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Monday, August 4, 2008

Nashville Star Finale Tonight!

Tonight, Nashville Star will crown the winner of it's Fifth Season. We are down to three contestants: 1) Melissa Lawson, 2) Gabe Garcia, and 3) Shawn Mayer . . . not that I've ranked these in any particular order . . . er, um . . . anyway . . .

NBC is reporting that they received a "record number of votes" for this final three telecast, and that voting was up "53%" from the previous week. A Side Note Here: I have found it so very sketchy from the beginning that NBC would not release the number of votes they were receiving each week. . . or any information about voting period . . . and, lets not forget that week of the final 6 when they were supposed to go from six to four and then strangely only eliminated one person . . . weird . . . Anyway . . .

Other highlights from tonight's telecast . . . The final three reunite with their eliminated reality family for several performances this evening . . . think Idol finale, cut in half, with a lower budget. Country legend George Jones will perform . . . The BRC will bust out his guitar, but hopefully not his mullet when he croons a tune from his latest CD, and finally, our winner will perform the song written by John Rich as the first single to hit radio tomorrow.

I really hope Nashville Star can pull off a decent finale. I haven't been thrilled with all of the contestants, but there are some good folks here, and I think if they do some major tweaking, they could make this show into something special . . . here's hoping

Click the link to read a full story about the finale posted by RealityWorld

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