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Friday, April 1, 2016

We're down to the last Three, for the last week!

OK guys, it's coming down to the wire. Only a couple of more weeks and we can put a bow on this thing called Idol, stick a fork in it, it will be done.

We had our Final Four make the trip back home, and it was just as sweet as you might expect. To be honest, I just want to hear them sing, so I sped through this section. If I missed some earth-shattering revelation, please tell me, and I will re-watch the DVR. But I feel good about this choice LOL

I just read that Idol is going to keep up the pace of this season and do a THREE NIGHT FINALE next week -- holy crap! They couldn't spread it out two more freakin' weeks? Ah, well.

So then we get to the rest of the first HOUR of the show, which is the contestants singing the first round of songs dedicated to the hometowns. It cracks me up that Trent picked Tennessee Whiskey -- what does that say about them LOL?

MacKenzie did Hallelujah, and while he did a fine job, Idol has beaten any joy that song has for me out a long time ago. Why does everyone want to do that song? Please, God, let this be the end. I haven't heard "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin as much as Hallelujah in my life, and I love that song.

JLo talked about Dalton being "free" on his hometown song choice, but it was just a-iiight for me.

Again, for complete transparency, I sped past LaPorsha's rendition of Glory, because it is another one of those songs that gets rolled out and suddenly you're supposed to get misty eyed. She did fine, but I'm like, I don't want to hear this again.

MacKenzie gets the boot, as we all knew he would, because they have been pimping LaPorsha as the second coming of Aretha all season. Even he knew it, which was hilarious, Ryan almost seemed irritated that he would expose the charade. Goodbye, skinny glasses kid, at least you have a promising career now.

In Round Two, Dalton did a Springsteen song that was half lame and half great. The judges liked it a lot. Looking back, it was Dalton's high point.

LaPorsha gave a powerful but emotionless performance of Stay With Me, but redeemed herself in my eyes by owning up to not feeling the "desperate woman" message of the song. At least she's honest!

These are songs picked by Borchetta, which is beginning to explain a lot. When Trent comes out doing a Timberlake song Drink You Away, it seems like sabotage. The arrangement is wacky as hell, he never seems to build up a head of steam, and it comes off as spastic. I thought it sucked. But people love him and the judges take it easy.

Keith does a song, and it was OK. He's a good performer, so he can make it entertaining. But I wouldn't rush to pull out Soundhound if I heard it while I was walking through a store and think, "I've GOT to know who does that!"

So now the judge's picks (which can be all over the place). They pick Tears For Fears Everybody Wants to Rule The World for Dalton? What? He performs it like he's Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys. What's with the faces? He was singing so low you couldn't hear him half the time. It was just bizarre.The judges pull some technical mumbo-jumbo on him rather than say it sucked (I miss Simon for these moments).

Back from break, Harry holds LaPorsha's baby, and Ryan holds Trent's dog? Where is Dalton's pot-smoking cat? I'm just guessing he has one.

LaPorsha's doing Adele, Hello... of course she is. I don't know if she's going to say she doesn't believe in this song's message too, but she's just as robotic in her delivery. Dalton may come across as bat-shit crazy but at least he feels the songs. The judges give it faint praise, but even they know it was whatev.

So for Trent they pick a song I've never heard, from Parson James (is he a character in that Christmas song that marries the people? Sorry, that was Parson Brown). This has the right soul vibe, and he injects the feeling LaPorsha was missing. Other than this being a less-recognizable song, he does a fantastic job with it. At this point he is the one to beat, in my book. Harry delivers the last critique from Idol on Stage 36.So glad we got to see one last show there a couple of weeks back!

Ryan was a bit emotional as he signs off for the last time from the traditional stage over in CBS Television City. I can't even remember how many times I waited outside that gate in the blazing sun to get in to see the show!

But time waits for no one. We are on to the last week of Idol, with Dalton, Trent and LaPorsha. If I had to predict at this point, I think it would be Trent vs LaPorsha. But crazier things have happened. What do you guys think?

I had to watch this one solo as Dr. L is in Dallas at a convention (not the WWE one next door, but she did get some funny pics). So for the next to the last time, this is K OUT!!!