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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quick Post about a great trip to Idol last week

Hey Little Tasters,

sorry I haven't written up the details of Dr. L, Rubbertoe and my trip to Idol last week.

We have been super busy and Dr. L and I caught the flu!

But we're recovered now, just in time for the next speed round of Idol Eliminations.

I'll post more about our trip (Idol changed some things up, and this made for a much better vantage point for us!) but for now, I'll just say it was a great experience, so glad we got to see at least one more regular season episode before the end.

I'm still holding out hope for the Finale!

But the short version is, Adam Lambert was phenomenal, and there were no real surprises for us as far as how the Idols sounded, except maybe that MacKenzie has way more power to his voice than you might expect.

I think maybe we were a little shocked that Sonika got the save, because the word was that Scott Borchetta really wanted Tristan to move forward (and he and Nigel both spent a lot of quality time talking to the judges about SOMETHING).

But all in all the Idols sounded as good as they do on TV. The whole Trent performance with Simple Man really did bring the whole house to tears.

So let's see who gets the ax tonight -- is it going to finally be Sonika's turn? The Idol voters seem to be picking off the girls, so it doesn't look good for her!

We'll catch up with you soon.

Dr. L and K OUT!


Rubbertoe said...

Enjoyed the night....thanks again for the invite!!! Sorry to hear about the Flu...that sucks!

I was worried that Dalton might go home last night...but was happy that it was Sonika. I little strange that in what was deemed early on a "girl's year" and what appeared to be a push by AI to have a girl bookend to Kelly Clarkson...we are now done to 3 guys and 1 girl. I was hoping for a Dalton/McKensie finale...but I think now it might be Trent/La Porsha. I really hope not. I love La Porsha...Trent not so much (although the simple man song was good). I just see Dalton as much more marketable than Trent or La Porsha....but we will see!

DrL/K said...

Hello! Can't believe we are almost down to the wire! L is at a conference in Dallas and J is there! He said he was going to try and post at the end and recap the years. I told her to tell him we had enjoyed the blog and would miss it.

Hope all is well, I hope you get a chance to weigh in on this last couple of weeks. We got some invite to a "special performance" this week but it isn't a show. I think it's JLo doing a song for the show, maybe some other people? Anyway I don't think I would go. But if I get a last-minute a call for the Finale I'll let you know!!

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