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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Big Easy

Waiting to see if tonight's show matches last nights strong start.

First up, Jordan Dorsey - I like his personality. I don't think his voice is all that, but I think he will add some fun to the show.

Sarah Sellers - Big Lips. Good in the high range, but not as good in the lower range.

Jovany - Cubano. Powerful voice. Mr. PecDeck....nice body...but it wasn't all that.
He's a little too into himself.

After we meet Randy's ex-football coach.....

Jacquelyn Dupree - Beautiful voice. As Randy said....great in the power range.

Brett - Kind of a strange kid....and he likes it that way. He's got a good voice. His singing voice is much better than his speaking voice. I love the fact that his family is so supportive of him.

JC Badeaux 15 year old...looks 12. He's got a good voice but he doesn't have the look at all. He makes "Chicken Little" from years back look mature.

Paris - The requisite young single mom story. Idol loves to play this one out.
Shes good...but not as great as they are trying to portray her.

Next up - Milwaukee Wisconsin!

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