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Sunday, January 22, 2012

FOX vs DVR, we lose

We turned on our box to watch our recording of Idol tonight, but lo and behold the football game went into Overtime. Fox is run by such imbeciles. I can't fathom how they put Idol on in this time slot. I guess we're not supposed to care yet, this early in the season. We time-shift literally EVERYTHING we watch on TV, because it's 2012. So, long story short, this fucked us up, as I'm sure it did 90% of Idol viewers.
We managed to record part of the show in the next time slot. Part of me believes the weird time slot/time-shift thing was because the talent tonight was so inexplicably bad. Maybe, some spectacular contestants showed up after our recording stopped, but what we saw was just confusing. The judges praised a lot of half-ass or downright annoying singers. What up? We didn't get it.
Did you guys see it? What did you think?
--Dr. L & K
P.S. -- tried to post a vid but don't know if it works. I'll try to fix it later! --K