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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 10? or top 12

So I'm very confused about the format this year. We are down to the top 14 (I think). And they keep talking about a top 10. I have heard rumors that the judges are picking the top 10 and the audience will pick the two wildcards (LAME!). But that means only 2 get eliminated? (Double Lame). Why do they keep messing with the format. That is part of what has killed the show. They should have returned back to the original format...get rid of the "judges save", go back to 2 nights and get rid of the stupid chairs lighting up...... Anyway. There is some good talent this year. I know that they really want a girl to win it, but I still see Dalton as the most easily marketable. I LOVED his version of Rebel Yell...very sexy. My second pick is La Porsha, but is American Idol ready for someone who doesn't fit the "physical profile" of an American Idol. I know Ruben Studdard didn't either (Or Taylor Hicks for that matter), but despite her talent, La Porsha is a little too "Urban" for the American Idol base. Its sad, because she probably has the best voice in the group. That others that will stick around for a while: BOYS - Trent (although he really reallyl REALLY bugs me), Mackenzie and Thomas. GIRLS - Jenn (Who I also don't love), Olivia and Tristan...oh and Gianna (because they love pimping that she is the daughter of that 80's star - although I have to wonder, with her connections, if she really HAD any talent, why haven't her mother's connections helped her catch a break. I hope that freak cowboy girl goes home!

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