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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming Into The Top Twelve Cold!

Hey Lil Tasters -- did you miss us? Dr L & K are BACK!!!

Sorry we dropped out of the prelim rounds, once we got behind it became too daunting to catch up. There's only so many hours in the day and there was not that many left for Idol. Thanks Rubbertoe for keeping us up on the competition. But that means we haven't seen any of these fools -- so we don't know who Idol has been pimping or kicking to the curb. 

And now we have our Top Twelve:

I forgot how kooky the new intro music is. Ryan is so slick now he doesn't need a tie LOL. The judges come out -- Keith has on some kind of cool Johnny Cash t-shirt. Now I have to get one like it! Or maybe this one:

Ryan jumps right into it. Sarino Jo is the first to perform. Maybe it's nerves but she sounds a wee bit shaky. Like she has a good voice but was off. Keith calls her on it. Then Jlo does too. Keith takes it easy on her. 

Rayvon is up next. He has a pleasant tone but is this a forgettable song? That one note at the end wasn't enough for me, but if we're going from 16 to 12 then it's probably enough. They softball him, but I think Keith mentioned the end 3-pointer in a roundabout way. 

After the break, they play a montage to tell us who the F Scott Borchetta is, since we really don't care. But he's a BIG DEAL, ok.  All the Idols have to do is just have the same talent as Taylor Swift, no biggie.

Daniel is up next. Who is this Doogie Howser kid? I guess the gimmick is he has a bigger voice than his Howdy Doody frame would suggest. Did he forget the lyric? As a novelty his voice seems ok, but this was kind of a train wreck. Harry lays it on the line but the others sugarcoat it. I think the only way he stays is if he gets the tween vote.

Maddie: She's the first one tonight that I can see going the distance. She has a good look too. She doesn't need Idol, in the long run, I think. But it would sure help if she made it to the top 6 or so. They give her the "psychological" critique which is always a good sign -- it means there was no easy vocal thing to pounce on. 

Ryan gets in a plug for Empire -- haven't seen it but J (our friend who started this blog!) said it was good and we should check it out. 

Tyanna (is her hair green -- it is!) is up next. Dr. L likes her voice, She seems to have effortless power. She can go far if she holds it -- ooh, that was a bum note or two in there. She needs to reign it in a little. This is a great song for her though, and she seems to be having fun. She's a contender. 

Nick is our next victim. He has a pleasant enough voice -- but doesn't it seem like a generic indie rock voice? I guess he's been trying to be that guy for so long he can't help it. But I think he'll have to become his own singer to go further. The end falsetto kind of sucked but the rest was OK. 

Another commercial. Did you know Fox has a show called Empire?  Now we're back. Jax is up. 
She has one of those voices that could be irritating, but I think it's clear enough that it isn't an affectation. The quiet opening was better than the part with the band, but I think she's going to go pretty far.

Qaasim is onstage now. Dr. L said Idol must really be trying to go with some people of color this year! I hate that it seems so unlike Idol, but recent years haven't looked like this. Wow, this performance is really like bad karaoke to me. You don't need to jump around if you can sing, my friend. I think Harry was not impressed but Keith and Jlo praise his antics. If he goes forward it will not be for long.

AAaand, our DVR caught up to real time LOL. I guess we can't speed through the commercials anymore, dang it. Another Empire plug -- you know, if Fox had promoted Firefly this vigorously, it would still be on the air.

Clark is the next to perform. Wow, I didn't see this voice coming (guess I would if I'd seen the early rounds, huh?) and it seems pretty strong. He has good control, and mercifully knows how to stay in key. I can see him in the top 3 if he can keep it up. Jlo thought it was performance of the night.

Joey made it this far? She has a pleasant voice but again it's kind of a gimmick, right? I would probably buy her music but will Idol? Did it sound like this through all the earlier rounds? Damn, I bet that was entertaining. I dig her hair. 

Another Empire, er -- I mean commercial break (I guess they're going for the Memento crowd, people with 5 minute attention spans). And we're back. I find it hard to believe the six people remaining sucked harder than Qaasim or Daniel But we'll see. 

The first of the last is Quentin. Yeah, this is a weird slow easy-listening arrangement of Royals. His voice is definitely better than those other guys though. Poor dude is reduced to tears. Maybe this is too tough a process for him? But he's moving on to Number 11.

Damn, imagine how this would suck to be these last five. You made it through all the other shit, and you hear some of these D-bags make it and you didn't. 

Adanna is singing ok doing Gaga. I think she has a good voice; I was going to say she didn't do it for me, but part of it was great. I think Harry said it best, she was all over the place. But if she can get it together she'll pretty far. 

So THIS is our Top 12. Well, to me it's at best a Top 9-10. Some of these dudes are clearly cannon fodder. But I would say Clark, Jax, Tyanna and Maddie were the best of the night. And the worst was Daniel, followed closely by Qassim. 
If someone's going to go it has to be one of these clowns. The girls did better tonight IMHO.

What did you guys think? We're in it for the rest of the season now, y'all.

Dr. L & K OUT!!!

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

Glad you are back and glad to see your take.

I don't get Daniel...but my boys love him. He has the potential to be like a Bieber type disney radio hipster. He'll go a few rounds and then lose out.
I actually kinda like Qaasim. His performance last night was not that great...and he needs to tone down the performance just a bit...but he brings a new flavor to the show that we haven't seen in the past. I expect him to go quite far actually.
Beckham is my favorite. The best voice in the competition.
Nick was a surprise for me. He's got a decent voice, but you hit it on the head....there is nothing about him that stands out.
As for second favorite. I think the reason he was so emotional is in the last show he was the last guy to go I think the emotion of being in the spot and the fear of being eliminated just got to him....I loved the raw emotion it wrought though. Like Qaasim, he brings a new flavor to the show that we haven't seen since maybe Adam Lambert. I love his style and he has an incredible voice. I think he is just a touch too weird for middle America though...honestly I think he scares them which is why he is not drawing the votes that he deserves. I voted about 50 times for him last night!!!! (I had to counter my youngest sons 50+ votes for Daniel).
Anyway....America (by and large) got it right.
One last thought - the first girl to go through was horrible last night. She was completely out of key the whole song....I don't understand the super soft glove treatment for them judges...I don't know what to read into it.
Anyway....I'll be back before the show tonight with my top 12 rankings.
(Oh....BTW.....I got an email yesterday offering last minute tickets to the show. Not enough notice to go....but hopefully we will be able to score some tickets this year at some point. I hope before Quentin gets voted off!!!!)