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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Breaking it Down to the Fab 51

OK gang, we just caught up on last night's Hollywood heartbreaker for some. I keep having to remind myself this will be the last "break into three rooms" segment we will see on Idol! It was the usual drama. I have to agree with Rubbertoe, that Michelle girl needs to hit the bricks, as does the bass-playing Annie Oakley-looking girl. You have to hope with all the "OMG, the girls are incredible this year" hype that they have some room to send some of these girls home. I don't know the girl who had laryngitis on the last night, but I think she was pretty good.
Some of them I despise just because of how nasty they were in the Groups segment -- you know who I'm talking about. They can sing, but you hate for somebody like that to make it to the Top 12.
I also agree that Dalton really has what it takes to go far.
Out of the bunch we have seen the most, there are at best about six people who can make it. Others, like Shelbie Z, have a great voice but maybe will flame out soon? I think the super weepy ones will crack under the pressure too. And there seems to be a whole subcategory of singers this year who can only perform with a mic because they have super-low-volume voices -- I can't imagine when the stage opens up and they have to belt it out for a crowd that they will last. But soon we will get our chance to vote. It has been so long since I power-voted I don't even know what strategy to use! Is it texting now? Is DialIdol even relevant anymore? Who knows. After tonight some of the mystery will be revealed! Who will be the next American Idol?!!1 -- K out!

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