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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rubbertoe ranks the girls the guys performed last night. I have to say overall they all did pretty well. It very well might be a guys year. But lets take a look at the women. So lets start off by getting rid of a few: First off....Maddie, who stole the spot from the much more deserving female in probably one of the cruelest idol moments in AI history (IMHO). She wasn't that good in the sing-off and should not be in the top 12 girls. Will definitely not be in the top 12. Next...that Bartheimole or whatever her last name is girl. (Shannon Berthiaume...or however you spell it). She was inconsistent throughout the entire Hollywood week. How they put her through is a mystery. She won't go any further. Shi....whatever her last name is. Another completely inconsistent performer who shouldn't be in the top 12 girls. Her ride is over.....over. The next.....some of them I don't even know who they are....Alexis Gomez? Katherine Winston? Lovey James? Sarina Lowe? Adanna Duru? I honestly don't remember a thing about any of them. I'm sure once I see them memory will be jogged...but for now they don't stand out at all to me. So onto the good ones that stood out for me. Tyanna Jones - At first...I wasn't a fan, but the House of Blues performance made me a fan. She has potential to go far...maybe even to the top 5. Jax - To me...she was one of the two or three top girls. She has that raspy kinda voice thing going on, combined with an interesting persona. She is another shoo in for the top 12. Loren Lott - probably my favorite of the girls. Strong voice....beautiful girl.....great performer and the power in her voice will propel her to the top 12 and probably a top 5 finish. Joey Cook - I don't really love her. She's quirky but a one note wonder to me. She was interesting at first...but I see her getting old fast. Unique enough for the top 12...but a quick exit after that. So I can't really give a top 12 4: 4. Joey 3. Jax 2. Tyanna 1. Loren. Those four get into the top 12 for sure....and 2 others from my unknown 5. The show is over for Shannon, Maddie and Shi. Can't wait to watch the show tonight! Rubbertoe.....out!

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