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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dr. L & K On The Road!

Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know we haven't seen Idol yet! we're out of town, and it's been
crazy getting ready for the trip. But we'll be back Saturday. Can't wait to hear the tunes that sent Heejun packing. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Idol Idol's

First up - Coloton (God) Doing some Christian worship song. I found it a little freaky and strange. It was about having a love affair with God...sorry, but I just didn't get it. I thought he sang it well, but it was a little strange. A lot of emotion but it all seems a little Stepford Wivesish to me.

Skylar - (Miranda Lambert)Started off weak. Once it got to singing part...MUCH better. I love the attitutde that she sings with. This performance was very Jekyl and Hyde for me. The more talky parts were not very good, but the singing chorus was great and full of energy.

Heejun - Seems like Heejun must have taken a lot of heat for his "joking" side. He's returned to the ballads. I think he sang the song beautifully, but I think they exorcised his soul and I think he could be in trouble as a result.

Hollie (Carrie Underwood). The problem with doing other Idol songs is you'd BETTER do it better or you are going to fail...and Hollie didn't come close to Carrie. Hollie does better with Celine Dion style songs, Country is not her genre. For me...this was a bit of mess.

Deandre (Eric Bonnet) He looks like a star. But the high voice/falsetto is going to kill him this week. Poor choice here. He showed a lot of control and stye, however, he is a goner for sure. The judges loved it, but I don't think that America will.

Jessica (Somebody I've never heard of) Great vocal performance of a song that I have never heard. She is really really good.

Phillip - (Johnny Lang - somebody else I've never heard of). Phillip is best when he does more upbeat songs like this and doesn't try to do his one version. I still can't stand watching him (although he is very cute), but I can't stand people that have to contort their bodies when they sing. This was one of his better performances. And he did the Dr L/K growl thingy at the end!

Joshua (Mariah Carey) Personally, I thought that he oversang the song. The emotion seems a little fake to me, but parts of it were good.

Elise Testone (Led Zepplin) Awesome. I'm not a big Elise Fan but she chose a perfect song for her and she was in her element. Best package of voice/performance of the night.

Worst to Best


Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Deandre, Hollie and Skylar
America's Bottom 3: Heejun, Deandre and Skylar

Going Home: Could be Deandre or Heejun. My heart says Deandre My Brain says Heejun. I think the Judges push for him might keep him in but I'm going to stick with my gut...Deandre goes home.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick With a Joke or to Light Up Your Smoke

Top Ten Night: Songs of Billy Joel.

I love the early Billy Joel, which in my book was when (from the early 70s to mid-80s) he was sort of under a Beatles spell. Luckily, 99% of the songs tonight come from then.
The guest mentor with Jimmy Iovine was Diddy, who is half hype, half joke. His comments seemed to be more about image and less about real performing (because, consider the source) but he did get in a couple good ones about "feeling" a song. And his calling-out of Heejun for being basically this year's Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle (punking the show, in a good-spirited way) made him my hero, for about a minute.

This is your tour America. From experience, watching Idol over the years, means now that they have the tour performers set, some contestants will get thrown under the bus and others pimped as the Idol Powers set up the End Game…

Deandre: Only The Good Die Young. This kid had absolutely zero connection to this song. His hoppy, phoned-in performance wasn't technically bad, but boy was it boring. That, combined with the Kiss of Death Spot, spells almost certain doom, unless the TweenTard votes save him.

Erika: NY State of Mind. Wow, great new look. More than most others, the Idol experience is transforming her for the better. She did a great job, but I wonder what the judges think they're accomplishing with the "notes" on good vocals. The impression your average viewer is left with is probably confusing: are we supposed to take away the praise, or the criticism?

Joshua: She's Got a Way. Only really cranked up when the Gospel cavalry swooped in at the end and saved him. Though he has a MUCH better voice than Phil, he's sort of in the same boat -- all his stuff seems to have the same vibe, in Joshua's case, the Jesus one. The Fundies will have to split the vote between him and Colton, and Colton's not gay.

Skyler: Shameless. While I was bumfuzzled when Steven Tyler said he'd never heard of She's Got a Way, I had never heard of this one, nor had Dr. L. It was probably unrecognizable anyway, with all the Kountry Twang in it. I'm constantly laughing that the judges, Jimmy and the guest mentor all tell her to tone it down -- but she's still only got the two speeds, Off and Full Blast. It was all she could do to try and hold off for 8 bars. It was pretty good but I'm over her. Great hear, though.

