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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hollywood Week, and it's actually in Hollywood!

Hello Tasters,
well Dr. L and I have been religiously watching this season of Idol but not as religiously posting. So far there hasn't been any shocking eliminations in Hollywood, because most of the hopefuls who got cut were borderline anyway (at least 90% of them).
We did think of a drinking game, whenever a contestant says they are a Worship Pastor or some variant thereof, you have to take a drink. Trust us, this season, you will be wasted.
I have to say the talent level is pretty high this season. Idol is determined to go out with a bang. And they are willing to go off into some weird directions, like with the Off-The-Grid cowgirl, who has a pretty voice but plays the upright bass like she's in a David Lynch film. I really think there are enough powerhouse singers that a lot of the quirky taken is going to get leveled out soon.
I hope you guys are all enjoying, and I would love to hear what you think!
Rubbertoe, keep your fingers crossed that we will get tickets! It would be great to see some of the shows again with you.
Who do you think will win this thing? Idol has been cagey about showing all of the singers, just like always. Have we ween the winner yet?
K out!


Rubbertoe said...

Hey Guys! I hope to start blogging soon! I have been watching as well. I had to laugh at your suggested drinking game because I've noticed also that it seems like every contestant is a "Worship Leader". Honestly, when I see that, I get a little disappointed. Not that I am anti-religion...its just that it can get a little over the top (like with that Colton guy from a few years ago), a least Jason Castro kept it pretty close to the vest during the show. My only irritation so far this year is the blatant pimping already for a female winner...going as far as to say they are looking for a "bookend" to Kelly Clarkson. I just wish they would stay out of it and just let it come down to the votes!!!!!! There are a lot of good female singers that I like (although none stand out particularly at this point). I do like Dalton (not just because of his good looks and incredible eyes)...he is the only shoo-in to the top 12 that I see so far. That little girl Michelle drives me insane, she needs to go soon, as does that quirky bass playing girl!!!

DrL/K said...

Hello! What do you think so far? We got rid of one Worship Pastor LOL! I think next week we will separate the men from the boys so to speak. The strongest contenders are in that bunch, I think. I was glad to see Stephany go, but sad to see Gianna stay, and I guess we will have another week or two of the weirdness of Jeneve. Every time I see her, I think I am being punked in some way.