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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paula Has An "Alleged" Meltdown

The New York Post's Page Six Column is reporting that Paula Abdul had a bit of an "emotional" meltdown at her gynecologist's office. I'm not really sure what this means, but it is an interesting bit of Idol Gossip. Click the link to read the story.

Melinda Doolittle Finds A Home!

More than a year after being dismissed from American Idol, Melinda Doolittle has found a record label! She has been signed by Hi-Fi records. According to the story posted on Entertainment Weekly, Hi-Fi records was originally a merger between Arista and Virgin records. This label has launched records by Avril Lavigne, Spacehog, and Todd Rundgren. Congratulations to one of the best voices ever to grace the Idol Stage! Click the link to read the story.

American Idol 2 Contestant Carmen Rasmusen Dishes About The Idol Auditions

American Idol 2 Contestant, Carmen Rasmusen (Finished 6th), has written an article for the Desert Star newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah. The article discusses her time on American Idol, the audition process, and some of the background information that we, the public, are not privy to hearing. Pretty good article by Ms. Rasmusen . . . I know that, at one time, she had an EP available on Amazon . . . and apparently she has a new CD dropping on August 1st . . . MY BIRTHDAY :), er, um, anyhow, Carmen was never one of my favorites, but I'm glad to see her name still in the news.

By The Way, do y'all remember during the Top 24 of American Idol 2 when the judges still had a "judges choice" contestant to put through to the Top 12. . . I remember that Simon Cowell surprised everyone by choosing Carmen Rasmusen as his contestant to put through into the Top 12. His choice was viewed very skeptically, but she ended up going quite far into the Top 12. Sorry, I had to reminisce for just a moment . . .

Click the link to read the story.

American Idol 8 Auditions: A Report From Salt Lake City

The Desert News in Salt Lake City, Utah has published an article about the American Idol 8 auditions. Interesting article which outlines how many people were there, their reactions to the audition process, and how it kind of all takes place. Pretty informative article for those who haven't ever read about the details of the process. Click the link to read the article.

Are Simon and Teri Splitsville?

Star Magazine is reporting that Simon Cowell and his girlfriend, Extra co-host, Teri Seymour are splitting. According to their report, Teri walked out after a heated arguement and Simon fled to St. Tropez on a trip. Simon's rep put out a statement saying that all of the accusations by Star Magazine were untrue. Interesting Idol gossip in the middle of the off season . . . Click the link to read the story.

Coffey Strikes Back!

Ok, so, I've given Coffey quite a bit of flack over this season of Nashville Star. I never quite thought he ever lived up to his potential during the auditions. However, he did get better during the last couple of weeks. So, I thought I would post an interview posted by Reality World detailing his path on Nashville Star, and his thoughts about what happened and his future. Included in the interview, are Coffey's thoughts on the judges and how mainstream African-American media vehicles like Ebony magazine and BET are guilty of promoting rap and r&b artists moreso than country artists. He's pretty outspoken, but I've got to say, I agree with a lot of what he has to say . . . Click the link to read the story.

Jordin Sparks Gives Back!

Jordin Sparks is using her new found fame to give a little bit back. She is sponsoring a campaign called The Do Something 101 Campaign. This fundraising effort encourages kids to collect school supplies and drop them off at their local Staples store.
I find it very refreshing to see someone Jordin's age giving back to the community by sponsoring such a program. You go, girl!
Click the link to read the story

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nashville Star: The Rankings!

The Rankings For The Top 4 Of Nashville Star . . .

I am going to leave out Coffey from these rankings since he was eliminated this evening . . .

Round One

1. Shaun Mayer - Gretchen Wilson song . . . don't know the name of the song . . . WOW! She was wonderfully in control of her voice and the stage.

2. Melissa Lawson - She sang a little "Hit me with your best shot" . . . It was quite good in the way that she always is . . . just not her best . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I was unsure from the beginning what this song was . . . he was wonderful as per usual . . . I was just a little underwhelmed by the song, and its lack of intensity . . .

Round Two

1. Melissa Lawson - Singing a little Carrie Underwood, I've got to tell ya, she was spot on. I was a little worried with doing such a recognizable song, but man, she just nailed it . . .

2. Shaun Mayer - Slowing it down a bit, this girl just did a phenomenal job . . . She has really improved in the past few weeks . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I love him . . . very much . . . and his vocals are very much on spot . . .but, he just didn't have the umph for my taste.

Overall rankings . . .

1. Melissa Lawson - Her second song was just a bit better than Shaun's first

2. Shaun Mayer - A close second here . . . They could very potentially be tied for first.

3. Gabe Garcia - He is so good, but I think both of his performances were out done by the girls.

From these rankings, it would seem obvious that I think the two girls will be the final two . . . I have no idea how Nashville Star will eliminate the third . . .they may wait until the end, or they may do it in the middle of the show . . . either way, I think that Gabe and Melissa will be the final two and that Melissa Lawson will be out winner.

Nobody is leaving comments, so, come on, y'all! Give me your opinions!

Who Is Going Home And Who Advances To the Finale!

Oh sweet goodness . . . its elimination time . . . its either Coffey or Gabe going to the finale. Here comes BRC's "spine tingling" silence of death . . . Who's a goin home, y'all?


That means that Gabe Garcia is going to the finale . . . and rightfully so . . .

Taking the stage for his final performance is Gabe Garcia . . . and he is performing a very appropriate countrified male song . . . as per usual, I'm not really sure about the song . . . I think it's called "Living In Fast Forward" . . . I think . . . maybe . . . its Kenny Chesney . . . maybe . . . Anyhoo, he sounds great. He sounds wonderful, as per usual . . . it could have been a bit more upbeat, but, nevertheless, he is country mainstream all day long . . .

