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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House of the top 24 I can start the blogging....we are at the house of blues with the top 48...cutting it to the top 24. All in all I think it looks like it is going to be a good year. Michael Simmian - I would say he is a shoo-in for the top 24. The need to give him the idol make-over and trim those eyebrows. He will be in the top 12 for sure. Lauren Lott - I think she is another shoo-in for the top 24 and the top 12 as well. She is a beautiful girl with a great look and a powerful voice. Mext up Adam aka "Hurley" - I think he will make the top 24 but probably not the top 12. Cody gets cut....surprising. He wasn't one of my favorites, but I thought that we was probably going to be in the top very surprised he didn't make top 24. Blond girl...didn't catch her name - Levin or something like that. She was good but nothing about her has stood out for me yet. Mr. Crispy and Hawaiian guy get cut.....not surprising there. Adana Duru - She's another one who has not stood out for me. She's ok...not great. She'll make the top 24 but not the top 12. Maddie Walker - She's got a good voice...I just don't think its good enough to go far....probably top 24 but again...not top 12....oops....wrong, not even top 24. Rachel Hallack- she's definitely a little stronger than the last one. Top 24...maybe top 12. OK....first staged drama of the season. I hate it when AI does this crap..."We didn't plan sing offs"....give me a break. What do you guess they put them both through? We'll see after the break. (oh man....I hope they don't play the fatal X-Factor card aka "We almost let this one get away and she ends up winning the show.)Surprisingly they put Maddie through and not Rachel. It was kind of mean what they did to Rachel...they could have done that better. Clark Beckham - My favorite so far. Shoo in for top 24 and top 12. I'm going to say shoo in for top 5 at this point. Daniel Seavey - My kids love I want him to go through for them...but I would not put him through to the top 24. I think he might be good in a few years...but he's not ready yet. But they put him through. I don't see him in the top 12. Tianna Jones - I don't love her. I personally would not put her through. Too much drama with this one. Although...after seeing her house of blues performance, I am having second thoughts. Ok....I think I was completely wrong about her. I'm really digging this performance. Changing my 24 and top 12. Her voice kind of reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. Rayvon Owen - and Shannon Berthiuame - She kinds bugs me the way she sings, but I like the raspy voice. Rayvon's style is not my favorite but I think he's good enough for the top 24. Jax- she is a shoo in for the top 24 - Right now...I love her voice, but I think it might get old with me. Hollywood Anderson - I loved him at first...but not so much in Hollywood week.....we'll find out.....after the break......tomorrow!

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