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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Someone Left My Cake Out In The Rain

Top 4 Night

Amber, Angie, Candice and Kree -- Dr. L said Amber looked great, but the leather pants weren't doing Kree any favors. Nikki mouthed "Hi Mom" which was sweet. Mariah battles rumors of being replaced by JLo by whipping out her boobs -- good move. Keith has an awesome redneck fish shirt on -- love it.

The Idols go to LA Children's Hospital. 

Up first: Amber in the KOD spot -- doing Celine --  usually the a capella opening brings some electricity to the performance, but for me it kind of went nowhere, and lasted too long. I thought she did better once the song started proper, but Dr. L liked the beginning too. She really looks like a star. The judges love it, so Clive is probably salivating at the chance to make her some new Whitney. 

Candice is doing Drake? How is this a good idea? A lot of Idol voters won't know this song, but I could hear this on an R&B station. She kind of over-melisma'd it, though, and Nikki makes a comment to this effect. Randy agreed, but Mariah's boobs disagreed. Vocally, she -should- be safe, but vote wise, she might be in trouble.

Kree - doing Hurts So Bad. She's such a pro, this doesn't seem like a competition, just a performance on a show. However, this song choice was pretty crap. It doesn't do her any favors, when this is a do or die week. Curious, the judges are throwing the two most powerful chicks on the show under the bus tonight. Also interesting, how did they pick these songs on the same night? I guess their 2nd sings of the night might be bomb-tacular, but this was odd. Keith says she should shred it up, but Kree always looks like she could be knitting while she sings. 

Angie: Doing Jessie J? Dr. L suggested that the Idols are now believing their own hype and choosing what I think Simon would have called "indulgent" songs. I don't know what it is about Angie, but I find her boring in a kind of overwrought way. She wants to bring drama, but it all feels so contrived. Amber still did the best. The judges act like they loved it, so it's clear they want the two young, thin girls to go head-to-head in the finale. I don't think it will happen, but Idol sure does.

Side Note: Keith demonstrating how to be "looser" would make the best Spaz avatar ever. And #Grandma was a pretty serious ploy for votes, wasn't it?

Duet: Kree and Amber do Rumor Has It. Amber is becoming the better performer, but I liked that Kree shook it a little bit at times.

Angie and Candice: what is this song? Miley Jr. doesn't quite have the pipes Candice does, but she does a pretty good job. I think this ended a little better than the previous duet. The crowd went nuts. Oh, it's a Rihanna song. Jesus, I know nothing of modern music. So much of it seems so lame, LOL. 

2nd songs: are these supposed to be one hit wonders? 

Amber does a classic, MacArthur Park. How the fug are these one hit wonders? Donna Summer had a bajilion hits. Idol is run by fools.
She looks like an Orange Push-Up. This was not as good as her first performance. Too old of a song, and the lyrics forced her to do too many vocal gymnastics. She's a great performer, but I don't know if this deserved the praise they gave her. #inittowinit makes me crack up every time I see it pop up in the corner. JIMMY SPEAKS THE TRUTH! He didn't dig it.

Candice: a song by the BeeGees? Again, not a "one hit wonder" if these are by massively successful groups, morons. She does a nice Urban Contemporary version of the song. I could easily hear this on the radio. I don't know how that equates to votes, but I'd listen to it. They give her lots of advice for next week -- will she make it?
HA! They pulled Jimmy up on stage to clock him! 

Kree: OK, this IS a one hit wonder, wtf happened to Procol Harum? I think this was a bad idea. This song seems stuck in some other generation, and what the hell is it even about? She looks great, sounds great, but I can't divorce this song from The Big Chill in my mind. They praise her to the skies, but so far the closest "moment" of the night was Amber's 1st, and all the rest are also-rans.

Angie: Julie London? Way to stay relevant, Idol. Angie's MOTHER might not have even been born when this song was a hit. A little over-enunciation going on, but she gives it all she's got. She's pretty, and her voice is good, but she seems like a Pop-bot to me, so I can't get too excited about her. She's like a Miley Cyrus clone. Randy blows his wad praising her, which really cements that Nigel wants her or Amber to win. 

I think Kree might be in trouble. Amber might be in the B2 with her, but they gave her more love show she will probably stay.  They announced a "surprise twist" -- so this might be the week they have to keep all four in, to make up for not using the save. I don't know if you read about Idol's dilemma, but the scheduled an extra week that they have to fill with crap now. So, maybe no-one goes home?

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