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Friday, July 30, 2010

Whoa! Hey Lil Tasters, I don't know if you guys ever drop by the ol' blog in the off-season but this was big news I had to share: Kara GOT The BOOT from Idol, LOL!
Here's the story from the Toronto Sun, but it's all over TMZ, Washington Post, etc. that following Ellen's departure from Idol, the show decided to return to a three judge format WITHOUT DioGuardi, possibly with a Randy/JLo/Steven Tyler lineup. Wow. What do you guys think? Should be interesting any way it plays out. I, for one, won't miss Kara and all her bullshit about "ortistry" she spewed in her God-awful ramblings at Idol.

K out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Idol Will Soon Have Singing Infants

Okay, maybe not next season but soon :)

Just read this article (I think it was on MTV but got it from a link on Google News) about Idol lowering age requirements to 15 next season in hopes of 'Beibering' up the talent pool. Is this going to be another season of "make it your own"/"hey, wait, don't change the melody, dawg" kind of comments from the judges where they ask for younger contestants and then bitch about them "not connecting emotionally" to these dusty old Idol standbys? We'll see.

Maybe it's just that I am getting older but I'm kind of sick of seeing everything on TV, film and radio pandering to the ever-younger, disposable-income crowd. Everyone seems to complain that all these mediums have increasingly craptacular content, and yet they don't buy/market anything better because they don't want to lose the zero-attention span crowd.

Seacrest better watch his back! They might go for some 12-yr-old with an orange spray tan in a shiny suit.

-- K

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happened to J?

What happened to J.....we haven't heard a word from him since the final review...and no results of our friendly competition.

While we are on the subject....anyone hear from Allison and TTown?...they weren't around this year either.....

Just hoping that everyone is OK!!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Lee DeWyze -- The Marilyn Manson Phase

Lee DeWyze -- The Marilyn Manson Phase

Saw this on TMZ, wondered if you guys had heard it. Lee puts in a typical performance from his Idol run, IMO, starts promising then veers off-key.
Give it a listen, it's kind of fascinating and strange.
What is it with this guy? And who knew he had album(s) before Idol? The story they spun was like, one day he was stirring up a can of Sherwin/Williams Latex Interior
and the next he was standing under a cascade of sparks, the next American Idol.

-- K

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What This Lady Said

Hey RT! I hope this isn't the last blog just yet! I love the post-season wind-down discussions.

I wish I knew why America gets it so wrong. After watching the snoozefest this season, then seeing some of the booted-early contestants come back as special guests and shine, I have a pretty obvious theory.

I believe Idol decides sometime in the season who they WANT to win. They then employ all the subtle/sledgehammer-to-the-face methods at their disposal to force this outcome. Bottom Three headgames, judges comments, lighting and arrangement, last-minute song choice changes, Performance Order, etc. In doing so, they sabotage some better singers, who simply get in the way of the Chosen One. It's interesting when they assassinate some folks in the 3 or 4 spot, so that TCO can go up against a weaker opponent. The most blatant example of this is the Jordin/Blake debacle. While Blake was entertaining, wasn't he really just more of an amusing novelty? Jordin, on the other hand, was the "right" age to pimp the hell out of, but was she better than Melinda Doolittle? Come on. Melinda was "too old". What happened then was Idol was stuck with a linebacker with a pleasingly bland voice and tried to market her to indifferent teens. The most amazing thing is she never quite goes away, because they pair her with money magnets like the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown (pre-Rihanna scandal). On her own she'd be an anchor.

Variations on this strategy happened many times. Idol knows they can count on Middle America to vote for the simple-minded choice (the GWB analogy was right on the money) so we wind up with Taylor, Nikki McKibbon, Josh Gracin, Syesha, etc. making it inexplicably far. There's also the "reality show" factor where voters like to see weirdos (and VFTW plays into this) and so you get those outliers. I can think of many bitter singers who get booted early, and as they sing out are clearly thinking of the caterwaulers who survive beyond them. Ashley Rodriguez, this season, looked like she was ready to cut a bitch on her way out.

Seasons 1-4, we agree with your right/wrong take on fickle America.

Season Five is an example of how it should have been Daughtry in the top 2. But Kat McPhee sabotaged herself, IMHO. America could tell she has the personality of a porcupine enema. She has struggled ever since Idol to find a niche, despite forays into several genres. Say what you will about Tay-tay, his album sales are nearly double Katpee's.

Season Six, not only did America get it wrong but it should have been someone outside the top two. Looking back, Season Nine was really Season Six Redux, it was so full of WTF contestants.

Seven was a much better season.
I have to disagree with you on the Cook/Archuleta post-Idol sales record, however:

Cook debut album: sold 1.28 million, ranked #403 on Amazon in "music".

Archuleta debut album: sold 751,000, ranked #1,186 in "music".

Archuleta's Christmas album sold another 211,000.

So, combined sales of Archie's TWO albums have yet to eclipse Cookie's ONE. Granted, Archie has one coming out this year, but these are the stats as of right now.

Eight, a no-brainer. When we saw the Idol Tour last year, it was like the concert was over after Adam performed (they had the Idols appear in the order they were voted off). People actually got up and left, not everyone, but enthusiasm waned in the room. Dr. L said it was like it was backwards: Adam rocked the effing house, then Kris came out and put us all to sleep with a slow bunch of tunes. Not bad, just weak.

So, who's voting? That's the question. I only voted twice this season, once to try and keep Casey in, just because I had come to despise the pimpage of Lee, and again, for Crystal, because I knew she was going to lose. At least I can feel better knowing I voted my ass off both those critical times.

Just like I did with GWB, and with the same shitty result :)

-- K

Why does America consistently get it wrong?

Ok….so the final blog for the season. Season nine was by far the worst season of the show. The contestants were for the most part fine…but there just wasn’t any outstanding far out and away great contenders. Season nine also brought us the end of the Simon era and it remains to be seen how the show will go on post-Simon.

So lets talk about last night. A couple of quick thoughts from the finale. While I LOVE the finale, this years lot of stars seemed extremely aged.

I think its great how they bring back old stars, but I wish they would mix it up with some newer artists. I mean…they kind of did with Christina Aguilera, but not enough.

Alice Cooper segment was great, but he sounded horrible. It was a fun segment though and I thought it was great.

Other great moments – Janet Jackson, The BeeGees (minus one….except they looked so old).

I have to admit that even Hall and Oates (who I can’t stand) actually did a pretty good job.

Christina Aguilera was just strange. I don’t know if I liked the song or not. I enjoyed the theatrics though.

Joe Cocker was just bad…he looked like a client from the seventh street corridor.

Other thoughts:

Pants on the Ground – was hit and miss. I loved the concept with the dancers, but the performance lacked the charm of the original and what was the point of bringing on William Hung? Seriously…that was just pointless and a big Idol shot off the mark.

I liked the idea of bring back all the Idol loud mouth freaks, but they didn’t stage it properly and again, it missed the mark. I get the feeling it was supposed to be something more but once they got on stage it backfired and they cut away to commercial.

The Simon tribute was great, but showed too many of the same clips multiple times. I loved Paula’s tribute and I loved how they brought back many of the old contestants. THAT was the highlight of the night.

Finally, we crowned the new American Idol and although Lee is fine (I like Lee…I really do)…he certainly wasn’t anywhere close to Crystal.

So why does America consistently get it wrong? Time and again America can’t get it right (which is shown by the sales of Idol albums where often the “winners” are outshined by runner-ups. The “Album-buying” public that votes with its wallet, gets it right, but the American voting public has gotten it wrong more often than they’ve gotten it right.

Season 1 – Kelly v. Justin – America got right

Season 2 – Ruben v. Clay – This was a tough one and while I liked Ruben, Clay was the better performer. America got it wrong

Season 3 – This one was a no brainer. Fantasia v. Dianna Degarmo. How Dianna got to the finale is a mystery, but there was no way that America could get this one wrong.

Season 4 – Bo v. Carrie – Any other year, Bo could have won. But Carrie (probably the strongest Idol winner ever) was clearly the best. America got it right.

Season 5 – Rivals Season 9 for the worst season ever. Taylor Hicks v. Katherine McPhee – America got this one WAAAAAAAAAY wrong before we ever got near the finale. Taylor Hicks was the worst pick in the history of idol.

Season 6 – Not a particularly strong year – Jordin v. Blake. I’m going to say that America once again got it wrong. Blake at least was unique and while I liked Jordin, she isn’t distinguishable as an artist and has flopped.

Season 7 – A great season…and another close one, but again, I’m going to say that America got it wrong. The battle of the Davids, Cook v. Archuletta. David Cook has done fine, but Archuletta has had better album sales and is the more marketable contestant.

Season 8 – Another one that America got WAAAAAAAY wrong. Kris Allen is a cute/sweet guy, but doesn’t come close to the star power that Adam Lambert has and the record sales have shown this.

Season 9 – America once again picked the generic performer over someone who was clearly more talented and more unique.

This doesn’t even take into account America’s fascination with keeping the horribly bad performers on longer than they should (Josh Gracin, Phil Stacey, Michael Lynche……etc)

Or the truly great performers that got voted off way before their time (Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson……)…

So why does America consistently get it wrong? Well….if you were expecting an answer from me…I’m sorry…I haven’t a clue. All I can say is that these are the same people that gave us GWB, not once…..but twice. So there you have it….Another season behind us and another long 7 months before the return of AI…..