Elise: Vienna. This is possibly my face Billy Joel song ever. Elise has a nice voice but Holy Crap the jazzy run thing she does is annoying. I especially hate the "marionette" thing she does with her hand. Get over yourself, people, you don't have to conduct your own orchestra as your sing. Who started this? Mariah? I blame her. Anyway, the judges CLEARLY want her to stay, but America is kind of "whatev" about her. If she doesn't have the fans now, pimping the kids onstage with her isn't going to help.

Phil Phil Revolution: Moving Out. This week he didn't sound like Dave Matthews at all! Just kidding, he totally did, it's painfully obvious he has no other way. I am beginning to enjoy the climax of every performance now: as he screams out the chorus in his growly DMB voice, he bares his teeth and a vein pops out on his forehead. Check it out. I do have to give the kid props, though, every week I expect him to come in hooked up to an IV. Had to laugh about his blow-off of Tommy "big in the 90s" Hilfiger.

Hollie: Honesty. I thought she looked and sounded great. If you squint she really captured the American Bandstand 1979 look. She does need to crank up the wow-factor in the performance, however; while her voice is better than Jessica's in many ways, Jessica's star is rising while Hollie is treading water.

Heejun: My Life. Good voice, goofy-ass performance. Sometimes, last night especially, his ESL way of phrasing is a bit distracting. Love the smack-down Steven gave him. So true, the music biz would crush him. But acting -- this kid could have a future in comedy, no doubt.

Jessica: Everybody Has A Dream. I have to admit it-- I was a hater on Jessica in weeks past. I didn't get it, nor did Dr. L. Last night, however, I became a Believer. It was really just the total package, everything came together, and we just looked at each other on the sofa after the song was over. I don't know if she can do this week after week, but she's really moved into Top 3 territory in my book.

Colton: Piano Man. The Chosen One. Maybe instead of WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) this year we will have WGWP (White Guy With Piano). A note to Colton, however: a bleached bi-color Mohawky-mullet doesn't make you Punk Rock, Dude. Put it into the performance, and you can look like freaking' Ronald Reagan, and it will be Punk Rock. I think he's actually closer to Coldplay than Johnny Rotten. But the judges are hellbent on him making it pretty far, so I guess he will.

America's B3: Deandre, Erika, Heejun.
Who's going home? I say… Deandre (sorry Rubbertoe!)

-- K

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The songs of Billy Joel

First up - Deandre. One word....HOT HOT makeover that they did on him definitely amped up the hotness factor. Only the good die young. I liked the energy, but Randy was right, maybe a little too happy. This is not his genre. I like Deandre best when he is doing the island vibe. It was good...but as Randy said, it didn't wow me.

Ericka Van Pelt - New York State of Mind. Went Big with a new hair cut....AND COLOR. (Not since the Sanjaya ponyhawk have we seen such a transformation) Wow...again...she looks fantastic. The song really showcases her voice...especially the lower register. I would have liked to seen her take a few more chances with the song especially in the second half, but all in all, I thought it was excellent.

Joshua - "She's got a way". Why did he choose a song that he doesn't know? He states he wants to show off his blues side. He's off a little at the beginning...hits a couple of clunker/flat notes. When the song hits its stride, it showcases what he can do with the song. I thought it was good, but it wasn't what he is capable of doing. Jennifer was right...he was singing it, but he wasn't "feeling" it. Style - not sure about the outfit. They cleaned him up a bit and he looks more polished, but I'm not diggin the outfit.

Skylar - Wow.....Wow....for me...that was horrible. First off, complete lack of originality, she took Shameless, which Garth Brooks covered. Song was weak in the low register and completely forced in the upper register...and the look was awful. That dress she was wearing look weird on her and they put her in pumps? I wished that she would have done something completely different.

