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Monday, August 4, 2008

Archuleta Hits The Radio With "Crush"

Our Lil Boo is growing up, y'all!

David Archuleta's first single from his forthcoming album, dropped last Friday. The song, "Crush" is meant to provide advanced airplay leading up to the Fall '08 release of his first album.

When I first saw that Lil David had released this song, I so didn't want to listen to it. Strange, I know, because I do love Lil Boo. . . . I was just very nervous and did not want to be disappointed as I have in the past . . .However, I was quite impressed . . . as was the reviewer at Entertainment Weekly. Lil David has a distinctive voice, and there is no doubt that you are hearing the same Archie as we did on American Idol 7 . . . but, they have hooked him into a song that sounds contemporary, has a catchy hook, and fits very much into today's teen radio scene. . . If this song gets airplay, it will be a hit. Check out the song by clicking on the play button.

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