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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Idol kicks off the season y'all!

Audition Show Number One!!!! Are you ready?

OK, some quick thoughts. Ryan walks out looking very Dick Clark/Mr. Rogers-ish. He says they're going to switch things up and show us the Top 24 now -- but all we hear is a super-over produced music video with some silhouettes. The Idol theme comes on, and they tried to Funk it up, but you can't hide the schmaltz. 

Back from the break, we get the 17-city montage. The Judges are going to take us to their hometown -- are we going to Alice Springs for Keith? Naw, I bet not. Jenny is STILL from the damn block, or so she says. The Big Easy for HCJ, natch. Oh yeah, Nashville for KU. Word to the Tasterverse, Nashville is MY hometown, for real. Keith's truck is cool though.

This kid Riley is going to go far, cute and talented and humble. Is Idol trying to be more Voice-like and portray itself as supportive instead of showing the freaks for our entertainment? Let's see how long it takes to get a cringe-worthy contestant tonight.

Back from the break. Priscilla is sho Nuff from the South. Can she sing? (I love Keith's Goo Goo Cluster shirt BTW. 1st KU shirt sighting of the season.) She was OK, I would say she has some bad habits and not enough experience but We'll see her again. 

Cameron from KS. He's got some hours under his belt performing and it shows. He should go far too. At least to Hollywizzle.

Back from the break: nice harmony with the Judges. OMG the moronic girl who was 3 season behind with her shout-outs to the judges. Here comes the cavalcade of deluded losers. Thankfully it zipped by quickly.

I like the girl from Memphis, I hope she can sing. That's debatable, but she had power LOL. Jlo didn't want to send her back to the hood, thought Harry was right to say no. 

Back from the break. Cool, we FINALLY get to see the pre-pre-judging that has been going on for 14 years. Wow, imagine going through that cattle call. The red haired amnesia kid looks scary. Kyle? He kicked off the sad goodbye montage. They could have played up the creep factor but this is a kinder, gentler Idol.

Back from the break, we get the bearded barista from across the street. Dr L said he was just Aiiight. But I predict they will love him because he has that weird tone. YES! They fawn all over him. Kory is going though on the wings of pretension. I'm not saying he can't sing -- he just chose not to. Make me a latte, punk.

I like this kid Michael from MS. Hope he can sing. He can!!! In our book he was a million times better than Kory. How sweet was that dance? I love these judges. I feel like Idol has been brought back from the dead with these guys. Anyway, they are a lot of fun.

Back from the break, Ryan commanded a 15-yr-old girl to audition through the TV last year. Emily is from WPB Florida.  She was really great, and pulled off a tough song with sufficient emotion. I think she could be a big country star. She's going to Hollyweird!

So this was a positive start to Idol, some real talent, some cannon fodder and not much insanity. I'm looking forward to the next round. What did you guys think?

-- K Out!

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