I think I’d better leave right now……before I fall any deeper.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rubbertoes final pic

OK....Idol starts in 30 I best put up my final review/pic

Last night, it was Crystal by a landslide.

Didn't love either of the final songs, although I thought that Crystal performed her's really well.....I just don't see either song being a hit single.

I'm in the minority on Lee's REM song....I thought it was his best song and I thought it was pretty good....everyone at my work thought it was horrible.

So the talk around the water cooler today was that everyone thought Crystal was the best last night by far, but that Lee is going to win.

I'm going to give America enough credit to finally get one right.

I think that it was too much of a difference last night for America to get this one wrong.

Crystal is going to be this years American Idol.

We'll be back tommorrow with our final reviews of the season!!!!!

Everybody Hurts . . . When Lee Sings . . .

My friend Stephanie sent me this pic . . . it's cruel, but it made me giggle . . . Poor Lee . . . he has gotten roasted today all over the interwebs, but I have no doubt that he will be the winner tonight . . . Ugh on the Idol Machine's head.

Up to the Mountain: A Redux

Here is why I think the producers chose Up to the Mountain for MamaSox

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Season Finale

K says when he found out that Crystal won the coin toss - that put her in the best possible position - and probably makes it tough for Lee to come out first.

Contestant Favorite Song of the Season:

Lee: The Boxer - pretty standard performance on this song. Disagree with Ellen that it was better this time - seems like his nerves are getting to him (as you would think they might be!) K thought it was weak.

Crystal - Me and Bobbie McGee: Overall much better command of the song and the stage for her first performance. Probably helps that this song is more upbeat and a crowd sing-along type. K says - stumbled a bit at first - but then got control of it and was totally in her element. Chicken Little sighting!!!

First Round goes to: Crystal - no question!

Executive Producer's Choice:

Lee: Everybody Hurts - on the fence about this one. I don't know if that was the right arrangement of this song - it sort of minimized the tone and spirit of the song. Didn't care for the choir addition to this. A bit off key here and there - and I don't agree AT ALL with Kara's assessment.

Crystal: Black Velvet - GREAT! Loved that interpretation - Crystal wants this!! Go girl! I wasn't sure about the song, but it was a fresh approach. Loved it, Loved it!

Second Round goes to: Crystal - Lee who????

Winner's Song:

Lee: Beautiful Day - so it's not an original song this year?! I love the U2 song, but I don't love this version here. I am not sure that while he has a commercial sound, I don't know that he gets the interpretation of these songs. I guess this is a smart choice on Idol's part to have the winner record a 'proven hit' - but that sort of cheats it to me.

Crystal: Up to the Mountain - That was just lovely,lovely, OMG - what an outstanding performance for her - so moving! I didn't know this song, and I would listen to it over again right now. She is just so ready for this....

Final Round: MamaSox - L&K thought she stole the show!!

I know we have had fun with the goofy pimpage of Lee - BUT Crystal commanded the stage tonight ! K says - Lee - seemed like paint by numbers performances, and Crystal overall - truly invested performances.

L&K - Crystal will be our new American Idol - and ANYONE with ears should think the same thing....however...
America's choice - Lee - but America is EFFING wrong here - Mamasox is our girl!

MamaSox Takes Lee and the Idol Machine to School!

First and foremost, let me say that the mixture of psychadelic Lee and the song cracks me up . . . I read a USA Today article that pondered the question will the Idol Machine win or will the best singer win . . . I think that sums it up.

Here we go . . .

What the hell is Randy wearing?

Ok, I love that Crystal dropped her mic and missed her mark . . . that's kind of awesome.

So, we have a round of contestant favorites . . . a round of the producer's choice (We'll see what they give to our dynamic duo) . . . and the "song they're going to release as their single" . . . I'm not sure what that means . . .

Lee #1 - "The Boxer" . . . Lee's doin Lee's thing . . . I'm not sure I would have chosen this song from the season, but he sounds pretty Leeish . . . gotta great tone to his voice . . . kinda pitchy . . . but not a terribly exciting performance. Randy didn't feel the energy but wants him to pick it up. Ellen couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself. Kara agrees with Randy and wants to see him punch more. Simon expected a lot more passion and excitement.

Crystal #1 - "Me and Bobby McGee" . . . Better choice . . . Let's see if she can give it a little more energy. Crystal is also doin her Crystal thing . . . a little more energy . . . a little more excitement . . . a little less pitchy. Randy thinks she finished strong. Ellen thinks she is compelling on stage. Kara thinks she has fire in her belly tonight. Simon says she's back.

Judges won't pick round 1 because they would have to give it to Crystal.
Round 1: MamaSox by a mile

Lee #2 - "Everybody Hurts" . . . interesting choice . . . I LOVE this song . . . He's definitely brought more energy to this one . . . still got that Lee pitchy stuff . . . and a choir . . . wonder if Crystal will get a choir. . . Better performance. Randy thought it started off pitchy but thought he pulled it together. Ellen thought he went off a couple of times, but thought he really got into it . . . at times . . . Kara thinks he is emotionally accessible. Simon thought it was a good choice of song, but thinks he is nervous.

Crystal #2 - "Black Velvet" . . . another interesting choice . . . I also LOVE this song . . . I like the beginning arrangement . . . MamaSox is in it to take down the Idol Machine . . . She changed the arrangement and her vocals were better . . . and that last note rocked the fucking house . . . Go MamaSox Go! Randy thinks MamaSox is in it to win it. Ellen thought it was fantastic. Kara thinks she is giving it her all. Simon is almost allergic to that song, but thinks she took the song and absolutely nailed it.

Round 2: MamaSox by another mile. Simply stunning.

Lee #3 - "Beautiful Day" . . . interesting that they are letting them release covers . . . Damn it, Lee . . . stop being pitchy! I'm trying not to let the pimpage affect my analysis . . . I do LOVE this boy, but he's not helping me out a lot tonight. He looks good, but I'm not in love with this performance. Ooooh, bad note. He's got more energy, but damn is he pitchy. Randy thinks he started iffy, but got it back at the end. Ellen thought he did a great job. Kara thinks he got swallowed by the song. Simon thinks he made the most of it, but thinks Lee is what this competition is all about . . . PIMPAGE!

Crystal #3 - "Up to the Mountain" I LOVE THIS SONG! Nothing to say . . . simply stunning and I'm crying a little bit. Randy thinks it was one of the greatest performances. Ellen thinks she's in a league of her own. Kara thinks she pulled her walls down and was emotionally invested. Simon thought it was by far the best performance of the night. And as his final critique . . . "It was outstanding."

Round Three: MamaSox by infinity.

There is no doubt that MamaSox won the night. NO. DOUBT. Whether that equates to her victory is debatable. We shall see if America does what it should. Somehow, I doubt it.

So Close, Yet So Far

So the big showdown is tonight between the busker and the paint salesman, and Dr. L and I HAVE TICKETS TO THE SHOW!!!

...the problem is, we can't go :(

The way taping works today, we would have to be at the NOKIA @ 2pm, so to get there from Long Beach

we'd have to leave here by 12:30 pm to be sure to get into LA, get parked, etc. THEN, you're stuck in the proceedings until 7 pm or so, and we just can't get out of our obligations to make it happen. So, we WOULD be bringing a live blog report, but instead we will be watching it like most of the Lil Tasters, on TV.

Sadly, we both said, if this had been last year, with an Adam/Kris, we would have blown off everything to go :)

-- K

Friday, May 21, 2010

J completely calls it!

So I was reviewing our top 12 predictions and ran across J's post:

3. Lee - Even with the slightly pitchy vocals, he has got such an amazing stage presence, and I can already see him touring. I love, love, love this boy . . . I think he is going to be the surprise of the Top 12 . . . and may be the darkhorse to win.

2. Casey - AKA My Baby - Y'all know I love my baby. I think he has a consistent voice, plays a mean guitar, and has great stage presence. He very definitely could win this competition, but I think there is one more who could out do him . . .

1. Crystal - I just think she already carries herself as the consummate professional. I think some of the theme weeks will be difficult for her, but I think she's got it in her to emerge the winner . . . I think the Idol Machine will NOT want her to win . . . they would definitely be pulling for Didi, Lee, and
Casey . . .

Although J picked Casey/Crystal...when you look at his comments, he is completely spot on even calling Lee as the "darkhorse" and forecasting the Idol Producers/Judges wanting Lee to win over Crystal.

Way to go J.

Now the only question is how obvious he pimping of Lee in the finale will be.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Top 3: Beware, a bit of a venting session follows

Let me start this post by saying that I LOVE our Top 3 . . . LOVE THEM! They were my picks for the Top 3 for the start. Crystal, Casey, and Lee, I think, are far and away the most talented musicians on the this season of Idol. That being said, what I witnessed last night was disappointing on many levels. Not to say that there weren't some moments. . .

I thought Crystal's "Maybe I'm Amazed" was a bit of an Idol moment. I thought she took a hold of that song and tore it up . . . in a good way.

Lee's "Hallelujah" was very good. . . I did not get the woodie for it that the judges did, but I'll get to that in a minute

Casey's version of "Daughters" was excellent. He did the song justice and played the hell out of that guitar.