Elise - Vienna. One of Billy Joel's lesser known but GREAT songs. She is one of the contestants that needs a MAJOR makeover. I'm hoping that they do something with her like they did with Ericka. Rommy hopes that there is transformation from head to bottom. She looks good..I think what they did works for her. I would liked to have seen a little more transformation, but this is a good start. The song choice is good for her, it fits her raspy voice very well. The only problem is, she did nothing with it. in trouble tonight, yet again. The run at the end was just plain freakin weird. Wow...I'm not sure what the judges heard. A standing ovation, really? I'm thinking that America heard what I heard, not what the judges heard. Sorry Randy but THAT was not an Idol "moment" not even close to it. It seems really forced, like the Judges are trying to create something here that obviously wasn't, complete with bringing up her nieces and showing the crying family.

Phil Phillips - Tommy tells him "You need some HELP"...LOL...too funny. Phil doing his one version of a song...this time Movin Out. ..OMG, I HATED this..absolutely HATED this. He absolutely butched this song. His one song repretoire is getting really old and this was plain awful. He took none of the advice that was given to him and it showed. And the Judges are on more crack. Brilliant, Randy....really?
"He's not a guy about image...he wants the music to be first", Really Phil, then let someone else sing.

Holly - Pimping with the "Diva Dog". Tommy says she dresses like an old lady. She wants Glam. Singing Honesty. Excellent choice for her. Funny...I think they made her look OLDER, not younger. Vocal perfomance was spot on, after a few sharp notes in the beginning. The performance however, missed the WOW factor. Good...but not great.

I'm begining to wonder if its backwards day...are the judges praising the horrible ones for some reason tonight?

Heejun - He is absolutely hilarious...but I don't know that America gets him. He looked great until he took of the original outfit. Fun perfomrance. Vocals weren't the best. I think he did well enough to get through though.

Jessica Sanchez - Absolutely Ah-MAZ-ing. Talk about an Idol Moment. THAT was an Idol moment Randy. I would even go as far as to say one of the best performances ever on Idol. And the fashion advice was perfect. Absolutely beautiful....on every level.

Colton - Picks the ultimate Billy Joel song. It was pretty good, but pales to the original. That's the danger in picking a song like this.


Big Big Big Space



Rubbertoe's Bottom 3 - Skylar, Elise, Phil

America's bottom 3 - Skylar, Deandre and Heejun

Who SHOULD be going home: Elise or Phil

Who will be going home: Heejun (maybe Skylar)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Ain't T-Ball

So sayeth Jimmy Iovine.
No orange slice for you, Shannon.

Rubbertoe's Educated Guess

So I haven't seen the show (I'm at a conference in Arizona)...I'll watch it this weekend....but I did see some clips on the news and youtubed a few.

My picks for the bottom 3: Deandre, Heejun and Ericka

My brain tells me to pick Heejun. I think Deandre is too cute and they want him on the Top 10 tour to attract young girls. I don't think Idol would let him go even if he had gotten the lowest votes.

My gut tells me to pick Ericka because two guys have already left, and both Deandre and Heejun probably have their own voting blocs.....Ericka blends in with too many of the other girls.

So going home tonight: Ericka

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Songs From The Year You Were Born...

... just shows how much Idol contestants hate music that's as old as them.

Tonight Dr. L is in Portlandia! She had to watch Idol on a hotel TV, but seems to have heard pretty much the same thing I did: tonight was a lot of "meh" with a couple of "wows".

First off -- Nigel, Seacrest and crew can't help themselves, can they? They're turning the Jermaine debacle into a shameless ratings ploy. We won't see his exit until much later.

Phil -- sounded about the same as always. Talk about song choice -- this guy is either finding the perfect ones for his incredibly-limited range, or it doesn't matter, it's all going to come out like recycled DMB.

Jessica -- the 1st of the ridiculous arrangements of the night. How hokey was that rendition? She did "aaight" as the Dawg would say, but there's a reason they stick you in 2nd place after the pimp spot the week before. You ain't bringing it.

Heejun -- dude, you're fulfilling the worst predictions of the pre-season -- why are you singing these dreary songs? He did okay, but he's hanging on with his comedy routine now. Which, in the Idolverse, can take you pretty far. Who knows.

Elise -- I thought this was great. Like all the 21st century singers (apparently), she melisma's the hell out of parts of it, but everybody does that. I think she's got one of the more interesting voices.

Deandre -- he wasn't feeling it, I wasn't feeling it for damn sure. The poor boy was totally phoning it in. One of the complete crap performances of the night. We've seen it before: Jimmy or someone like him gets the singer to change his/her song, and it sabotages them. He could be toast.

