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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Come back to the best

You've seen the come back to the best. Its so NICE to have American Idol back. I tried to watch X-Factor and found it way to staged and contrived and frankly...the talent was not there. I lost interest after the Brewer Boys were eliminated. The doesn't do it for me. American Idol has the heart and soul that the others just cannot compete with.

So...although the auditions are my least favorite part of the show, its great to be back. I have to say much as they hyped how great Savannah was, I didn't hear anyone who blew me away. I liked the girl who's dad was a pitcher for St. Louis....and I loved the story about the woman who lived in the tent, although she doesn't have the voice, I'm glad they sent her through. The Ryan Seacrest guy was fun....and I have to go back and see what I thought of Colton last year.

All in all..... a good start and I'm looking forward to another season. (This time...I'm going to take the title from you J!)

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