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Thursday, May 2, 2013

When I Was Your Giraffe

Idol Top Four REDUX: 

I'm curious to see if the girls who came up short last week will "bring it" 
this week. Part of me thinks they KNEW no one was going home, and saved their voices LOL. We'll see. (BTW -- Dr. L and I will be at the RESULTS SHOW tomorrow night, so we'll get to see in person!!! We'll give you the behind-the-scenes dirt)

Mariah is still rocking the boobs and teetering like she had a couple Xanax. Nikki is rocking some kind of Yellow Submarine - meets - Cleopatra outfit with a dark wig. Keith has an awesome TOP GEAR Stig shirt.

The Idols all look great. Funny how they all get slimmer as the weeks go on. The theme this week is Songs from 2013 (are there even four good songs so far this year?) and Standards, which is actually like every week at Idol. Harry Connick is a mentor! He's awesome.

HMM -- Angie up 1st in the KOD spot. Rihanna Diamonds. I don't know this song, but then I could not care less about Rihanna. Would you love it if you love the original? I was actually liking it until the shrieking bum note. Is the contest killing her voice? I think she knew it was kind of a miss. The judges all wade in with low key slams against her. 

Amber -- doing Pink. Harry likes her, even if she forgets the words. Too bad on the night she was stiff. This is a weird song choice -- Dr. wondered if she was behind the music. Idols do this all the time: pick these "busy" songs that take too much air to power through. I would say that was only slightly better than Angie. And that's not saying much. The judges jump on her too. They want her to have fun! AND be stellar. Yet, these songs aren't stellar, right? Mariah predicts her 2nd song will be beyond stellar -- is that Interstellar? 

Candice -- doing Bruno Mars. I like that she sort of goes into left field for some of these choices. Personally, I don't care if she changed the gender or not -- this was a far better song than the first two. She has such a pleasant, emotional voice. The judges love it. I don't know if she can win, but I think she's my favorite.

Kree -- doing a FarmBot song. Harry loves her. Dr. L says this year no hot Fiddle Guy, but warm Guitar Guy? She's playing to the base. I have to say, she seems more emotionally invested this week. Maybe not as powerful as Candice, but a good second. Judges give praise, but nobody was jumping up and down. They trot Harry out to bolster her -- are they hoping to get her to the Finale?

1st Round I'd say it was Candice, Kree, Amber and Angie.

Angie: doing Someone To Watch Over Me. Harry was encouraging, but it sounded like it was Aiight. She looks great. Boy, old songs are so much better than the shit today, huh? Even if they sound old-fashioned. Which she does. This could be a plaintive song, but she makes it into a Miss America performance by the end. Good last note -- sometimes that's all America needs. Better than the 1st performance. Judges give back-handed praise. Maybe she is a Broadway Disney Princess. Nikki cracked me up with the Q-Tip thing. 

Amber -- My Funny Valentine. Harry calls her out on being clueless on the song meaning. I think he helped -- this was a far more effective performance than Angie's. Great vocal, she looked amazing. She's really got what it takes to be a star. Dr. L thought it was beautiful. Everybody gets emotional -- she definitely deserves to make it to next week. But will she?

Candice -- doing Billie Holliday. Harry gives a big "fuck you" to the 14-year-olds who vote on Idol. This is a grown-up song -- who else here could sing this? She's had the two closest to "moments" of the night. She gets a standing O. Maybe it would be better if she goes home -- then we'll get the album she needs to make, not some pop bullshit Nigel wants the winner to. 

Kree -- Stormy Weather. Harry lays it on the line with her like all these Idols -- lay off the melisma bullshit. It's a shame she had all that orchestra, it was a much more powerful song when she did it for Harry. Her voice was very pretty, but I guess she couldn't help herself but do all the runs. Harry makes some great faces as the judges throw him under the bus. When he comes up on the panel it was hilarious. 

The Idols come back from break with a harlot choir. What is this? I felt like I DVR'd part of another show. 

2nd Round: I'd say Candice, Amber, Kree and Angie. Who should go home -- Angie. 

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Rubbertoe said...

Have fun tonight! I'm so jealous...if I wasn't on my way to a wedding I'd be there with you!!!!

I agree that Angie SHOULD go home and I hope she does.

I loved your "warm guitar guy" comment. I miss HFG. Gotta look him up and see what he is up to. Sometimes WGG bugs me a little with the faces he pulls when he plays. Personally....I like Big Afro Fiddle player!