Shannon -- she seems to have ability, but not as much as she thinks, and her delivery is blustery but soulless.

Colton -- made the cardinal mistake of "rocking'" Idol singers -- don't pick a song that, as he said, has to be "hard rock", because guess what: the Idol band CAN'T ROCK HARD. Never has, never will. It always comes off like it did tonight, like the anemic version the band plays at your 10-year High School reunion. Did you notice the disgust Steven Tyler hurled at him? It was actually a good performance from Colton, but an affront to Rock. But he's safe.

Erika -- great voice, pretty good performance -- but does anyone else think her "confidence" maybe comes across as a little cocky? It's like, a look in her eye when she gives that baby-toothed smile of hers. Part of Idol, to me, always seems to be knowing how to seem humble and grateful to America, and she isn't playing that shit. Could hurt her.

Okay, Drama Time: Nigel & Ken Warwick confront Jermaine on-camera about his fuck-up. As I listened to it, I was struck by something I had thought about him in weeks past, receiving critique after his songs: he's actually kind of a simpleton. Listen to what he says, when Nigel is laying out the scenario. I really think he's got some kind of cognitive impairment, and it seems like this is coupled with an anger management problem. Not unheard of in music, for sure but -- so long, Big Man.


Skyler -- this was one song where I felt Jimmy and Will got it right -- they said, "is there enough for you here"? -- and really, there wasn't. Oh, she sang the Bejeezus out of it, but as Dr. L said, the result was "she sounded whiney, like she was pushing too hard to make it fun".

Joshua -- now, the actual competition begins. This was the 1st song of the nite that didn't sound like Karaoke Tyme. Maybe it seemed so good because the others were so mediocre, or inauthentic, but it really stood out. The crawfish sure looked good, too… hm, is Idol playing to the South to save him?

Hollie -- and, if anyone could top Joshua, it's Hollie. I really think she's the best overall singer of the bunch: good power, nice tone, is really polished. She looked nice, and is trying to work up a performance (she definitely is getting used to the camera). Next to Hollie, Shannon sounds like the pocket-transistor AM version of a hi-fi song.

It really was the Joshua-Hollie show, for me, and Dr. L. Does that equate to votes, though…

Who's going home? I think Randy pronouncing Heejun gone is bad news. (he was the only judge vicious enough to play the twisted elf Seacrest's mean-spirited game tonight). Deandre deserves to go, in my book, for that inert performance. And Shannon is so freaking bland. But as Erika said last week (you could hear her commiserating with the others in the bottom-vote stool area) she's one of the 'old ladies', and apparently the tweentards who do the bulk of Idol voting don't care that she's got that big ol' voice.

So I say Heejun or Erika it is, unless Idol pulls a switcheroo over the Jermaine Drama and makes no one go home. If we had to pick a B3, Shannon deserves to be in it.

-- K

The Plot Thickens!

Wow, Jermaine is in some deep doo-doo. TMZ is reporting that he'll be kicked off Idol tonight, due to a number of issues: lying about his violent past, fabricating the sob story about his relationship with his dad, and his aggressive, bullying behavior to members of Idol's staff. Crazy! Truth be told, I am glad I won't have to hear his boring-ass voice one more night.

Here's a link to the whole story.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somebody Has Been A Bad, Bad, Idol

TMZ is reporting that one of the final 12 will be kicked off the show tomorrow night for an unreported criminal history (including a violent charge) and outstanding warrants. Apparently, the contestant has been interviewed on camera. Hmmmmm . . . we shall see who the culprit is . . . click the link to check out the story

Friday, March 9, 2012

Judges choice?

Just a few quick thoughts on last nights show:

1. Judges choice idea SUCKED. Stupid idea. I hope that they live and learn from that mistake. Let the votes decide it. What was the purpose in having it a judges decision? Simply to level the field....I'm no Jeremy fan...but there is no way that he was worse than Elise and Shannon

2. I hate to say it but Lauren Alaina was horrendous. She looked completely amateur. Boy did I call that one wrong last year.