The first round of songs . . . Casey was Casey . . . Crystal sang a strange arrangement of "Come to My Window" when she should have been singing "Bring Me Some Water" . . . and Lee got pimped out for being Lee . . .

To be honest, I would probably rank Crystal at the top followed closely by a tied Lee and Casey . . .

That being said, let me get to the bigger disappointment . . . the judges. Each year, we have one contestant that they pimp out and this year they have decided to bestow that honor upon Lee DeWyze. I LOVE Lee, don't get me wrong, but has anyone else noticed that he has gone last like three times more than either Crystal or Casey. In addition, though I really like his version of Hallelujah, I thought the fact that he got a choir was a bit unfair, and that it kind of did something to the song that took it out of its purely beautiful state (see Jason Castro and even Tim Urban). I was so annoyed by the judges last night that I've just now been able to muster up the energy to post.

In my humble opinion, Crystal and Casey are the better vocalists in this competition. As much as I love Lee and think he is adorable, he has never been able to shake the pitchy vocals . . . on every single song. He's kind of David Cook light. In addition, I don't understand why Ellen got to pick by herself for Crystal and Randy/Kara "collaborated" on Casey.

I agree with K's picture today . . . they threw Casey under the bus . . . and I'm not sure why . . . from an Idol standpoint, he's cute, he's got good vocals, and he is far and away the best musician, not vocalist, but musician that Idol has seen. I don't understand.

That being said, I think that Crystal and Lee will make for a great finale. I fear, however, that the most talented of the two, Crystal, will be tossed aside for the growing popularity of Lee. I feel so weird even writing this because I have much love for Mr. DeWyze.

I just had to vent . . .

It is with sadness that I say

Eliminated: Casey

Maybe I'm Not Amazed about Idol's Top Three

Idol Top Three

Casey - It's Alright With Me: So, they have him going first and that must mean he is going under the bus. I liked this first song! It was catchy and fun, and I thought he did a good job. K says - While Casey didn't do anything 'wrong-er' than Crystal - he didn't get the positives tacked on to the end of his criticisms like she did.

Crystal - Come To My Window: Solid song choice - recognizable, and gave her a chance to get into the vocals and the guitar. Loved the harmonica touch! She is just so consistent and very listenable - I would buy her album right away. Judges seemed to think it was so-so - but managed to praise her a bit anyway.

Lee - Simple Man - can't imagine him doing a Skynrd song....hmmm. First part of the song was really good - the end of it was a bit predictable. Having the pimp spot and the lighting really helped him here. K's assessment - put it back in your pants, judges! I will make up my own mind - thanks.

Round One: Based on the first-halves of the songs - then Lee gets round one. But looking at overall song - thought Casey was better than the other two. Crystal was just in the middle.

Casey - Daughters: Beautiful, simple take on this great John Mayer tune - loved the guitar solo in there. He truly has a great gift in his guitar work. Judges still keeping him under the bus - by both the comments and maybe by the Randy/Kara song choice (at least that seems the point Simon is making). They don't WANT him to have a 'wow' factor!

Crystal - Maybe I'm Amazed: Loved it! Interesting that Ellen (non-music professional) picked a terrific song for her. It seemed to take her out of the comfort zone a bit at least from what we have been able to hear her sing, and it really worked.

Lee - Hallelujah: What??!! Not thrilled with this choice - didn't Jason Castro do a lovely version of this song? What about Tim Urban earlier this season? I was telling K - so...that means Tim can't perform it on the tour if gets snaked out from under him now. NOW - really not happy - he gets a choir??!! and smoke?? Looks like Idol is telling us who they want to win. That is kind of sickening.....Randy is right - Simon sure set him up. It is a great song - no doubt there, and it does wonders for anyone who sings it. Guess that bus was bigger than I thought - with both Casey and Crystal under it.

L&K Rankings (I guess they don't really rank them at this point, but oh well):


Going home: Casey

America's Rankings:


Going home: Casey

Second Coming of Leezus Chriwyzest

Hey, just a quick post to respond to RT's comment on Jason's performance of Hallelujah being better than Lee's. We'll post the rest of our take on last night's Pimptacular show later this afternoon, before the East Coast results.

I took the liberty of embedding Rubbertoe's links to the two so you can see them side by side:

Dr. L and I were kind of a little sickened by the blatant over-pimpage of Lee. Of course Castro's version is better; he just didn't have a freaking choir of angels and smoke making it seem like the Second Coming of some unholy DemiDaughtrey.

It was a pretty good performance, Idol, stop trying to make it seem like it was the best performance in the history of music. If they were so convinced he could win it on his own merit, why shove Casey and Crystal so far under the bus, back up over them a couple of times and then place the flat, mangled remains on a railroad track? This was possibly the most heavy-handed bend-over Idol has ever perpetrated.

-- K

Jason v. Lee



Ok….I can’t spell….how do you spell Hallelujia?

Just a short AI review today….we are coming down to the wire and it is clear that it is going to be Lee/Crystal in the finale. It was almost as if Casey didn’t ever really try. I’m a little upset at the producers of the show though, who obviously wanted a Lee/Crystal finale, they threw Casey under the bus with the song choice they gave him and the unabashedly Hallelujia production number that they gave Lee.
That said….Crystal and Lee were definitely the best two last night. First song – Lee was far and away the best. Crystal’s version of “Come to my window” was weak.
Second song – Lee by a sliver. I thought Crystal was very good as well. Casey – it was a nice vocal, but as Simon said, it was not the type of song that is going to propel anyone into the finale.

I know that I’m going to be in the minority here, but even though Lee was incredible with Hallelujia….I still preferred Jason Castro’s version.

OK….so next week will be interesting. Can Crystal stop Lee’s momentum? Can Crystal overcome the producers/judges obvious push for Lee?
It remains to be seen. One thing that I can say about the finale this year is that unlike it year’s past, they BOTH need to win if they have any hope of making it. There is no Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson strength here to propel the loser. They both need the Idol machinery behind them here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Top 3: The Judges' Song Choices has posted the "Judges Choice" songs for our Top Three. Interesting choices . . .

MamaSox - Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney - chosen by Ellen D.
Casey - Daughters by John Mayer - chosen by Kara/Randy
Lee - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen - chosen by Simon

A couple of points of interest here.

I find it interesting that Ellen got her own song choice, but Kara and Randy had to collaborate. I also find it interesting that Simon chose Hallelujah for Lee. I think it is a great song choice, but it was already performed this year . . . quite well . . . by Hottie Tim. I think that "Daughters" is a perfect song choice for Casey . . . particularly because everyone thinks it's a sweet song when it's really a song asking parent not to fuck up there daughters because it makes them undateable. . . kind of makes me giggle.

Should be interesting . . .

What does everyone think?

Alison Iraheta Headlines Long Beach Pride Festival

Hey Lil Tasters,

Just wanted to send out the word that Idol Alum Alison will be performing Sunday night at the Long Beach Pride Festival!
Dr. L and I are going to walk over and see her live. You can find out more about tickets and the other bands/giveaways/etc at the Long Beach Pride Website.

-- K

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For Rubbertoe

Big Mike & wife at his parade.

-- K

A quick guess

I missed the show last night, haven't seen it other than a few clips on the morning news. I'm going to watch it before the show tonight but may not get a chance to reply before the show goes on (EDT).

From what I saw, I would say Casey and Michael in the bottom two. However, many people at my work said that Lee's solo was weak.

On my original, I have Lee going home. My instinct tells me that Casey is going home.

But I am going to go with my heart and say that Big Mike finally gets the overdue boot. I really can't stand the idea of watching him or his super obnoxious wife in a hometown parade next week. UGH!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Alright after hearing those duets!

Top Four - Songs of the Movies

Neat idea Jamie Foxx had about the t-shirts for the performances! Like the idea of an incentive for them to really step it up. Another fave mentor!

Four individual songs:

Lee - Kiss From a Rose: felt like he got ahead of the song and then went flat. Not that great for me. K says it was pitchy, and Lee didn't step it up when he came to the bridge of the song. Seemed too relaxed in his persona and his dress for the tone of the song.

Big Mike - Will You Be There: (was worried when they said Michael Jackson that it was going to be 'Ben' or something from The Wiz...whew!) Seemed like a bit of an ill fit - had to agree with Randy that the song didn't really take off. It seems that the arrangements so far are kind of off. Better than Lee, but that isn't saying much at this point.

Lee and Crystal Duet: Falling Slowly: Great song choice for them! Nice blend of their voices and the guitars. Loved the arrangement and interpretation of this song. Best of the night so far!

Casey - Mrs. Robinson: LOVED it! Fresh take on a classic song - and I liked the laid back vibe on this. He looks hot tonight too! Far and away better than Lee and Big Mike. Simon's comments make me & K think they are trying to throw Casey under the bus!

Crystal - I'm Alright: Good positive lyrics in this part of the competition -and who can resist a sing-a-long tune! Fun, and K says - it is really a great song - (we heart you Kenny Loggins!!) Loved that she funked it up a bit :) could really hear that on the radio now - best of the night!

Big Mike and Casey - Have you ever really loved a woman?: Great pairings on both of the duets tonight!! Loved this version of the song - thought they added their own twist with the guitars and vocals, great arrangement - need to download this one!! LOVED Ellen's joke - LOL!

