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Friday, February 19, 2016

Idol Throws Some Faves Under The Bus

Catch-up night!

Week 2 of Idol Solo/Duet/Mentors, whittling down the last of the top 24. Ryan finally put a jacket on, so it must be getting real. JLo looks like a Skipper doll from the 1960s, however.

Thursday night: duets with former Idols Daughtrey, Constantine, Haley Reinhart, David Cook, Pickler and Jorbacca.

Harry calls out the singers for “hovering in mediocrity” in the solos. Let’s see if they bring it tonight.

First up, Pickler and Amelia. Suds in the Bucket. Seems like a stretch for Amelia, but is she going to bust out the fiddle? yep. Her awkward playing reminds me of Hot Fiddle Guy from back in the day! She can’t hold a candle to that dude LOL. Harmony was OK.These pairing thus far have made me appreciate how good the old Idols are. Harry loved it? Keith too. Maybe this saved her.

Next up, Haley and Kory. She’s so cute! Doing Bennie and the Jets. The Lounge Version? I thought it was great! Even harry loved it.

Next Daughtrey and Lee Jean. The kid loves him. Daughtrey tries to school him. He has a good voice but I keep thinking he’s out of his depth. The judges are taking it easy on them tonight. There’s no way this was as good as the first two.

Cookie is next! With CJ. I was a big fan of Cookie in the day. Cookie helps him with working to a build. Will he do it? It starts off kind of vanilla. Cookie is good as always. CJ did OK. He’s a pro so this isn’t too intimidating. I think he did enough. But maybe this is about who to stack up against the TCOs?

7’6” Jorbacca is paired with Manny. Doing the Chris Brown duet, I remember hating this song. Jordin tries to make it seem like she put a lot of emotion into this song when she did it. Puh-lease. And she sucks from note one! Just like I remember. Is she auto-tuned to boot? It sounds weird, like he’s doing karaoke to a back-tracked recording of her song. He’s much better than Chris Brown. Afterwards she actually makes a short joke at Ryan’s expense! LOL Jorbacca, he has the power to snatch your feeble fame away. The judges like him.

Constantine and Jenn the freakazoid. I always liked Constantine and his eye-fucks. And he’s gone on to do great things on the stage. Doing My Funny Valentine? Her opening is more craptacular than I expected. He’s perfectly in tune, highlighting her odd shtick. This is even a song that seems tailor made for atonal weird singers, and she’s murdering it (the bad murder way). Keith is standing? WTF? I would only be standing to flee from the presence of this Banshee. JLo says she was in her own world, remind me never to go to that planet. Harry keeps it real thank God. Keith has lost his damn mind. Am I wrong or did that SUCK?

Holy cow, we’re only halfway through.

Pickler and Tristan. She did a song with T-Swift? Who knew. Kellie is so sweet, she makes a good mentor. Tristan seems a little off, but this song seems like it’s tricky in the low register. They both get sharp in the high end. It was not great in my book. I like Tristan but she has done better. She may be out of her league like Lee.

Next up, they trot out Scott Borschetta to give his two cents. Nice sci-fi tux jacket.

Cookie and Olivia are up next. She has a voice, no doubt. Last night they gave her the pimp spot, but not tonight — is this going to blow (not the good blow)? I’m digging it so far. I thought Cookie was going to projectile that gum out of his mouth on those highs. It was pretty good from a vocal gymnastic perspective. BTW we should make a new drinking game called Find (or Stay) in the Pocket. The judges like it.

Haley is teaming up with Adam, doing The King. Did they just fake hug each other? That was odd. She looks like Nancy Sinatra after a Quallude binge during rehearsal. They sound great together doing the song, but he looks like a humanoid robot the whole time. Keith seemed to have the same vibe. I think maybe he’s gone?

Daughtry and Dalton — doing Higher Ground. Ricky Minor was getting down! They sounded good together! It seemed like a show and not a contest where Dalton wasn’t a pro. He has to go on.

Then Ryan raps, and it was hilarious. Don’t ever do it again.

Jordin and Trent. She trembled in the presence of his actual talent. I didn’t know he was 7’ plus but he didn’t seem as tiny next to her. He has way more soul than her and it shows. He makes her sound better! This was a great duet. Surely to God he has to stay.

Last up, Constantine and Shelbie. She’s just as big a personality as he is so this should be good. NIce touch at the end where they balance out some of the bombastic with the softness. Wow, they really go after her! They have good points but it still seemed like they sugar coated some far more mediocre singers tonight. Maybe she’s a diva offscreen, who knows?

So the vote is about to come down. We’re going to see how we stack up:

Stay: Olivia, Dalton, Trent, Kory, CJ, Manny, Shelbie (have a feeling we could be swapped on some of these)

Gone: Jenn, Lee Jean, Tristan, Adam, Amelia.

Ryan reminds us next week we get to vote!

Kieran (the Light Dimmer) is going to have to find a new job LOL.

Right off the bat we get Lee wrong. Wha? Seems like a mistake. Then Olivia — then — fucking JENN? OMG, this is an abomination. Dalton of course goes through, if not I was going to bring pitchforks and torches to Fox. Manny is in, And so is Tristan? This seems like some kind of cruel joke. Thank God Trent went through.

Call me crazy, but that was a lot of talent going home, and a lot of filler staying on. Well, I guess they need cannon fodder. It wouldn’t be Idol if they didn’t make some idiotic choices.

What did you guys think? See you next week!

Dr. L and K OUT!

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