3. There is no way that Joshua should have been in the bottom 3.

Thats all!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Late Than Never Part Deux: The Rankings

Ok, I know that I shouldn't even be able to put rankings up, but I'm gonna cuz I started the damned blog . . . and what. :)

Here are my uninformed rankings:

13. Jeremy - cuz he's gone . . . and should be
12. Jermaine - cuz he's 38 . . . just sayin
11. Erika - cuz she will get another week of freedom and looks like a drag queen
10. Elise
9. Shannon - she reminds me of underdogs from the past that will stay around longer than she should.
8. Joshua - I don't really get him
7. Colton - He could go much further, but I think the hipster might go early.
6. Heejun - I'm giving him a bit longer than I think I should . . . I think his personality and decent voice will allow him to stay awhile.
5. Skyler - She has a great voice, but her twang will take her out before the top 4
4. Deandre - That cute face and that swagga will take him into the Top 4 . . . but no longer.
3. Phil - I LOVE Phil Phillips, but I think this is the year of the girls
2. Jessica - I think she has the best voice, but there is one package that is better. . .
1. Hollie - I think there is one voice that is better, but she might be the whole package.

I know that I am coming in late . . . and I promise to give everyone else MANY MORE POINTS . . but I hope that I will be included. :) :) :)

See you next week.

Better Late Than Never

I've been missing in action this year, but I am officially back. Beter late than never I suppose. I saw most of Idol last night . . . my first ep of the season. School has been kicking my ass. My very abbreviated review. Jessica and Hollie did a stellar job. I am also partial to DeAndre and Phillip. I think Erica, Shannon, and Jermaine were the weakest links. My uninformed pick to go home is Erica. She kind of looks like a drag queen (I mean that in a loving way). I've missed watching the show, and the blog. I am going to go back and read everybody's posts. Happy Idol, y'all!

The Top 13

Hollie: number one because she sang the song perfectly and still had gas in the tank for more (see Jessica). It's no contest to us that's she's better than Jessica, but for some reason they're pimping the hell out of JS, so it makes us root for Hollie more. Maybe Henry Higgins can mentor her for Rubbertoe :)

Jessica: good performance, no doubt, but Geezus the hype! Unlike Hollie, she always sounds link she's a microsecond away from blowing a gasket on the big notes. I told Dr. L she was a couple bagpipes away from Lee DeWyze territory with the mega-pimp package.

Skyler: kind of the whole package, but a little too "Kountry" for me. Undeniably a front-runner. She could take the whole thing. Funny that they pointed out she has two modes: soft and Full Blast. This is the year of the Pocket Diva.

BTW, I really like watching Jimmy and Mary J, it has made me think the "reinvention" of Idol post-Simon & Crew has actually lent a shred more musical credibility to the proceedings. What do you think?

Joshua: really, one of the (if not the) best voices here, but something sounded odd on his mix; I imagine he sounded better in person. You never know with Idol and sound -- if my ears didn't deceive me JLo's mic sounded "tinny" early on, too.

Colton: This kid might go all the way to the finale -- but he's got to find his balance.

Erika: really big voice, but seems reserved. Why? And holy crap, the worst styling of the show. Her dresses look like purses hung over her neck.

Heejun: always amazed at the incongruity of his goofy shtick and his sweet voice. But is he always going to sing the dreary ballads?

Jeremy: We don't get this kid, either. Seems nice enough, but has a "who cares" voice. Cannon fodder.

Deandre: He's growing on me, but this performance was all over the place. Seems to have a great personality, though. The falsetto is going to get on my nerves, just like:

Phil Phil: doing the one version of every song he can. You can't say it was "bad", so much as "ug, DMB again?"
How can they even say he's singing? The only benefit of him going forward is to see how he butchers the upcoming themes. (He should have had to sing Whitney's Greatest Love of All LOL)

Jermaine: Kind of the same here as PP, this guy is going to Barry/Luther the F out of every song. Worth it, though, to see him dwarf Ryan by comparison. I have a theory that Jermaine and Shannon are the REAL reason behind Ryan's pouffy pompadour LOL.

Elise: Sadly, I was expecting more from her. One of the most interesting voices here, but perhaps crippled by nerves or inexperience. She seemed pissed that they "took" her song choice. I think they made the right call -- if she would have embraced it with the right attitude. She did not.

Shannon: just flat out horrible. But I have not sympathy for her, she reminds me of Ayla Brown: pretty amazon, robot performance, rich family to fall back on. This performance was not much better than what's-her-name's Eurythmics debacle last time. The only straight-up undeniable fail of the night.

All in all, we felt, for a show that seems to WANT a female winner, they sure throw the girls under the bus.

