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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rubbertoe ranks the guys now we are finally down to the show. I love Hollywood Week...but this is where it really starts to get fun. The Top 12 guys perform tonight and I am going to give my predictions and attempt to rank the guys. First off....lets get rid of a few: Adam aka "Hurley" - He's got a good voice, but I think there are some that are better and he just doesn't have the "idol look" Nick Fradiani - He's the old guy of the bunch (at what? 28?). Nothing about him stands out and really distinguishes him. He is talented but doesn't have enough to propel him into the top 12 Mark Andrew - He's too inconsistent and he plays like too many of the recent idol guys. In another year, he might make the top 12...but I don't see it for him. Trevor Douglas - the science geek. He's fun and cute in a geeky sort of way, but just doesn't have the talent for the top 12. THE ABSOLUTES These are the guys who are DEFINITELY IN THE TOP 12 Clark Beckham - The guy is one of the most overall talented people to appear on Idol. He is my choice to win it all at this point. He's got a great voice, he's got good stage presence. In addition he's a great musician. Years past have had great piano/performers, but he takes it to another level. This isn't a "Dueling Pianos" club performer....this is the real deal Quentin Alexander - He's different/unique. He definitely has stage presence and I think his charisma will lead him to the top 12. Great voice in addition Michael Simeon - He's the boy next door. Personally, I would not put him in the top 12. I think there are much better performers out there...but he's gotten a lot of screen time. He's a cute guy which is going to garner some votes. I see him getting into the top 12 and then making a quick exit around 8 or 9. Qaasim Middleton - I think he gets into the top 12 on the strength of his back story. He does have a good voice, although not as good as many. But he has those great dreads and he got a certain amount of charm that if it shines through sends him into the top 12. Daniel Seavy - This is my "controversial one". No way does he deserve to be in the top 12. He's a cute kid but when compared to the others, he's no where near the same level. But the young voters and the moms are going to put this kid through. He'll be the chicken-little of 2015 and steal the spot of a more deserving contestant THE FENCE SITTERS That means that there is only 1 more slot for one of the following: Savion, Rayvonn Owen, or Riley. Personally I would love to see Savion get it. He's gorgeous and he's come so close in other years...but AI seems to really LOVE Rayvonn. I don't really love his voice and/or his style of singing...but his sound is very contemporary and he is different that the rest of the group. So I think he goes through. Riley...another great performer who could sneak in because his Country-ness is different than the rest...I just don't see him making it this year with the other strong performers and factors here. I really wish they would do top 5 and then let each judge pick a wild-card...however, I don't think that is in the cards this year. Rubbertoes top 12 guy rankings (combination of my personal choice and what America will do) 12. Trevor Douglas 11. Adam aka Hurley 10 Mark Andrew 9. Nick Fradiani 8. Riley 7. Savion TOP 6 6. Daniel Seavy 5. Michael Simeon 4. Rayvonn Owen 3. Qaasim Middleton 2. Quentin Alexander 1. Clark Beckham Waiting to hear what your predictions are!!!!

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