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Monday, January 19, 2015

Tough Slog Thru These! Back in it.

Idol Audition Night 3 — Kansas City. (yes, last week!)

Takin’ it to the streets in the Idol Bus. Can I say, still not digging the Club Mix Idol Theme LOL. Sorry Dr. L and I are a week behind, we have gotten sucked into the show Supernatural — all 10 seasons of it. We can handle the hour shows but ugh, the 2 hours are rough. I agree with Rubbertoe, these are not the fave parts of the show. But here goes:

Eleven towns across the country. Dr. L said she likes the bus idea. We’ll see how she feels after listening to Big Sexy. I’m getting a bad feeling about this. Oh yeah, he sucks. Harry and Keith straight up diss him to his face, damn that was funny. How in the hell did he go through? Madness.

The Shrieky Guy was no worse than Big Sexy yet he got the boot. Ashley Lusk was cut but kind of sharp? Still 1M times better than the first two. Josh Sanders was great. Hey, it’s that Casey kid from Alabama! Back for another shot. They all go through. 

Uh oh, turquoise haired porkpie hat chick. I like her voice but the whole shtick is kind of distracting. I hope she can lose the affectation.

We get a Country montage. Alexis? She’s a blonde Valley-ish Mexican girl. OK. Not great, but she’s got the look so they give her the golden ticket. Anton? He’s seems legit from the sticks. I like this kid! Voice was good though the nerves, and he was a nice guy, and we need them. 

Stephanie the Squeaker. She has an old 70s singer-songwriter vibe. Wacky but she squeaked by on a 2/3 vote. Hollywood will be interesting for her.  

Ashley is 15, and her parents are deaf.Oh, if only she could sing. She’s just too young. We get a montage of off-key folks and then hope arrives from Branson. Ellen, with a banjo. She’s got a pretty voice. And she can yodel!! The Beverly Hillbillies Trio was awesome. 

Colton (Kohlton?)  is a ramblin’ man, living under a tarp in the great outdoors. He sounds like some chainsmoking black dude from the 1940s, not a surfer-ish blonde white dude. They send him through. 
He should have stuck around for the ribs Ryan brought out!

So did we see some Top Tens? I say maybe one or two. What did you guys think? 

We’ll try to not get too far behind LOL. Happy MLK Day, and K out!

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Rubbertoe said...

I can't wait to get to Hollywood week and start to figure out who the top 24 will be. I've never loved the auditions and wish I could fast forward through them to get to the real show! I promise to participate more....
BTW....I'm loving HCJr. more and more...last night (Minneapolis Auditions) he was absolutely hilarious. I'm letting my two boys stay up to watch it with me this season and they are loving it, especially Harry.