Jeff Steele - Thinks he is radio all day long

John Rich - Thinks that he could be very important to country music, and that there is a record deal in his future.

Jewel - thinks he is singing great, and he is not a very "vain singer" . . . there are notes he has not even discovered yet . . .

I'm not a huge country music fan overall, but Gabe Garcia has been a favorite of mine from the beginnning . . .

Overall, a very, very good episode . . . not quite as good as last week, but a very good job by all three finalists . . .

Rankings to follow . . .

Melissa Lawson Takes The Wheel And Drives It Home

The BRC is ready to give us the second of three finalists. Who will it be?

Melissa Lawson is our second finalist. Whew . . . Yay! She freakin rules . . .

Here she comes, our girl is gonna croon a little Carrie Underwood . . . seriously, I heart La Lawson, but I'm not really sure that this is a smart move. I've got my fingers crossed . . .

Seriously, no need to cross my fingers. Our girl was freakin awesome! She and Jesus took the wheel together and drove it all the way home. Her voice is amazing and she just looked like she is already a star . . . As I have said before, I hope she wins, but I don't necessarily think she needs to . . . she's gonna be at the CMA's next year . . . .

The Finalists: Shaun Mayer Is Up First

Its Elimination Time, Y'all! So, the BRC is announcing who will be the first to move into the Finale . . .

Shaun Mayer is the first to advance!

I've got to give it to this girl . . . each week she has gotten better, and now she seems so very comfortable and totally in control of her performances . . .

Shaun Mayer is singing a Garth Brooks tune tonight . . . she did a great job. Very, very good performance, and very very good vocals. She sounded country, and has found herself. I'm impressed.

John Rich - Thinks that she has gotten better and better and is light years ahead of where she was ten weeks ago.

Jewel - Thinks that she has improved each week and will be a real asset to any record label that picks her up.

Jeff Steele - Thinks that she is limping tonight, but really pulled it out and is a contender.

Melissa Lawson Hits Us Up!

Here comes the winner of Nashville Star . . . er, I mean, the final performer of our Top 4 . . . Melissa Lawson. We all HEART her, and think she is amazing!

She is going back home, and is very emotional. She has gone back to her high school and is so touched by those who showed up.

Tonight, our girl is singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" . . . this is certainly not the song I would have chosen for her, but I'm sure she'll do fine. Her voice sounded great and she looks wonderful. I really don't think that was her best performance . . . but her voice is still amazing.

Jewel thinks that she hit the high notes when she needed to and did an overall great job.

Jeff Steele thinks she is great but is getting a little tired of all of the high notes . . .

John Rich thinks she is great . . . and asks her, a little unfairly, what becoming Nashville Star would mean to her . . . everyone should have gotten that question . . .

Anyhoo, I love her . . .

Coffey Is A Star . . . Maybe Not A Nashville Star

Third to perform tonight is Coffey . . . so plays into my theory . . . he's third and Melissa Lawson is last. That will put her as the last performance of the night and the last thing any potential voters will hear.

To Coffey . . . he went home to LA and got a star on the Walk of Fame. Here he comes to perform . . . gonna sing Sweet Home Alabama . . . His voice should be a decent match for this song. Y'all know I don't love Coffey . . . but, he has gotten better in vocals and performance in the past few weeks. As has happened the past few weeks, his vocals are better (a few very iffy moments) and his performance was quite nice. I still feel like he is a couple of steps behind the others.

Jeff Steele - thinks that he is quite nice with these types of songs . . . thinks he is a star, but not sure if he is a Nashville Star.

John Rich - dittos Jeff Steele

Jewel - thinks he did a nice job.

Gabe Garcia Is Ready For A Cocktail

Next up in our top 4, Gabe Garcia . . . this really should come down to him and Melissa Lawson; . . . In his home visit, he is given the key to the city . . . I just love him.

Gabe is singin, "Its Five Oclock Somewhere" . . . kind of a non-energetic performance for me . . . vocals were a bit shaky, not my favorite from him. I hope his second one is better . . .

Jeff Steele thinks that he was a bit shaky vocally, and wants the next one to be better

John Rich continues his love affair with Gabe and thinks it was wonderful.

Jewel is glad he got to go home and is looking forward to his next performance.

I think we all have to remember that with this few people watching and voting, placement in the lineup and energetic songs are key . . . hmmmm . . .

That being said, I find the placement of the performers very interesting . . . I kind of think that it's intersting that Shaun was first . . . I think that Coffey is going home tonight . . . so, if that's true, Melissa Lawson will be the last of the remaining . . . I think they really want her to win . . . just a thought.

Nashville Star: The Top 4 . . . Shaun Mayer Channells Her RedNeck Woman

It's the final voting episode of Nashville Star!!!!

So, we are down to our final four. Our final four are . . . Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, Shaun Mayer, and Coffey. The way its gonna go tonight . . . all four will perform two songs tonight, and then one will be eliminated. The final three will be the "finalists" and next week's finale . . . could I say the word "final" or derivatives thereof, anymore than I already have? :)

First up, Shaun Mayer. For those of you who have been reading the blog, you know that she is from Northeast Iowa, and we get the obligatory "I went home and got a big crowd to hear me perform video recap". Seriously, one of the only times we've seen real emotion from her.

She's bouts to perform . . . I'll be honest, I've heard this song, but I don't quite know the name. Oh wait, its Gretchen Wilson. She sounds great. Very good energy. Very good vocals. Very, very good job.

John Rich was hoping at the beginning of this process that she would never tackle Gretchen Wilson, but now, she made that song sound like a Shaun Mayer song.

