasn't worked out.

2. Siobhan - I have to admit, she is not my favorite contestants. I hope she changes my mind tonight. She is singing "House of the Rising Sun" by the animals. I must admit, I don't really know this song. Here she goes. She's going acapella tonight. Brave girl . . . I've gotta give her props, she is pitch perfect. She's got great control and isn't screaming like I thought she was last week. I'm impressed. Randy thought it was HOT! Ellen thought it was captivating. Kara loved the acapella. Simon wasn't a fan of it.

3. Lacey Brown - singing Brandy Carlisle's "The Story" . . . I'm really underwhelmed by this girl . . . Her voice sounds better this week . . . she's gained some steadiness, and some level of confidence. I still don't love her, but I think the audience kind of likes her or she'd be gone by now. Overall, nice control and tone to her voice. Randy thought it was her best performance. Ellen agrees with Randy. Kara thinks that performances like this are why she got here. Simon didn't love love the song, but liked how she sang it.

4. Katelyn Epperly - on the keyboard doing a little Carole King "I feel the earth move" . . . I think she has a better voice than the other three, but this is kind of a safe performance. Randy didn't feel the vibe. Ellen doesn't know that it was the right song to choose. Kara felt like she was going trough the motions. Simon likes her hair, but felt like it was request night at a restaurant.

5. Didi Benami - Singing a little Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" . . . she's takin it acoustic style . . . the performance is a little boring, but she is much more of a soulful voice than the others . . . I believe her when she sings. I thought it was quite impressive indeed. Randy thought it was better than last week. Ellen thought it was a lovely performance. Kara thought it was one of her favorite performance of the show this season . . . and I think Randy just called her Paula. . . Simon agrees with Kara and thought it was head and shoulders above anything else tonight.

6. Paige Miles - She's singing "smile" by Charlie Chaplin . . . interesting . . . There is no doubt that this girl has a beautiful voice, but I'm really not sure why she chose to do this song. The ending was definitely better than the beginning, but I think she could go home on this one. Randy didn't think it worked . . . is he wearing a swatch watch . . . Ellen didn't think it was inspiring. Kara thought it was the wrong song choice. Simon agrees with everyone else.

7. Crystal Bowersox - singing a little Tracy Chapman, with the electric guitar, and "Give Me One Reason" . . . SHE. IS. AMAZING. Period . . . end of sentence. Randy loved it all. Ellen needs new adjectives for her. Kara thinks she knows who she is. Simon thinks the competition is hers to lose.

8. Lily Scott - She's singin a little Patsy Cline, "I Fall to Pieces" . . . I'm never sure about her song choices . . . there's a certain singer's vibe here, but I can't quite place it. I'll say this . . . the girl always has the "believability" factor. I was a bit bored by it . . . but she will get through. Randy loves the mandolin and it was hot. Ellen loves her originality. Kara thinks she made Patsy feel current. Simon thinks she's brave, but it didn't have the wow factor.

For me tonight . . . the rankings

1. Crystal,
2. Didi,
3. Siobhan
4. Lacey,
5. Lily
(huge, massive, Jennifer Love Forehead space)
6. Katelyn,
7. Katie,
8. Paige

Although I have Katie and Paige last . . . something tells me that Katie will stay. She is a young, cute, girl. I think Katelyn may take her place. Therefore, my prediction is Paige and Katelyn.

Ellen this week

While this is still a couple of days away, I am excited to post that Dr. L & I will be in the audience for the Ellen Show on Thursday (having been in the RiffRaff Room a few months back). We'll post any Idol dirt we hear on the blog!
-- K

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rubbertoe's Top 16 rankings I've been a little out of it. Still on vacation for 2 more days, so the last two weeks of Idol have been hit and miss for me trying to catch in online.

I'm so out of it, I started this column thinking we had our top I'm jumping the gun a little on rankings..but since I've already spent a good 1/2 hour on this...I'm gonna post it anyways....and we'll revise next week!!!

So...we have our top 16. Time for all our predictions. (This is the spot last year where I picked Kris Allen to go home first and thought perhaps Scott might challenge Gokey in the finale. So much for Rubbertoe's judgement)..... are my picks. What are yours?

16) Lacey - For some reason she seems too "old" for the competition. She doesn't come across young and fresh.

15) Katelyn - Just not enough talent to make it far. She's got a pretty face, but that can only take you so far.

