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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I missed last nights show (but I have it on DVR).....

Tonight is Nashville!!!
Lets start with a disjointed love story:
Rob Bolin - ok...but not good enough to go very far.
Chelsee Oaks - She's better....
They sounded better together...they both go through

Next up....Miss Teen USA - from Tennessee - Stormy Henley
She IS gorgeous. Her voice leaves much to be desired though. Its ok...but not good enough to go very far.

Adrienne Beasly - from a farm in Kentucky. Adopted by white parents. I'm not sure. She's good enough to go through to Hollywood...but not sure if she's got what it takes to go to the top 12. Parts were excellent...other parts were a little weaker for me.

Jackie Wilson - No...she's decent, but not good enough. The judges like her. I'm not feeling it. She won't go beyond Hollywood. Judges say "unbelievable" and "amazing"....serious? Serious? I completely disagree on this one.

PAul McDonald - weak weak weak...but they send him through

Jimmie (?) pretty good

Danny Pate - Not that great - but he makes it through.

Matt Dillard- His family raised a lot of foster kids...Love the story....he's got a nice quality to his voice...but I don't see him going very far.

Lauren Alania from Georgia - She's another gorgeous girl. Sang for her cousin's chemo fund raiser... Her parents look her age!...She has a beautiful voice. I agree with the Judges...I think she is a shoo in for the top 12.

Next up....Austin Texas...

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