Jewel - Oh MY-LANTA . . . why does Jewel suddenly look like she is eleventy hundred years old . . . I understand that she curled her hair up, but seriously . . . the hair, the dress . . . yikes!

Anyhoo, she said that she loved Shaun and just wants her to continue to get better

Jeff Steele - He thinks that she did a great job, and tells the audience that she is suffering from a little wisdom tooth probelm. He wanted her to kill the last note, but, more to the point, wants her to make her next performance her best . . . it could be her last.

Nashville Star: Melissa Lawson Talks About The Top 4

Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper, the Star Telegram, has published an interview with Melissa Lawson. The interview highlights her time on the show and how she handles life with her family and the idea of touring. Click the link to read the story.

Jordin Sparks Vows To Stay Pure

Contact Music is reporting that American Idol 6 winner, Jordin Sparks has vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. Jordin's declaration follows recent statements in the press from the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. All of these teenagers are wearing purity rings or bracelets to literally wear their declarations as a badge.

Now, I will say, I find it quite admirable, in this world of hollywood teens running amok, that Jordin and company are pledging purity. It's kind of quite refreshing. However, does anyone else remember Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. About fiveish years ago, both of them, when they were together, declared their purity. . . and then, kind of embarrassingly for them, had to retract their statements. I'm a big believer that the media provides the public with WAY too much information about the stars' personal lives. However, I just wish these kids would think before making such statements. . . . While they are attempting to provide good examples for today's youth, if they fall off their perch and decide not to "remain pure", the fall almost becomes more detrimental than if they had not made the declaration to begin with . . .

Sorry, y'all, I don't usually speak out on the blog about this stuff, but for some reason, this time, I was inspired.

Just my opinion . . . .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

American Idol Tour: The Idols Speak!

The Detroit Free Press has posted an article detailing interviews with five of the ten touring Idols from AI 7. David Cook, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson and Ramiele Malubay were asked questions about the current tour, their future plans, and thoughts about being on the show. Click the link to read the story.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Idols On The Charts!

Soundscan is reporting this weeks sales numbers for all of the charts. We have a veritable bevy of former and current idols that make appearances. Click the link to check out the deets

:Melissa Lawson Heads To The House

An NBC affiliate in North Texas has written a story about Melissa Lawson's homecoming day for Nashville Star. As Little Taste Readers know, Melissa is one of the final four contestants on this season of Nashville Star. Moreover, she has been one of this bloggers favorites all season long. Melissa is just amazing, and I can't wait to see the video of her homecoming. I can only imagine just how genuinely touched she was by her fans.

Click the link to read the whole thing!

The Bice Squad Is Mad Hot For Their BO!

I think this is the cutest story about Bo Bice. The Ventura County Star is running a story on Bo Bice and his fans. Apparently, in Ventura County, the Bo Peeps or the Bice Squad runs rampant in this town. Basically, the whole article is about how women from this town think that Bo Bice rocks the freakin house. LOVES IT!

Click the link to read the story

Nashville Star's Shawn Mayer Takes A Quick Trip Back Home

Iowa Newspaper, The Spencer Daily Reporter has released a full length story on Nashville Star contestant, Shawn Mayer. This week on Nashville Star, the contestants are headed back to the house. Each of the Top 4 will return home for much fanfair, many parades, and lots of baby kissin!

This story focuses on Shawn and her path through Nashville Star. La Mayer does not seem terribly confident that she will win this competition . . . then, she back tracks a bit and basically says it is anybody's ballgame.

Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia, Coffey, and La Mayer will perform two songs on Monday night. One will be voted off and the remaining three will perform in the Nashville Star finale.

Click the link to read the entire story.

Simon Cowell Voted Best Reality TV Villain!

In a poll released today, American Idol badass Simon Cowell was declared the Best Reality Show Villain. This poll appears to be one that asked all kinds of questions about all kinds of aspects of all kinds of reality shows. In other idol related results, Paula Abdul was voted Worst Reality Show Judge, and Hottest Reality Show Hook-Up props were handed out to American Idol 7 Winner, David Cook and American Idol 2 Finalist and Idol Tonight Host, Kimberly Caldwell.

Click the link to read the entire article

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Final Two . . . Will Ashlee or Shaun Head to the House?

The final two performers tonight are Ashlee Hewitt and Shaun Mayer.

Ashlee Hewitt is up first singing her original ditty, "Mike's Hard Lemonade". She calls it a little bit nasty, but she's comfortable with it. She has been looking forward to this night the entire time.

She just sounds wonderful. Like Coffey, this is by far her BEST performance. She sounds comfortable and her stage presence is, as per usual, on target. For the first time, I'm totally into her voice. She sounds kind of like a more country version of Jewel. I'm impressed.

Jewel - She thinks that Ashlee is, above everyone else, an artist. She loved the song, and wants to write songs for her when she records.
Jeff - Ditto his other comments. He just thinks that everyone is more talented than he would have ever anticipated.
John - Thinks that no matter what happens, Nashville would be a fool not to give her a recording contract.

I don't know if I would go as far as Jewel . . . I think Gabe and Melissa are both artists as much, if not more so than Ashlee. However, I guess we've got to cut Jewel a break here, she is talking to the girl who is almost EXACTLY her spitting image.

Shaun Mayer is up next, and I think Jeff Steele has worked with her so much better than John Rich. She just seems to blossom under his tutelage. She is also singing her own original tune tonight, "I'm Not Looking Back".

I will say this . . . probably not the best performance of the night . . .BUT, this is clearly the one song out of all five where she absolutely FEELS the lyrics. Clearly, the one performance that was from the heart. Excellent!

John - Thinks that she has knocked it out of the park the past two weeks. If she goes this week it is bad timing.
Jewel - Mentions the Lisa Marie Presley connection again. Liked her.
Jeff - Just completely loved her performance and her phrasing throughout the song.


