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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Fab Four

Round 1: Breakups Caleb - You give love a bad name - Caleb rocked it...especially in the upper register (10) Jessica - Since you've been gone - This is horrible. I always have a hard time when current idols cover past idols, I'm not sure it Kelly or Carrie...this just isn't good. Its like she is screaming the whole thing (2) Alex - Feels like I'm too close - Classic Alex version of the song. Good. Not one of Alex's best....but still pretty good (7) Jena - Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar - This is a great choice for her. Mmmmmm.....I'm not loving it as much as I thought I would. It seems a touch high for her....I would have liked her to have taken it down a couple of chords..(6). Round 1 Goes to Caleb. Round 2: Dedications/b> Caleb- CCR (One of my alltime favorites)....and this is s a great choice for Caleb. Another great performance. Down a couple notches from the first one...but still really good (8). Jessica - So what ...Pink. Beginning came across completely corny...but once it picked up it was awesome. (wow...the judges are throwing her under the bus on this one. I COMPLETELY disagree with them here. (8) Jena - Bad Romance. Wow....this is how you take a good song and completely destroy is. This arrangement was absolute hideous. This is beyond bad. (2). Alex - I'm yours - Great Great Choice. I like it...but don't love it. What I'm thinking during this performance is that Alex has peaked. He is good at what he does...and I will buy his album because I like him....but as far as AI goes.....he's not going higher than 3rd. This finale is already ordained...and the judges don't need to try so hard to ensure that because it was already going to happen despite their pimping Caleb and Jena. (6) Round 2: Close tie between Caleb and Jessica (despite the judges). Edge goes to Caleb though. Round 3: Maekups Caleb - Maybe I'm amazed - Another Amazing Caleb performance. I love that Caleb showed that he can do more than just an upbeat rock anthem. He rocked this generally slow ballad. That was a solid (10). (Can I just say that I find it ULTRA annoying how they keep going to commercials after a performance and come back for the judges comments. Why are they doing this? It completely breaks the flow of the show. Jessica - You and I. Now THIS is how you take a Lady Gaga song and make it your own. Another solid (10). Jena - Can't help falling in love(ELVIS) - Pretty....but left me what? It just didn't go anywhere (5). [Tou've got to be kidding me....Jennifer gives her a standing 0 1/2 way through..and Keith as well. Jennifer was just too WAAAAAAAAAY over the top. That performance was no where near the hype that they gave her. Alex- Yellow. A good cover of this song by Alex....but I just get the feeling that Alex isn't really even trying that hard at this point. (6) Round 3: Tie between Jessica and Caleb. Edge going to Jessica on this one. Final Totals: Caleb: 28 Jena: 13 Jessica: 20 Alex: 19 Wow....I found my final tally interesting because I expected Alex to have the lowest total. Jena? Perhaps I expected more from her. Obviously the Judges disagreed and America will disagree as well. America will send Jessica home.....followed next week by Alex....setting up the Caleb/Jena finale that AI has so desperately wanted.

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