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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wtf? We're out of it for a week and Idol starts rolling heads


So Dr. L and I were out of town all last week for a conference and we knew we'd miss one Idol contestant going home. But guess what!? Idol is laying waste to this group at record speed! I hope that we really don't do double eliminations to the end, that would suck.

I binge watched the last 3 eps back-to-back (Dr. L is out of town AGAIN, in D.C., so I'm Han Solo tonight). As a recap, I have to say I was impressed by most everyone but completely floored by Kelly Clarkson. I know so much of entertainment is hype, but she really brought me to tears with that song, literally.

So maybe this week was an anomaly, but if not, I can see the old Idol trickery coming into play, because this almost seems like a way to have a Judge's Save that rolls on week after week?

That would be a way Idol could shape who they want to keep going. The ruse would be obvious if they had to save the same person more than one week, but maybe they're counting on it working out.

So, right off the bat, I have to say that the kid, Lee? Doesn't deserve to be here. This is clearly some Idol shenanigans for the target demo. But America is trying to right the ship

I think Olivia was weak last week so maybe she earned the B3 spot. I think she's better than that. The no-makeup girl Avalon is pretty good, and I think she was more Top 10 than they gave her credit for.

But I think they made the right call with the Gianna girl being B3. Her mom is clearly picking all these songs, because they are classics but old as HELL. She's 15, and hasn't sung a modern song yet. I think she bombed the sing-for-your-life song.

So after the vote, the only shocker was that I thought Olivia would go at least to Top 4, but she got the boot. Avalon can sing, no doubt, but I think she really saved herself by being contemporary.

So, ryan confirmed this was going to be some crazy accelerated season. Why, Idol, why? I would have gladly sacrificed half the lead-up weeks to have this be a normal competition.

But them's the breaks! Full speed ahead!

My fave so far is still Dalton, although he pussied out and played it safe this week. He needs to step up his game next time.

They're really pimping LaPorsha, but like Rubbertoe said, that just doesn't seem likely.

I think Mackenzie is going to John Mayer-Lite his way through another couple of weeks? But come on, that kid Lee Jean has to go, America. He's so out of his league. Sonika has risen in my estimation a massive amount with the Evanescence last week, but phoned it in a little tonight.

I dig Trent a lot because he seems unpretentious, and I like his voice.

Maybe my dark horse now is Tristan? Something about her puts her ahead of Sonika and LaPorsha, and maybe even Avalon. She's not a better singer than them, but when she hits it, it seems right. I still think Dalton will take it, unless Idol is Idol.

What do you think? My God, we will have to watch like hawks, because Idol won't let us take a break! BTW, I had tickets to see Kelly and couldn't go. That will be something I regret for a while.