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Monday, August 4, 2008

Nigel Lythgoe Says Buh Bye to Idol?

TMZ is reporting that Nigel Lythgoe, Idol Machine Honcho, is exiting before the upcoming season. According to the report, Lythgoe is "bored" with the show and thinks that someone else would do a better job and pumping new life into the show. In addition, the possibly former Idol maven wants to spend his time and effort injecting energy into the continually surprising FOX summer hit, "So You Think You Can Dance". Click the link to read the story.
Wow! There is already an update on the above story. TMZ is reporting that Nigel Lythgoe has issued a statement that next season So You Think You Can Dance will be traveling internationally for its auditions, and therefore, he will "step back from his day to day" contact with American Idol. In addition, he will be involved with a new tv venture with Simon Fuller. Click the link to read the update.

I wonder if this shift in power, depending on who replaces him and assuming that this story is accurate, will have any noticeable affect on the quality of the show. Have no fear y'all, you know that we at A Little Taste of Idol will keep on top of things . . . Stay Tuned . . .


Anonymous said...

i doubt the viewers will notice a difference. but only a fool leaves the nr 1 show to spend more time on a show that doesnt even crack top 10 in the Summer season. it's his funeral, not idol's. im sure idol will be just fine.. in fact maybe a new producer would be a good thing. i want no more british themes and i hope they reduce the results show to 30 minutes. and how about a producer that actually Appreciates this show and what it has done to so many people, including Nigel.

J said...

I agree. If NL wants to focus on SYTYCD, I say good riddance. Also agree that perhaps new blood will bring better themes and mentors to a show that despite feeling a bit tired over the past two seasons, still remains number one and manages to produce several singers/artists each year that become relevant in mainstream music.