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Friday, March 20, 2015

A disagreement among tasters!

I Respectfully have to disagree with my friends Dr. L/K. The Idol save last night actually brought tears to my eyes. I have never been a fan of the "judges save". I wish that they would just get rid of it. It has never been used for the reason that it was intended ( keep somebody like Daughtrey or Jennifer Hudson voted off too soon). Its been used for a bunch of ham-bones that weren't worth saving. That being said....was Qaasim worth saving? Ultimately....probably not. However, it was the first time that I actually agreed with the judges save and I'm glad that they used it so that we don't have to deal with it for the rest of the season. I actually thought that Qaasim did a performance worthy of being saved. I thought his performance was probably one of the top 5 of the night...and Qaasim brings a different element to Idol that has been lacking for many years. Qaasim's time will come very soon, but he's worth keeping around for a few more weeks. Now....just a few more comments on the night. I thought the best of the night by far were was Joey. She has really grown on me and it was great seeing more variety from her. The next cluster would be Jax, Clark and Quentin. When I heard Quentin was doing "You're the one that I want" I was seriously frightened. I had visions of Clay Aiken in my head.. (What was that song he did that was just horrendous?)...The so/so - Adanna....then the bad - Maddie (boooooooooooring), the really bad - Tyanna (what was up with that? She was off key the whole song and the arrangement was horrible). Finally the truly truly truly horrible - Rayvon and Daniel. I don't know who was worse? They are both cute for different reasons, but Rayvon must have had a brain lapse to pick that song and sing it 95% in falsetto...and Daniel...put the poor kid out of his misery. I sons love him and vote for him....but he needs to go. I know I'm missing someone....but can't think who. Should go home: Rayvon and Daniel. Will go home: Rayvon and Maddie......Rubbertoe OUT!


DrL/K said...

Ha! I knew you would be happy about Qaasim LOL!! It is interesting to see the division of opinion all over the Internet about him. I thought maybe what was happening is that we had not seen him all along this journey and so we had missed some better performances. I went back on YouTube and watched 4-5 of his songs from earlier and it just solidified my opinion that he is awful :-)

But he is entertaining to watch jump around onstage. I read some other Idol blogs and the consensus seems to be that it is his entertainment value that has always trumped his weak vocals. But I will say that I would rather Qaasim go all the way to Number 1 than listen to Daniel one more week LOL.

Do you think this was somehow linked to the Idol Tour? Like, he had to make it another week or so to be in the Top 10?

Rubbertoe said...

I do suspect that. I can't imagine an Idol tour without Qaasim. The skeptic in me says that they saved him to keep him on the tour and they will say that it will be the top 11 not just the top 10 since two are leaving tonight. Watching Qaasim his vocals are hit/miss. But he does bring a certain amount of showmanship to the stage that makes up for it. He should stick to the up tempo songs and tone down the performance just a tad and he could go a little further in the competition.
Mainly I'm hoping for Rayvon to leave....after last weeks performance. My kids are going to be upset if Daniel gets cut so I'm secretly rooting for him not to be cut!

DrL/K said...

I didn't get a chance to watch it tonight so your wish may have come true. I'm going to try and avoid spoilers until I can check it out tomorrow!

DrL/K said...

Rubbertoe! How are you? We missed all of April LOL! I guess now we have to figure out who to root for here at the end. I expected maybe one or two of these guys but maybe not the 3 we have. Oh well, hope you are doing great and hope to hear from you on the finale.