The worst of the night was Shannon, and she may suffer the IBW syndrome and go home. Same for Elise. I think Jermaine is on the brink but might be saved by the same voters who loved Ruben.
We think Jeremy and Shannon may be in trouble tonight.

Then again, what's up with the "Judge's Choice"? When I heard it, I thought of Pia, from last year. I think they thought she was safe, and wasted a Judge's Save on goofy-ass Casey. This year, I think they are unabashedly going to manipulate the crap out of the proceedings to engineer a winner they choose.

(could be way off base, but...)

Shannon MiGraine
Elise Testone
Jeremy Rosado
Jermaine Jones
Heejun Han
Erika Van Pelt
Deandre Brackensick
Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips Phillipsy
Jessica Sanchez (shocker!)
Hollie Cavanaugh
(with a finale of)
Colton Dixon
Skylar Laine
(two of the unlikeliest real names I've ever heard)
Dr. L & K

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The top 13 - the women rule!

The Top 13 looks alone...this top 13 looks weak weak weak.

Guys v. Girls.
Guys do Stevie Wonder....Girls do Whitney Houston.
Only the bottom guy and the bottom girl and the judges...not voters will decide who stays and goes.

Why is the mosh pit so empty?

Up First....Joshua Ledet. This should be right up his alley based on waht he's sang in the past weeks. All in all a good performance. Not his seemed a bit rushed to me, but he showed a lot of personality and his vocals were awesome. Strong start to the night.

Elise Testone - Greatest love of all sounded like a complete mess....then they recommended Be me baby tonight....Elise doesn't seem open to the suggestions.
The performance - she seems completely out of her element. She was very good with the phrasing, but melodically it wasn't there for me. She was completely shaken by the judges criticism. She looked angry

Jermaine Jones - This guy could have made it in the 70's but I don't see him contemporary. Voice was good...but the package isn't there.

Ericka Van Pelt - Wow...that dress looks horrible on her. That is completely the wrong style of dress for her. Her low register is really really nice. Very nice vocal performance. I wanted to see her let go a little more and ratch it up a notch, but good solid job.

Colton Dixon - I love his throwback to the 80's Howard Jones look. This is not his element....starts out weak, but when it got to the climax he showed what makes him a top contenteder here.

Shannon McGrane - They told her not to run for for the climax and when she did it again, it was great...but during the performance....she completely ran for the climax...chalk it up to nerves? The climax was great but the lead up was not great.

Deandrea Brackensick - This should be good for him...and he is definitely in his element. Fun....energetic performance. The falsetto was pitch perfect.

Skylar Laine - Very nice understated performance... until the huge climax. She has a level of maturity on stage that the others are lacking The one thing that may hurt her is she comes across as an old spirit...more of the classic country than contemporary. Best of the night so far. She has solidified her spot as one of the ones to beat this year.

Heejun Han - The guys sense of humor is fun. ...Heejun's problem is that he seems to only be able to sing the soft ballads. He has a beautiful tone and vibrato. But this isn't going to win him votes for long.

Holly Cavanaugh - She looks great tonight. I still don't understand how you sounds so great when she sings....but doesn't enunciate when she talks. This song fits her perfectly. She raised the bar...

Jeremy Rosado - I've said it before....and I'll say it again. I don't get him. I find his voice whiny and annoying. I think he was a touch better than Jermaine...but not much better.

Jessica - "I will always love you". She looks absolutely amazing. I don't love the beginning of the song...but once the music starts she slayed it. Wow....I'm glad I stayed awake this week. I think I am WAY wrong on her. If I were to redo by predictions I would certainly not have her leaving first. I still don't see her in the top 5 but she'll be around for quite some time.

Phil Phillips - True to form....he does the one version that he knows. This is going to get old really really really fast.

Rubbertoe's rankings

Elise Testone
Jermaine Jones
Jeremy Rosado
Phil Phillips
Shannon MaGrane
Heejun Han
Ericka Van Pelt
Deandre Brackensick
Colton Dixon
Joshua Ledet
Skylar Laine
Holly Cavanaugh
Jessica Sanchez

At the beginning of the night, I would never have believed that I would have the top 3 all women...but the girls ruled tonight. In fact, with the exception of Joshua and Colton, I don't think there is a guy that will make a serious run at the title.