Here comes the BRC with the recap and the inevitable massive silence of elimination . . . Who is going home?

Ashlee Hewitt is hitting the road, jack. BRC thinks she is a star waiting to happen. Again, she was the first to perform last week . . . seems to be a complete hex.

Pimpin The Judges . . . And Gabe Garcia Kicks It Country Style

Next up, our judges perform. It appears as if all three of our judges are going to perform some of their hits and then their gonna kick it country style together. First up, Jewel sings her non-country hits. Jeff Steele sings some of his songs, and now, we're saving horse by riding a cowboy. And we're done . . .

Gabe Garcia is the next to be through to the Top 4, and he is singing his original song, "Lost Weekend". He seems more and more confident each week. I'm wishing good things for him tonight.

Mr. Garcia does not disappoint. This song, much like Melissa Lawson's, could be released on the radio right now and be a hit. In fact, this song is a wee bit better put together than Melissa's. However, I will say that neither one of them (Gabe and Melissa) will be lost after this show is complete. Excellent!

Jeff - Ruining his critiques! Great work and great lyrics.
John - Liked it as well, and thinks it could be a big hit. He is cautioning him to remember that his connection with the audience is still a problem.
Jewel - Liked it, but wants to make sure that he understands that originality is important.

Melissa Lawson is Ready To Stand

And, we're back. Who is next to be safe and move on to the top 4. Thank Goodness . . . Melissa Lawson is up next. She only started writing lyrics a few months ago . . . What I hear in the mentor session sounds pretty darn good. She's singing "Ready to Stand" . . . This song is really good in a . . . I will probably go on itunes and download it now . . . kind of way. VERY VERY RADIO FRIENDLY!

Jewel - Thought she did a good job writing a song for her own voice
Jeff - He's mad. He was ready to critique. He can't. She was really great.
John - Is becoming more and more impressed each week. She needs to stay focused, but she is in control.

I think at this point, it doesn't matter whether or not this girl wins . . . she's record contract bound.

Nashville Star: The Top 5 Perform . . . Coffey Is Seriously A Southern Man

It's time for the Final Five on Nashville Star. We're down to five finalists - Two Guys - Coffey & Gabe Garcia AND three girls - Shaun, Melissa, and Ashlee. They will all be performing songs they penned themselves.

BRC wants us to "get this party started".

Once again, we begin this show with me saying WTF . . . as Coffey is up first. He is singing a song he wrote called "Southern Man" . . . Strangely awkward song . . . his vocals are better this week, and he seems much more relaxed. By FAR his best performance.

Jeff - Wanted to hate it, but didn't.
John - Didn't think the song was a hit song on country radio. . . but thought the performance was good.
Jewel - thought the song was about him and that's why people are gonna vote for him.

Thankfully Jewel is telling us why people are voting for him because I have never really been clear. However, I will say again, his best performance by far.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David Cook Endorsement Deal

American Idol 7 winner, David Cook (AKA, Rocker Boo) has signed an endorsement deal with Sketchers . . .

Click the link to read the story . . .

5000 and Growing, Y'all!

Hey Y'all!

With all of the shizz going on in this thing I call life right now, I totally forgot to acknowledge our 5000th hit! Holy Shizz! It continues to tickle me to no end that our little blog has been hit up 5000 times . . . actually, right now, we are knock knock knockin on the door of 5200!

So, as it usually goes here at A Little Taste of Idol, I have chosen to post an old school idol clip to commemorate the occasion. I was thinking about all of the famous . . . and infamous . . . Idol performances, and I remembered one that is not often mentioned anymore.

Take a trip down memory lane with me, won't you . . . The year was 2005, and the competition was American Idol IV. The final three performers were Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, and Vonzelle Solomon. A particularly spectacular final three if I am remembering correctly. However, what made this Top 3 stand out for me was that it featured, arguably, one of the boldest moves in Idol history! One Mr. Bo Bice chose to sing the song "In A Dream" . . . . ACAPELLA! IT WAS AMAZING! Thinking back on that performance still gives me a bit of a chill.

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane!

And keep checking in for more Idol and Nashville Star updates!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Interview With Brooke White

The Daily Herald (city unknown) has posted an interview with Brooke White at the site of the next American Idol tour stop. The interview is pretty much classic Brooke . . . I had to post the picture because MY BROOKE looks so good!

Click the link to read the interview

Monday, July 14, 2008

Official Top 6 Rankings!

Alright, this week was a wee better than most on the entertainment mecca that is Nashville Star!

Here are my rankings . . .

1. Melissa Lawson - By a longshot . . . she is still the Queen of this Kingdom!
2. Gabe Garcia - He's so authentic . . . so vocally amazing.
3. Shaun Mayer - She took a shot by doing such a contemporary song . . . but she did a very, very good rendition.
4. Ashlee Hewitt - Her stage presence continues to rule, but her vocals are not improving . . .
5. Coffey - He retains his usual place on this list. He was better this week, but just not good enough. He seems like a nice guy, but he should not still be on this list.

Eliminated Laura and Sophie would have been ranked 5th on this list. They were better, but not great . . . but better than Coffey.

Elimination . . . Laura & Sophie Harmonize AND Shaun Mayer Is Gonna Screw Up Somebody's Ride

Here comes Laura and Sophie and Shaun Mayer . . . which one will go home . . .

Laura and Sophie are up first . . . they look much more grown up tonight AND in fact the one girl . . . I can’t figure out which one she is . . . looks just like Miley Cyrus . . . hmmm . . . vocals are MUCH better tonight and they seem to be performing much better. The harmonies were tighter. Much, much better tonight.