L & K Rankings:

Big Mike

Duet rankings:
Crystal and Lee
Casey and Big Mike

Our bottom two:
Big Mike and Lee, Lee goes home ( okay, so we know that this is not likely, but from a lil' taster competition standpoint - we have Lee going out 4th - so it would be great for us!)

America's bottom two:
Big Mike and Lee, and Lee goes home in a shocker! :)

The Top 4: Have You Ever Really . . . Really, Really, Ever Wanted to Free Willy?

Ok, so, I didn't live blog tonight's telecast . . . so here are my notes . . .

FIrst of all, as much as I dislike Jamie Foxx . . .he's a good mentor . . .

Lee - "Kiss From A Rose" . . . Lee was pitchier than normal, and didn't do much with the song . . . It was a little fast/rushed for me . . . ended on a good note.

Mike - That Free Willy Song . . . What makes this performance such a travesty is that it should have been a knock out . . . he had the advantage of the back up choir and it should have been an "Idol Moment". However, it fell flat and was just plain awful.

Casey - "Mrs Robinson" . . . I may be in the minority on this one, but I loved it. I thought it was simple and showcased Casey's always pitch perfect voice.

Crystal - "I'm Alright" . . . Crystal is golden . . . Not my favorite song, but I thought she changed it up and sang it well. . . and her boyfriend's flag pants cracked me up.

Crystal/Lee - "Falling Slowly" . . . ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER. . . and I thought MamaSoxx and Lee knocked it out of the park. Lee, as usual, was a bit pitchy at the beginning. . . but that was recovered quickly . . . the harmonies were lovely and the performance was stunning.

Casey/Mike . . . "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" . . . Bryan Adams cheese that wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought they did a lovely job. I think they did well with the guitars and both of their voices sounded on key . . . but not as harmonious as Crystal and Lee.

Solo Rankings
1. Crystal
2. Casey
(Huge Space)
3. Lee
4. Big Mike

Duet Rankings
1. Crystal/Lee
2. Casey/Mike

Overall Rankings
1. Crystal
2. Casey
3. Lee
4. Mike

My Bottom Two: Lee and Mike
America's Bottom Two: Casey and Mike
Eliminated: Mike

I'm sticking by my original Top 3 picks of Crystal, Casey, and Lee

A Little Taste of Travesty: Idol Points Game

I heartily apologize to Dr. L & K for failing to give them credit for their "Aaron in the bottom 2" point last week. I am so sorry . . . it was an oversight for which I truly apologize. :(


1. Rubbertoe 23 points
2. J 22 points
3. Dr. L&K 17 points

Friday, May 7, 2010

Idol Points Game

Let's review where the Little Taste Team stood prior to this week's results . . .

1. Rubbertoe - 21 points
2. J - 20 points
3. Dr.L/K - 16 points

Here's how we did this week

Rubbertoe - 2 of the bottom 2 correct (Mike and Aaron ) = 2 points

Josh - one of the bottom 2 correct (Aaron) and correct prediction of Aaron's elimination = 2 points

Dr. L/K - unfortunately, our dynamic Long Beach duo did not gain any points this week :(

Current Standings:

1. Rubbertoe = 23 points
2. J = 22 points
3. Dr.L/K = 16 points

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let Your Voices Be Heard, Lil Tasters!

I was reading the hilarious musings of Professor Chan over on VFTW when he made me aware of this fabulous opportunity for all Idol Fans: a FOX survey of what we think about the show!!!

You owe it to yourself (and Idol) to let them know what you think! I'm going now to take the survey!

Taste On!

-- K

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nobody did it my way...

Can I say I just LOVED Harry Connick, Jr. as a mentor! I was really impressed that he wanted to be on stage with them, and wrote the arrangements of the songs. Excellent way to mentor! Agreed with Rubbertoe that he has not aged a bit! LOL that he wanted to be at the pool... :)

K- says it was interesting that Simon held on to Frank's monogrammed handkerchief all night - on a show where it is decidedly unsentimental - this gesture by Sinatra's daughters seemed to mean a lot to him.

Faves of the night:
Crystal - loved her interpretation of the song!

Aaron - even though I ranked Lee higher than Aaron, I was really impressed with him on Fly Me to the Moon. I thought he was harshly criticized by the judges this week - and it seems obvious they want him to go. But, the song and the arrangement were perfect for him.

Uh-oh: Poor Casey, I didn't think it was as awful as the judges did, and I feel bad that folks on the web are making fun of his 'goat-vibrato' - but I think this performance cemented him in the bottom two - and will send him home this week.

Our rankings:

big mike

our bottom two:

Aaron, Casey
Casey goes home

America's bottom two:
Aaron, Casey
Casey goes home

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Top 5

Doing the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Harry Connick Jr. looks as hot as ever....doen't look like he's aged a bit.

First up Aaron - Wow...they've made him look like a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that...)...but wow...I'm not loving the look they gave him.
He sang well though.

Next - Casey. again WOW. That was absolutely horrible and I really hate to say that. Casey is in serious trouble unless he has a fanbase that comes through for him.

Crystal - I thought she was awesome and she looked beautiful. Don't know what the judges were listening to. She was the best of the night so far.

Big Mike - Complete cheeseball with cornball thrown in with it. Vocals were ok in part, but weak in others.
Wow....double wow...the judges loved it. Were they watching and listening to what I was istening to?

Lee- Seems a natural for this type of music. He looks more comfortable on stage tonight more than ever. Finally a performance worthy of a wow. Finally an Idol moment which we haven't had this year.

So here are my rankings tonight:

1. Lee by a mile

2. Crystal


3. Aaron

Another Big BIG Space

4. Mike

5. Casey

Aaron's bottom 3 will be same as Rubbertoe's - Aaron, Mike and Casey

Picking who goes home tonight is difficult because is it going to based more on who has the strongest voting base more tha performance.

My guess is Big Mike's time has finally come. But it could be Casey.

(By the way....that Harry/Ellen drama was very uncomfortable. I'm still feeling a little bit of anxiety over it. He was REALLY REALLY pissed off)....that was really awkward.

The Top 5: It's Official . . . The Judges are Drunk, and Lee DeWyze Rocked the House

I heart Harry Connick Jr! :)

Here we go with our Top 5 and the oh so current Frank Sinatra theme week.

Thank goodness we didn't have to see the judges descend the stairs.

Here come our Top 5 . . . and isn't that sweet that MamaSox is on Big Mike's arm.

Ok, so Mr. Connick is writing the arrangements tonight for our Top 5 . . . interesting, I hope this goes well because perhaps it will lead to better arrangements in the future.

1. Aaron - Harry is already proving to be a good mentor . . . He's singing "Fly Me to the Moon" . . . He looks really cute tonight. His voice sounds good, but he's a bit behind the melody . . . he doesn't seem to have the beat to keep up with the music. The song is overpowering him a bit. As per usual, he is picking it up at the end. Randy thinks Aaron is in it to win it. Ellen thought the piano was a little pitcy :), she thinks he did pull it off. Kara thought it was good, but not as good as last week. Simon agrees with Kara and thinks Aaron didn't have the convicion that it should. . . but thinks he tried hard.

2. Casey - He's singing "Blue Skies" . . . I heart Casey . . . I want Harry Connick on the X Factor as a mentoring judge. His voice sounds really good . . . the reverse has happened with Casey as happened with Aaron . . . he is not being overpowered by the song, he commanded it. That was very, very solid indeed. Randy thought it was his worst performance. Ellen thought it was a bad idea to have the piano on stage :) . . . Ellen thought he was stiff. Kara thought it took him a long time to warm up. Simon didn't think he was fantastic, and thought he was a bit awkward. I don't get it . . . what were they hearing?

3. Crystal - She's singing "Summer Wind". . . I love that she started sitting next to Harry . . . I love her connection with the band and her voice is simply amazing . . . Stunning performance . . . simply stunning. Randy thought it was subdued and thought it was just okay. Ellen thought it was great but wanted her to loosen up a bit. Kara thought it was out of her element, but she kind of liked it. Simon thought it sounded a bit indulgent, but thought the second half was better.

Alison just texted me and said she wondered if the acoustics are different in the studio because we are hearing something completely different. I agree with Crystal about her interpretation of the song.

4. Big Mike - Alright, I shall breathe and develop a neutral attitude about Big Mike . . . I like him as a person, but I have not warmed to him as a contestant. He's singing "The Way You Look Tonight". I was really hoping this song for Lee or Casey . . . The hat needs to go . . . This is one of my favorite songs . . . I like his voice, but I wish he would have kept the tempo slow for this song. I thought the first little bit was great, but I don't love this upbeat arrangement for this song. I thought it was good . . . not great . . . but here comes the pimping from the judges . . . Randy thinks that Mike is in it to win it. Ellen thinks he has the most comfort on stage. Kara thinks he found the drama in the song, but didn't lose himself. Simon thinks he raised the bar.

5. Lee - He's singing "That's Life". Harry thinks he looks like a new and improved version of him. Lee's got his typical inital pitchiness, but this IS his genre. This is far and away the best performance of the night. Randy thinks he stayed himself, and loved it. Ellen was distracted by Harry's "organ" :) Ellen thinks if this had been the finale he would have won. Kara thinks he can win this thing. Simon thinks Harry has been incredible, and thinks that Lee was confident and showed personality.