Rubbertoes Bottom Girl and Guy: Elise Testone and Jermaine Jones.
America's Bottom two: Elise Testone and Jermaine Jones.

Who Should go home: Jermaine Jones
Who will go home: Elise Testone.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rubbertoe's Countdown to the Next American Idol

So I was 4 of 6 for each of the boys and girls on my top 12 prediction. I really thought that Eben would make it onto the top 12. There have been many young guys before and I thought with his talent and his Bieberish looks he would get on. I also thought that Jenn Hirsch would get picked at least as a wild card. The judges have been pushing her from the beginning. I was happy to see that neither Creighton Fraker or Grimm Reed got on though....I couldn't have sat through many more shows with either of them. The biggest robbery in the selections was the fact that Aaron Marcellus wasn't selected. I believe that had they not brought back on Jermaine and the sympathy votes, Aaron would not have been denied his rightful place in the top 13. Anyway....on to my predictions

13. Jessica Sanchez - Because a girl almost always gets voted off first...and honestly, I don't know anything about her. She doesn't stand out to me. I don't remember her from any of the shows...I slept through her top 12 girl performance (Not her fault)....

12. Ericka Van Pelt - Although there are more guys than girls, I believe the first two to go will be women. This is the pattern that he have seen for a couple of seasons.

11. Heejun Han - I was surprized that he made the top 13, not because he doesn't have a good voice, I think that he does. He just isn't the AI mold and I don't think that he will stick around long

10. Jermaine Jones - I am a little worried about my pick here. I am suspicious of AI's "X-Factor" imitating. I fully expect a Jermaine Jones win so that like X-Factor Idol can claim in all its feigned drama glory "OMG....and we almost let this golden child go". Ok....maybe its me being dramatic here. Either Jermaines sympathy votes are going to wear off quick or he is going to go a whole lot further.
(Maybe they'll use the judges "save" to save him once again before they crown him this years AI...and then they will have one-upped X-Factor and be able to say...."OMG...we almost let this gem go TWICE)

9. Deandre Brackensick - He's cute....he can sing..and he might go a lot further...but I think he'll go fairly quickly once the competition gets into full force.

8. Hollie Cavanaugh - She is going to be this years Phil Stacey/Josh Gracin for me. I hope that she gets cut earlier....and I suspect that she'll make it closer to the top 5...but I'm picking her at #8. She has a good voice, but ZERO stage presence. America wants more personality in its Idol. But in either case....we are going to have to endure several weeks of interviews with her not ENUNCIATING!!!! Hopefully they'll give her a coach and teach her how to speak when she talks.

7. Jeremy Rosado - I honestly don't get this guy. People seem to really like him, but I don't think he is all that good. This is the guy that I expect that the judges will actually use their lame-ass "save" on. Primarily because they almost always save the guy that I don't really like...(e.g. Casey).

6. Elise Testone - I put her out of the top 5 mainly because she doesn't stand out to me. I looked back and some of my previous postings and I have commented on how good her voice is....but she doesn't spark much in my memory.


5. Joshua Ledet - This guy is probably the most talented one in the bunch. He very likely could be eliminated much earlier because I don't see America embracing him. I think he's a little too "gay" for the typical AI voter (although I'm not sure that he is) and I think this will hurt him.

4. Phil Phillips - I'm afraid that we are going to have to endure at least several weeks of this guy doing the same song week after week after week. The guy has some charm to him, but honestly, he only knows how to perform 1 song and ever title is just his version with different lyrics....seriously.....SNL could do a great skit on him. For whatever reason, America will vote for him for many weeks to come.

The TOP 3

3. Shannon McGrane - She'll get her hometown moment...complete with a parade in the backseat of a limo with her ex-MLB pitcher father...but she'll be denied a spot in the finale (Unless its a girl v. girl finale)

The Finale

2. Colton Dixon - He's good...he's young...he's hip....he's a throwback to the 80's. AI have been pimping him from the start....beginning with the "He wasn't even going to compete" card. This is straight out of the AI scriptbook for stories and kinda runs with AI's X-factor fascination. He could win the whole thing in a "OMG...he's the next American Idol and we had to talk him into auditioning" drama....but I think this year...Its gotta be a girl.

