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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dawg Days Are Over!!!

Check out this article from TMZ, it says Randy Jackson will no longer be a judge on Idol, but will instead be a "mentor".  Not that he's got any credibility as a judge, but compared to the incoming judges he's a freaking genius.

From what I have read of the new judge lineup this year, it seems to me that Idol will suck even harder than any year before, which is saying a lot. Mariah Carey? Could be OK, but she's the best of the bunch -- how much empathy could she have? Nicki Minaj? Hopefully that's a scary rumor with no basis.  Kanye? He's out, thank God, but it shows the bottom-feeder direction Idol is going. Flash and bullshit, to try and grab ratings.

We'll be back again to give it one more go, but maybe we should join J and start watching/blogging the Voice instead?

--- K

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