The Rankings:

1. Lee
(Huge Space)
2. Crystal
3. Casey
4. Big Mike
5. Aaron

The reality is that Casey, Big Mike, and Aaron paled in comparison to Lee and Crystal. So, this week, we will go down to a bottom two. . .

My Bottom Two: Big Mike and Aaron
America's Bottom Two: Casey and Aaron
Going Home: AARON DAMN IT!

Idol Points Game

Sorry, I have been lax this week in updating the game. Let's review where we were before last week's results.

1. J = 19 points
2. Rubbertoe = 18 points
3. Dr.L/K = 15 points

Here's how we did:

J - 1 of the bottom three correct (Mike) = 1 point
Rubbertoe - 1 of the bottom three correct (Mike) and the original pick of Siobhan to go sixth = 3 points
Dr. L/K - 1 of the bottom three correct (Mike)

New Leaderboard

1. Rubbertoe = 21 points
2. J = 20 points
3. Dr. L/K = 16 points

Congrats to Rubbertoe for re-taking the lead . . . hopefully we can all figure out how to predict what the hell America is going to do this week. ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why Siobhan Got The Boot

Here's an interesting article from on why Siobhan may have gotten the boot, along with other Idol speculation.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Pre-Top 6 Elimination Post

Ok, so, I'm a little concerned about tonight's elimination. I have picked Aaron, Mike, and Lee to be in the bottom 3 . . . with Mike going home. I think these are the safe picks to go with . . . however, in my heart, I feel that Siobahn should be in the bottom three . . .even worse, I think that MamaSox could be in the bottom three. I need to try and understand America . . .I just don't get America's fascination with Siobahn (and I think I echo my Idol compatriots in this sentiment). This post is really going nowhere, but I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT. There is a weird part of me that thinks that Aaron will be safe and MamaSox will go to the bottom three . . . a strange Idol fact . . . only two Idols have gone to the bottom 3/2 and actually won the title . . . Rueben Studdard and Fantasia. . . no other Idols have gone to the bottom 3/2 and actually won . . . could this year be a throwback to Season 2? Just throwing things out there. . . Kelly, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, David, and Kris all avoided the bottom tier . . . wonder what will happen this year . . . Just a rambling post . . .

Here's a little look behind the scenes of last night's Idol Shania Extravaganza via EOnline! . . . Click the link to read the review

It only hurts when Casey and Crystal aren't singing...

Hey Y'all - I was just too tired last night to weigh in on all the performances - so just a few tidbits here and our rankings!
Faves of the night: Casey - he really was into the performance and maybe it helped that he just had the rhythm guitar and was seated - LOVED it! Crystal - I thought that was such a sweet and sincere take on the song - and obviously she was singing to her beau :) Was surprised the judges were not digging it...

Meh: Lee: Probably not a popular opinion here, but I didn't like it. I thought he was trying too hard to make sure he worked in the raspy vocals throughout. Siobhan - you are really disappointing me! I am soooo over the power note at the end of the song. The one Shania song that I know fairly well, and it was just overdone.

L/K's rankings:

Big Mike

Our bottom three: Big Mike, Siobahn, Lee
Big Mike goes home

America's Bottom Three:
Lee, Big Mike, Aaron
I know we have guessed this EVERY week for weeks, but Aaron goes home

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The GOOD, the BAD and everything in BeTwain

OK....bad attempt at a Southern apologies.....

Lee - Was not good tonight. He got the "AI wants him to stay on" push from the judges. Completely unearned props. At least he took Shania's advice.

Big Mike - Mike was actually elly good onight. Until the falsetto....which was weak and just silly. He annoys me to no end....but I have to give him his props tonight.
I understand what Simon meant by "wet". Mike is just always a little too "staged" and forced....which is why I find him incredibly annoying.

Casey - was Hot tonght. Heard his high range for the first time really. I think he was smart to take this number and give a stripped down performance.

Crystal - Solid performance....but not to the level of last week. I guess that's the problem with setting the bar to high. Last week Crystal was head and shoulders above everyone else. This week...middle of the pack.

Aaron - Really good vocal...but his immaturity showed in the performace. As I have said all season...he has the voice....but lacks the package.

Cinnabon - Weak version of a great Shania song. She gave none of the attitude that Shania suggested she show. Her traveling kareoke act was only outdone by the Cinnabon squeal. Complete Cheese.

Rubbertoe's rankings (based on vocals): Casey, Aaron, Big Mike, Crystal, Lee, Cinnabon.

Rubbertoe's ranking tonight based on tonights vocals, package and overall season: Casey, Crystal, Aaron, Mike, Lee, Cinnabon

Rubbertoe's bottom 3 - Cinnabon, Lee and Crystal
America's bottom 3 - Aaron, Lee, Mike

Going Home: Either Lee or Aaron. It should be Lee based on tonight....but I'm going to predict Aaron.

The Top 6: "Don't" . . . miss Casey James.

Six lives hang in the balance . . . THIS is AMERican Idol.

45 million dollars raised by Idol Gives Back . . . pretty cool.

I CANNOT believe that we are having Shania Twain night . . .

I love that Lee and Crystal are arm in arm

1. Lee DeWyze - He's singing "You're Still The One" . . . I think this could be really good. He's made some minor changes to the melody which is nice. He's so in his singing element when he gets to belt those gravelly notes . . . he still has some of those pitch problems, but I think they are just part of his charm. A very solid performance from Lee. Randy thinks it's one of the best songs ever written . . . he thinks he did a pretty good job. Ellen thinks he made it his own, and that he looks cute. Kara thinks he sounded relevant, and that he's come a long way. Simon thought it was the perfect song choice for Lee.

2. Big Mike - Oh Lord . . . I fear that he's going to do some sapfest of a song and squeeze every last bit of sap out of it . . . He's singing "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing". I love Big Mike's voice, but I'm ready for him to move on . . . he just wrings the sap out of every song . . . that being said, Big Mike is singing this song very well with a nice falsetto ending. Good, solid, job. Randy loved it. Ellen thinks he showed good emotion. Kara thinks he "goes to that place". Simon thought it sounded like Luther Vandross, but the performance was a little bit "wet" . . . I'm leaving that alone.

3. Casey "My Baby" James - Swoon . . . He's singing "Don't" . . . Shania wants him to remember to tell a story . . . His vocals are spot on, and this is much more a Casey vibe. He has really made this a Casey James song . . . I think he has pulled himself out of bottom three oblivion. Simply beautiful. Randy thinks it is one of his best performances. Ellen thought it was his best performance. Kara thinks he was vulnerable and raw. Simon thinks it is probably his best performance so far. Casey gave Shania hug on Simon's request.

4. MamaSoxx - I wonder if she'll get Shania to sign her guitar . . . Oh she already did sign the guitar . . . Crystal thinks that there is an aura of positive energy around Shania . . . She's singing "No One Needs To Know" . . . I think that's what it's called. I heart Crystal. I love the whole set up with the stage and Crystal's rug. Her voice sounds great, as per usual . . . it's a simple song and she is bringin the Crystal vibe to it. The upper register to her voice is nice to hear. Another solid performance from MamaSoxx . . . Randy loved seeing her doin her thing. Ellen thinks she's brilliant, but it wasn't performance. Kara thinks it's impossible for her not to be good. Simon thought it was limp and very coffee shop-esque.

5. Aaron Kelly - I missed what he is singing . . . oh, "You Gotta Way". To give him credit, he's found his niche and he's sticking with it. That being said, this is the second week in a row that I think he's fallen short of the mark. His voice sounds nice, but he's just missing some of the notes and his voice sounds a bit stressed. Randy thinks this is his "wheelhouse". Ellen thinks he showed some maturity and emotional depth. Kara agrees with Ellen. Simon thinks the last two or three weeks he has struggled; however, tonight, he was like a different artist.

6. Siobhan - What was Shania's first number one hit? Oh Lord, is she singing, "Any Man of Mine"? . . . yikes . . . Oh Sweet Lord . . . This was the wrong song for Siobhan . . . she needed to pick one of the soaring ballads . . . Like From This Moment . . Acapella . . . NO NO NO. . . even the end which was better, missed the point of the song . . . I thought it was a hot mess . . . Randy loved it. Ellen thought it was great. Kara thinks she's back. Simon thought the end sounded like she was giving birth.

The rankings:
(Tiny Space)
(Huge Space),
5.Big Mike,

My Bottom Three: Aaron, Big Mike, Siobhan
America's Bottom Three: Aaron, Big Mike, Lee

Leaving Tomorrow: Big Mike

A note: I don't dislike Siobhan . . . I just don't think that one big note at the end of the song makes up for a red, hot, pitchy mess throughout. That's all . . .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allison Iraheta In The News

Here's a link to an LA Times article about Ms Allison being a cover girl for Latina magazine next month.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Points Game: A Banner Week for Rubbertoe!

The above picture was described as a "rubber toe" . . . I was trying to provide photographic props to our own, beloved, Rubbertoe. :)

When last we left our Idol points game, here were are standings.

1. J - 16 points
2. Rubbertoe & Dr. L/K - 13 points

Here's how we all fared this week . . .

J - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points) and correctly predicted Tim to go home (1 point) = 3 points

Rubbertoe - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points), correctly predicted Tim to go home (1 point), and correctly predicted Tim to be 7th in his original picks (2 points) = 5 points

Dr. L/K - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points)

The Current Standings:

1. J = 19 points
2. Rubbertoe = 18 points
3. Dr. L/K = 15 points

We will continue our Idol Points War . . . er, um, I mean game, next week. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quickly My Predictions last nights show was supposed to inspire us? Yeah....not so much.

I'm trying not to be a "hater"...but this years lot of contestants has to be the weakest in the 9 year history of Idol.

Best of the night by a mile - Crystal. She is in a league of her own. Last night no one even came close.

Second - Lee. Didn't love his arrangement of the song. But he is coming into his own, getting more comfortable and coming on strong. He could be in the finale.

Third- Casey. I don't care what the judges said, he wasn't on the level of Crystal or Lee...but he was way better than the rest of the lot.


4. Aaron - Voice is good...but I've said it before, he lacks the package

5. Big Mike - I like the fact that he's toned down since being knocked off his cocky perch. I can't stand his wife. Every time they show her in the audience I cringe.

6. Cinnabon - What was with the butterfly outfit?

7. Tim - He wasn't bad....but he's reached his limit.

America's bottom 3: Aaron, Cinnabon and Tim.

I think Tim's time has run out........

Anyone else think...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Stop...thinkin' about a better song choice!

Casey - Don't Stop Believin' - needs to step out of the comfort zone. Not bad, but kind of a 'paint by numbers performance'. He is so good, but worried that if he doesn't step it up a bit in the performance department he will be leaving us.

Lee - The Boxer - A bit of split here for L/K - L thought it was good, and a solid song choice. K didn't think he gave anything more to the song than Casey did on his, but the judges went overboard praising him.

Tim - GooGoo Dolls song - Liked this - he seemed to connect with his song this week, a few strange notes here and there, but overall pretty good.

Aaron - I Believe I Can Fly - (LOL Ellen's comment!) He did tackle a huge song with this choice - he is really working hard to stay in this competition. Probably not the best song for him to connect to, bu

Siobahn - When You Believe - She has really had some song choice problems - she sounded okay in parts, but continues to pick songs based on which ones have the 'power note'. This is sad because she has a good voice, but it is wasted in these weird songs/arrangements.

Big Mike - Hero - Surprised by this choice, but I thought he put his own spin on it, and did a nice job. Seems like he also was playing to stay in the competition

Crystal - People Get Ready - WOW! Best of the night, hands down...superb! The only performance that was right on all levels, song choice, vocals and connecting to the theme. I felt like I was watching last season.


Big Mike

L/K's Bottom Three: Casey, Tim, Aaron - Aaron goes home

America's Bottom Three: Big Mike, Tim, Aaron - Aaron goes home

The Top 7: People Get Ready . . . for Crystal and Lee

Alicia Keys is our mentor . . . I'll bet she is a little ball of awesome. I'm curious to see what type of music they are going for tonight . . . Tomorrow night is Idol Gives Back . . . which makes me wonder if they will actually eliminate anyone . . . I believe the last time Idol Gives Back was on a Wednesday was during the Jordin/Blake season . . . and that week they didn't eliminate anyone . . . we'll see.

Tonight is Idol gives back "Songs of Inspiration" . . .

BTW, they did Idol Gives Back during the season of the "Davids", but they did it on a Thursday night . . .

1. Casey James - He's singing "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. Alicia wants them to remember him and not the song . . . Now, if Andrew Garcia were performing this song, it would be cheesetastic, however, Casey brings a genuine vibe to it . . . he's not really messing with the melody, and I think that's a good thing. He's rockin the guitar, and I think he's done a bluesy, solid interpretation of the song. Randy thought it was good, but not his best. Ellen liked his guitar playing, but doesn't thinking anyone will be talking about it tomorrow. Kara thinks he was like everybody else tonight. Simon didn't think it was particularly inspiring . . . does he know this song?

2. Lee DeWyze - He's singing "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel - Alicia told him not to lose sight of the lyrics . . . He's having a few pitch problems at the beginning, but I'm feeling this performance. He seems to have taken La Keys words to heart, and is really feeling the lyrics. I'm believing him when he sings . . . Lee is bringin it tonight. Randy thinks that he is a great artist. Ellen thinks he has a lot of soul and depth. Kara thinks he had his moment tonight. Simon thinks he was sincere and inspirational.

3. Tim Urban - He's singing "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls - Alicia is a sucker for the lyrics and that's a good thing . . . for Tim especially. If he's not feelin it, he's gonna fall flat. He's started the song a little low and pitchy. For me, he's never quite found the right note . . . I like the song, and I think he's "feeling the lyrics", but I don't think he's quite "feeling the notes". Randy thought it was okay, good, karaoke. Ellen thinks he's like the soup of the day, and today she didn't like it. Kara thinks he's found his "lane", but that this wasn't his best performance. Simon thinks it may have been a step too high for him in terms of performance, but thinks that he has definitely improved.

4. Aaron Kelly - He's singing "I Believe I Can Fly" - Alicia's worried that the song can be overkill for some folks. BTW, I heart Alicia Keys. Something's missing for me . . . it may be the arrangement, but he pulled it together at the end. Not a fan of the first half, but the second half kind of sold me. Randy thinks the arrangement was strange and thinks he did a good job. Ellen thought he handled a big song very well. Kara thinks the end was good. Simon thinks he gave it his all, but would have turned it off had he heard it on the radio.

5. Siobhan Magnus - She's singing some scary combo of Whitney and Mariah . . . I'm unclear . . . She's singing "When You Believe" . . . Alicia has told Siobhan to milk her money shot . . . er, um, moving on . . . She has butterflies on her shoulder . . . just sayin . . . The beginning of the song started a wee bit pitchy, and the arrangement is a little bit odd . . . the notes towards the end were beautiful and pitch perfect. Randy thinks she picked the toughest song, and it was just okay. Ellen disagrees and thinks it's more confirmation why she is here. Kara still doesn't know who she is. Simon thought the arrangement was old fashioned and a bit all over the place. Siobhan . . . stop talking . . .

6. Big Mike - He's singing "Hero" by I think Nickleback??. Alicia thinks he is making the song his own. . . I'm not really sure he made it his own. I liked the first half of the song better than the last half. It was pretty good. Randy thought he held his own with it. Ellen thought he did a great job. Kara didn't like it. Simon thinks he sang it pretty well, but didn't think the song fit the theme.

7. Crystal Bowersox - For the first time this season, she's not playing an instrument. She's singing "People Get Ready". Alicia likes her and thinks she is special. Here comes our girl. Starting out acapella . . . you go, girl! She broke into tears at the end of the song . . . simply amazing . . . stunning performance. Randy gave her the standing ovation. Ellen thinks she has never looked more beautiful, and thought it was amazing. Kara thanked her for taking a risk, and thinks she took it to another level and schooled all of the contestants. Simon thinks that was inspirational, and happy to see her emotional.

The Rankings
(Space Beyond Recognition)
(Big Space)
Big Mike,

In my opinion, the only two relevant performances were Crystal and Lee . . . and then there were the rest.

My Bottom Three: Big Mike, Tim, Siobhan
America's Bottom Three: Aaron, Tim, Siobhan
Eliminated: Tim

Idol Points Game

Ok, so, I forgot to post the latest standings . . . it's a bit tricky because they eliminated two last week . . . so, here's what I thought . . . if any of our original predictions for #9/#8 were the same as who was eliminated last week, we get 2 points for each correct prediction . . . does that make sense . . . in addition, we will receive one point if we predicted correctly on the week. Whew . . . that was a keyboard full . . .

To review, here are our current, tasty, standings:

1. J - 13 points
2. Rubbertoe - 12 points
3. Dr. L/K - 10 points

Points from last week . . .

J - Correctly predicted Andrew going home (1 point) and correctly predicted Katie would go 8th (2 points) = 3 points

Rubbertoe - Correctly predicted Andrew going home (1 point)

Dr.L/K - Correctly predicted Andrew going home (1 point) and correctly predicted Katie would go 8th.

Updated Standings:

1. J - 16 points
2. Rubbertoe & Dr. L/K - 13 points

We seem to be off kilter with America's 2010 voting habits ... we all thought Andrew would be gone weeks ago, AND we were ALL sure that Aaron would go this last week . . . As we say every year, I'm just not sure what America is thinking . . .

See y'all tonight.


Interesting article, even though it is from Fox News, it is regarding Fox' biggest show: about MamaSox' recent "moment of weakness" (her words) almost leaving Idol.
Seems she feels like Ryan betrayed what she told him in confidence, and he capitalized on it for some press.

Idol Gives Back...

...and Kris Allen gives some Front! Thanks to TMZ.
Your move, Tim.
-- K

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Dunkster

After the hijinks from RyRy last week (explained, in his words, here) our old pal Brian Dunkleman has a bit of fun with his post-Idol career.
-- K

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ryan "Coke"(d) out or Crazy? (too much caffeine, my ass)

Lots of articles calling out SeaCrust on his wack behavior. Here's just one of them.

I totally called this a couple weeks ago! (thanks to VFTW for the AWESOME "Ryan Montana" pic!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top 9: Predictions

A quick post from Philly . . .

