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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happened to J?

What happened to J.....we haven't heard a word from him since the final review...and no results of our friendly competition.

While we are on the subject....anyone hear from Allison and TTown?...they weren't around this year either.....

Just hoping that everyone is OK!!!!!


DrL/K said...

I know! Dr. L talked to J right before the finale and he was swamped with school/work. But not since then. We kinda thought he was disappointed in the way the season fizzled out, but that's just speculation on our part.

I did miss hearing TTown and Alison's input this season, but maybe they were busy, too. With J moving away from Bama for work, maybe the old Idol gang was harder to keep involved in the blog.

We would still love to catch up with you sometime, we could meet in LA or you could come down to beautiful seaside Long Beach!

Hope you are doing well,


Rubbertoe said...

There's always next year!

I would definitely love to hook up with you sometime and actually meet...since you guys are living in LA.

I'm always game to take a trip down to long beach...however it likely wouldn't happen until the later summer/early fall....I'm going to Hawaii for a wedding in couple weeks and then have back to back to back family coming into town for summer vacations....

But lets try to make a date before the next season begins!