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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Only 1 is definitely inittowinit

Round 1 - Current Songs Best by far - Candice. She was the only one who looked confident, professional and current. No one was even close to her tonight. Second place - Kree. She did a great job with the Carrie Underwood Song. I agree with Randy that this is the avenue that Kree should pursue Third - Angie. I actually liked it more than the judges gave her credit for. I DID agree that she seemed disconnected and artificial, but she looked gorgeous and I thought her vocals were really good for Angie Fourth - Amber. WHAT happened there? She looked nervous, her vocals were not good. I love me some Amber, but tonight...that was just not good. Round 2 - Standards Blech....really? I love standards, but if AI is trying to be current and hip, why do they keep going back to these old fashioned themes. Angie - Playing the family card tonight....first round talks about how much she loves her family and then dedicates this round to her mom...who sang this song to her. Ok....spare me Angie. (Big afro guy was missing from the string group). Something else was missing.....any excitement. Angie took this song nowhere. Amber - Wow....I hated everything about that performance...and the judges gave her a standing ovation. I didn't like the look. She looked horribly old fashioned. I hate it when contestants repeat songs that they have already done. There were parts of the song that were just screechy and off key. I didn't think this was even close to when she performed it before. Lots of tears....probably will help her, but I don't think enough. I think Amber is a goner. Candice - Perfect vocal. Candice was at the top of her game tonight. She is the only one tonight who is inittowinit. Kree- Wow...first time I've seen Kree dressed sexy and looking like a performer. Ah....big afro violin guy spotted....maybe I just missed him before. Kree looks uncomfortable though. Definitely not the seasoned professional like Candice. Round 2- Candice, Kree, Angie, Amber Big Winners tonight - Harry Connick and Candice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry as a Mentor. He should be a judge next year if they can get him. But of the 4, Candice was far and away better than the rest. Followed by Kree, Angie and Amber. Sadly...Amber wrote her go home ticket tonight...and not go home for a top three homecoming. Amber needed a big night to keep her out of the bottom where she has been consistently. This week it definitely ends for her.

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