I want to say again that I thought last night's performances, for the most part, were stellar . . . I was quite pleased. . .

That being said . . .

My Bottom Three: Katie, Aaron, Andrew
America's Bottom Three: Katie, Aaron, Andrew

Headed home: Andrew/Aaron

Something to think about: I wonder if they will do a bottom three tonight . . . maybe three groups of three or perhaps two groups of four with the ninth person deemed safe . . . I'm curious as to how they do it . . .

A Little Less Animation

Elvis really has left the building.

Crystal - Saved - loved how she picked a non-traditional Elvis tune! LOVED it! only complaint - hard to hear her guitar - that would have been fun!
K says, maybe didn't need many of these performances would have been better had the SINGERS moved around more.

Andrew - HoundDog - didn't listen to a word that Adam said! boring, and again with the weird inflection on some of the words. 
K said maybe he wants to "clock out", seems like a performance that wouldn't convince anyone to vote

Tim -Can't Help Falling in Love - I was really hoping he was going to go with the falsetto at the end...but it was beautiful the way he did it. I thought he connected and it was a sweet, simple rendition of a classic tune. 

Lee - A Little Less Conversation - good arrangement of the song, and it was a little less restrained than the usual Lee performance. 

I am totally hearting Adam as a mentor! Love the straight-up, no BS comments!
K says, best Adam comment of the night, that "nothing going on here" in Lee's face; I don't get all the praise for Lee, what's he doing vocally that Casey isn't thrashing him on week in/out?

Aaron - Blue Suede Shoes - thought he gave it 110% - fun performance. He tried to do something different in terms of song choice. Not sure that it was the best choice if he wants to stick around for another week...
K says another pretty good performance that was over-cheesified by the arrangement. Some of the blame for these performances has to rest with Ricky Minor & crew.

Siobahn - Suspicious Minds - pretty good until she changed it up at the end. I didn't like the slowed-down part, maybe a strange song choice for her. Show your individuality in your performance, not by sassing the judges. 
K says she never recovered after that week (3 weeks ago?) that the judges slapped her down.

PS from K -- is Seacrest drunk? So many weird moments(making awkward sexual innuendo w/Adam, dancing w/Sarver during Tim's song, telling that Grandma in the crowd something would "suck", etc), culminating in an especially cruel slam against poor, forgotten castoff Brian Dunkleman. Seacrest is a d-bag extraordinaire.

Big Mike - In the Ghetto - thought it was smart to sing this song, did give him a chance to connect a bit -without all of the posturing he usually does. K thought it was kind of meh - song started at one level and never went anywhere beyond it. 

Katie - Baby What do ya want me to do? - sort of sassy-lite - I know she is trying, but  I imagine it would be hard for her to be as 'frustrated' as she would need to be to do this song proud. 
K thinks if she would come out just one week without the 1990 sorority bad-girl costume she might get some respect.

Chicken LIttle alert! Just saw Kevin Covais, Didi and Elliot Yamin on the promo for the 11pm newscast!

Casey - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - classic tune that is worth a listen (Elvis 68' Comeback Special version) I thought Casey did a great job with it! LOVE to hear him sing - to me, he has the best voice in the competition. I thought it was better than the judges gave him credit for...
K says this is a prime example of the band effing the singer: go back and listen to Casey ripping it up for Adam, solo. He would have KILLED it by himself, just w/the guitar.



Big Mike


L&K's bottom three:  Aaron, Siobahn, Andrew 
Andrew and Aaron go home

America's bottom three:  Katie Aaron Andrew, Andrew and Aaron say adios

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little less satisfaction....

First of all...I thought that Adam was a great mentor and gave them all really good advice...much better advice than most of the other mentors have and better than the judges.

Crystal - Solid as usual. What is there to say. Having the electric guitar gave it a nice change.

Andrew - Horrible. He should have listened to Adam's advice. It was BORING. When Adam told him to take it up a little, he sounded pretty good...but then he went back to the boring version. Bye Bye Andrew.

Tim - Simon said it: Zero to hero. Very nice performance that showed off his vocal ability.

Lee- Lee was awesome tonight. For probably the first time, I saw some star quality in her.

Aaron - completely Kareoke.

Cinnabon - One word - Schizophrenic. Its ok to not want to be pidgeon-holed, but she is all over the place.

Big Mike - I have to much as I dislike him, he was great tonight. He was off his cocky perch and he allowed his vocals to shine. I think being almost elminated was good for him. I hope he learned a lesson.

Katie - Wow...rocked it ronight. I thought she sounded better than ever and gave an energetic performance. She took Adam's advice and ran with it.

Casey - Great bluesy performance Judges are off the mark on him. He was one of the bet of the night.

Rubbertoe's rankings:

1-2-3: I'm going to call it a tie between Lee, Casey and Crystal

4. Tim
5. Big Mike
6. Katie


7. Cinnabon


8. Aaron
9. Andrew

America cannot possibly get the two eliminations (Andrew/Aaron) wrong.
However, America will put Tim in the bottom 3 wih them.

The Top 9: The Elvis Show Has Brought About the End of the World . . . I Ranked Tim Above Casey???? WTF?

The pressure is on . . . Are you ready? This is American Idol.

Here are our Nine Finalists!

I think Aaron borrowed Lee's jacket . . .

Tonight we are going to experience Elvis' songbook . . . I'm just going to go ahead and predict that Andrew Garcia is going to serve up some mozzerella cheese sticks . . .

I love Glambert, but I'm not sure how he warrants being an Idol mentor for Elvis night . . .

Did Ryan just tell Adam that "he had an extra 2 inches tonight"? Er . . . Um . . . anyway . . .

And did he just say, "My tongue isn't nearly as talented as yours" . . . Seriously! LOVES IT!

1. Crystal Bowersox - She's singing "Saved" . . . I'm lovin this gospel vibe with the electric guitar . . . Blow it out, Ms. Crystal. A big, ball of awesome from Ms. Crystal. SHE NAILED IT! Randy thought she has energy and it was dope. Ellen thought it was fantastic. Kara thought it was solid and uptempo. Simon thought it suited her and she put her own slant on it.

2. Andrew Garcia - I'm scared . . . Stop talking Andrew . . . He's singing "Hound Dog" . . . Is that changing things up? He has stolen my wallet chain . . . Oh Andrew . . . this is slow and slightly boring . . . Just ok for J . . . nothing too exciting . . . Randy thought it was not good karaoke. Ellen wanted more swagga, and thought he pulled it off. Kara didn't think he owned it. Simon thought it was lazy and didn't feel like the star performance. . . Andrew is in trouble.

3. Tim Urban - He's singing "Can't Help Falling Love" . . . this could be gorgeous or it could be horrendous . . . Turban? It's definitely a stripped down version of the song . . . that was kind of beautiful . . . I'm a wee bit impressed with Mr. Urban. . . that was lovely. Randy actually liked it. Ellen is comparing him to taking many shots of tequila. Kara thought it was her favorite Tim performance. Simon thinks he's gone from zero to hero in two weeks.

4. Lee DeWyze - Singing "A Little Less Conversation" . . . Adam correctly perceives that Lee doesn't give good face. His performance was very good . . . very solid. I continue to be impressed. Randy is impressed. Ellen thought it sounded current. Kara thought he went for it vocally. Simon thought he nailed it.

5. Aaron Kelly - Singin "Blue Suede Shoes" . . . this could be wonderful or . . . I'm just not sure . . . It's got a cheese tinge to it, but his vocals sound good. He showed much more range in his voice . . . but again, with a side of cheese. Randy thought it was better in the second half. Ellen thought it was a big song to take on, but didn't think he got all the way there. Kara likes that he was out of his comfort zone. Simon thought it made him older . . . like at a high school concert.

6. Siobhan Magnus - She's singing "Suspicious Minds" . . . She has her back turned to the audience . . . Performance was boring until she hits the slow down at the end . . . I like the end. Randy liked the back half of the song. Ellen liked the second half of the song. Kara is confused and wasn't crazy about it. Simon thought she was a completely different person and very erratic.

7. Big Mike - He's singing "In the Ghetto" . . . A very solid vocal performance from Big Mike. He sang it well and it felt genuine. Much, much better than last week. Randy thought it was a little sleepy, but HOT. Ellen is glad they saved him. Kara thought it was beautiful. Simon thought it was a terrific choice of song.

8. Katie Stevens - She's singin "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" . . . Adam wants her to get "throaty" . . . She's got the neck roll going on . . . Her pipes are improving each week, and I like the vocals. Randy thought it was entertaining. Ellen thought it was a very horny song. Kara thought she showed the judges. Katie thought it was loud and annoying.

9. Casey James - I so don't know this song . . . Loudy, Ms. Cloudy . . . or Lordy Ms. Clordy . . . or something like that . . . He just looks like he's already won . . . Both he and Crystal have that look about them . . . like they've already won and are just singing . . . I wanna yank his pony tail. Randy thought it was solid. Ellen wasn't excited, but thinks he's always good. Kara thinks it fell short. Simon thought it was a wasted opportunity, but his vocal was good.