14) Tim Urban - Lucky to have gotten this far. Could make it further on the underdog factor and just because I'm sure a lot of people think he's cute.

13) Toddrick Hall - Although I wished my guy would go higher, I think ultimately bad judgement is going to derail him. I love this guy, he's a great performer and so cute....but unless he can kick it up, he's not going to make the top 12


12) Katie Stevens - Again...cute girl but lacks the talent to back it

11) Aaron Kelly - The new Chicken Little. Could go higher based on cuteness factor.
He's good, but he's no David Archuletta. Although Lil David's voters could propel this guy higher.

10) Didi Benami - Remember when I picked her to win it all a few weeks back? What was I thinking? She has been a major let-down the last two weeks and I'm beginning to think that one GREAT performance was a fluke. I still think she has enough talent to get half-way through the competition if she kicks it up, but I think she lacks the confidence to win and the judgement to make the choices that are going to propel her higher. Its a shame though, I saw so much more potential in her.

09) Siobhan Magnus - She's got enough talent and cuteness factor to get her this far. Ultimately, unless there is something more there, I don't see her going further.

08) Lily Scott - This is a tough one for me. She could go much sooner in the competition but I don't think she will make it much higher. She has talent, but she has a strange look that is going to hinder her. She looks so much older than 20.

07) Andrew Garcia - Personally, I think he should be voted off sooner, but a lot of people seem to like him. I do like him, I just dont LOVE him. He doesn't have the depth that the others have. He was great with the "Straight up" acoustic, which could be a top 10 hit today if they released it. But THAT was his peak.

06) Lee Dewyze - He's got enough David Cook going on to get somewhere in this range, but he lacks the David Cook depth and charm to go further. He's not as talented as Cook and his voice isn't as good.

The TOP 5

05) Alex Lambert - The Dark horse of the competition. He's also the one who has made the most improvement. A couple of weeks ago, I didn't like him, now I really do. He's got the Kris Allen "sincerity" and small town charm that AI voters love. I also think that AI wants to propel him into the top 5 by the comments that have been made, especially Simon telling him, you need to know and believe that you have a shot at winning this competition.

04) Michael Lynche - He's the Ruben Studdard of this year. He's got some talent, but he's definitely not the best in the competition. He should probably get voted off earlier, but he's got that stale "family man" story that Idol pushes every year and people like him. Every year someone goes much further than they should (aka, Taylor Hicks, Josh Gracin, Phil Stacey....this year its going to be big Mike)

03) Paige Miles - Simon has already branded her the Best voice in the competition. I'm not so sure that I agree, but she is good. She doesn't have the whole package though. Her personality is going to have to shine more in order for her to go this far or any farther.


02) Crystal Bowersox - Can this granola chick make it this far? I'm not so sure, but she is the one with the talent to do so. I imagine with a makeover and some experience she is going to do well.

The Next Amercan Idol:

01) Casey James - I know its a girls year. The guys have won it the past two years, but I don't see anyone stopping this guy....except perhaps himself.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nobody mentioned my pre-show ritual..which involves vodka!

crystal - CCR song - Loved it! very soulful rendition of this song - felt like we were watching a Crystal concert. would download that song tonight!

haeley - Miley Cyrus song - seems like it was flat to me in parts throughout - especially at the end. She is just too young or something - she is just singing words and nothing behind it. Being OMG 16 has its downfalls, I guess!

lacy - song: Kiss Me. K wasn't sure that this was the right song for her, but better than Landslide last week. He is developing a theory that you can tell when it is not going to go too well based on how they perch on the edge of the stage - kind of scared to perform.

katie - good song choice - fun, and certainly more youthful! But this song seems to sound a lot like the original no matter who performs it, to me.

didi - Bill Withers - kind of shrill -I am not sure I like the tone of her voice on this song. "Didi - she's a fragile flower" - K said condescendingly...

michelle- creed song - liked the first part of it, such an interesting choice - then it derailed and went way pitchy and off key..

lily scott - sam cooke song - hmmm - interesting take on the song! I think it must have sounded better in the room cause I'm not just jumping up and down though.

katelyn - LOVED it!!! thought it was beautiful

paige - hard to take on Ms. Kelly - and sadly, it just didnt' work. again, not really connecting with the lyrics and tone of the song.

siobhan - Great! Loved her energy and enthusiasm for the song and performing - she is infectious!









Going Home:

Haeley and Lacey