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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Results nite --- whaaa?

A couple of things: first off, Dr. L & I have gotten three or four emails from the Idol audience people this season, on the day of the show, to get tickets. It just isn't enough time, to drop everything with no notice and drive up and wait to get in. But maybe it will work out next time and we can go. We got an email today! I wish we could have gone and seen Keith perform, but we just couldn't make it.

But the real thing I wanted to ask was, did anyone think it was weird, the "twist" where the Idols basically get their own Judges Save? As soon as Ryan announced it, I told Dr. L this sounded like some shenanigans. In my mind, the only reason they would trot this out was if one of TPTB favorites was in danger of getting voted off. Does Sam qualify? I guess they wanted him one more week over Jessica, right? We speculated that Jessica picked up the remaining Alabama voting block once CJ got the boot, and this put Sam out.

And who do you think voted No? Sam sure did seem at peace with getting the boot. I wonder if he and Jessica voted no, just to get it over with LOL.

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Rubbertoe said...

I have to say....I'm kind of pissed off over this whole "twist" thing. It was completely lame and plain stupid. The producers are destroying this show by trying to "save" it. The show doesn't need to be "saved".....just go back to the formula that has worked and people will watch. What we don't want are all these silly gimmicks. And for what? We didn't even get to see Sam's farewell journey. We haven't seen 1/2 of them this season it seems....and no true "goodbye song". They are cut out the heart of the show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....stop trying so desperately to create drama and just let it create itself!