J's rankings

1. Crystal,
2. Lee
3. Tim
4. Casey
5. Big Mike
6. Siobhan
7. Katie
(big space)
(Massive Space),
9. Andrew

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Top 9: Idol Points Game

Alright, Lil Taste Contributors . . . here were our standings going into this week.

1. J - 11 points
2. Rubbertoe - 10 points
3. Dr.L/K - 8 points

We did not fare terribly well this week, yo . . . Here's how we did.

J - 2 of bottom 3 correct (Aaron and Andrew) = 2 points
Rubbertoe - 2 of bottom 3 correct (Aaron and Andrew) = 2 points
Dr.L/K - 2 of bottom 3 correct (Aaron and Andrew) = 2 points

None of us predicted the "exiting" Idol correctly and none of us predicted the #9 Idol correctly in our pre-idol rankings . . .

Even more bizarre to me, we each picked a different bottom 3 person to go along with Aaron and Andrew . . . Tim, Katie, and Lee . . . AND NONE OF US GOT IT RIGHT! How is this possible, Idol nation. I think I can speak on behalf of my fellow Lil Tasters when I say . . . WTF!?

Current Standings

1. J - 13 points
2. Rubbertoe - 12 points
3. Dr. L/K - 10 points

See ya next week . . .

The Top 9 Results: What the F*&^?

Ok, so, I'm not really sure what I'm WTFing about . . . let's break it down.

WTF #1: Kara's prodigy is a total queen . . . and that song kinda sucked.

WTF #2: Why didn't we have the traditional three/three/three in the Top 9 results?

WTF break: Lil David was back and I still heart him

Crack me up moment: The look on Tim's face when he was told to join Casey/Lee

WTF #3: Why oh why can't America be consistent . . . you never agree with me America, and suddenly, now, you decide to pick my personal bottom three as the bottom three. Ughs.

WTF #4: Dear RiRi, stop sucking so hardcore.

WTF #5: Why is RiRi pretending to play the electric guitar?

WTF #6: ANDREW IS SAFE????????? WTF?

Ok, I'm done WTFing . . . I'm not surprised in the least that they used the save on Big Mike . . . two will go home next week . . . and I'm thinkin Tim, Katie, and Andrew had better be on their game, yo. . . .

J's Top 9 Picks: What to do . . . What to do . . .

Ok, so, I have lamented over these picks throughout the day. There are several different scenarios that could play out. I think America's votes will put Katie, Tim, Andrew, and Aaron in danger. Although, I think that Katie shouldn't be in that group and Big Mike should . . . . but that's another conversation.

I'm sort of with an earlier post of Rubbertoe's, and am starting to think of Tim Urban as Kristy Lee Cook . . . slowly getting somewhat better, but still shouldn't be here . . . but America likes him enough to keep him in. Therefore, I think he will be safe, but I'm not convinced he's safe from the bottom three.

Then, there's Katie who I think should be safe, but has been in the bottom three two weeks in a row . . . which in a normal season would almost guarantee her safety this week . . . but this is not a normal season, and I am still convinced that voting totals are WAY DOWN this year.

Another thing to consider . . . where do Didi's votes go?

Yet another thing to consider . . . America loves little Yoda . . . Aaron, and they love Lee's boyfriend, Andrew.

Who to pick . . . Who to pick . . .

Ok, here it is

Bottom Three: Tim, Aaron, Andrew
Going Home: Andrew

We shall soon see . . .

Idol Need Contestants Like THIS

...if it's a singing competition, as Simon and crew sometimes protest.

-- K

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The long and cheesy road

Aaron - The Long and Winding Road: sort of a Byran Adams -ish sound to this version. A bit sleepy sounding, maybe? A safe, middle of the road performance.

Katie - Let it Be: Way to go Katie! liked this version of the song - kind of on the country side? Really thought it suited her voice and it had a 'current' vibe to it. She had some nice sass to the pre-performance sit-down with Ryan.

Andrew - Can't Buy Me Love: Hmmm, well he had a lot of energy - and he seemed to have fun. Not really my fave, I think the judges pinned it with the 'corny' comment. K - thought old-fashioned.

(Looking at Katie's pink dress and Andrew's yellow shirt - was there an Easter Peep theme going on tonight?)

Big Mike - Eleanor Rigby: Wow! that was a new take on this song, with the R&B vibe. K - says, Big Mike has really exceeded his expectations the past few weeks, - thought he was a one trick pony, but he is much more than that. Maybe the secret to Mike is to not watch his grandiose gestures as he performs because his personality is pretty obnoxious at times. Idol sure wants him to stay: Swoop-O-Cam and the on-stage string section.

Mamasox - Come Together: She didn't need the band backing her up on this one - too much stuff going on. Would have been better with her, the digeridoo guy, and some bongos. Good solid performance, but I don't think she was good in the way that Casey was good this week, though.

Tim - All My Loving: Ahhh - his intro package was sooo cute!! Randy was echoing Kara's smarmy condesencion from last week - but everyone else seemed to give credit where credit was due. We both thought that was great - I really love the tone of his voice. Had a fun and current vibe! He has a certain appeal in this competition - not just visually :) K says, contrasted with Andrew, his song choice and performance was right on - with the early Lennon-McCartney material.

Casey - Jealous Guy: No words... goosebumps here! That was beautiful! LOVED it! Best of the night - no doubt!

Siobahn - Across the Universe: Exactly what she needed to do this week - a softer performance, and reigned the big note back in. Hard not to love this song no matter who sings it. Hated the hair and the outfit though, very distracting.... This was the clearest example of the judges cutting a female contestant a break for a mediocre performance tonight.

Lee - Hey Jude: what was up with the bagpipe thing? I wasn't sure if that worked, but he seemed to happy about it. Not my fave Lee song, but pretty good overall. It is hard to judge a sing-along song, but it would be fun to hear in a concert.

Overall, K says it seemed evident to him that the judges were throwing softballs at the girls to keep them in another week, at the expense of a guy. TPTB are afraid that this is going to become a sausage fest.


Big Mike

L&K Bottom Three: Aaron, Lee, Andrew Andrew goes home

America's Bottom Three: Katie, Aaron, Andrew Andrew goes home

The Top 9 - Money can't buy him love or save him this time

Opening shot...Redhead in the audience (I've already forgotten her name)....oh..yeah. Lacey.

Idol makeovers look good. I love what they did to Tim's hair. And Casey looks hot as always.

Lennon/McCartney -

First up...Aaron- Long and Winding Road. His upper register is not his strength. Thus, it started out really weak. He's a cute kid. But this performance was jus't....blah. Nothing bad, but just kinda boring and bland. (BTW...he must be about 5'3, considering Ryan is either 5'5" or 5'6")...

Katie - "Let it be". All I can say is Girl....let it be. She did nothing with the song. She looks cute though. but she's definitely overstayed her welcome.
Randy? Her best performance ever? Ellen? Amazing? Kara? Great vocal and you never sounded better? Simon - You got it right. Wow....I'm definitely in a different camp than the judges. I found it boring and meaningless.

Andrew Garcia - Can't buy me love - I HATE what they did with his hair. He looks like PAT from Saturday night live. He's put a little Rockabilly twiston it. I don't really care for the version. Andrew is on his last legs. He seemed to have fun, but it was just ok.

Michael Lynche - Eleanor Rigby. So Far...this is horrible. This is all the annoying Mike..without the generally good vocals. At the got better, but not enough to save it. This was definitely his worst performnce to date. Randy is on drugs...Ellen as well. Kara? Fire? These judges are wacko tonight. Simon - Didn't love it. OK...he's just annoying. He thinks he could do that on the radio? Mike's in for a rude awakening.

Crystal Bowersox - MamaSox. Love the nickname. Come Together. This is the perfect song for her. I like the understated way she is doing this song. I'm trying to decide: Is Crystal really good because she IS really good OR Is she good because everybody else this year is so bad (save for a couple)? That Judges finally got it right. What is the Digerdoo? I have to say that Ernie on the Digerdoo was better than Big Mike tonight.

Tim Urban - All my Lovin. He looks great and his vocals are good. Not super exciting. But one of the few solid performances of the night. THAT was something that I could hear on the radio today.
Randy - so condescending...especially when praising Michael and Katie. Simon was right...judging not on Randy's "Tim standard", it was a good performance.

Casey James - Jealous Guy - I loved this. I loved how it was so stripped down that you really got to hear the quality of his voice and see the "vulnerability".
Simon says "Best performance of the night so far" - I agree. He looks HUGE next to Ryan.

Siobhan - Across the Universe - Starts off horrible. What is that dress...the makeup...? This arrangement is GOD AWFUL. Talk about a pretentious and cheesily dramatic performance. She actually made Big Mike sound good. I am shocked by how bad this was. (I can't believe the judges this year - The are all over DIDI in weeks past for being overly dramatic...and they give Cinnabon a pass on this? They are all so inconsistent this year).

Lee - "Hey Jude" - I don't like the "Cleaned up" look they gave. He looks more confident tonight, but his vocals are not as good as in the past weeks. What was with the bagpipes? Ths is all getting a little cheesy?
I've been defending the show all year from people saying "Its jumped the shark"...but now I myself am starting to think that it may have "jumped the shark".

Best to the Worst:


So...Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Andrew, Michael and Cinnabon
But America's will be very different.

America's bottom 3 will be: Andrew, Aaron and Katie
Going Home?: Andrew