To start off, John Rich wants to know why these girls were disrespectful and rolled their eyes at Jewel. One of the girls . . . I can’t remember which . . . said that a lot of people told her that she rolled her eyes but she didn’t know she had done it. Jewel suggests that perhaps she had a seizure and maybe she could go ahead and do it a bunch right now to get it out of her system. Anyway, Jewel thinks that they looked better and that they performed better, but doesn’t think that their harmonies are improving. John Rich doesn’t comment anymore. Jeff Steele is proud of the job that they did and thinks they look better but is not thrilled with their performance. . . . The girls are clearly not thrilled with their remarks . . .

In their defense, I know . . . I know . . . I’m not usually one to defend them, but . . . if I had to stand up on stage every week and get railed on, my face might occasionally betray me. . . The girls were definitely better tonight.

Shaun Mayer is up next . . . and George Jones is in the audience . . . I’m not sure just how that is relevant to Shaun singing, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. Very, very nice. Great job. She really seems like she is comfortable in her clothes and in her voice.

Jewel loved it, and feels a bond with her. She thought she did a really good job.
John Rich thinks that this is the performance he has been waiting for from her.
Jeff Steele thinks she is a bad ass and brought it all on stage.

Great job!

Here we go with elimination . . . Shaun Mayer is smiling and the girls look bitter . . . after the obligatory eleventy years of silence . . . we find out that the duo of Laura and Sophie are eliminated. The girls clearly look as if they have a bit of a speech prepared . . . they knew it was their time. Jeff Steele thinks they’ve got some raw talent there, and that they need to stay friends and keep working . . .

Next week, they are performing their own original songs . . . that should be interesting.

America Loves That Baby, Melissa Lawson!

We’re down to Shaun Mayer, Melissa Lawson, and Laura and Sophie. Apparently, two of them are safe and one will be going home. Much like last week, I have a bad feeling here . . .

Melissa Lawson is up next . . . Thank goodness America got this one right. She’s singing “My Baby Loves Me”. Wow, this girl is really about three steps above everyone else. She looks amazing . . . she sounds amazing . . . she’s gotten a hold of her nerves . . . nothing to say except that we are looking at the next big thing in country music . . . just phenomenal.

Jewel was a little worried about the song selection, but thinks she just blew it away. Jewel thought she controlled her vocals and did a great job. Jeff Steele thinks she over sang it. He thinks that she needs to tone it down a bit, and hopes that America doesn’t forget to vote for her because they assume that she is safe. John Rich agrees and thinks that her performance was overkill. Melissa Lawson, LOVES IT, tells John Rich that she loves him, but that he was the one who told her to “kill it” and she kinda thinks she did. I HEART her for standing up . . . without sounding bitchy.

Coffey . . .

The next to be saved from the trash pit is . . .

Coffey. What the feck . . . Y’all, I am so not getting the voting on this show . . . UGH! He is crying about his mom. I hate when anyone uses a parent . . . as someone who has lost a parent, it is a devastating situation. However, I’m not sure the intro montage before he sings is the appropriate place to reveal that . . . Just my opinion . . . He has started crying during the song . . . he lost the words . . . and is that Jewel I can hear singing from the judges station? Song was terribly pitchy, but he channeled some emotion in that one. His best performance so far, but still a far cry from others in the competition.

Jeff Steele thinks he was pitchy, but that he tapped into some raw emotion. John Rich still isn’t sold on him, but thinks he did a good job. Jewel got a little choked up, and thought this was a good effort . . .

Ugh . . .

Gabe Garcia Is Definitely Doing Something Right!

The next finalist who avoids obscurity . . . for right now . . . is Gabe Garcia.

I'm soooo glad! The Garcia was so very good last week. Perhaps, the only truly authentically country singer on this show. I don't think he is destined to win, but I do think he is destined to get a recording contract.

He’s performing “Must Be Doing Something Right” He’s singing this for his ex-girlfriend . . . not sure that he was or she’d probably still be his girlfriend . . . anyway . . . here he goes. . . uh oh, the judges may think this is boring, but I think that he is just brills . . . just amazing . . . his vocals are so solid! His stage presence is so much better tonight. Still not where I think he could be, but I do think he is improving each week. I just get the feeling that he is so very genuine. Another thing, he performance illustrates just how shaky Ashlee’s vocals actually were. Very very good.

The judges agree. Jewel thinks his vocals were great, but wants him to continue to up the level of audience seduction. John Rich thinks that Jewel kind of digs him . . . and Garcia does say that Jewel's boyfriend gave him his belt buckle . . . John and Jeff both think that Garcia is authentic and just wonderful . . . they kind of heart him too . . . In fact, I think John Rich probably wants him to go all the way . . . If he doesn't, I'm betting that John Rich records with Garcia.

Huh, it looks like we are only eliminating one act this week. They said we were eliminating two . . . in fact the info button on the cable tells us they are going from six to four this week . . . hmmm feels like something is amiss at the Circle K . . . I wonder if the brass at NBC didn't like who one of the acts were being eliminated and decided to axe the double elimination . . . just a thought.

Nashville Star: We're Going From Six To Four Tonight . . . I Think . . .

It's time for another episode of Nashville Star.

I'm still reeling a bit from last week's episode . . . The Pearl Heart is gone . . . and "others" remain . . . yikes . . .

So, anyway, here comes the BRC and his teleprompter lines delivered with such . . . er . . . um, gusto.

BRC tells us that we are about to hear who is the first to be safe for the night . . . Hmmm . . . they must be doing the eliminations a little differently this evening.

The first to be safe tonight is . . . Ashlee Hewitt.

