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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finale - Angie and ?????

Before getting onto the performances...a couple things stand out. It seems pretty clear that it is going to be a Kree/Angie performance. The comments directed to Candice seem to be directed toward reassuring her that "she is going to be fine" and that "no matter what will have a career". I still believe that Candice is the best of the bunch, but Kree has the Country vote and Angie has the young tween vote and the AI pimping push. It also seems clear to me that AI really wants Angie to win, primarily because she is the easiest one for them to market. I actually think that Kree and Candice will do better if they don't win. If Candice were to win, I think she would become another Ruben...AI doesn't know how to market a singer like Candice. They COULD market Kree, but I think Kree will do better ala Kelly Pickler than she would with the AI Carrie Underwood push. So...lets take a minute and talk about the homecomings. As usual, This is AI at its best. All three of the homecomings were incredibily moving. I love how they showed really all three of them coming from very little. Did y'all notice the cop playing with his phone during Angie's performance? Like he was sooooo not interested. One last thing before the they showed the top 10 in the crowd. It was kinda interesting seeing them again. You realize WHO you have forgotten already. I forgot all about the blond latin kid that I liked so much in the beginning when he sand in Spanish. I also found it interesting that probably 4 of the 5 guys are gay...which is a higher proportion than in years past...don't know what that says...just found it interesting. So as for the performances. Round 1 - Jimmy called it for Angie. I actually would have given it to Candice...and I think the judges agreed Round 2 - Jimmy called for Kree. I agree. I thought Kree was completely in her element on this song. Angie was also really good. It was the first time that I really felt that she was comfortable on stage not sitting at the piano, which is exactly what the judges focused on. I thought Candice was weakest. Round 3 - Angie, back at the piano. I have to admit that Angie was definitely on tonight. I don't LOVE Angie...I dunno...there is something about her that bothers me. She seems a little fake and cut-throat and pretentious..and I don't connect emotionally with her. But tonight...I have to say that for the first time I can understand what some people see in her. Kree - nice performance, but it was a little flat for me. It didn't feel in her comfort zone for me. Candice - I'm not sure what to think. Somewhere....seemed very old fashioned as a choice....and it felt a bit staged and manipulative, but not in the way that one would felt not like they wanted to use to to propel her into the finale, but as a send off...I dunno. The judges swooned, but it felt weird to me...maybe its just me...who knows. While I would love to see a Kree/Candice finale. I truly believe it will be Angie/Kree. From what I've read, Angie's twitter followers are more than double Kree and Candice put Angie is probably definitely in and maybe is already the ordained winner. We'll find out tomorrow!!!!!

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