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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Idol

BAM! Idol is back. We missed you guys and can't wait for the fun breakdowns of the action on the blog.
I think Rubbertoe is right, though they made it seem like Savannah was spectacular, it was just kind of "aiight" for the most part. Some sweet kids. Felt bad for the Schulyer (sp?), Colton's sister. Way to take a dump in her Idol Dream Corn Flakes, judges. And Growly McDaveMatthewsWannabe (guy with guitar at the end) was just 50/50 for me. (A+ for inventing weird new lyrics for Thriller, though).
They made it look like the hottie chick (NBA cheerleader?) had a weak voice -- yet they showed a few others who will get chewed up Hollywood as well. Right now the Country Strong girl with the big gums is our favorite :)
-- L&K

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