Not a big surprise here. A pattern seems to have emerged where the person who is in the bottom two is safe the next week . . . and the first person to be safe is the person in the bottom two the next week.

Ashlee is going to sing "Cowboy, take me away" . . . I think this is a Dixie Chicks song . . . I'm not quite sure. Ashlee is excited to be the first to be selected. I wonder if it will make her vulnerable next week. Here she goes . . . Wow, as per usual, her stage presence is just rocking. She just looks so natural on stage. I just wish that her vocals matched her stage presence. Man, her vocals are all over the place. The guitar playing is on target, her stage presence is immaculate . . . her vocals are just not quite there.

The judges like her: Jewel is a fan and likes how she uses her . . . er, um . . . crack . . . her vocal crack, that is. Jeff Steele didn’t like her last week, but thought she was back (minus a few iffy notes) this week . . . John Rich, of course, thought that she brought poppies, and lilies, and daisies to the stage . . . he hearts her hardcore . . . .

Friday, July 11, 2008

Syesha Mercado Interview in OK! Magazine

American Idol 2nd Runner Up, Syesha Mercado is dishing to OK! Magazine. In the interview, La Mercado discusses her "personal style", who she was close to during the show, and how she feels about moving to California.

A fairly good article, and it's good to see Syesha getting some press . . . however, FOR ME, the interview came off sounding like she did on the Idol stage . . . very polished and rehearsed. What do y'all think?

Click the link to catch the whole story!

Sailor Tommy and Pearl Heart Dish On Their Nashville Star Oustings!

Reality Tv World interviewed Sailor Tommy and (sniff sniff) Pearl Heart on their respective eliminations from Monday's Nashville Star telecast. The story is pretty interesting as our little Sailor Tommy has some not so nice words to say pertaining to Judge John Rich. However, he has glowing appreciation for Jewel, and speaks of his desire to continue pursuing his dream of singing.

The Pearl Heart interview features the girls' admiration for Jeffery Steele. They worked well with him and have already contacted him about his offer at the end of the show. For those of you who don't remember (or more likely, didn't watch), Jeffery Steele, along with all of the other judges, were stunned that the girl group was eliminated. Further, Jeffery Steele told the girls to knock on his door because he would love to work with them. Well, the girls report that they have already begun discussions with J. Steele, and that they are already "working on it".

Click the link to read the full story!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Archuleta in High School Musical 3?

Alright, y'all . .

This story is from about a month ago . . . it was the most recent story I could find. So, it appears that the Insider is reporting that the folks over at Disney have recognized the utter adorablility that exists in our little David. . . . and they're hankering for him to do a cameo in the much anticipated High School Musical 3. We all understand that this cameo could be a difficult endeavor to pull off . . . the Idol Machine does not like to let go of it's talent when it is on tour and, more importantly, under contract. However, rumor has it that all involved think that it will come to fruition.

Makes perfect sense because if there is one thing that Simon Lythgoe and Simon Cowell understand it is the value of a buck. . . . and, this move could be quite lucrative for the Idol Machine, as well as our Lil David. Click the link to read the whole story.

David Cook and Audrina Patridge?

Hola, my little Idol Tasters!

So, Hollywood gossip website "She Knows" is reporting that David Cook and Hills star Audrina Patridge were caught hanging out at a recent Hollywood glam fest. Our Cookie is reportedly dating former Idol Kimberly Caldwell . . . Hmmmm . . . is Cookie going Hollywood?

Anyway, kinda cool to see Cookie going so mainstream! Click the link the read the whole story

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who's Hittin the Road?

Once again, Pearl Heart and Ashlee Hewitt are in the Bottom Two. Here comes the requisite teleprompter read from BRC about the two acts.


And, yes, I was unfortunately correct, the girls of Pearl Heart are gone. They are taking it very well . . . and have wonderful words for their friends and family.

What will Mentor Jeff have to say . . . . Wow, I believe he just invited them to record a CD. Based on what he said, and the response from the crowd, I believe that we WILL be seeing the girls of Pearl Heart putting out a CD. Of particular importance, Jeff repeatedly discussed their amazing work ethic.

I'm upset, but happy to think that I will be able to buy a CD from these girls. What is upsetting is that I think this elimination is bad for the show. This season of Nashville Star, the first on NBC, only has four . . . possibly five . . . viable acts. Melissa Lawson, Pearl Heart, Gabe Garcia, Ashlee Hewitt . . . and possibly Shaun Mayer. They are in a different league from the rest. Nashville Star is struggling in the ratings for NBC, and they will be in need of a STRONG final three or four to try and pull in enough ratings to guarantee a renewal.

Well, there goes another week of Nashville Star . . . and we still have the dynamic duo of Coffey & Lauren and Sophie . . . ugh. . .

Two more will be eliminated next week. . . SURELY THE AFOREMENTIONED DUO WILL BE VOTED OFF THE ISLAND! Leaving a somewhat viable final 4.

Here's hoping!

Pearl Heart Really Doesn't Want The Sun to Go Down on Them!

Pearl Heart is the other half of the Bottom Two. I just don't know what to write. I'm so utterly disappointed in the 14 voters who bothered to call in. I mean, I know they went first, but SERIOUSLY. They have gotten better each week . . . and they started in a not so bad position. I will tell you now . . . I will buy their album/cd/etc. I say this now, because I know that they are going home. Ashlee Hewitt is pretty, blonde, did not go first, and talented. That beats the sister act who can rip through some harmonies. . .

They are going to sing "Don't let the sun go down" . . . I think . . . I missed the title. During their mentor session, Jeff suggests that they do some funky things with the guitars and the harmonies. Jeff thinks that this could be their defining performance . . . It could be REALLY GOOD or REALLY SCREWED UP.

