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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The journey begins.....season 10

The wait is over...a decade of Idol....season 10 and the journey begins.

Its a different table, but its HOT...lets go baby! - Randy Jackson

First Stop - New Jersey!

Rachel - from Season 6. She is singing waaaaay too low. She's not very good. They put her through, but she shouldn't have been put through.

Caleb - I like his personality and energy. I'm not sure he has the voice to go far.

Kenzie - She can sing but she is imitating too much...rather than just singing.
Cute girl though.

Tiffany - Seeing Stars? She sings a really bad original song..but she actually has a little bit of a voice. She's overly dramatic, but she can actually sing.

Robbie Rosen - Cute kid. Sad story of him in a wheelchair as a kid. I like him and he has a great name. So this is a yes, from Rubbertoe.

Ashley Sullivan - Works at the mall and loves Brittany Spears - She is a freak. Does Broadway...but she could sing. She wants to be a showtune popstar. Sounds good to me.

Victoria Huggins - She's cute...great smile...but a little irritating. She's got a good voice, but needs to reign it in.

Melinda - Family is a war refugee from Kosovo. Great story. Beautiful girl.
Good voice. Not great...but good.

Devyn Rush - Singing waitress - She can actually sing.

Computer battery is I'm going to sign out......a bit early
Its a Party in the USA and I'm glad that we're BACK

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