1. Skylar Laine - C'mon....she's got the perfect name for an Idol superstar...she's got the stage presence and the voice. She's the complete package. Idol has always liked country....but my only hesitation is that last year we had a country finale.... and a Country Idol. However....I don't see that derailing this Reba-eseque girl from the crown.

There ya have predictions....which I predict will be almost all completely wrong. This is a hard year to predict. Unlike in years past, there have been some easy standouts. I don't have much hope for this bunch. I see this as probably the weakest group since season 6....but maybe they will grow.....

Onto the competition.....


Friday, March 2, 2012

Rubbertoe's predictions Top 6 girls I know the show has aired, but I haven't watched it...and I promise that I haven't peeked. (You'll probably tell because I'll get these all wrong)

This was the way that I rated them last night:
Skylar Lane
Shannon McGrane
Hallie Day
Chelsea Sorell
Ericka Van Pelt
Jenn Hirsch
Hollie Cavanaugh
Baylie Brown
Hailey Johnson

I expect Skylar, Elise, Jenn Hirsch (probably on a wild card), Hollie Cavanaugh (She'll bug me all season because she doesn't E-nun-ci-ate...when she talks, Hallie Day and Shannon McGrane.

Now its time to catch up on my DVR!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its time for a girl to win....but none of these girls look like an American Idol...that's my first impression....maybe things will change. least we didn't have to deal with the "feigned" drama tonight....that was sooooooo boring last night.

First up...Country girl...Chelsea Sorell. She likes to shoot a gun...but fiddle guy is back. First spotting of him.
Funny thing...I don't remember this girl at all from the auditions...but I kinda like her. She's got some good stage precense. Voice could be better......Voice 6/performance 7 = 13
Surprisingly the judges were hard on her. I disagree with them here.

Ericka Van Pelt - She sounds like she's singing in a tunnel. Like she's singing in the back of her head. She's got some good stage energy. Voice 5/ performance 7 =12

Jenn Hirsch - Family owns a vineyard....hmmmmmm....Why do people keep singing Adele? Jenn is certainly NO Adele....and whoever did her makeup made her look oragange like an umpaloompa. She's got some good range...but it was just aiiiight for me. Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12 Wow...she looks HUGE next to Ryan.

Brielle - Cheerleader from Stanton Island (with her abnoxious New Jersey Mother)....
Low range is not there at all. Much better in the mid range. so.....Voice 6/Performance 6 = 12.
Judges are on crack again....she was NOT good...yet they are fawning over her...REALLY? and shes completely abnoxious on top of it.....she's gotta go soon....

Hallie Day - This song has been done a million times on Idol *(Best by Adam Lambert)...She doesn't have the stage presence to pull this song off. She does have the voice though. Voice 8/Performance 5 = 13

Skylar Lane - She kinda DOES look like Reba tonight. The first time that I've understood the comparison that the judges keep making. Excellent stage precense. Voice good, but not anything that has me jumping up and down. Voice 7/performance 9= 16

Baylie Brown - Another Cheerleader. Trying to make her Grandpa proud. She looks BEAUTIFUL. Performance is lackluster though. Nothing special about the voice. Voice 5/Performance 5 = 10

Hollie Cavanaugh - One thing...she doesn't enunciate when she talks. She has a great singing voice though. Zero stage presence though. Voice 8/Performance 4 = 12
She must been TEENY because Ryan looks like a giant next to her.

Halley Johnson - From Portland Oregon. She's a pretty girl...but she needs a makeover if she is going to be the AI. Oooooo....the beginnign is horrible. Her low range is lacking completely. She's got some stage presence....but the voice is horrendous. Voice 2 (sorry....)/Performance 7 = 9 That was absolutely horrible.

Shannon McGrane - Has the ex-MLB pitcher father. Sport has been a big part of her life. Is she wearing her prom dress? She's got good range. From the lower to the upper. I would say, definitely one of the better voices of the night. Voice 8/Performance 7 = 15

Jessica Sanchez - I slept through it....literally. Don't know how to rate her.

Elise - She's got a great the raspy quality to it. 8/performance 7 = 15
(another Adele song...but she actually pulls it off).

Skylar Lane
Shannon McGrane
Hallie Day
Chelsea Sorell
Ericka Van Pelt
Jenn Hirsch
Hollie Cavanaugh
Baylie Brown
Hailey Johnson

I'm too tired to do my rankings.....that will have to wait until tomorrow!!!!!