Here they go . . . OH MY-LANTA! IN A GOOD FREAKIN WAY! WOW! Their harmonies were completely tight, and their guitar playing was wonderful. As good as I think they have always been, this is the first time where I truly believe they are a VIABLE GROUP. The first time I think they could sell records both on the radio and on stage. Just incredible.

John Rich thought they were wonderful and did not deserve to be in the bottom two. Jewel was much more blatant by saying that she thought Laura and Sophie should be in the bottom two and not Pearl Heart. Further, she mentioned that their guitar playing was wonderful. Jeff is so upset they are in the bottom two, but thinks they totally nailed it.

The Bottom Two: IS AMERICA SERIOUS!???

Seriously . . . Pearl Heart and Ashlee Hewitt are the bottom 2 . . . SERIOUSLY! For the love of Tamyra Grey, Latoya London, Chris Daughtry, and Melinda Doolittle, what in the heck is going on. I’m once again wondering if there are just too few voters, and therefore, the contestants with the big voting bases (e.g. come from towns, counties, and states where they are more likely too vote), are always gonna get through. They don’t ever tell us how many votes were cast. . . . Just a thought . . . Anyhoo, tonight IMO, one of the top 3 acts is getting voted off. . . . AND two of the Top Four acts are in the Bottom Three!

First of the bottom two to perform . . . Ashlee Hewitt . . . John Rich wants her to sing, “Take the Money and Run” Steve Miller Band . . . she’s uncomfortable with the song . . . and states that she is more of a hippee chick . . . Anyone else noticed that John Rich seems to not be listening to his mentees . . . He seems to always think his opinion is better. I understand that he is a big time producer and performer, but there is something to be said for listening to the performer . . . who has performed . . . and may know themselves . . . just a wee bit.

Here she goes. As per usual, her stage presence is stellar. She is sooooooo comfortable on stage and it totally shows. However, her vocals, for me, continue to be a bit iffy . . . at times she seems as if she is going to just crack . . . However, her stage presence out weighs her vocals. . .

One of Jewel’s favorites, took a minute to get started, but a good artist. Jeff didn’t like it. He loves her, but just didn't get it. John liked the bare feet . . . foot fetish anyone J . . . he thinks there was a mathematical error and that she shouldn’t be in the bottom 2. I agree.

The Coffey Is Cold!

Next to be safe . . . well, so far, we've had 2 from John Rich . . . 1 from Jewel . . . and 1 from Jeff (though with the migration of Shaun Mayer, the John and Jeff numbers are now reversed). Who could it be . . . OH MY-LANTA, part 2 . . . SERIOUSLY! Coffey and Laura & Sophie are BOTH SAFE! SERIOUSLY! HE SANG RIHANNA! UGH!

Anyhoo, he is going to sing . . . errrr, ummm, "Proud Mary" . . . oh lord . . . oh, well, here goes nothing. Ok, so, his vocals are better tonight. Not so much Belinda Carlisle inspired vibratto. However, as he is trying REALLY HARD to work the stage, Coffey ends up REALLY UPPING THE BLUE CHEESE FACTOR! Yikes.

As per usual, all three judges think that there's some good stuff in him, but none of them are buying it. Jewel, of course, is proud that "her boy" is being embraced by America.


Shaun Mayer Wants to Cut You . . . Deep!

The next to be safe is from John Rich's team . . . it's Shaun Mayer. She looks so genuinely excited to have been chosen. And, to be honest, I am genuinely happy for her. We go to her mentoring session and see that she was in tears after John Rich tore into her last week. They are talking about how they just don't mesh. JR tells her that she should fire him if she doesn't think they can work together . . . she does. She calls Jeff to see if he will take the job.

She has chosen to sing, "The First Cut is the Deepest" . . . I HEART this song. Jeff tells her that she doesn't need to overpower the vocal and needs to just let the song do the work. They seem to mesh MUCH better than she and JR.

Here she goes . . . Oh wow, her vocals, though still a little sharp at times, are definitely more vulnerable, and FINALLY, I can FEEL some genuine emotion in her vocals. Not perfect, but definitely a vast improvement.

Jewel thinks she did a great job, and that her guitar skills were solid. John Rich wants to know what Jeff told her that was different than him, because he didn't think it was any better. Jeff tells her that she did a better job, but that he thinks she has a long way to go.

Laura and Sophie . . . Are Just So Happy to be Here . . .

The next to be safe is . . . OH MY-LANTA! Laura & Sophie . . . SERIOUSLY! I have no issue with these girls on a personal level. I think they are sweet and cute and have some talent . . . however, they are out of their league in this competition. They need to be molded . . . and taken to small venues . . . and NOT BE ON THIS BIG STAGE . . . To be honest, I have forgotten what song they sang. Ok, they're harmonies are the weensiest bit better tongiht. They are still flat for the most part . . . and, they are still quite awkward on stage. Yikes, note to young, innocent looking performers . . . DO NOT TRY TO ACT SEXY ON STAGE . . . it just looks creepy. Jewel does not think they belong here. John Rich thinks they are not right for this competition, and need to go home. I am with him until he begins to lean towards the personal attacks rather than the vocal ones. Jeff still thinks they have some talent, but they need to REALLY WORK!

I still can't believe they are still here. . . .

The Next To Be Safe: Gabe Wants Somebody Like You

Who's next among the contestants to be safe? If we had one from John Rich's group to go first, we should expect a male or one of the groups to go next.

From Jewel's team, Gabe Garcia!

Hooray! He was simply glorious last week! He is the most authentically country, and seems to be getting better each week.

In his mentor session, Jewel wants Gabe to flirt with the audience. She wants him to REALLY CONNECT . . . work the stage . . . basically make the audience think he's a hottie!

Gabe's gonna sing a little Keith Urban ditty, "Somebody Like You". Here he goes . . . as per usual, the vocals are overall on target. . . sometimes it seems like he is straining a bit in his upper register, but overall a VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE! He performed the song, and made a better attempt at connecting with the audience. He still has some authenticity issues, but I think he is definitely getting a contract . . . no matter where he finishes.

Nashville Star: The Final 8 . . . Surely America Will Get This Right . . . Right?

Its Nashville Star, y'all! Here comes La Cyrus to wow us with his monotone stylings . . . The thing is, I really like BRC . . . I just wish he would stop reading off the teleprompter. He's so much better when he adlibs. Remember who you are, BRC. You are the reason your daughter is a billion dollar industry!

Anyhoo, tonight, we will be deleting two more from our midst. Y'all know I have not been shy . . . particularly last week about who I think needs to go . . . Coffey and Laura & Sophie. Seriously, y'all they need to go. However, having not watched Nashville Star before, I gotta assume that we are due for an upset here.

Here we go. They are gonna complete the first elimination by pulling out the top vote getter and the lowest vote getter - circa last week. Tonight, they pull out Melissa Lawson and Sailor Tommy. Surely, we know the result here. I'm a bit disappointed that one of my bottom two is not out there right now. I think we're in for a wild ride folks.

(Insert drumroll here) Melissa Lawson is . . . the top vote getter. Which means, Sailor Tommy's pimpage last week did not have the affect I had anticipated. . . I'm beginning to wonder if we are experiencing low voter turn outs on this show . . . I mean, considering that the show is only pulling in about 5-6 million viewers per week. Maybe with lower vote totals, those who have REALLY STRONG contingents are ending up higher on the totem poll . . . oh well, who knows.

First up, Melissa Lawson is singing Danny’s Song. As per usual, I'm not immediatley familiar from the title, but I'm sure I'll get it when she starts to sing. Her mentor session with John Rich begins with him telling us that La Lawson has lost 70 lbs, and . . . John Rich thinks she’s hot. Here she goes . . . Wow, her understated vocals in the beginning are just amazing. She sounds vulnerable, yet passionate. Excellent! Brills! Lower register to high register. . . simply amazing. I worry that the song was a little understated and that she went first and that the voters know she was the top vote getter. I only say that because over the past few weeks, the person who goes first has had some trouble staying out of the bottom two . . . hope that she is not a victim of this trend. She was just great.

Laura and Sophie – SERIOUSLY – They’re fighting . . . and crying . . . “I go out walking”. Better than last week . . . the vocals were better . . . the look is better . . . but they are still not getting it yet. Agree with John Rich. . . . until he attacked them personally. Jewel agrees.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daughtry Reveals a Bit About Album #2

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Daughtry is hard at work on their sophomore effort. Chris D. reports that he is working with the same producer from album one, Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects) and to expect a Big Rock Album!
Click the link to read the whole story!

Kristi Lee Cook Signs A Recording Contract!

USA Today (via DJ Slim at Idol Blog Live) is reporting that Kristy Lee Cook has signed with Arista Records Nashville division. Her first single is due August 15th with an album to drop in the fall.

Good for Kristy Lee Cook. She needs to call Martina Mcbride and thank her for the song "Anyway" . . . That performance got her a record deal!

Click the link to read the story.

And click the play button below to view the video that helped this girl achieve a recording contract.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

David Cook Is Courted by Hinder . . . And They'll Wait for the Voice of an Angel

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that American Idol 7 winner, David Cook, is going to be really busy for the next few months. He is starting the Idol Tour tonight, and hanging out in the studio trying to finish an album due by November . . . however, the band Hinder is willing to wait. They want to write and record with our Idol, Rocker Boo. They were in the audience at the Idol finale and are willing to wait as long as it takes to work with our Cookie. In other news, another member of Hinder seems to have the hots for former Idol and country queen, Ms. Carrie Underwood. The Idol Machine seems to be kicking out winners who contemporary artists have the hots for . . . Click the link to read the story

Top 9 Rankings: The Good, The Mediocre, and The Vortex of Suck

Alright, here we go. I'm gonna give you my take on the rankings from last night's Nashville Star La Familia Extravaganza. We saw some REALLY REALLY GOOD . . . some fairly middle of the road . . . and some REALLY REALLY BAD!

Here come the rankings:

1. Melissa Lawson - Far and away the best of the night.

(Big Space)

I believe that numbers 2 and 3 are interchangeable . . .

2. Pearl Heart - There harmonies were tight, and man did they sound good acapella

3. Gabe Garcia - Gabe is back! Excellent rendition of Bon Jovi!

(Huge Space)

4. Shaun Mayer - Did Faith Hill proud with her rendition of "Breathe"

5. Ashlee Hewitt - She wins points for multiple instrumentation, but her vocals are still a little weak for me.

6. Tommy Stanley - Man, I'm torn here. The boy was out of pitch a lot, but he's got such a rich tone. I hope he continues to improve. The pimpage will keep him around for next week.


7. Laura and Sophie - Man, after a stellar week last week, they just weren't up to the task of taking on Katrina and the Waves. They sounded good individually, but the harmonies and the performance were just off . . .

8. Coffey - THREE WEEKS IN A ROW! His vocals were better this week, but he still needs to get his Belinda Carlisleitis under control. Also, perhaps downing several Red Bull's prior to performance time could increase his energy level.

Alyson Stewart was eliminated this week. However, if she had stuck around I would have ranked her 6th. Thought she was at the bottom of the mediocre group, but her performance did not rate nearly as high on the suckage scale as my bottom 2.

Alright, what do y'all think?! Somebody let me know.